Dakota's First Time

by neff trebor

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, First, Size, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A fourteen-year-old girl is kidnapped and turned out in Tijuana by the drug cartel. She is humiliated and used as retribution for the actions of her irresponsible father.

If you have not already read "Katherine's Decision" or "Katherine's Bargain With the Devil" which can be found in the Author's Page under Neff Trebor, you should read these first for the events leading up to this part. I am trying to write this as close to a "stand-alone" story as I can, but it takes place after the previous two stories.

"Katherine's Decision" was the first.

"Katherine's Bargain with the Devil

Dakota had still not recovered from the events that morning. She had been frightened when they had all been handcuffed. She had watched when Manual had kicked her father and knocked him over. She had watched him as he tightened his finger on the finger, thinking her life would be over if her dad died.

Dakota remembered watching in horror and embarrassment as her prim and proper mother slowly began to undress, desperate to strike some bargain with their kidnappers. Dakota was horrified to see what her mother had been subjected to; "Cocksucker." She had heard the term in viscous and malicious context hurled among fellow students at each other. The usual result was a severe beating of one at the hands of another.

She and her friends had searched porno sights when they had goggled the term to verify the definition. They were tremendously embarrassed to have mutually witnessed these videos.

When she saw her mother approach and submit to this evil creature, she could hardly believe her eyes. She had tried to close her eyes to blot out the whole spectacle. It was almost worse to close her eyes and listen to the humiliating noises and dialogue between her mother and Manual. Her heart ached for the dilemma her mother was in.

Dakota remembered the cruel hands forcing her down beside her mother, naked, splattered with semen with tears streaming down her face, devastated that she could not keep her daughter out of it.

Dakota was humiliated at her forced participation too. However, her participation, through embarrassing, was not quite the same as her mother's.

Her mother and father had been ushered away from her. Her mother had tearfully promised to do anything they asked in return for her and her father's freedom. They had promised her mother that she would not be violated while they were separated. It didn't help matters for Dakota to know her virtue would be protected by her mother's sacrifice.

When her mother and father were taken away, Dakota was taken by the other captors to the same whorehouse that her mother would soon show up in. Dakota was taken upstairs in handcuffs to another room.

They were sworn to protect her; at least in front of her mother. Once she was brought into the next room, the men had several hours on their hands before her mom and dad showed up again.

She had been thrown unceremoniously onto a leather couch while the other men kept their Uzi's nearby. Dakota could not lay on her back with her hands cuffed behind her. The next person, who seemed to be in command after Manual left, seemed to be Chico.

"Stand the fuck up you little cunt." He said as he pulled out his switchblade. Dakota was terrified and started to "mew" through her nose. It was a soft sound that was barely audible. She struggled to right herself without the use of her hands. The best she could do to respond to his command was to sit up. She was too frightened to get her legs to stand.

She felt somebody else put a hand under her armpit and straighten her up. Her feet barley touched the ground as she struggled to stand. She was carried with her feet dangling over to stand in front of the gigantic, roughly dressed Chico.

Chico pressed the silver button on the side of the 12" long ivory handle. A 12" long, narrow steel blade swung out in a wide arc and snapped against the lock, turning it into a small saber. Dakota was essentially hypnotized by the sight of the frightening weapon in front of her.

Dakota could not think of anything to do as the back of the point was inserted between the folds of her blue, oxford cloth dress shirt she had taken from her father's closet. He turned the sharp edge up and pulled it toward himself, sending the top button skipping across the wood floor. Dakota was terrified of the knife. Her head turned sideways as the "mewing" seemed to increase between interspersed gasps and sobs.

One at a time, he lowered the point to remove each button above her waist.

Chico placed the point against the fabric just above her belt. He turned the dull side of the blade up, and used it to pull her shirt out of her shorts. He put the point against one of the lapels of her shirt, and used it to peel it aside, towards her shoulder. She had no bra. It had been a point of contention between her and her mother.

Katherine did not feel that at the age of fourteen she needed to wear one. Her breasts were developing. They were actually about the size of her mothers. Katherine had medium sized melons that stuck out nicely, but did not sag. Dakota was growing, but not so big that she needed support.

Dakota wanted the bra whether she needed the support or not; it was part of what the girls did to appear feminine. Her feelings had changed in the last year or so. Before that, she used to go to the river with her classmates; usually boys, to go swimming. She swam like the boys, with tight, stretch Lycra boxer shorts. She had not been particularly concerned with a top until them. It wasn't that she really cared, but other older boys started to get curious about her when they heard this girl had not been wearing a top.

Now, Chico had opened her top and the men were glaring and salivating at this fourteen year old Chinese girl with her shirt pulled behind her. It would not come off; it was trapped on her arms by the handcuffs.

Chico took the knife and laid the dull edge against her thigh and slid it under her shorts. He pulled up slowly; effortlessly and the faded denim fabric parted like the red sea in front of Moses. The old fabric offered no resistance to the sharp blade.

Once Chico had made one cut from the hem of her denim shorts through her leather belt, the garment fell uselessly down to the top of her burnt umber lumberjack boots. Dakota stood there, covered with nothing but her black, Haines boys briefs. They were tight elastic briefs that were more erotic than most garments worn by the girls her age.

Dakota shuddered, knowing what was next. Chico laid the dull side of the blade against her thigh again and slid the point under the edge of her briefs. He sliced up and through the waistband. There was enough stretch in the remaining garment that it clung to the other leg without falling, but parted and dropped enough to reveal her shaved and un-tanned cleft.

She had spent many hours frolicking with the other boys in her class sliding down the muddy banks of the river just outside town. The time in the sun had left this budding Chinese girl's complexion beautifully tanned. Her breasts were tanned too.

Her only un-tanned region was the part covered by the boy's briefs.

Chico raised the switchblade. He ran the dull edge and the flat side against her breasts and up across her nipples. Dakota turned her head again and sobbed at the humiliation of being naked in front of these savages.

Chico pulled a key out of his shirt pocket and opened her cuffs. He put the cuffs back on the table and the key in his pocket.

"You need to get cleaned up and dressed. You are going to be back with your mother this evening, so hurry up."

Dakota stooped over to remove her tattered briefs. She kneeled to unlace her leather work boots. She crossed her arms in front of her as she was led to the shower. With the bathroom door shut behind her, she spent as long as she could in the shower. They finally came in to get her. She insisted on drying herself and wrapped the towel around her as she was led back into the living area.

Chico tossed her a dress. Dakota couldn't wait to get it on. Once she had it on, she felt she was still practically naked. It was a form fitting button-front silk shift. The top two buttons were not there. That left the high neck portion of her front covered, but not buttoned. Her Bai Ling nipples seemed to have grown since she had been swimming with the boys. They stuck way out and left provocative impressions on the front of her dress.

The bottom of her hem did not come to the bottom of her thumbs. It ended about half way between her knees and crotch; about midway up on her thighs. There were also a couple of buttons missing at the bottom. She was covered when she walked, but was almost naked when she sat.

When her mother entered the lounge in their hotel that was where she saw but almost did not recognize her fourteen year old daughter. She was sitting with a well dressed Mexican who seemed athletic in physique and well mannered. He smiled knowingly at her when she came in.

Katherine did not recognize her daughter until she turned around. She had high-heeled suede boots that zipped up the side. They came up to just below her knees. Her Japanese plum dress matched the color of her boots. Katherine would never have let her daughter out of the house in a dress that short. Besides that, the two buttons at the top and bottom were missing, creating a salacious image that she refused to recognize as her daughter. Dakota's hair was still damp, but was combed out straight and hung down her back to her waist. Her large silver hoop earrings came almost to her shoulders. When she turned towards her mother, her double strand of pearls that hung half way down her front swung and jingled. Dakota met her mother's eye contact with the same expression of concern and fright.

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