Jr Wants to Be a Mother Fucker

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Incest, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Alternate Title was MOM WAS A COCK TEASE. You get the idea. JR succeeds. Thanks to one of my readers for the suggestion.

The alternate title that I thought about for this story was MOM WAS A COCK TEASE.


That's me, Linda McGuire. I'm the Mom that you're reading about. My husband's name is Kenneth McGuire. My son has the same name, but no one calls him that. He's known as JR, just the initials, which of course is short for Junior.

There was no moon out as I led Ken out of the family room and onto the patio. I led him by his still flaccid cock, barely sticking out from his robe. We had a lot of privacy on that patio, surrounded as it was by thickly grown high hedges. Ken took a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure that JR was not watching us from his bedroom window overlooking the patio. I don't know what he thought he could see in that darkened room. I on the other hand would have bet money that JR was in fact looking down on us, holding on to his own naked pecker, whacking away. That thought gave me a nice warm feeling. Shit, the kid is fifteen already; what do you expect?

They tell me that Linda in Spanish means something like pretty, I don't know precisely what. My mother must have had big balls to name me that, not knowing what I was going to grow up looking like. But I made an honest woman out of her, turning out to be – as my Daddy told me on my fifteenth birthday, when his birthday gift to me was his hard cock – a fine piece of ass. Adios, cherry. He fucked me damn near every night after that. Just about the only times we didn't was when I had my period. Silly Daddy; that's the time it's the most fun. Anyway, that's when he taught me to suck.

I enjoyed it so much that I became a pretty loose girl in school, being quite generous with my mouth and cunt. But I never finished high school. I dropped out and went to work as a waitress in a Sports Bar. I told the manager that I was eighteen but he claimed that he didn't believe me. After I swallowed a load of his cum, he didn't care anymore.

The uniforms were all black, with a loose blouse partly covering tight shorts. Lots of guys used to grab my ass as I took their orders or delivered their drinks. I didn't mind; it made for great tips. We all shared our tips, but since I brought in much more than the other girls, they never knew how much I shorted them. I fucked some of the customers, but I was getting more mature and choosier. Besides that, I was still living at home and used Daddy to get me off. Mom? She was always too drunk to notice – or care.

And then one day Kenny walked into the bar and wound up sitting at one of my tables. Drum roll, please! Though ten years my senior, he was strikingly handsome, wealthy (inherited) beyond imagination and as I learned a few hours later, hung like a stallion. His 'job' consisted of depositing rent checks and other stressful things like that.

Kenny was a fantastic lover, everything a girl could want. He had no hesitation in going down on me, before and after he filled me with his creamy sauce. My period never deterred him from anything. When I blew him, he readily accepted me snowballing his cum back into his mouth. He always made me cum first and was usually good for two cums himself, occasionally three.

After a month, I moved into his spacious home. This made my Daddy a little unhappy. He bitched, but I told him to fuck Mom whenever she might be sober. Kenny never complained about how much I spent on clothing. I became pregnant with JR pretty quickly and had to quit my waitressing, though we really didn't need the money anyway. We got married before the baby was born. I covered my pregnant belly with a virginal white gown.

Despite my earlier years, I was absolutely faithful to Kenny. OK, well, I'm not counting those once in a while times when Daddy's blue balls made me feel sorry for him. Kenny too was faithful – or was he?

That was the night this story began. We were naked and I was horny. Kenny was 'tired'. I'd never heard him say that before. My hand reached out and grasped his cock. It was soft. Oh shit!


Of course I was watching from my window. Whenever I heard the sliding door to the patio open with a squeak, that late in the evening, there was no doubt about what was about to happen. And I wanted to watch. As always, I immediately snapped off the light next to my bed and tiptoed to the window.

That particular evening, I'd been sitting up in bed, lamp light on, looking at the nudie magazine while I stroked my cock. When I finished, it would be my fourth cum of the day, slightly above average. There was never any problem getting those skin magazines. I'm not talking about the big name magazines that show pictures of naked women; I'm talking about the greasy ones that are full of actual fucking shots, cocks in every girl opening, cum shots on their faces, all that stuff. The storekeepers knew me and knew my family money. They wanted to stay on our good side.

Whenever my parents went outside in the evening, the motion detectors turned on the spotlights that shone into the hot tub. The first time it happened, now I'm talking about after I learned that cocks were for more than peeing, it blew my mind. I had already been in bed, fast asleep, so there were no lights in my room to warn my parents that I was awake. So when the outside lights shown in my window and awakened me, I had to look, having no idea what was going on outside.

OMG! I saw them just as they dropped their robes. Nothing underneath! Holy shit! Dad was facing toward the sliding door. All I saw was his cock. To my young eyes, it was a fucking monster. But I'd seen lots of cocks by then, in locker rooms at school, and they did nothing for me. My sex drive was for girls only, and even then I deliberately looked away from a naked cock because I didn't want to be thought of as one of 'them'. By the time of this story though, I was more open-minded. I didn't care what two guys did with each other, so long as I wasn't one of those guys.

But then my eyes moved to Mom. And so did my cock, rising toward the window. But I have to set the record straight.

I've always known that Mom was pretty, because it was easy to compare her with all the other women who visited the house, who walked around the mall or the school. She looked more like a woman on television. And I'd heard enough friends and strangers make murmuring noises when they saw her, accompanying those noises with words like, 'she's hot' or 'I'd love to do her' or 'bang her'. Without even knowing the meaning of those words, I could tell that they were complimentary about her looks.

But even as I understood her beauty, still, she was my 'Mom' and instinctively I knew that Moms are not supposed to be sexual objects, at least not for their sons. On the other hand, boys my age usually enjoy some visual stimulation when we jerk off. Sure, I can do it blindfold, or in the dark in bed, but I get over the top more quickly and enjoyably when my eyes assist me.

That's why we use those magazines. And that's also why I loved to watch Mom and Dad do what they do in the hot tub. She takes him in her mouth every time, she spreads her legs and opens her cunt for him, and oh Jeez, she bends over and lets him stick it up her ass. And after he's finished in her ass, she takes his cock in her mouth and cleans him off. Wow! When they take their time, I can get myself off twice. Thank you, eyes.

And let's not forget my nose. Whenever I'm home alone, I'll go into Mom's hamper and grab out a pair of panties waiting to be laundered. Oh man, do they smell sexy from her cunt aroma. Some of them are plain old sexless stuff, while others are the stuff you see in Victoria's, like silk lace or low cut bikinis. Every once in a while one of those bikini panties are even damp, after she's been to visit Grandpa, and that gets me really hot.

I sniff Mom's panties while I'm jerking off but I try to avoid getting my cum on them. I usually catch it in my hand and lick it dry. Tastes OK. I don't think that she knows what I do with her panties. I hope not. I mean, seeing what she does with Dad, she seems pretty cool with anything, but still, I'd be very, very embarrassed.


I reached behind Ken and yanked off his robe.

"Sit on the edge, Ken. I'm gonna give you the blow job of your life."

"I'm too tired, Linda. I'm not even hard." He groaned but he complied.

"Your cock is always hard, Ken. Now just relax and enjoy it."

He was still soft as I took his cock in hand and leaned forward. But as soon as I got within a couple of inches from his meat, I smelled cunt. It came as no surprise. I had suspected it the moment that he claimed to be too tired. He's never tired; he can fuck like a bunny. Actually I had had an inkling much earlier. He had too many late night meetings for a man whose main business activity was opening envelopes and taking out rent checks. Without evidence though, there was nothing I could say or do. But now I had it. Stupid Ken had neglected to wash the smell of cunt off his cock before he came home.

But I'd already decided not to make an issue of it immediately. I'd wait a little while to be sure that he couldn't get it up. Not that it would convince me that he wasn't fucking around. As to that, I had no doubt.

At the same time, I had no doubt that JR was watching us from his window above the hot tub. Why I wanted him to see this, I didn't know. I opened my mouth and took Kenny's cock between my lips. It was still soft, like melting ice cream but without the ice cream taste. The taste was that of cunt, a sensation with which I was quite familiar and one that I would have enjoyed under other circumstances.

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