Maid to Be Broken

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Blackmail, Hermaphrodite, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Betty Chu was a grafter. Faking her own death to avoid prison, she then conned her way into a job as maid to Pamela Oswald and her daughter Lisa. After winning her wealthy employer’s trust, Betty began casing the Oswald home for leads on the BIG SCORE. She found it, but it was not what she expected! A secretly made video showed her that Lisa Oswald had a penis! The girl was a real live hermaphrodite! When her attempt at seduction and blackmail fails, Betty finds her life forever changed!

Thirty year old Betty Chu smiled her best smile as she sat before Miss Penelope Oswald. She had answers ready for every question, and references that would please the most stringent background check. The fact that none of it was true didn't worry the petite Asian one little bit. She paid through the nose for this new ID, and she knew enough to pay for the very best! Faking her own death had been a necessity in order for her to avoid a rather lengthy prison stay! She took another sip of iced tea, and put the glass down. "That's right Ma'am. I worked the last ten years for the Bridgeton family in The Hamptons." She gave what she judged to be just the right note of sadness. "Of course they had to let me go when Mr. Bridgeton was arrested for orchestrating such a massive Ponzi scheme."

Miss Oswald sighed. "What a foolish greedy man. I've read all about his little escapades. Imagine him bringing such scandal right into his home! The to top it all off, he went and got himself killed in that rather foolhardy escape attempt from a minimum security prison! Who but a fool would try and hide in the business end of a sanitation department truck. Still, it was quite sad that nobody could hear his cries for help over the hydraulics of the compactor."

Betty expertly hid her smugness. She never met the man, but his death, followed shortly by his wife hastily leaving the country with what was left of his fortune, made it nearly impossible that anybody would discover her credentials were false. "Yes ma'am. I was heartbroken. He was such a wonderful man."

"Douglas, wonderful? Well, maybe to a pretty little maid." Betty noticed Miss Oswald gave her a very appreciative, yet speculative look. "Frankly, I thought him a bore." The statuesque blonde smiled. "Never mind that. You will not find any hint of scandal in the Oswald household! An Oswald knows how to hold the family name proud!"

What a pompous bitch! Why were the rich so egocentric? It was going to be a pleasure knocking her down a peg, while making a financial windfall at her expense. Betty let no hint of her inner thoughts reach her hopeful smiling face. "Does that mean I get the job?"

Miss Oswald paused for a moment. "Yes, my dear. You are hired. I think it will do my daughter a world of good to have someone like you about the place."

The following day, Betty suppressed the urge to whistle appreciatively at the living arrangements of the Oswald's as she was shown around. You couldn't call this a penthouse suite. Mother and daughter lived alone in the entire top floor of their flagship hotel, right in the very heart of New York City. The newly hired maid could smell money in the air, and her palms itched to get a hold of it! She stared at a lovely portrait in the gallery wing. In it was a woman the spitting image of Penelope Oswald. "Who is that?" she asked curiously.

Lisa Oswald paused. "That is my great grandmother, Amanda Oswald."

The maid smiled wickedly. "Who is that cute little redhead with her?"

"That's Mary Elizabeth O'Brian, Great Grand's lifelong friend and confidante. The two were inseparable."

"I'll bet." Betty couldn't help a laugh. "I guess that's why she never had a title."

"What are you implying?" Lisa's lovely face grew quite red. "Do you have anything against two women being so totally devoted to each other?" She went on in a softer voice, obviously a bit embarrassed by her sudden burst of emotion. "Mary had five children during their lifetime together. Their love was so great, that Great Grandmother adopted them all, so they could share the Oswald name and fortune!"

It wouldn't help her cause to antagonize little Miss Rich Bitch. "That's lovely!" she announced, while wondering just who had managed to get into the redhead's pants so often. Did good ol' Granny Amanda hire a man to keep knocking up her pretty little lesbian lover? Maybe Amanda took donations from her male servants, and used a turkey baster to plant the seed! Betty let herself smile serenely. "You can see in the painting that they loved each other dearly."

"Oh, please forgive me." Lisa smiled shyly. "I get a little sensitive if anyone thinks badly of them. Their love was so pure, and they defied the mores of their time to keep together!"

The maid looked at her employer. The flushed look and dreamy expression told it all. The brat liked girls! That knowledge could prove to be very useful! "I had only meant that in such a wonderful arrangement, they obviously wouldn't be able to pass down a title to the next generation."

"I've read all of Great Grandmother's diaries and correspondence. She was glad not to be titled. She thought most of the royals were a pain in the butt, anyway. That's why she and Mary moved to the United States when our hotels started opening here."

It was never too soon to start laying on the act. Betty smiled sweetly, and even went as far as batting her eyes at the shy young woman. "I'm glad they did. I wouldn't have been able to meet you, um; I mean work for your family if they hadn't."

Lisa's blush deepened, but there was a look of wide eyed wonder in her eyes. "Thank you, Betty. That's very nice of you to say."

Betty smiled. "It's only the truth, Miss Lisa." The new maid left it at that, and went to check out her small, but well appointed room. Lisa Oswald was quite lovely, and Betty always did tend to go for busty girls. Seducing the kid would be a very nice fringe benefit! Thankfully the redhead had just turned eighteen the week before. If things went bad and Lisa had to hit the road in a hurry, at least she wouldn't be followed by a statutory rape charge!

Days and weeks went by. Betty let herself slip completely into character. There was something rather soothing in domestic work. She made sure to keep everything well up to the exacting standards her employers had set down. The new maid even prepared meals on those rare days when the cook had some time off. Miss Penelope was thrilled that Betty, being born in Hong Kong, had learned to cook authentic Chinese cuisine from her grandmother. Aside from that, Betty even felt more then a little pride in keeping all of the bathroom fixtures sparkling. She did her best to become indispensable!

Miss Penelope and her daughter were also very kind. Once they realized Betty envied them the bidets their private bathrooms contained, workmen were in the very next day to install one in her own little, but tasteful bathroom. Still, business was business. Kindness didn't put money in your pocket! Betty began her research into what would be the best way to liberate the most money from the Oswalds in the shortest amount of time.

One day while mother and daughter were out, and the cook was off doing the grocery shopping, Betty made a careful scan of the whole residence with the bug detector hidden in the handle of her feather duster. She did nothing to disrupt the well hidden security spy-cams, but noted the position and field of view for each one. As she suspected, hers and her employer's bedrooms contained no such devices. She promptly took care of this little lapse by installing her own cameras in Lisa's room. Penelope's would just have to wait. The cameras she used were on the cutting edge of technology. Frankly, Betty could only afford to buy the two she had planted in the young woman's room!

A few more days passed, before Betty had the household to herself again. "It's time to take a little risk." She whispered while booting up Lisa's laptop. "Maybe the kid left her passwords in a file somewhere. I could skim off a few grand while waiting to arrange the Big Score!" She checked the browser history, and felt her face grow warm. "What a little pervert! I was right though. I seem to be Lisa's type." That may have been an understatement! She followed links to dozens of streaming video sites. They all had one obvious thing in common. It looked like Lisa had chased down and bookmarked just about every site there was that featured Asian porn!

Shutting down the computer, Betty sat stunned for a few moments. "Well, that was educational. There has to be some way I can take advantage of Lil' Lisa's obsession though!" She couldn't help giggling. "The kid may be racist in thinking of people like me as sexual objects, but what the hell. This is one form of racism I don't mind." She shut down the computer and rose from the desk. Giving her long raven hair a practiced flip, she laughed again. "Can I help it if tiny Asians are everyone's favorite fetish?"

The maid returned to her own room, to see if she had captured anything interesting in the last twenty-four hours. She grinned as she opened the file. Interesting included the real hope that she had finally recorded the young woman masturbating! She watched as the lovely redhead booted up her laptop. "Bingo!" she shouted as Lisa began to undress. "The cameras have only been in place for a week. I thought the kid would never get to 'relaxing' herself in her bedroom. I thought I was going to have to re-task a camera for the bathroom to catch her playing in the shower!"

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