Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 02: Cockblocking My Ex-husband

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sci-Fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Cuckold, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Big Breasts, Public Sex, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story.

Desc: Sci-Fi Sex Story: After the Dryden DNA Disaster, not all of the new futanari got to score as normal women threw themselves at their feet. Some were married and had to deal with a husbands shock. Most men couldn’t handle having wives with cocks bigger than their own! After Patty’s divorce from Mark the worthless wimp, 2 good friends set a cunning plan in motion. Mark was getting remarried just a day after the divorce was final. Why should he be the one to claim his new bride’s precious virginity?

Is there any woman who doesn't remember the astounding day she woke up with her very first erection? My personal memory of what should have been a thrilling experience is forever marred by the reaction of Mark, my husband. I, like most of the newly created futanari, had slept through the process of my new penis erupting through the final layer of my epidermis. I had gone to bed feeling quite bloated and ill, and had taken a sleep aide to try and get some much needed rest.

Mark, missing our usual Saturday night scheduled weekly lovemaking, had stayed up late reading. Or so he claimed. I suspect he was partaking of his usual hobby. Whenever I "Had a Headache", which frankly was most Saturdays, he would wait until I was sound asleep and pull the covers off of my naked body. He never did anything TOO inappropriate, but he sure did like to rub one off while watching the rise and fall of my breasts.

I couldn't really blame him for his infantile interest in my rather over-abundant 55F wonders. My toned athletic six foot six Amazonian stature let me pull off the look without looking ridiculous. My being a bit broad in my shoulders, ribcage and hips made my overly developed bust look quite proportional to me. It gave me a bit of an exaggerated hourglass figure when combined with my flat firm tummy, but there was no doubt the men (and quite a few ladies!) appreciated my charms. Quite often I'd wake up with a wee little bit of crusted semen caked on one or the other of my breasts, never both. Mark never could produce much in the way of ejaculate. I guess that's why he thought I'd never notice his little hobby.

It was no big deal. I got my beauty sleep, and he had a bit of fun fantasizing and squirting on an overgrown blonde Valkyrie! (I should never have let him talk me into wearing a horned helmet last Halloween!) Since our lovemaking always ended up with me having to masturbate after Mark dozed off anyway, it hardly seemed worth mentioning. Pleasing my own body while in the shower sure beat being frustrated by Mark's sixty second, single shot technique. It was win-win all around!

Anyway, I digress. Mark woke me up that fateful night by screaming like a little girl being murdered. After scaring the living hell out of me, he actually fainted from the shock of witnessing a big thick cock burst from my body, and rapidly expand to a wrist thick full eighteen inches! Thankfully, by wrist thick I meant his. Frankly, Mark is rather skinny. Last Christmas he had bought us his and her Rolex watches. It embarrassed the hell out of him when we ended up trading off because mine was too small, while his was too large. He was going to have a jeweler resize both bands, but I said why bother and just took his. I never told him that I later went to the jeweler and had mine sized up just a smidgen. Even the men's model was a touch too snug.

I bet I'm the only futanari who didn't masturbate herself senseless right off the bat, so to speak. My glorious first erection wilted fast as my husband's terrified screams woke our three month old daughter Michelle. Instead of exploring this exciting new aspect of my sexuality, I was kept busy trying to calm the babies in my life. Honestly, Michelle was easier. She had been fussy all night, but now she seemed her normal sweet self.

Once I picked her up so she could suckle, my darling angel was quite happy as her little tummy filled with milk. When she gave me a cute little contented burp after her feeding, I decided to change her. Removing her old diaper revealed it to be spotted with just a tiny bit of blood. I was alarmed at first. When I saw that my beautiful baby girl had only grown a penis just as her mother had, for some reason I calmed right down. I guess the change had entailed some subtle alteration of my mind to let me accept such a thing. Of course hers was nothing like mine in size! I would later learn that she too would grow to be quite impressive, due to the genetic re-write we had both received.

Soon Mark started screaming all over again. The ass had followed me into the nursery just in time to get a peek at Michelle's cute little addition before I finished diapering her. I couldn't help it. "Control yourself!" I hissed as I, for the first time in our married, life struck my husband. While I'm not bulked out with hulking muscles, I am rather strong. I hadn't meant to, but accidentally sent the hysterically screaming man reeling and staggering across the room with my backhand across his whimpering mouth.

Mark sat on the floor in the corner of the nursery, whimpering softly as I held Michelle in my arms and gently rocked her to sleep. He wouldn't even come near me until Michelle was tucked away back in her crib, and I threw on some clothes to hide my new addition. I knew it had to be a massive shock to him, but Hell, I was a bit upset and confused myself! He didn't have to act like Michelle and I had turned into a couple of monsters though!

Having a cock was startling, but somehow I seemed to accept it quite readily. I couldn't see how it could be any danger to me or my precious daughter. Millions of men enjoyed having them, so why wouldn't I? After I flatly refused to listen to any nonsense about him taking us to the hospital, Mark took himself to the guest room and went back to bed a shaken man. I guess I don't blame him. I felt ashamed by the little trickle of blood from where I had split his now swollen and puffy upper lip. He looked like a bar room brawler as he closed the door. When I heard the lock click, it sounded loud as thunder.

I had no real interest in sex with my hair trigger pop and wilt husband before my change, but that stunning metamorphosis seemed to have jump started my libido! The next morning I tried to patch things up with him with the offer of a nice Sunday morning lovemaking session! I was only to learn that he had lost all interest in me because of my new cock. He didn't come out and say it, but it was plain to see that he was downright terrified of my new sensuality. Frankly, I was hornier then I had ever been since he popped my cherry on our wedding night and I learned that he couldn't last long enough to get me off too. No matter how I tried seducing him, he couldn't bring himself to even kiss me. I think he was scared I'd attempt to use my penis and sodomize him. He needn't have worried. I couldn't think of anything we had in to safely use as a lubricant.

I even went to the extreme and ruined my favorite button fly jeans. I carefully cut out part of the crotch so he could have easy access to my vagina, without seeing my cock. I picked the lock of his bedroom door, and slipped in. That didn't work! Even though I had timed it just right and caught him masturbating to some porn he was playing on his laptop, his slender five inches grew flaccid seconds after I stepped into the room. He could see the outline of my arousal as a very large package that extended up under my clingy sweater to nestle comfortably between my breasts.

The wimp wouldn't even let me try to suck him into another erection, when he used to regularly beg me for the one thing I always flat out refused to do for him! I made a slight miscalculation, and sort of hinted that it was only fair to go sixty-nine. That would let us both try performing fellatio for the first time together. The look of horrified disgust on his face cooled me right off. What was his problem? He had bugged me for almost four years to take his cock in my mouth! What would be so wrong with him now being able to return the favor?

Two days after my cock sprouted, Mark didn't come home from his law office. Instead, a Process Server showed up and floored me with the Petition of Uncontested Divorce Mark drew up, acting as his own attorney! What could I do? He was offering me very generous alimony and child support terms, a huge lump sum payment, plus the Condominium and car. He even waived certain rights, and locked in an ironclad clause to bind him into paying alimony as well as child support, even if I was to remarry. I'm sure that was just to rub my nose in how wealthy he is. He was just declaring that such a pittance was nothing to him. Whatever the reason, the document saw to it that I was financially set for life!

I should have been happy to see the last of him, and I was. Still, I could hardly see the papers through my angry tears as I signed. I was truly glad of it, but the ass put it right down in the papers that he wanted no custody or visitation rights with sweet little Michelle! How could he blame such a darling child for what fate had her become? I was just happy that he used her proper name. The jerk had taken to calling my angel Michael, and insisted that the lovely girl was his son!

His son, indeed! Well, at least that charade was over! I always had the nagging fear that Mark would someday realize that my darling angel was born nine months after I had been away for a few weeks helping a childhood friend prepare for her wedding day. I worried that he would divorce me over my little indiscretion, never dreaming what the future actually held in store!

That Bachelorette party sure had been a rousing success! I fondly remembered the handsome redheaded bartender. (Well, all except for remembering his name!) He was just my height, and built like a Greek God! He had a beautiful cock nearly as large as the one I had ended up growing! Thank goodness nobody managed to get any video of me panting and moaning in sheer ecstasy while he had me bent over the bar like some raving nymphomaniac whore! I was forced through one orgasm after another as he pounded into me like an animal in heat! It was marvelous! I had no need to sneak off and diddle myself to release that night! He kept us both going for so long, that I could hardly stand up when we had finally finished!

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