The Teacher

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How a teacher gets blackmailed for something she did way back in collage and she never knew anyone recorder her. A former student gets her to anything that he wants her to and like everything done habitat ally it becomes a habit and one that turns out to be extremely enjoyable for her. She never does anything that she doesn’t like, it is getting use to doing it with strangers that takes a while to get over.

Let's see, how do I tell you what happened and how this all started? Just think about it; over the past few years there has been so much talk about student and teacher sex going on. I am living proof that it is not always the Teacher's fault when you hear about a teacher having sex with her students. After I tell you my story maybe you can understand that the teacher may be nothing but an innocent victim as I was.

You see I am forty-one years old and I am happily married with two children. I say happily married, I guess to be honest with you (and myself) that may be up in the air right now. It all started about six months ago and now it seems that I am in some kind of plunge. I feel out of control ready to crash and burn. What kills me is the fact that I have no control over what happened to me, and what was going on even today. I know that I will have no control over my own actions tomorrow anymore than I had today.

Well I can see that you have no idea what started this, so I better start at the beginning. I work in a small town; we have one elementary school and our junior high and High school share the same building. It is a three-story brick building.

The first floor is used for the town's education offices while the second floor is used for grades six, seven and eight. The Third floor is used for our ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. I teach the eighth grade students and since we are so small of a city all nineteen students are in my classroom. Unlike what you see on TV or maybe in your town, the kids here do not change classrooms every hour; I have them all day long. (Expect for PE and shop.)

Like I said earlier, this all started six months ago with a slip of paper that I found in the top drawer of my desk. It said, "turn on your phone, there is a message for you." I pulled my phone out from my purse and turned it on; sure enough it vibrated and I had a new message. It said, "Be sure to check your e-mail to day Mrs. Phillips."

I was puzzled by the message, I mean why did they bother sending me a message on my phone, I always check my e-mails, it is the way the staff keeps everyone informed. It is very seldom that I send or receive any personal e-mails, in fact I can not remember ever receiving a personal e-mail from anyone out side the school that did not pertain to my class or my job.

Since we are a very small city, we get a lot of Federal grants. Part of those Federal grants comes as what they call "guide lines." One of the brand new "guide lines" is, we are to have school uniforms for students and of course the teaching staff.

The girls wear white blouses with navy blue skirts that cannot be any higher than the knees of the student wearing them. The young men wear white shirts with navy blue trousers. The female teachers are required to wear white blouses with navy blue jumpers. The male teachers wear the same thing as the boys do.

Along with the grants the Government provided every teacher with a computer at their desk. All internal computers are all linked to the main server in our building. So all of my e-mails come from staff and internal. (Well they all did before that day.)

I opened my e-mail once I had the class working on a chapter (during History). I thought it was something for me from Fran down stairs. (She sends most of the e-mails to all the teachers and staff. She only sends things that we all need to be aware of for our classrooms) I will never forget the words of that e-mail.

It said, "Hi Bunny, do you have any idea just how sexy you look today? Even wearing those uniform jumpers makes my cock hard as a rock. But what really got me going was watching your three movies that you made a few years ago. How old were you then, eighteen, nineteen, maybe twenty? I bet you made those movies before you became a teacher, didn't you, Bunny.

Maybe you made them before you were even married. Does your husband know how much you love fucking and sucking boy's hard cocks? Did he ever appear with you in one of your many gangbangs? I attached one of my favorite clips. I really like the clarity of it because it shows your lovely face with that cute heart shaped birthmark on the side of your neck just under your right ear.

The way you swallow that black cock while you are riding some lucky white dude who you are bouncing up and down on as fast as you can on his cock. Then the way you respond as the other black guys take turns fucking you in your asshole and face.

Fuck, Bunny, I mean Mrs. Phelps; I have to stop for a moment to stroke my rock hard cock. You sure are one hot piece of ass, just listen to the way you yell and beg them to keep fucking you. Oh yeah, you better hit the mute button; we don't want the whole classroom to hear you now, do we?

I'll IM you later; I have a question for you before I go. Should I send a copy of this clip out onto the school network? You know, to everyone in the school computer system? What about hubby? I can't see the face of the white guy, was that him?

Nah, I don't think so, because watching you in your three films I never saw the same man twice. I tried counting all the men in your gang-bang movies but sometimes they never showed the faces. But then by the looks of it and from what you say, I don't think you really cared who was fucking you, now did you?

I'll be in contact later today telling you just what you will be doing for me. Oh yeah, we both know that you don't have to do anything at all, we both know that, right? But then we both also know what is going to happen if you for some strange reason want to act as if you are not the whore in the movies that I have.

By the way, did you know that in the credits on all three movies they put your name in? But it wasn't Phelps then was it; in the credits they all said "Bunny was played by Samantha Carson. Wasn't Carson your maiden name, Bunny? Shit, I know why they called you Bunny; you fucked all those boys harder and faster than a rabbit in heat."

I sat there stunned. I mean if someone had hit me in the head with a brick I am sure I would not have felt it. I was that numb. I had forgotten all about that part of my life when I was at UCLA in my wild days. Oh sure I was really wild, I did have all kinds of perverted sex at parties, but I did not make any porn movies.

I did recall that at the parties they always called me Bunny kidding around during the parties, I thought it was like a nickname that the boys called me when we had sex.

I saw that there was an attachment. I needed to look at it; I mean, since I never made any movies this person had the wrong woman. I finally clicked on it and I hit the mute button. The movie clip started and sure enough it was me, with two black men and one white man that I was straddling. I saw the close up of my face as the long black cock slid all the way inside of my mouth and I saw my tattoo. I stopped it and deleted it.

I looked at the return for the e-mail and it said that it was from "" I clicked the delete button and looked around the room, no one was watching me, no one saw anything.

I felt sick; I know that I never made any sex movies while at UCLA, and I never knew anyone even had a camera when I partied. I don't ever remember anyone with a camera. But then I just went to the parties to have fun and I did not pay any attention to anything but drinking and having sex, lots and lots of sex. Oh, I was wild all right, we all were; at the time I did not realize just how wild I was. Every weekend was a party; some days I would fall asleep at a party, then wake up and start all over again.

It was months when I sort of came to my senses and realize that I was failing every thing because of all the sex and the boozing; it was a sort of wake up call for me. I was only nineteen at the time and I just got caught up in the sex and liquor. For the first time in my life I was free to be wild and I made the best of it. You could say that I went nuts. Once I realized the damage I was doing to myself I began to wake up.

It hit me hard when I realized that my reputation on (and off) campus had me as the "easiest lay on campus;" hearing that woke me up. But even more important, it made me feel cheap. I realized that the girls wouldn't speak to me, and then the boys began treating me like shit. Well that is unless they wanted sex, and then I was the queen slut of every party.

I can remember putting on sex shows for the boys to get the sex parties started. The boys had this thing about watching me use rubber cocks and different things to fuck myself with as they would watch and jack off.

What was so bad about that was, I remember that I could hardly wait to be asked to give them a double fuck show. That is where I would be kneeling on the floor with my two big rubber cocks inside of me and I would move my ass up and down while sucking off the boys. The cocks were so big and heavy and I was so wet that they just slid in and out of me as I moved my bottom up and down.

I have no idea why they loved watching me like that but they did. I can't count the parties that I would be dancing naked, (even before I had finished my first beer.) and they would chant "fuck yourself, fuck yourself." A few times they wanted me douche myself using two full bottles of beer. (That was a huge charge!) God, what a feeling getting drunk like that with out drinking anything.

I can't even begin to count the times that I went to sleep with a boy inside of me only to wake up many hours later with another boy screwing me. Yeah, I guess I was a real honest to goodness skank back then.

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