The Tale of Roland

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Rolly Walters doesn't want to act like a hero, but he hasn't been laid since turning his back on the military. More often than not he has girl trouble ranging from his caretaker who doesn't know how to be sexy, damsels who don't like him, a girlfriend who doesn't like damsels, and a little sister who wants to tag along. A story in the Damsels in Distress Universe, where the bad guys get cold steel and the good guy gets hot sex.

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[Restricted Access] Report on the Origin of the Hero-Damsel System. [Restricted Access]

Based on information found in the archives of the Cassandra Ministry of Population, the Crossroads computer system (original), from restricted government archives, interviews with heroes and companions from Earth, and other sources.

Cassandra, Chaos and Earth are far from other inhabited star systems. Shortly after they were discovered they found themselves on the fringe of a semi-galactic battlefield, and are free today because of the outcome of those wars.

An expansionist race of aliens, originally from the Mitlari System, found Cassandra lacking sentient beings and chose to exploit if for its resources. The closest source of slave labor was Earth. Sources suggest that Earth was too far away, too populous, disease ridden, and too technologically undeveloped to bother conquering outright at that time. The Mitlari preferred to farm their slaves under more controlled conditions. At least at the outskirts of its empire.

They seeded Cassandra with humans from population centers all over Earth, possibly thinking that because the inhabitants varied greatly in skin color they were adapted to different climates.

Based on discussion of Earth history and comparison with our earliest records this possibly occurred during the existence of the library at Alexandria on Earth, 2043-2343 before the present date or some five hundred years later during the golden age of medieval Muslim scholars. The latter fits more closely with the dates the Mitlari were working on Chaos

Cassandrians resisted the Mitlarians, who were also falling ill to disease. That slowed the Mitlarian progress, and finally pressure from other races (unknown but presumably some members of the later alliance) forced the Mitlari to abandon Cassandra.

Chaos was a planet that had been stripped of life after an impact with a comet, or some similar event or events. It was still in Mitlari controlled space and their next best option as an outpost.

Based on level of advancement and architecture it appears that circa 1200-1300 CE Earth time, 700-800 before present Cassandra time. Human's from Earth's region of Europe were seeded onto the planet. There is some question about that because the primitive nature of their technology differs little from that found hundreds of years earlier on Earth, but their numbering system and some other clues such as sword design, if not the result of introduction by heroes, points to that time period. It should be noted that Hero Roland has introduced technologies that post date the presumed date of colonization of Chaos. In most cases these technologies were known on Earth at that time, but not in Europe. Some were developed shortly after the period in question, but were not major leaps forward, so they were allowed. Little is known about what other heroes have done.

It appears that the mind wiping techniques used by the Mitlarians do not remove knowledge from the human brain, just memories, and our earliest records indicate knowledge of fairly advanced military principles, as well as mathematics, architecture, philosophy, etc. To avoid the problems encountered on Cassandra, it appears that the Mitlarians chose rural, uneducated humans, and may have altered them somewhat, but evidence for that is inconclusive.

At some earlier date the Mitlarians seeded Chaos with plant and animal life from Earth's Europe. Possible reasons are that they only harvested from Europe are two fold; the continents of Chaos are all more or less in temperate latitudes, and according to sources that prefer to remain anonymous, the type of ship needed to make such massive collections needs to be in geosynchronous orbit to do so efficiently.

The almost complete lack of advancement on Chaos is hypothesized to be the result of an uneducated people, who did not have access to the accumulated scientific, philosophical, and religious knowledge from the great civilizations that preceded their time of abduction. Advancement is also hindered by the location of mineral resources on Chaos that makes it difficult to bring together the large amounts ore, fuel, and limestone needed for an advanced iron industry. Both Earth and Chaos have or had important mineral deposits close to water transport routes. Additionally, little of the type/quality of coal needed to make suitable coke for iron smelting has been discovered on Chaos, so smelting relies on charcoal.

As infrastructure, the Mitlarians built a base on one of Chaos' moons to enable them to teleport nonliving matter up from the planet for easier loading onto space freighters.

On the planet, they built a series of portal stations that could transfer living matter back to the base, and non living matter from station to station. This would enable them to move about without the expense of shuttles. It is probable that they may have used them much as we do in their modified form, as safe deposit boxes.

Before Chaos went into full scale operation, other space faring races including the K'rling, Jrkopy, Mewor, and Glorvians formed an alliance and pushed the Mitlarians out of this region of the galaxy. That left the three planets in a region of space under shared jurisdiction, but still isolated. The alliance agreed on a noninterference pact that prohibits exploitation of resources on planets with non spacefaring civilizations.

During the last great war on Cassandra the Mewor broke this pact (they say it was unintentional) when a trading ship entered orbit around Cassandra. Both warring sides thought that the ship was a secret weapon intent on destroying them and put into effect doomsday protocols which included nuclear and biogenic weapons. The resultant fallout and viral epidemics permanently damaged the reproductive abilities of Cassandrians. It also affected many of the domesticated animals, but to a lesser extent.

The alliance of races stepped in to try and help the devastated Cassandrians. They formed a medical committee - referred to as 'The Committee' in reports - to help with the reproductive problem. The placed the responsibility of the cleanup on the Mewors. They also took it upon themselves to disarm Cassandra and reorganize the government. This was done without showing their true forms to any but a few key individuals, so it is absent from our official histories.

This aid was not completely altruistic. Cassandra had/has resources in abundance that the space faring races need. The alliance agreed to help Cassandra with its problem in return for natural resources, most importantly, an element that occurs in small concentrations in Cassandra's sea water.

The Committee tried gene therapy to increase the libido of men and women to boost the birth rate, but it only worked on women. That kept the population from totally crashing since a small proportion of the population could reproduce at a low level. A gene for an enhanced sex pheromone was one of that was tried and had enough success on a small part of the male populations to be deemed worthwhile.

A breakthrough came when invitro studies found that sperm from Chaosian males was more compatible with Cassandrian eggs than the damaged sperm of Cassandrian males. A serious problem was that the Chaosians invariably fell gravely ill on Cassandra, a problem found with men from Earth as well. The causes of this are several, ranging from endemic diseases to residual biogenics from the war that Cassandrians are immune to. It was found that Cassandrians are also susceptible to Earth diseases probably due to not having evolved with the same strains for hundreds of years.

The next step in helping the Cassandrains was to use the captured moon base, later to be named 'Crossroads', to send women to Chaos. Crossroads was a point of contention within the alliance because they all wanted to salvage the components, but according to the alliance agreement satellites and moon bases abandoned by the enemy were the property of the planet so long as the dominant sentient race was advance enough to use them. After much debate it was concluded that Crossroads was the property of the Chaosians because the human race was advance enough to use it. Cassandra took advantage of the loophole by claiming to be that race but was only granted the right to use the base for peaceful and noninvasive purposes under the supervision of the alliance.

There were three problems with Chaos; the transporters did not work with pregnant women, it was not acceptable to introduce the genes that coded for P.I. A., 'pheromone induced aggression, ' into the Cassandrian genome, and P.I.A. caused security problems at the medical facilities.

From incidents of violence against women during the early studies researchers found out that there was a high pregnancy rate afterwards. Study of this phenomenon found that the stress triggered receptivity to sperm in a number of ways. The Committee explored the levels of stress needed to cause these reactions under controlled laboratory conditions and found that the rate of death and permanent psychological damage was greater than under natural conditions on Chaos. The right level of fear was difficult to induce in subject who knew they were being tested, even when they were near death.

It is not clear from the records why it was decided to transport men from Earth to the station (Crossroads). There are references to intellect, fighting ability, and willingness to perform rescues, but there is no reason stated why Chaosian men were inferior. Possibly it was because Earthmen grasped the concept of rescue more easily because of societal values. Cassandrians have certainly promoted the 'Chivalric' values common in Earth literature for our own purposes. Two hundred years ago most of the men brought to Chaos as heroes were not any more advanced in martial arts (sword skills) than the best on Chaos, and time and again Chaosian men have shown initiative and heroic qualities when accompanying Earthmen on rescue missions.

Presumably, the use of Earth men was the result of the burning sensation caused by Chaosian physiology, which affects both Cassandrians and Earthlings alike. Early references to this phenomenon are curiously absent from the medical records, as are reports of rape from the first medical files of those female test subjects who were kidnapped and abused.

Rather than pursue more costly options the Committee decided that what we know today as the Damsels in Distress system was agreed upon by the Cassandrian government and adopted, but the minutes from that closed door meeting could not be found.

It should be noted that this was one of the last acts by the predominantly male government at the beginning of the period known as the Great Social Change.

Once the system was agreed upon, The Committee set up the bank facades and the first portals on earth and then removed themselves from day to day operations.

To address a number of problems the Cassandrians came up with the hypnotic blocks to reduce the damsel's libidos and prevent the final stimulation that allowed impregnation until the hero from Earth said key words to identify himself.

Upgrades to the system originally put in place by the Mitlarians, and the basic interplanetary transport portals provided by the Mewor, were planetary satellite sensors, universal translators, health regenerators, and time manipulation devices. All were war surplus, salvaged from damaged ships. The temporal manipulator was needed to keep heroes coming back. They generally did not if they lost months and years away because it affected their survival on Earth, and it was found that there were psychological problems associated with staying on Crossroads permanently. Men needed the stimulation of going back to Earth in order to be properly motivated on Chaos.

Ever since a working system has been in place the Committee has been reluctant to do more than maintain the system without trade agreements that are more beneficial to their governments. Whether or not the lack of training on the use of the Crossroads system was due to The Committee holding back information or due to the change from a predominantly male to a predominantly female government on Cassandra and the resultant change in staff on Crossroads is not known.

Whatever the reason, from that time until the slave wars, Crossroads was operated with only the most basic of understanding. It appears that part of that was due to the fact that many early heroes were illiterate and opposed to women supervising them, and partly from a series of appointments to the directorship that preferred a hands off approach and felt that a simplified system worked better. One could speculate that these directors may have been worried about the program proceeding too fast since they have only appeared in office since Earth has started having a population crisis.

It is my feeling that a director should do everything possible to ensure a high rescue rate and leave population control to the Lottery Committee. Earthmen have become more technologically savvy in the last generation and so we have rediscovered much about the system that can increase the probability of rescue success. I urge that we continue to stress the need for education and training at all levels.

Susan Director.

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