Cala De Sirena

by NymphWriter

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mystery, non-anthro, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Don takes his first vacation alone after his divorce to help clear his head. After a freak storm, he rescues a mysterious woman, who will change his life forever. But, she has secret that could either drive him away, or bring them closer.

Don Taylor's vacation was not starting the way he had hoped. His divorce had finalized just weeks before he was to fly off with his wife on what was supposed to be a second honeymoon to save their marriage. Since the trip was already paid for and non-refundable, and he already had the vacation time approved, he thought this would be a good time to reassess his life. However, at 45, he never thought he'd be single again. He still deeply loved his wife, and didn't understand why she left him, or why she didn't want to be married to him anymore. He had tried everything to win her back: couples classes, marriage counseling, date nights, and more, but none of it worked. When things started to improve and he thought they would reconcile, he booked a two-week trip for them to stay at 'Cala de Sirena' because it was considered a perfect lover's retreat. Now, a heartbroken Don was here on his own, trying to enjoying his first summertime vacation he'd taken in years.

To most, Don was a handsome man, standing six feet tall in bare feet, with short brown hair, blue eyes, well-trimmed mustache, and a muscular build. He had believed that he had to maintain his appearance to keep his wife happy, and even though she left, he still tried to maintain his looks, though his broken heart made it more and more difficult. When it was certain his marriage was over, he had tried to go out with some friends, but just didn't enjoy the bar scene like he did before. He had met his wife in college, and now he didn't know how to start dating a new woman. Many of his friends told him to date younger women, but Don didn't find them to be interesting or desirable, and often he had nothing in common with them. This vacation was his time to figure out what he wanted from life, and where he was going to go from here.

The hut he rented was on a secluded beach with a private cove that could only be accessed by boat or other watercraft. He packed shorts, swimwear, t-shirts, and other items he figured he'd need. When he first arrived, the change of scenery was just what he needed: palm trees, sunshine, white sandy beach, a small mountain range, and no cell service in the cove. A true escape from the craziness that was his life, both personally and professionally was what he felt he needed. Even though he saw a building that was owned by his company in the village where he picked up his rented wave runner, it didn't bother him. He followed Mr. and Mrs. Lee, an older Asian couple who rented the huts on the different private beaches to the tourists to where he would be staying. The cove, beach, and hut were exactly what Don had expected, but this also saddened him as he remembered that he had rented this with the intention to enjoy a second honeymoon with his now ex-wife.

Mrs. Lee had a basket of fresh fruits and breads for Don to enjoy which, as it turned out, was the only food in the hut, aside from some butter and bottled water, as Mr. Lee had forgotten to restock the small fridge. Don didn't discover this until after the Lee's had left, and he was putting the fruits away. He shrugged this off and thought the fruits would be a nice change. Besides, he enjoyed fishing and was sure he had seen some fish in the cove when he rode in. He was considering trying to catch a fish for dinner when he saw the storm clouds on the horizon coming his way. He retreated into the little one bedroom hut and soon he heard the storm hit the cove. The rain pounded the tiny hut and any hope of sleep was lost as he lay in the bed he had thought he would be sharing with his wife. At some point when the storm lessened, he drifted off to sleep.

Don awoke to the sun shining though the tiny window in the bedroom. After stumbling into the bathroom to empty his bladder, and wash his face, he decided to assess the damage and see if he was going to need a new hut. He slipped on a clean t-shirt, boxers, shorts, a pair of sandals, and sunglasses as he walked outside. The sun was bright and warm as he looked around. The beach was littered with driftwood and palm branches, but his wave runner was undamaged. He looked around the hut but found it had sustained minimal damage. He decided to gather the driftwood for a bonfire later, and clear the palm branches so the beach didn't look so messy. He noticed a big mound of branches and wood by the beach and decided to start there.

He moved a few branches when he saw something that shocked him. It was a leg, a human leg. Don quickly moved the branches and found the leg was attached to what appeared to be a naked woman. She was lying face down, her blonde hair was scattered over her back and on the beach. He stared at her back, her bare bottom, and her shapely legs. He carefully rolled her over and gasped. Here before him was the most beautiful woman he had seen since his wife. She had full, round breasts, slender build, full hips, blonde curly pubic hair, and the face of an angel. Then he noticed the huge lump on her head. He looked around for a surfboard, small boat, swimsuit, or anything to explain how this mysterious woman came to be on this beach naked, but saw nothing. He checked her pulse, and felt it beating strong.

"You're alive," he sighed with relief.

Carefully, Don scooped her up, carried her into the hut, and gently laid her on the couch, placing a pillow under her head. He admired her beautiful, shapely, naked body for several minutes, then realized that he should cover her so when she regained consciousness she wouldn't be embarrassed and humiliated. He searched through his clothes and remembered he had packed the V-neck t-shirt that his wife would wear and look so sexy in, as well as a pair of boxer shorts that seemed to fit her better than they ever did him. He didn't intend to bring these, but he had put them into the suitcase when he booked the trip, then forgot about them until after he arrived. Don wasn't sure if the boxers would fit the mystery woman or not, but he figured they were better than her being naked. Don dressed her carefully as to not injure her further, brushing the sand off her skin and finding it surprisingly soft and smooth. He found that enjoyed touching her soft, feminine skin as he dressed her, but reminded himself that she was helpless in her condition and he needed to tend to her wounds, not take advantage of her. In his eyes, he found she looked just as beautiful in the clothes, as she did naked. He walked into the bathroom, took a washcloth, soaked it with cold water, and gently placed it on her head. He sat next to her, watching her sleep, and wondered how she ended up on his beach as he plucked pieces of seaweed out of her hair.

After an hour, Don wandered into the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. He was so relieved that Mrs. Lee had given him the fruit basket with breads, and started slicing an apple, some pineapple, an orange, some strawberries, and one of the small loaves of bread. He set everything on a plate and grabbed a bottle of water when he heard a noise. He looked over at the couch and saw the mysterious woman starting to move. He carried the plate of food and bottle of water to the small table next to the couch, and sat next to her. She moaned softly and her eyes fluttered open. She looked around the room, then jumped and gasped when she saw Don sitting next to her.

"Easy there angel," said Don in a soothing tone as he put his hands on her shoulders. "I promise I won't hurt you."

She looked up at him; her blue eyes sparkled as she looked into his eyes. She reached up, touched the compress on her head, winced in pain, but said nothing.

"I put that on your head," said Don as he bit into a piece of apple.

She watched him eat, licking her lips. She looked down her body, touching the t-shirt, the boxers, and then her legs.

"I hope you don't mind that I put this on you," explained Don. "I mean, you're incredibly beautiful, but I was afraid I'd do something I probably shouldn't if I didn't cover you up, and I couldn't find your clothes when I found you on the beach. Maybe you can tell me how you got here and what happened to your clothes. Were you surfing? Kayaking? On 'a three-hour cruise'?" Don sang that last part in a rather deep voice.

The woman just looked at Don, and watched him eat a piece of pineapple, then a slice of bread. Each time she licked her lips, looking at the fruit, the bread, and then his mouth. Don watched her eyes carefully, and then asked, "Are you hungry?"

She looked at him, then at the plate, licking her lips. He reached over and grabbed a piece of fruit. "Here, this is pineapple."

He put it in her hand, then grabbed another piece and ate it. She sniffed the fruit, licked it with her tongue and Don felt his penis harden. She smiled and popped the piece of fruit into her mouth. "Good?" asked Don.

She smiled and put her hand out, as if to ask for more. "Here, try a strawberry this time," said Don.

As before, he took one and ate it to show her it was safe, and she would sniff the fruit, lick it, then pop it into her mouth. Together they ate the fruit and bread and shared the water. While they ate, Don would talk hoping she would respond. "My name is Don," he said pointing to himself. "Don."

She smiled and pointed at him, then grabbed another piece of fruit and ate it. "Do you speak English? Do you understand my words?"

She would smile if he smiled at her, and ate the same fruit pieces he ate, or piece of bread, but didn't speak. He brushed some blonde hair out of her face and pulled more seaweed from her hair as he spoke, "Well angel, I don't know where you came from, or how you got here, but you're here now, alive and well. Considering how bad that storm was, I'd say it's a miracle that you're alive."

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