My Summer Break

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I take a break at Myrtle Beach before beginning my new position.

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Five of my buddies and I decided to spend a week in Myrtle Beach. It was a summer break from college for them and a last hurrah for me. I had just graduated from college. They have gone the last two years to the beach for summer break. I went to college year around and was not able to take summer breaks. This year I was able to join the fun.

My given name is Jerome Joshua Jones, but my friends call me either Jerry or JJ. I'm of mixed race; my father was a black American and my mother is Hawaiian. They met when my dad was in the service. After his enlistment ended they move back to Ohio where they have lived since.

I was the firstborn of four children. I have a brother and two sisters. I did my best to make my parents proud. From a young age I knew I was going to be a big kid since I was both bigger and taller than other kids my age. I exercised regularly to keep in shape. In high school I played football, I was a defensive lineman.

At the beginning of my senior year of high school I reached six foot three and passed the two fifty pound mark. In college I stayed in the two hundred sixty pound range and grew to six foot five.

I was good in sports but my passion was learning. I actually received an academic scholarship to Central Michigan University. I took a double major, education and mathematics. I ended up playing football in college which didn't leave a lot of time for extra curricular activities.

I dated some in high school and also college; I was a bit shy. I guess it was because of my size and I wasn't into parties. I enjoyed spending time in art museums and galleries. I am somewhat into history and I just like learning.

As far as women went, I would much rather be alone with a woman in an intimate setting than at a party.

After graduation from college my friends convinced me to go to Myrtle Beach with them. There were six of us in all so we took two vehicles. They all had been there the previous two years so they gave me a few rules to follow. I laughed when they told me but they said they were serious.

"JJ, never tell any girl your real name. JJ or Jerry is fine but never your last name. Also, you can tell them your university but never your home town," said my friend Bill.

"Why all the cloak and secrecy?" I asked.

"It's been known that the girls have sometimes tried to track the guys down. Sometimes they might think a guy's rich or they fall in love. God forbid become pregnant," replied Ray.

"Sounds foolish to me. Besides, if you get a girl pregnant, shouldn't you be responsible?" I asked.

"JJ, at most of these parties everyone has probably been with more than one person. Trust me, wear condoms and don't give out your home town, last name or your phone number. This is just a one week, just let loose and enjoy yourself. You won't be finding the woman of your dreams in Myrtle Beach" said Bill.

"It just doesn't seem right to me; I'll go along and not give out my last name or hometown but it just seems phony." I replied.

Bill said, "Trust me JJ, the girls do the same thing. If you don't believe me and your given a phone number, try calling it and see if it's the same girl; it won't be. I guess everyone plays the same games," said Ray.

What the guys did was give each other's phone number out just to see if they did get calls. If they thought a buddy might be interested they could always pass along the message. I was going to use Ray's number and Bill was using mine. I did believe it was childish. Damn, we were grown men, but they were my friends.

I dropped all my belongings off at a storage unit in Ohio. I had landed a job as a teacher at a local high school as well as being an assistant football coach; I was pretty happy about my future. After getting back from Myrtle Beach I had to find a place to live close to the school.

We made it to Myrtle Beach and I have to admit it was a madhouse. Our condo was right on the beach, it had three bedrooms. Which meant two guys to a room; we were pretty good sized guys. Me being the biggest, we took the mattress off the boxed springs and one of us slept on the box spring and the other on the mattress. I got the mattress in our room.

The only rule was clean up after yourself. Other then cereal or donuts for breakfast we would order out. Half the time everyone was out with dates. I mentioned Bill and Ray, my other buddies are Jim, Lance and Brett. We were all members of the football team.

Some brought their dates back to the condo. I felt a little funny and out of place. I wasn't the party type guy and knew I wouldn't be into sharing. I guess I just wasn't brought up that way.

Needless to say a number of the girls joked about how big I was. The thing is that I was mostly muscle. I didn't have six-pack abs but my stomach area was like a rock. I had the muscled shoulders you see on weight lifters and strong arms and big thighs. Hence the defensive lineman.

The first morning I got up and went to the exercise gym across the street from our condo. After my workout I walked into a coffee shop a few doors down from the gym. The place was pretty crowded. I was going to get a dozen donuts to take back for the guys and a cup of coffee for myself.

As I was standing in line a girl bumped into me and spilled her coffee. She sure was a tiny thing. She looked up at me and for some reason I apologized for being in her way. She told me it was her fault for being a klutz. I was next in line and bought her a replacement coffee as well as my order.

I handed her the replacement coffee with a smile. I walked out with her and she thanked me. She said her name was Sue Reagan. She was short maybe 5' 2" and I would guess 130 pounds. She was busty and had nice legs. She was brunette with brown eyes and if I might say, extremely cute. I remembered what my friends had said and introduced myself as JJ Kankansas.

"What kind of name is that?" she asked, interrupting me.

I just told her I was part Hawaiian. It was actually my mother's maiden name but I didn't tell Sue. I walked Sue home, back to her condo. It was a few buildings down from ours. I told her that I hoped to see her around and went back to my condo. When I got there the guys were all up and were going to the beach as soon as they finished the donuts.

I didn't tell the guys about Sue. I think I felt a little something for her. That was probably part of being the shy guy.

We headed to the beach. I couldn't believe how crowded it was already. We found a place among the crowd and threw down our towels then headed for the water. It wasn't long before the guys were already talking with different girls and playing in the waves. Ray managed to get in a Frisbee game with a tall brunette in a bright red bikini and her friend, a blond with pigtails and a perky set.

Jim had a group of girls surrounding him as he catapulted them in the air showing off how strong he is. The girls were squealing with delight and flirting quite openly with him. I was a bit jealous but I felt a bit funny picking up these girls I didn't know and basically throwing them up in the air. They didn't seem to mind and I could tell that my buddies were enjoying themselves.

After awhile I decided to get out and got my towel to dry off. I sat in a lounge chair under an umbrella since I was dark enough already. I watched my friends with the girls in the water. I spotted Sue and three other girls sun bathing. All had on two piece bathing suits and looked damn good.

I was gathering up the courage to go talk to Sue when I saw three guys I didn't know heading her way. She noticed me looking at her and I smiled then one of the guys went to talk to her.

She seemed a bit aggravated so I waited a few minutes before leaving. One of her friends stepped in between them shouting, "She doesn't like you, Jim. Can't you get that through your dumb skull?" said one of the girls.

"Shut your fucking mouth bitch!" Jim said to the girl.

Now, as I have mentioned, I have sisters and I would never let any man talk to them that way. I decided to do something that I rarely do; I interfered. I walked up to Sue and said hi to her.

"Who the fuck are you?" is what I got from Jim. "Big man going to protect the ladies," he laughed. "In case you didn't notice there are three of us," he said gesturing to his friends while laughing.

I didn't say anything, four of my buddies had come up to where we were standing. "What going on JJ?" asked Bill.

"I think these men were about to leave but not before apologizing to the ladies." I said calmly not taking my eyes off the guy.

I think everyone has heard the saying about living to fight another day. I believe that must have been what Jim thought. He apologized for his actions, gave Sue a dirty look and said "See you around," and the three guys left. Something told me it wasn't over.

Sue thanked me and introduced her friends and I reciprocated introducing my friends. The girls asked all of us to join them. I sat on my towel next to Sue. I asked her who the asshole was and she said it was a guy she met the first day they arrived but found him to be obnoxious. She didn't know he and his friends would keep bothering them.

All these girls were seniors at Ohio University. That surprised me since I was from Ohio. I did like my buddies coached me earlier and we told the girls we were from Central Michigan, which was true. I did tell them that I had just graduated but not that I was now back home in Ohio.

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