Graduating Carly

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Anal Sex, Lactation, Size, Body Modification, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Follow on from Employing Carly. 2 years later Carly is ready to graduate from being the sexual plaything of her boss to become one of his high class escorts. Her graduation night is a series of revelations for her boss.

Hi, I'm Carly. You would have read about me in 'Employing Carly' which told you about my initial fuck session with my boss Grant. That happened when I was 16 yrs old and a freshly plucked virgin. I have just turned 18 and I have just graduated becoming one of Grant's high priced and high quality escorts.

It was my choice at 16 to work for Grant and become his sexual plaything. It's my choice now to become an escort. Grant has taught me a lot - both sexually, emotionally and socially. It has been the best 2 years of my life.

On that very first day that I met Grant I was both excited and scared. Excited because I was starting a new adventure in my life; and scared because I had heard just how big his cock was. The other girls had assured me that all would be good because he was a gentle lover - much better than I could ever expect from the boys of my age.

I remember that first day so clearly. He had me strip naked for his appreciation before we retired to his bedroom to consumate our first fuck. Oh my fucking god ... was that ever an experience and a half.

His tongue worked wonders on my young teenage pussy. He drove me up the walls ... and across the ceiling with his talented tongue. I'd been tongued and fucked by the doctor a few days earlier. That was an OK experience, but the experience with Grant was just out of this world. Then Grant introduced me to his fat 11 inch cock. I really doubted that it would fit inside me, but he showed me that it would and that it would feel fantastic. He was slow to enter me, taking his time so I didn't feel too much discomfort.

I can tell you this - I came gang-busters with his cock inside of me. I squirted heaps - yes, I discovered that I'm one of those rare ladies that squirt copious amounts of juices when fucked. Grant has drank so much of my juices over the last two years - he tells me that it's the nectar of the gods, and it's what keeps his cock coming up for more.

Over the last two years I've learnt some amazing oral skills. I can suck and deep-throat his cock - yes, I can swallow his whole 11 inch cock. I had however retained my anal virginity ... well, until my graduation night with Grant (which I'm going to tell you about soon).

Before I do, I must mention that I started as a 16 yr old with barely there A-cup tits. The rest of my body developed - curves formed and my height increased but my bust line stayed as an A-cup. I had been working with the doctor for the last couple of months to enlarge my bust and prepare a surprise for Grant. He had been away during that time so he wasn't aware of my transformation. He saw it for the first time on my graduation night and ... boy, did he enjoy it!!!

Let me tell you about that graduation night...

Grant was due to walk back in the door at any moment. He had been away for a couple of months, and I'd been celibate during that time too. I was addicted to his massive cock. It filled me and stretched me and did wonderful things inside me. I'd chosen my welcome home attire carefully - an almost transparent white negligee that showed off my body (and my new enlarged tits) to perfection. I had on strappy high heels to lessen our height difference; and I know he loves me wearing them too.

I heard the door opening as I walked from the bedroom. I'd just lit the candles and prepared the bed as the scene for my last virginal offering - I was going to give him my anal virginity tonight.

He saw me as soon as he walked through the door. He looked tired for just a moment before his face lit up with a smile as he saw me. He dropped his suitcase and walked towards me as I approached him too. He stopped a metre from me to study me.

"Oh my fucking god Carly ... you look sensational ... your tits are amazing..." he said as he admired my transformation.

"Just for you Grant ... just for you" I whispered.

We moved forward together and the gap disappeared between us. We were plastered to each other and we kissed. Tongues and lips battling together as we tried to make up for months of separation. I pushed my tits into his chest, wanting him to feel their new bulk. When we finally broke apart to catch our breaths, I spoke.

"Grant ... I've just turned 18 and I want tonight to be my graduation night ... I just can't wait a moment longer ... I neeeeeed your cock in me cos I haven't been fucked since you left."

He smiled and I continued "I've only ever been fucked by you and the doc ... I'm ready to experience others after tonight. Tonight you get to take my last remaining virginity before you let me loose on others".

Grant smiled broadly. He'd always wanted my ass but he had left it to me as to when I wanted to give it to him.

"Oh ... wow!!!" he exclaimed as he pulled me close again to kiss again. I plastered my body to his, feeling his massive cock hardening in his pants and pressing up against me.

"I've prepared your bath for you. Let's get you all refreshed ... we have an exciting and hopefully long night in front of us" was my suggestion when we finally broke apart.

We'd had a leisurely bath together before drying off and retiring naked together to the bedroom. Sliding onto the bed together, we embraced and kissed again.

I wanted Grant on his back and I told him so "Lay back babe ... I'm looking after you tonight".

He laid back and I crouched beside him. My first target was his nipples because I know how much he loved having his nipples sucked and bitten. Grant may be much older than me, but his reactions were of someone much younger - he writhed on the bed and pushed his nipples deeper into my mouth. I'd slid a hand down to hold his cock and I'd found it standing to attention and much harder than a few minutes ago.

My nipple torture went on for a few minutes before I released them and ventured further south to pay attention to his wonderful fat cock. Over the last two years my teenage pussy had been stretched and filled by this magnificent piece of meat. He had pumped gallons of his hot cum into the depths of my pussy initially, and then even deeper when he was finally able to breech my cervix.

I started by giving his cock a tongue bath, licking it up and down and getting it all moist and shiny before I took the head into my mouth to swirl my tongue around and around its helmeted head. He has a sensitive spot just near the head and I homed in on it for few moments.

He made a move to touch my tits whilst I sucked him but I pushed his hand away lest he discover his surprise too soon.

I was concentrating my suck on the top 3 inches of his mighty 11 inch cock. It felt so smooth and soft in my mouth but it had a stiff inner core, something that had always fascinated me. Sensing that he was getting closer to a cum, I eased off my sucking pressure and started to slide his cock deeper into my mouth. I could take about 6 inches before it hit the entrance to my throat. Over time and with much practice I've been able to overcome the gag reflex and allow his cock to slide into my throat.

His cock paused a moment at the entrance to my throat before it slid deeper until I had all 11 inches embedded in my throat. I held it there for a few seconds before I had to ease back to catch some oxygen. I repeated again and again until his moans grew more frequent and louder. I knew that the time was nigh, time to slide this monster deep inside my very wet and hungry pussy.

I shuffled around on the bed and straddled his groin with his cock poking up between us. It looked massive comparedd to my slender teenage body.

"It's time to feed my hungry kitty ... It's been starving for months" I told him as I raised up to mount his wonderful cock. His cock head engaged with my pussy hole, encountering the regular resistance caused when sliding such a massive fat cock into a narrow pussy channel.

I eased down a little as his cock slid slowly but surely deeper until his cockhead bunted my cervix. I paused a moment - I have loved the feeling of his cock penetrating my cervix - I wiggled a little to engage his cockhead and then I pushed downwards. After a moment of resistance it penetrated my cervix and his cock slid fully inside my hungry pussy. My pussy lips were now plastered around the base of his cock, hugging his cockshaft as we were tightly connected together.

"Oh fuck me ... I will never grow tired of that sensation" I moaned.

"Me too babe ... your pussy is just the best" Grant moaned as I started to work my pelvis.

I put my hands on his shoulders to staedy myself as I fucked his magnificent cock for a few minutes. I could feel a cum just lurking and I wanted the first one out of the way so I could tease him. Picking up the pace a little more and soon our joined bodies were slapping together until I was tipped over the edge.

"Ahhhhhhhhh ... cummmmmmmmmmiiinngg!" I shouted as my pussy spasmed, my body convulsed and my juices squirted out all over his cock and balls. My cum was a reasonably strong one and quite enjoyable, lingering for a few minutes until I settled again onto his lap with his cock deeply embedded in my still twitching pussy.

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