Tha Auction

by Gill Byrd

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Rough, Sadistic, Swinging, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman's introduction to swinging brings her to the edge of madness.

"But why an auction? It's just making me into a prostitute!" Jill had her angry and hurt look; one, which Mark knew, meant she was about to dig her heels in.

"No, it won't!" Mark had to tread carefully now if he was going to get his beautiful wife to go along with the plan. "What it is, er, is instead of the old seedy thing of throwing the men's car keys onto a table and then letting the women pick up a key at random, the men bid for the woman of their choice. This way, the men get a chance to have a choice of who they take, the husbands might make a bit of money if their wife is a good looker. And the women get a chance to be paraded in front of an audience," he finished lamely.

Jill still didn't seem convinced. " Oh yes, and what about any unfortunate women who don't get bought; they are going to be mortified. And the husband who might be left with his own wife!" she put a hand to her mouth, stifling an involuntary smile.

"That won't happen. Only good-looking women are invited to compete, and of course all the men will want a woman for the night. That's why they're going, after all," explained Mark. He knew that his wife's objections were mainly just a show of reluctance; she was as keen on this as he was. They had agreed in principle to go to a swinger's party, ages ago but were only now getting the details sorted out.

"So I go on show in front of a load of randy old goats and then get taken off by the one with the most money?" Mark shrugged, "I suppose that's about it, but I promise that none of the men are going to be too ugly for you to stomach." Jill seemed to be giving it some thought. "Okay, lets do it, if that's what you want."

Mark relaxed, letting his breath out slowly, not wanting his wife to see his relief.

Later, over drinks, they began to discuss the details. Mark explained that the auction would take place at a local motel, in the evening. The place had a small cabaret room with a low stage on which the women would be displayed. It would be like a sort of Miss World contest, in that they would each be brought on singly, then as a group and then singly again for the bidding.

"Will we all be naked all the time?" Jill asked.

"Well, all the details haven't been finalised yet but you'll probably keep your clothes on, at least until the bidding starts", bluffed Mark, who in truth didn't know for sure.

"If you think I'm going to parade in the nude for a gang of men then you must be very optimistic!" she snapped.

Mark had met the man a few weeks earlier when he had visited a lap-dancing club with some colleagues from work. The man hadn't been a member of their party but he began chatting to Mark, casually, about the girls' relative attributes and performing skills. They had gotten on well. The mans' name was Harry and he was a lot older than Mark, about 50 or so, Mark guessed. It seemed that Harry was a man of some means, owning property and a motel in a nearby town.

Harry observed that the lap-dancers, although very attractive were really just a fantasy; no real contact was possible, and even if a girl could be bought then it would be simply a commercial transaction on her part. Sex with a price tag was a poor substitute for a varied diet of real women. "Yes," said Mark, "That's all very well, but how can any man, except the most handsome or famous, ever manage to get his hands on so many women? When you have a job to hold down, and a wife to keep happy, then even finding the time to look for willing women was difficult." Harry laughed, you had to get organised, he said; you had to find a group of like-minded men who would lend their own women in expectation of receiving similar favours. That way, with an ever-widening circle of such acquaintances then there would be a continuous supply of women for his use. Mark tried to follow the strangers' meaning through an alcoholic haze. "You mean wife-swapping!" he almost shouted. "Oh, that's no use. You'd need to get her involved, and that's too complicated. Simple, anonymous sex is what we want; no names, no personal details exchanged, that's the best."

Harry shook his head sadly, " I thought you were listening, lad. But you've not heard a word. I'm telling you that there's a way to get all the cunt you want and you go off dreaming again. Look, if you want to receive then you have to give a little. And you'll get plenty if you can persuade your wife to play ball; most women will, you know. They love to be the subject of a strangers' lust. And, remember; an excited, nervous woman who may or may not be willing, is infinitely more interesting than any paid slack-eyed whore" Suddenly Harry stood up and moved as if to leave. He reached into an inside pocket and pulled out a business card. "Give me a ring, and we'll talk again," he said, "goodbye." And with that he walked directly out of the club.

After the man left, Mark watched some more dancing but now he saw how dis-interested the girls were. Their expressions were fixed in smiles but their tired eyes revealed the lies. Feeling strangely dissatisfied he had gone home, leaving the other men to it.

"So how do I have to dress?" she asked. "I suppose something kinky, sussies, or rubber gear or something?"

"No, Harry says to wear whatever we like, whatever we think is sexy."

Mark had called Harry shortly after their first meeting in the club. They had had regular meetings in the evenings after work since then. Harry had invited Mark to join the "little swingers gang" that he had been organising for a couple of years now.

"But you'll have to bring your own little woman; no free rides. So get on with talking her into it. And of course, I'll need to see a couple of photos of her; Jill isn't it? No offence meant, but the high quality of the group has to be maintained."

Mark had taken his time with Jill, broaching the subject of swinging in roundabout ways. They had even acted out fantasies in the bedroom of Jill being taken by a stranger; sometimes she was "raped", others consenting to be shared with another man.

Eventually it had been Jill who had suggested they try swinging. Mark had felt a bit hurt, even though it was his idea. He told Jill that he didn't think they should get into a regular thing with some other couple. That seemed sort of sordid. No, lets see if we can find a "scene" which will be so different that we will only need to join it occasionally; giving us something to look forward to. That is, if we decide to do it more than once.

It was another evening met in a pub. Harry bought the beers. "So. Have you decided to join us or what?" he asked.

"Yes. But there's just one or two things I need to get straight," muttered mark. "You see, what about Jill? I mean, will she find herself with some ugly old git whose going to turn her right off? If that happens she wont give us another opportunity to swap again!" Harry smiled, "Don't worry, lad. She'll be all right. The men are all reasonably good-looking, if not all Hugh Grants!" He chuckled at his little joke.

"So. Have you made a decision? If you've brought a couple of photos, I will be able to tell you if you can join us."

Mark brought out the half dozen pictures of Jill he had taken over the past couple of years. Jill in a bikini on holiday. Jill at a party wearing a posh frock. Jill gardening in jeans. Harry looked them over with approval. "Very nice, lad." He smiled, "she'll do nicely"

The two men then talked about the details; time and place, Jill's' clothes, protocol.

"Protocol?" asked Mark.

"Oh yes, lad. There's things to remember to do, and not do." He told Mark how he must not interfere in the proceedings once they had begun. They were both expected to abide by the rules of the club and they must not dispute with the bidders.

"Even if you don't like the winner or the choice of women you are left with you must say nothing. And." Here his voice became more urgent with a firm authority Mark hadn't noticed before. "And you must not try to prevent your wife being led away by her buyer. You'd be surprised how many men suddenly lose their nerve when they see her go with another man. Neither of you will be allowed to change your minds".

"So. It's all arranged, is it?" Jill asked, a bit sniffilly.

"Only if you are in agreement," answered Mark.

"I don't have to stand naked, do I?"

"No, just wearing whatever you feel happy in," said Mark, who in truth was hoping she would allow herself to be displayed completely nude. He had had to explain to Harry that she would not participate unless that was clearly understood. Harry had accepted her condition reluctantly. He had been hoping the couple would be a little more submissive but he didn't want to risk losing their involvement. Harry had followed Jill secretly a couple of times as she had come into town to work or shop and had decided that she was a very good-looking woman. She would do very nicely.

They decided that Jill would wear simple, rather conservative clothes. They went out shopping for a blue pleated skirt, tiny white panties, a white blouse, and high heeled pumps with ankle straps; she would go bra-less.

The auction was planned for the following Tuesday evening. Their nervousness grew with every passing hour.

During the late afternoon of Tuesday, Harry phoned to check that they were still on. Mark assured him that they would be there.

Jill took a long slow bath and washed her blonde hair. Mark watched her dry herself and then put on a little make-up, his heart beginning to beat more quickly. When she was dressed and ready she looked so beautiful he almost changed his mind and wanted to have sex with her there and then and to hell with the auction.

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