The Coming of Doug Mckinnon

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A May-October romance. Doug, a good friend of Wendy, meets her Mom and is smitten, and the relationship begins.

The morning was a kind of nervous one for Cicilia Ward; she dealt with her spiking nerves by going out early for her morning run. The run itself was a pleasure, especially since Cicilia, Sissy for all the years that she could remember, was sporting a new pair of running pants. She'd purchased two pair of them, very clingy they were, one pair was white, today's flavor and one pair was black.

When she was back from the run, she went to the bedroom to cool down and change.

She had made sure that her tee shirt was an extra large, since she noticed in the bedroom mirror that her panties were plainly on display beneath the stretchy fabric of the running pants. That made her stop and giggle.

"You're not ready to be mooning the world, lady," she said to herself semi-severely.

That produced a giggle in itself and she backed up to the bedroom mirror and hiked her tee shirt up and bent over, displaying herself and laughing.

"Nice ass, girl!" she said to herself.

A voice from the doorway interrupted her saying: "Got that right, nice ass, girl!"

Sissy whooped and went charging across the room to where her daughter Wendy was standing in the doorway and grinning at her.

This is what all the nerves and tingling had been about: Wendy was coming for a weekend visit.

Sissy's story was all too familiar: young woman/girl who gets pregnant and is almost immediately abandoned by the guy with whom she'd shared intimacies, and love protestations. But Sissy had a Mom and Dad, both gone now, to her sorrow, who were determined to see her through the difficult times.

The three of them, and eventually, when Wendy was born, the four of them formed a tight and lasting bond. They helped every step of the way, especially when Sissy was immersed in her nursing studies.

Sissy's wonderful Mom, Carol, had set a pattern with her daughter that Sissy was pleased to be able to work on and establish with Wendy. They were, these days, as much like girl friends as they were mother and daughter.

Sissy giggled at what Wendy had said and bent over, her face with a puckish smile on it all the while, watching Wendy. She wiggled her butt at her daughter, who strode across the room and gave her Mom a resounding slap on the butt.

"Nice butt, Mom!" Wendy said and she was ready, when Sissy spun around and launched herself into her daughter's arms.

The 'crisis' of Sissy's life came when she was only 17. She graduated at that age from High School and was pleased, at the time, by the fact that she graduated before it was totally obvious that she was pregnant.

Wendy had become her life, especially when cancer had taken both her Mom and her Dad from her early on.

It had been a life of making sacrifices and making arrangements but it all had worked out. The loving relationship between Wendy and Sissy was always one of the treats of their lives.

Sissy had been careful about things too. There weren't men who came to call and stay the night. Sissy as just as happy to put those things on hold and devote herself to Wendy.

So that, Wendy and Sissy, at the ages of 21 and 38, were simply a pair of lovely, lovely women.

Wendy had the form and figure of an athlete, a tennis player maybe. She was slim, and had reddish blond hair that she kept in a bob. She'd taken a job, once she graduated from college that had her moving about an hour away from where Sissy lived.

There was a contrast between them also. Sissy was the busty one. She took after her Momma in that way. She large in the breast and had a nicely rounded butt. She was much more 'zaftig', as the Germans say, than was Wendy, with her athlete's figure. She had auburn hair that was shoulder length and showed just a touch of red in it.

"Nice for you," Sissy said, grinning, "Slapping my butt!"

"You put it on display, woman," Wendy answered, "And I'll slap it again!"

They both giggled.

"It's wonderful to have you home!" Sissy said.

"Yes, just in time to catch you going out with your sex clothes on to round up men!" Wendy said and they went into the giggles again.

"Am not," Sissy protested, "Just finished my run."

"Nice excuse!" Wendy quipped and they hugged again and kissed.

(Their closeness was always physical but never was sexually inappropriate. Sissy and Wendy had grown together and had become very physically demonstrative. It was not unusual, when Wendy was visiting, for the two of them to snuggle together in Sissy's bed, giggling their way into the night. It was a part of their relationship.)

"How's it been?" Sissy asked, once they'd settled down to coffee.

"Marvelous," Wendy said, "It's been everything that I have hoped for, and I really like the big boss, Mr Garth. I really, really have to thank you for the downpayment on the house! It's made it so nice to have my own place."

Wendy stroked Sissy's face, as she said it

Sissy had tears in her eyes then and responded: "Of course I'd do that; we're buds, you know that."

"Yes, we are!" Wendy said.

"Oh," Wendy went on, "I have a friend coming. Met him at work. He was at loose ends this weekend and I invited him. Gave him directions. Don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," Sissy said,"Want to share the guest room with him?"

"Dirty old woman!" Wendy said with a grin, "You are hoping to put your ear to the wall and hear our night noises!"

Sissy giggled: "Got me pegged!" she said, barely able to get the words out from laughing.

"No," Wendy said, "The relationship isn't that way really. But he's a really good friend."

"Fine," Sissy said next, "You can sleep with me and he'll have the guest room."

"Oh, goodie for us!" Wendy said, clapping her hands, "We'll have the giggle room!"

"Yes," Sissy said laughing, "The giggle room."

(It's what they called Sissy's bedroom, which they shared periodically, due to their late night giggle sessions.)

Just then the doorbell rang. Sissy's eyes flew open and she almost shouted:

"Oh, shit! Look at me! Sweaty, boobs showing and my butt hanging out!"

She turned to leave but Wendy grabbed her by the arm and said: "No you don't, girlie! You get to meet Doug just the way you are. Show him that my Mom is rough trade."

Sissy wailed: "Weeeeeennnnnnnnndddddyyyy nooooooooo!"

Wendy held onto her and said softly: "Mom, you are gorgeousness itself!"

"Ohhh," Sissy moaned and hugged her daughter.

"But you are kind of on display!" Wendy said grinning and heading for the door, while Sissy wailed again.

"Just kidding!" Wendy said and added: "Not!" just as she opened the door.

Doug McKinnon was a specimen! He was tall with broad shoulders and a knot of unruly hair, a small waist and substantial legs.

"Ohh," Sissy moaned to herself, even more conscious of the way that she looked.

"What's all the shouting about?" he said with a smile, gathering Wendy into a hug and glancing at Sissy.

"That was Mom moaning about the fact that you were about to arrive and she looks like a combination of Tugboat Annie and an Olympic sprinter," Wendy said.

"No, not at all," Dough said, "After all Olympic sprinters wear tiny, tiny shorts! Butt huggers."

Wendy put her hands over her mouth and laughed and Sissy just shielded her eyes.

"You two are terrible!" she said plaintively.

"On the contrary," he said, grinning, "We're the truth tellers!"

Wendy whooped and Sissy giggled.

"Mom this is Doug McKinnon," Wendy said, and Doug held out his hand to her.

She, however, opted to hug him instead.

"Mmmm," he said, "Does this feel nice!"

"Okay, stop making time with my Mom," Wendy complained and got a proper hug herself.

Then he turned serious and said: "Mrs. Ward, I appreciate the chance to come here this weekend, get away. It's been a tough time."

They were in the kitchen then and having coffee.

"Doug's Mom and Dad were recently killed in an auto accident," Wendy explained.

"Oh," Sissy said, "I'm so sorry!"

"Thank you," he said.

"Well, look, children," Sissy said, "I'm going to go shower and clean up."

"And we're going to watch you walk from the room," Wendy said.

Sissy spun around and said: "Wendy Ward, I'll ground you!"

"Can't!" Wendy said, giggling, while Doug just looked on and laughed, "I don't live here any more."

"Hmmmmpf!" Sissy said and walked from the room.

"Pull that tee shirt up," Wendy ordered, "Show it!"

"Will not!" Sissy said in a cranky voice but grinned over her shoulder at them, and just before she left the room, she did pull the tee shirt up, showing her nicely rounded butt and, through the white running pants, a pair of lacy panties.

Wendy clapped and Doug laughed.

With Sissy gone, Wendy and Doug talked for a bit in the kitchen.

"She's gorgeous!" he said.

"Thought you'd think so," Wendy said. "She's super, my Mom."

"You two seem to be very close!" he said.

"Oh, we are!" Wendy said and talked a bit about her life long relationship with her Mom.

"Conspiring?" Sissy asked, when she came back into the kitchen, while they were talking.

"Telling your trade secrets!" Wendy said.

Then she had a thought and asked: "Do you have to work today?"

"No," Sissy said, "We flipped the schedule and I have today and tomorrow off."

"Oh, good," Wendy said, and turning to Doug explained: "Big time ER nurse! My Mom! A good one too!"

Sissy dipped a curtsey then and joined them.

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