Step Daughters Are the Worst!

by BlackStallion21

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jeff's going to teach his daughter Leah a thing or two about behaving!

This Story, although not her personal story, is dedicated to a friend of mine! RJH I hope you enjoy this story!

I'm Jeff. I'm a thirty three year old with a lady who had her first kid young. We have an eighteen year old daughter who is starting college this year and who is a total pain in my ass!

No, she didn't used to be like that, she used to be a model child and got good grades, and never had a boyfriend, or did anything out of line. That is until recently when she started being really defiant and disobedient.

She stared coming home late, clothes all disheveled, smelling of alcohol and other recreational things, and just being totally defiant to all of the rules her mother and I had set into place for her. She started ignoring her chores, and purposely waiting for one of us to ask her to complete the chores that she had been doing on a regular basis. She always looked intoxicated or completely high after hanging out with her friends, and the more things went on, the more they showed in her grades in her first semester of college.

I didn't want to be the tyrant because like I said, I'm only her step-dad. I have been the main role parent as far as both dads were concerned, and she respected me more than she did her "sperm donor" (her words) but even lately I was getting the same treatment her father and my wife were.

"Jocelyn, what are we going to do about Leah's behavior?"

"I don't know, you see that I can't do anything about her. Her father doesn't help for anything, and she's not really listening to either of us. It's too late to put her into boarding school; she's in her first year of college. She's just going to get into trouble with the law, and she'll probably learn the hard way."

If I could go back into time, I would have stopped my wife from saying those words because that's just what she did! She went to a concert and got caught smoking marijuana and drinking under age. Because she was young and didn't have a record of any kind, the arresting officers were polite to her and let her go with just a fine. We had to pay the fine because we were putting her through school and gave her allowance, (my wife's idea not mine, she's been real spoiled ever since she started acting like a little bitch) so she didn't have a job. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back ... I didn't care what the wife thought, I was done!

"That's It Joss! I'm fucking done! Leah has stepped on my toes for the last time. We spoil the shit out of that girl and this is the monster that she's becoming? There's no doubt she's fucking every Tom and hairy dick while she's away, and I believe she's probably drinking and taking bigger and better drugs than marijuana. She's lucky she's a cute girl without a record because the situation with the police could have been much worse."

"What do you suppose we do?"

"I want to pull her out of college and have her fend for herself instead of us paying for a college education and she is completely wasting her time and our money."

"No, I say we let her continue school, but if she gets kicked out we won't send her back. She needs her education, for as long as she stays there on her own. But we need to figure something out."

"Well for one thing, she will work off the one thousand dollar fine that she got. I don't know what she can do; maybe her grandparents need some work done at their houses that she can work off."

"Yeah, your mom did say something about needing to paint a couple of rooms. And my parents are building the deck onto the house this month. Leah can help with both of those. And she's moving home and can commute to classes, the school's only an hour away." Joss said as she left the couch opposite of me and went to the kitchen. She returned with a notebook and a pencil and began to jot things down on the paper.

I liked this, and when Leah heard about this plan she was going to break down and lose it or completely blow up on us! But I had plans for both occasions! I was done playing games with my daughter, and she was going to know it for sure!

Once we got everything taken care of and written down, Jocelyn picked up her cell phone and text messaged Leah. Be Home This Weekend! Your dad and I have something to talk to you about.

Leah text back almost immediately, Do I even want to know?

Jocelyn's face got red and she text back, Don't show up this weekend and make your father have to come get you, you're going to wish he didn't!

Leah: r.m.e. Whatever mom, I'll be there.

I could tell Leah had pissed Jocelyn off because she threw her phone across the room in my general direction, and it landed on the floor in front of my feet as the back and battery were separated from the main computer of the phone.

"What did I do to deserve such a spoiled brat for a daughter? That little bitch needs a total attitude change!" Jocelyn said placing her head in her hands. I got up, picked the pieces of my wife's phone up, reassembling it and placed it on the coffee table as I turned it on. I walked over to the mini bar that we had set up in the corner of the living room for entertaining and poured two glasses of wine and then brought them, one to my wife and for myself, and placed them on the coffee table. I reached around her and pulled her close to me. "It'll be ok." I reassured her as I held her.

We sat there like that with out words for a couple minutes and when she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, I kissed her small lips and wiped her tears away with my thumb.

I don't know what in my kiss triggered her reaction but Joss grabbed my face with one hand as I moved away from the kiss, and pulled me back in for another one. This kiss was more passionate, and it made my dick jump slightly. I didn't question things I just went along with the flow of things.

Her hands left my face and quickly moved to the base of my neck and down my chest and to the bottom hem of my shirt. She pulled violently and within a nanosecond, my shirt was being tossed to the floor lifeless. She slid her hands back up my chest, her fingertips resting on my nipples, and pushed me over onto the couch. By this time, I was completely hard and threatening to burst out of my pants. "Ooh, what's that in there?" my wife whispered.

As she reached into my pants and wrapped her tiny hand around my hard shaft, Joss placed another kiss onto my lips and started stroking me. I loved when she dominated me like this, and I couldn't help but enjoy myself. I kissed her back and she started biting my bottom lip and slid her hand out of my pants to quickly unbuckle my pants and seemingly rip them open with one hand. She left my mouth in a rush and hungrily devoured my cock in one fluid motion.

With her right hand, Jocelyn gently stroked and massaged my ball sack and testicles and with the left, she stroked my cock up and down while she used her mouth to cover every square inch of my cock with her saliva. Hands down, my current lady gave the best blow jobs that I had ever received to date. I don't know what it was about that girl, maybe it was the fact that she loved giving, maybe it was the fact that she loved pleasing her man, but DAMN! ... and it wasn't long before I came in spurts, coating her mouth and watching her drink every last drop!

I never did find out why that impromptu blow job came about, nor do I care as long as they never stop!

The weekend came and sure as the nose on my face, Leah showed up to the house looking like Hell warmed over! Her clothes were dirty, her hair wasn't combed, and she looked like she had just woken up from a night of partying. That was the last party she'd be enjoying for a while! She just didn't know it yet!

"Have a seat Leah," I said to her as I sat beside her mother on the couch. "Now I don't know where you were last night or what you did, but as of this moment, you are done partying until you can prove to the two of us that you are willing and able to change your behavior. You're done Leah!"

"What the heck is this? Where is all of this coming from? What the heck are you talking about Dad?"

"You're moving home immediately and indefinitely Leah. You're headed right down a path toward destruction! You party, drink, you're getting fines, you're not attending classes, and your grades are failing. You weren't that sheltered when you were coming up that you should have totally gone ballistic like you have over the past couple months. You will commute to class everyday and you will be home at a decent hour every night! We're not asking this, we're telling you! It's time for you to grow up!"

Leah's facial expression was that of complete horror. She wanted to completely go crazy and scream and have a tantrum, but the words we were saying were still new in her head and kind of foreign.

Jocelyn spoke up, "We haven't done anything to you for you to be acting this way towards us. We actually spoiled you coming up, as you're our only child. I never acted this way towards my parents and I know Jeff never did towards his. We don't know what to do with you other than this. Your next move in life is probably going to be the county jail if you don't clean up your act. We love you, and we aren't punishing you so you can hate us, but for us to try to help you get back on the right track. We can see you're drinking and smoking and carrying on, the next thing will be you bringing a baby home because you've gotten knocked up from having sex at some strange party."

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