Man or Muppett

by Lemonbelly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Magic, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Humor, Cheating, Interracial, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Actress Amy Adams is feeling sad and lonely on the set of her film, luckily one of her co-stars is on hand to make her feel better about herself.

Amy Adams was bored; there was absolutely nothing for her to do. She was wandering around the set of her latest movie, The Muppets, hoping to find somebody to talk to, but was having no luck. She'd spent the day doing a scene with just the puppets, and by the time she'd left the make-up room all the crew had left for the evening. The boredom highlighted her other concern, that deep down, she was unhappy.

She didn't want to go to another party that night, especially not if she was filming tomorrow, and the prospect of room service in an empty hotel room was not exactly enticing. After the birth of her daughter last year, she had cooled on Darren, her long time beau. She'd told herself that if she gave it a few months, then those old feelings would return, she certainly hoped that would be the truth.

Wandering around the dimly lit sound stage she sang old musical songs to herself, the feelings of hope in them cheered up for melancholy mood. As she rounded a corner she found a puppet left lying on a crate. It was Walter, the 'star' of the movie, the ever cheerful boy who happened to be the world's biggest Muppets fan.

She ran her fingers along his soft lifeless felt face and down the miniature suit he was wearing.

"It's a shame you're not alive, I bet you'd know how to cheer me up."

She bent down and kissed the puppet and then walked off slowly into the shadows, her dress wafting as she went.

"Amy, wait up!"

Amy turned around, wondering who had spoken to her. She knew the voice, but couldn't picture who it belonged to. She couldn't see anybody in the building. Then she saw the movement out of the corner of her eye, but it took a few moments for her brain to believe it. It was Walter.

Stupid woman, Amy thought to herself, there is no Walter, there is just a puppet. But this was a puppet that was waving at her. Aware that the Muppet crew were notorious practical jokers, she looked around for one of them controlling the puppet, but there was nobody.

"Walter, is that really you?"

"Of course."

"But you're a puppet."

"I'm a Muppet. And a true Muppet can't let anybody be unhappy."

"But you're alive."

"Yes, as I said, I can't let anybody be unhappy. Mr Henson gave all Muppets just enough magic to allow us to come alive if a deserving person really needed us do. And you are more deserving than most."

"That's amazing!"

"That's Mr Henson, he just wanted to make the world a happier place."

"And you do."

With that Amy picked up Walter and gave him a strong hug. She immediately felt better, much better in fact. She felt aroused. Then she realised why, it was Walter. He'd pulled down the top of her dress and was sucking on her breast.

She giggled gently at the sensation of his felt face on her nibble.

"Walter, what are you doing?"

"Making you happier."

Hmmmmm, felt Amy.

She let him suck on her teat and willed him to move across her chest. His soft hand started tweaking on her other nibble, her chest started moving faster with her breathing. She welcomed the touch of a 'man' that wouldn't hurt her, that wanted to please her, for her own sake not for his own pleasure. She realised that Walter was a living sex toy, only there to drive her wild and beyond her belief, he really was.

"Oh god!" She panted.

She heard a sound of ripping fabric and looked down. Despite being felt and fluff, Walter had summoned the strength to start ripping her dress. He pulled apart the cotton that covered her chest, the rip diving downwards over her stomach towards her blue cotton panties.

She knew he had to go onwards and held him lower and lower, letting him rip her clothing with abandon. The very situation drove her to distraction, her knees weakened and she sank to the floor. She let Walter rip her garments off, leaving her naked, except for the panties, on the floor.

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