Our Talk
Chapter 1

The days that change your life are so ordinary, you never see them coming. In movies there's mood music and all sorts of build up. In reality you're walking along and BANG! Something just knocks you on your ass. That's what happened to me about a month after my fifteenth birthday.

My father died three years earlier of a brain aneurism; my Mom took it really hard. Since then a few men have asked her out but she always politely turned them down. Between running her own law firm and raising me she didn't have much time for dating, which is a shame because she's really pretty and has so much to offer any guy.

So it's just me and Mom against the world but between my mother's lucrative job and my father's investments and life insurance policy we had plenty of money, a great house and Mom promised to buy me a second-hand car when I got my licence. The only problem was girls; or rather my reaction to them.

To those of you who don't know what it is like being a fifteen year old boy, the mere sight of a girl gives me a hard on. Sometimes the pressure of trying not to get a hard on gives me one. Ok I've seen the commercials and I know middle aged men have the opposite problem but believe me this is no picnic (Now in a perfect world it would happen the other way around, I could do with this happening in middle age when I was married and could enjoy it). Last month for my birthday, my friend Norm gave me a present to help me deal with it, a stack of porno magazines, Obviously neither of our parents knew about this present. They were carefully hidden in my room (along with another personal item). See my mom's security program blocked out porn sites, so this was a godsend.

As soon as I walked through the door from school I heard my mother calling me.

"Sean, come into the living room, I need to talk to you about something."

"Ok Mom," I said kicking off my shoes. As I walked through the door and I froze. Mom had all my magazines spread out on the table. I had been so sure she'd never find them in that duffle bag under my bed. "I ... uh..."

"Sit down," said Mom calmly patting the sofa beside her. I sat beside her feeling my face turn red. The magazines looked especially filthy sitting there in the light of day with half naked women on the cover. "Where did you get these?"

"I ... uh ... I found them."

"You found a dozen magazines in new condition? Tell the truth." I really didn't want to get Norm in trouble too but I couldn't think of anything else to say and I couldn't dig myself in any deeper.

"Um ... Norm gave them to me."

"You didn't steal any of them?" she asked sternly.

"No," I said, relived that there was one thing I hadn't done.

"Ok, I guess that's ok then. Is there anything else you want to tell me?" She asked sternly. I felt my heart sink even deeper. She could have found them, could she?

"Uh ... no," I said with slight tremor in my voice, that almost made it sound like a question.

"Oh really?" Asked Mom almost amused as she reached in her pocket and pulled out the pair of her panties I'd taken from the clothes hamper. I'd felt like such a pervert doing it but I loved the feel of wrapping them around my cock while I jerk off, the satiny finish, plus I was ashamed of this but the idea that it had been so close to my mom's clit made it even better. How could I ever explain this to her in a way she would understand.

"I'm sorry Mom I know it's wrong but I just can't help myself sometimes. " I felt myself start to cry and then I couldn't keep going. I realized that Mom was hugging me; holding me to her chest.

"Its ok sweetie, I'm not mad." I couldn't believe I'd heard that correctly. I was sure Mom would ground me for months and send me to a chastity counsellor or something.

"So I'm not in trouble?" I ask starting to feel cautiously optimistic.

"No, in fact you can keep the magazine if you agree to two conditions.

What? Keep them? When Norm had given me these magazines I'd considered what might happen if Mom found out about them, this was beyond anything I had dared to dream of.

"Sure Mom anything."

"One, you can't tell anyone about them. That's the last thing I need." Mom's tone changed to a whining child saying, "'But Sean's mom let's him read porn'." I smiled at that.

"Ok deal. What's the other condition?"

"You keep the magazines somewhere I can read them too."

It took me a moment to process what my Mom had said. My Mom wanted to read these magazines too ... did that mean ... I remembered one of the girl-girl photo sets.

"Are you saying... ?" I trailed off.

"I'm bisexual. I've never told you because ... well since your father died I haven't really been up to dating anyone." There was a moment of sadness in her voice, it always happened when someone mentioned my dad. Even after three years she was still in mourning for him.

"So you're into girls Mom?"

"Yes, in fact the reason your father noticed me in university was because he saw me at a party making out with a girl. Fortunately for him there wasn't anything serious going on between us, she was just someone I'd randomly hooked up with." The idea of two girls was a turn on, the fact that one was my mother somehow made me even hornier. The blood rushed through my veins and I felt my cock getting hard.

"What would you do with girls Mom?" I asked nervously. I'd imagined this so often, it was so exciting to ask a real person.

Mom smiled and opened one of the magazines to girl-girl spread and said, "That's pretty much it."

"Wow, is it ok if I ask you this stuff?" I asked.

"Of course son, you can ask me anything, especially about sex. How can I expect you to learn otherwise?" Mom flipped through one of the magazines, and then she added breathlessly, "Oh she's really hot."

My cock was now fully erect. I wanted to know so much more about my mother's past, especially with other women. The woman on the page was rubbing a plastic penis against her vagina and her mouth was open in pleasure.

"What is she doing Mom?" I asked.

"She's masturbating. That's called a dildo, have you heard of them?" she asked causally.

"Some kids say that, but I don't know what it means." It was mostly an insult we used without thinking it had a real meaning.

"They're sex toys for women ... or gay men. They look like penises and can help you orgasm."

I knew the next question was over the line, I shouldn't ask my mother this question but I couldn't help myself.

"Have you ever used one?"

"Of course; in fact I have two right now along with a couple of vibrators."

My pants were now so tight I couldn't stand it. I attempted to subtly readjust myself. As I moved my hard cock I felt a little better.

"It's a little stuffy in here, isn't it?" asked Mom undoing the top two buttons of her blouse. I could see Mom's cleavage. My mom has amazing breasts; I've noticed my friends checking her out when they come over, they try to be subtle about it but I can tell.

"So you use them now?" The idea of my Mother using toys like those had my cock leaking precum. Oh fuck, I couldn't believe the things she was saying to me.

"Well usually once or twice a day or I use my fingers. I assume you use your hand?"

"What?" I asked shocked. I would have stood up but I didn't want to give away my little secret.

"Oh come on, I saw the stains on my panties. It's not a secret, besides everyone does it."

"Really?" I was surprised. I'd never really talked to anyone about masturbation so I hadn't heard this yet.

"Yes, everyone ... well some people claim they never do, but I think there's something weird about not masturbating. Do you feel hot?" Mom pulled her blouse away from her chest several times to cool herself; when she did this another button became undone.

"Yeah a little," I managed to say without sounding breathless, and that was no lie. Mom continued to flip through the magazine like we were reading a fashion magazine. I took a deep breath and asked, "When was the last time you were with a woman?"

Mom thought about it and said, "Five years this November twenty-third. It was a birthday present for your father; of course I'm not gonna pretend he really had to talk me into it." She said smiling.

"Dad wanted to watch you with another woman?" I asked. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh he did a lot more than just watch. Your father and I loved threesomes; we use to do it all the time but less after you were born." I found myself staring at the slope of my mother's breasts. I hadn't realized until then that she wasn't wearing a bra and the way she was sitting and with the buttons undone I could almost but not quite see her nipple. Mom looked away from the magazine, back to me, and saw what I was looking at. I could feel myself blushing as I turned away.

"Sean?" she asked, her voice showing nothing but concern. "Have you ever seen a girl's breasts in real life?"

"Uh ... no."

"Is that why you were trying to look at mine?"

I felt so ashamed. I wanted to deny it but it was pointless, she caught me looking right at them.

"Yes, Mom, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

"Oh it's ok. It's perfectly natural to want to look. I'm just surprised that at my age you'd find me attractive."

"Are you kidding Mom, all my friends think you're hot. I've heard a few of them call you a MILF." Mom chuckled at that.

"Really?" She asked as though the whole idea was flattering. "Well in that case, would you like to see my breasts?"

"What?" I asked, sure that I'd heard her wrong or that I'd misunderstood.

"I promised to answer any questions you have about sex and if you want to know what my breasts look like then I don't mind showing you. Do you want to see them?"

"Um ... sure Mom ... I'd love to see them." Mom smiled at the enthusiasm in my voice. She undid the remaining buttons and removed the blouse, sliding it off her shoulders. Her breasts were large, probably a D cup, and hung heavy. Her nipples were dark red and were hard despite Mom's complaining about the heat. While being in her forties Mom had very little sag. This was so much better than just looking at pictures. I could actually reach out and touch her if I wanted to, I could take her nipple into my mouth...

Suddenly I shuddered and I felt myself orgasm. Fuck had I actually cum without even touching myself? That had never happened to me before.

"Are you ok?" Asked Mom noticing the way I'd reacted.

"Yeah, just a dizzy spell that's all." I said hoping she'd buy it.

"Maybe we should stop here for today," said Mom, picking up her blouse but not putting it on. "I'm gonna go and get dinner started. Why don't you get cleaned up and get a jump on your homework."

Mom stood up and still made no effort to cover herself.

"I'm glad we had this talk."

"Me too," I said nervously. Mom started to put her blouse back on but left it unbuttoned.

"Remember ... You can ask me anything," She said turning away and heading to the kitchen, allowing me to slink up stairs and put on some fresh clothes.

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