Stopforth's Story

by Gill Byrd

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Teacher/Student, Violent, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: This story is based on the confession a male friend made to me while we took a break from a long session of love-making. A lonely teenage boy virgin has an odd pastime; he likes to undress and walk around naked outdoors. He's a flasher, and he's going to be in the right place for the best sex ever!

I was fifteen when I had the best sex I ever had; before or since.

In those days my main source of gratification was a wank over a nudie book! Let's start off with the truth; I'd never had sex!

I was a fairly solitary youth, happy with my own company. You would probably call me a bit of a wimp and a geek in today's parlance. Girls didn't seem to fancy me, and blokes didn't try to enlist me into their games and schemes, but I had a couple of mates who liked the same kind of stuff as me and I never felt particularly lonely.

Although I had known a couple of girls we had never gone beyond a feel of the tits under the bra.

But I had a dirty secret.

My favourite "kink" was to strip naked outdoors. I usually did this in the nearby countryside; a woods or quarry area, or in an old derelict industrial site. At that time I wasn't actively looking for someone to "flash" at; the thrill was in being naked in a public place. Sometimes, to make it more exciting I would hide my clothes and walk away from them. I would feel even more vulnerable, not being able to drag my clothes on quickly if someone came by. I suppose it's a sort of masochistic streak but I never really considered what might happen if I was seen, or caught while walking around naked. It's impossible to explain why this felt so intensely exciting but I always had a massive hard-on doing it! I would get as far from my clothes as I dared, then I would have to wank! As soon as I came, the urge to be naked would evaporate and I would be consumed with fear and panic; I would have to find my clothes as quickly as possible and get dressed. I would leave the area as fast as I could, my heart beating wildly and swearing that I would never do such a stupid thing again. But I did. Often.

So, the best sex ever began when I set out early on my bike to visit the old factory site about three miles from home that was my favourite place for my nude forays. We had been given a day off from school because it was being used as a voting station for the local elections. A lot of kids from school were going to take the train to the sea-side, which meant there was less chance of one of them visiting the same place as me.

It was a day in May, and the weather was going to be warm and sunny. Strange as it may seem but I preferred wet, damp days because it cut visibility a bit and tended to deter other people from going out walking. You see, although I enjoyed the risk, I tried to minimise it as much as possible.

I arrived at the site, which consisted of many ruined buildings spread over a wide area. Some of them were five or six story factories and warehouses. They stank of decaying rubbish and soggy plaster. I had begun to like that smell.

A quick reconnaissance was always a good idea so I cycled around the cobbled lanes for a few minutes to make sure there was no-one around.

There was an old brick shed that still had a door and I hid the bike in it. Then I decided to leave my clothes there as well. Sometimes I liked to keep on a t-shirt, partly to keep me warm and also it emphasised the nakedness of my lower body. Today I took off everything except my shoes; I never risked going barefoot outside.

With my heart racing and my cock stiff and hard already, I set off along between the buildings. I selected a doorway at random and entered it, going up a flight of concrete stairs until I reached the fourth floor. A door led off the landing to a room that might once have been an office; it wasn't as large as those on the other floors and didn't have all the damage to the floors and oil stains either.

It still had a chair, a wooden upright thing, I thought it must have been left behind when the place closed. There was another door and I found it led to just another room, this time empty. Unlike the other floors most of the windows were intact, except for one or two cracked or missing panes.

The thought that I was here, naked a hundred yards from my clothes began to turn me on and I started to stroke my rigid cock. I didn't want to cum yet but I couldn't stop myself. I was getting to the vinegar stroke when I heard a diesel engine rumbling! Moving to the window I was shocked to see a Transit van come to a stop below my window! I could see a man get out of the drivers side and then disappear for a moment. He reappeared with a woman in a dark coat and they both walked quickly into my building!

They were coming up the stairs; there was no way out for me without passing them!

They might come into my room!

What would I do if they did? Calm down, I told myself. If they were to come in then I would just run past them as fast as I could. They would be too startled to do anything and I could sprint back to my bike shed and hide while I got dressed. It would be okay. Pressed against the door I listened with growing horror as they climbed the steps. They seemed to be making slow work of it; they were scraping their feet and I thought there were some angry, muttered words.

Eventually they reached my landing and came into the first room.

I heard some sort of grunting and gasping; if they were having sex, why didn't they do it somewhere else? Or at least hurry up and clear off?

I heard the sound of the chair scraping the floor and a whimpering which I took to be the woman getting a good seeing-to.

They seemed to be taking a long time over it. And then I heard footsteps running down the stairs. I looked out the window again and saw the van spitting gravel as it sped off.

What was going on? The man must be off on some kind of errand. The woman must still be next door, blocking my escape. But then I had an idea; I would walk suavely through the room, giving her a flash of my dick as I went, and then run like mad downstairs and back to the bike shed!

Taking a deep breath I opened the door and walked into the next room. From the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of someone to one side. I turned to fully present my front, gave her my "pervert" face and thrust out my hips to make my stiff dick even more prominent and then dashed for the door. I was about two steps down when I suddenly stopped! What had I just seen? Could it have been real?

I went back and there it was; a vision such as I had never seen in real life! A woman was sitting on the chair. She was almost naked and she was blindfolded with one of those sleep-masks you get on air-planes. And wow; she had one of those rubber ball-gags in her mouth! Her shoulders were bare and her breasts looked odd; they were sort of too high and seemed to be bulging outwards! I was unfamiliar with "bondage equipment" in those days. The girlie mags that I could obtain were very tame and none of them dealt with extreme sex; I was lucky if they showed a minge! But I could see she was tied up and unable to speak.

What the hell was going on here? She must have realised she wasn't alone, because she started to moan through the gag, making stupid idiot sounds. I came closer and got yet another shock; she was a teacher at my school!

I started to stammer out, "Miss Holland!" but managed to stifle the words. This was getting to be a very strange day indeed. She wasn't one my teachers, she taught some sort of girlie classes, but along with most of the other pupils and teachers, (female as well as male probably), I lusted after her from afar. And she was here, having some sort of sex game with a bloke who had left her here, alone! What the fuckin' 'ell!

Approaching her, I could see pink cords were tied around her knees, and her ankles were fastened to the chair legs. Her wrists were out of sight behind her and fastened to the chair back.

I pulled the ball from her mouth, it was held by strong elastics. She slavered a bit, then said, "Who is it? Who's there?"

My own mouth was very dry, but I managed to croak, "What's happening, who was that man?"

She seemed to jump at my voice, but she said, "He's going to rape me. I - I think he's going to kill me! Please help me, I need to get away from here!"

"Where's he gone, how long before he comes back?"

"I don't know; he was angry, he forgot something that he had planned to use on me! Oh please hurry up, I've got to get away before he comes back!"

I was thinking furiously. I wanted to help her, but if the guy came back he might kill me too!

She started to whinge again, her voice taking on an angry authorative tone. "Take this blindfold off and get me untied! And get these things off my breasts they're terribly painful," Just like a teacher, bossing me about.

"Be quiet!" I told her, "I'll get you out but I can't let you see me!"

"Why? Why can't I see you? Just untie me and then I can get away myself!"

I wasn't going to do that, was I? I untied the cords holding her knees together and then released her wrists from the chair but left them tied behind her back. I helped her to her feet. Now with her standing, I saw the reason for the appearance of her breasts; they had the same pink cords tied around them close to her chest. They had started to turn a bit purple and must have hurt like mad, but I couldn't do anything about that at the moment.

I told her to shut up and just let me guide her but she started talking again so I pushed the ball back into her mouth and tightened up the straps. I had to bend down and release her ankles, which brought me closer to her crotch. I tried, pathetically I suppose, to sniff its aroma.

A pile of clothes was lying in a corner; I saw a dress, panties, tights, bra and the coat I had first seen her in.

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