Dad and Ellen

by Shoeslayer

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Romantic Sex Story: George lost his dad at thirteen. His mom wanting to make a man out of him bedded him at eightteen. Thus incest was never a problem and when he met the lady of his dreams and had a daughter who adored him, well those old feelings for a daughter who looked so much like his wife......

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

Hi, I am George, husband and father to a wife and one daughter. I am in my mid sixties and my wife Gloria is seventy three. I had always liked older ladies and when I met Gloria I knew she was the woman for me.

I was raised in Boston Mass, two brothers and a sister. Pops when in a state of being drunk fell onto the tracks of the subway and got fried when he made contact with the deadly third rail.

I was around eight-teen and Ma having not been satisfied for five years decided to make a man out of me and and we slept together. This was probably the reason I loved older women and why incest was no big deal to me.

I did well in school and later having stashed away some bucks went to a technical Inst. for diesel and electrical maintenance.

Gloria was working in the office at the tech when I met her and I knew there was something there. We married when I was twenty-three and Gloria was thirty one. Gloria wanted a daughter so we worked on that and three quarters of a year later we had a daughter we named Ellen.

Life was going along just fine. Gloria was still working at the Tech Inst. Ellen is now 16 and Gloria is Forty seven and what a good looking forty seven. long gray hair with streaks of blonde, nice full bosoms say a 42D and a pretty face with green eyes and cheery smile.

Gloria had started to wear glasses for reading the newspaper and there was something about the style that flat out got me aroused. They were the gold rectangular style known as granny glasses.

She often had them hang across her bosoms with a pearl beaded neck chain. Gloria had like a dozen pair of glasses either granny, half-round in gold or silver and a silver oval style all with beaded neck chains or eyeglass chains.

One night in the sack as I was watching Jay Leno and Gloria reading the Boston Globe, I kept stealing glances at my wife.

"George, what do you keep looking at me for?"

"Guess it's cause you so look hot."

"Those glasses Gloria, turn me on."

"Do they?" She said in a surprised voice.

She pulled back the quilt and sheet and grabbed another pair of glasses. These were gold half-rounds with a chain of purple beads. She took them and wrapped them around around my cock and touched me all over and when I began to come she took me between her lovely red lips and gave me the greatest head ever. And it was so erotic to see her head bobbing up and down on my cock with her glasses at the end of her nose and those sexy beads gently swaying.

There were many times she did this. Gloria loved that I loved her looks when she donned her reading glasses. She would wrap those beads around me, touch me all over with a few pair, sometimes the silver pair which had their own charm.

There was just something so sexy when a woman touches a man down there and the way Gloria touched me and the smoothness of her half-glasses over the top of my cock and those sexy purple beads being dragged over the top of my cock and her tongue lightly brushing over the top of that cock could send a guy into the land of total ecstasy.

They would be at the end of her nose with her beads hanging and her head bobbing up and down. I see her lovely lips round my member, it is such an erotic sight and seeing those glasses and the soft room lighting reflected off them is to me, quite romantic.

Ellen's a great girl who has some very loving feelings for her old man. I would come home from a hard days work, Ellen walks over to and plops herself on my lap and sometimes I was aroused by this.

Ellen did excellent in school and she wanted to become a Librarian for the Boston library system. I told her,

"Oh man, you will never be married. You will wear laced up shoes; frumpy clothes; a pair of black oval glasses halfway down your nose. Your hair forever in a bun and a finger across your lips. Do you really want to go this route?"

"YUP" she answered, Good pay; holidays; health insurance. And speaking of glasses, how come you always grab mom's?"

"You know, her granny glasses with the beads, why don't you get a pair at the drugstore?

"Cause they don't have my strength, Ellen."

"And how come, you wear them with her beads?"

"Cause they come with the glasses, Ellen." The way she spoke had a weird edge like she thought they turned me on.

"Dad, ya don't have to put the beads over the back of your neck!"

"You wanna be a Librarian? go study the freaking Dewey decimal system!"

Later that night Gloria asked, "What's this with my granny glasses?"

"I don't know Gloria, Ellen brought it up today. The way she spoke had a weird edge to it as if she knew they turn me on.

She says, "You use mine a lot, beads over your head even."

"So I like your things dear."

"George, who was the first girl you made it with?"

"Was not a girl Gloria, but a woman."

"Who is she or was she?"

"Oh some nice lady."

"Typical guy, has sex with a woman and does not remember her name, you really are just like every other guy in ways."

"Well George, what was her name?"


"Her last name?"

"Can't remember."

So Gloria watched t.v. for a bit then said the only Lois she knew was my mom.

I told her that mom decided she went without sex just a bit too long and how she said, "I'm gonna make a man out of you."

"Well, you are a great lover, better an older woman than some floozie." And that was the end of that of that.

Fourteen years later

Ellen was thirty and doing well as a head Librarian and she took pride in dressing the part.

She dropped in one day to visit and as we met at the front door she rubbed against me so that her bosoms which are 40D's were really grinding into me and her hand was groping the lump in my work pants.

"Ellen, what are you doing?" I asked with a voice of mixed thoughts. I liked what she was doing yet felt I had to let her know it was not proper.

"Checking things out, Dad."

"Ellen, I'm your father, this is not proper."

"Oh, but doing your mother was?"

"Ellen, I was like eight-teen at the time. You should consider that I lost my father in my early teens and my mother decided she went without sex long enough."

"Oh Pops, I know mom has been too busy to take care of your needs lately."

"And whether you know it or not you look a bit like Clint Eastwood. I think it would be better to mess with Pops than some guy I don't know much about."

"Ellen, don't you have a guy you have some interest in?"

"Work keeps me too busy for clubbing and I just don't feel meeting a guy in a bar is the best idea going. If I want I could go to a real good introduction service like Mrs. Schofield's dignified introductions.

Ellen has her hands round my rear end and is pulling me to her tightly.

"Would you like me to tease you with moms half-glasses with her beaded neck chain? She knows you like them and what happens when no one is around. She thinks it is sweet and romantic."

So I had gotten horny and Ellen dons those gold granny glasses and tells me to grab her ample bosom which was now exposed as her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra pulled beneath her boobs.

"Pops, squeeze my tit really hard an lick my nipple."

I did so and I liked the feeling of being aroused.I had an idea.

"Ellen let me see those glasses."

So I gave pops moms half's, with the beaded chain and he stretches them out and starts to brush those beads past my nipples and I never had such an intense feeling of pleasure as those smooth cool glass beads rushed past my nipples and against my aureola. The feelings I have I just wanted to get laid in the worst way."

"Oh pops, Mom would love that." She said as she pulled her other tit from her bra. "Do this one, she is jealous!"

I kissed Gloria's glasses and rubbed them over Ellen's other bosom and Ellen was showing signs of being turned on She was breathing heavier and her hand went down to her vagina.

"Oh crap." Ellen could not get her hand up into her muff and I figured a way to help her satisfy her needs. I grabbed her patent black heel and stuffed the toes end up her puss, righ upt to the vamp and I gave that heel a good work out.

Ellen was really getting into this as she laid upon the bed, bucking at the hips and making some low moans as well as heavy breathing.

That heel really satisfied her current need and when I took it out it was soaked with her love juices.

"Dad, how about screwing my tits! that will take care of my needs, for now anyways."

So I lowered my pants and stuffed my cock up under Ellen's bra, that smooth satin bra and she is looking at me either through or over the tops of those gold granny glasses. She has her hands wrapped round me pulling me as close as possible.

"Oh gawd pops, that thing is so big, if you tear this bra, you owe me one."

"I am not worried about that right now, you want me to cum your boobs? talk romantic."

"Oh Pops, I never knew you were so turned on by women's reading glasses, I can do some research."

Damn, did that feel good, beads of the man sauce all over her cleavage and bra. Ellen you gonna wash that off?

"Nope it's fine where it is."

"Don't bother Ellen, I know what turns me on."

We messed around every now and then over the years, never going all the way but I felt that day was coming.

Nine years later.

Ellen was now thirty nine and I was ready to retire, partly anyways. I knew that to fully would mean way too much time on my hands. And I had no intention of that happening

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