A Voice in the Dark

by Barneyr

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Voices in the dark. They can be good, bad or nonsense. Some voices are harmless, and some are unrecognizable as actual words. Then there are some that can be clear as a bell, but so horrible that hearing them makes you cringe with fear, and wish that you had never heard them. But then some voices in the dark can do more than strike fear in your heart! They can cause you to change into something that even you don’t recognize!

Author's Note: This is an open challenge to all the writers at SOL. I have been getting a lot of feedback about how bad my cheating stories are. So, here is my challenge! I challenge you to write a cheating story, with the theme of overhearing your loved one in their sleep about the person they are cheating with. This can be a cheating wife or husband or even a fiancée. There should be ... either in the title, or the synopsis ... the word 'Voice' or a mention of my challenge.

That's it! Now, let's see if anyone else can write a better cheating story!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? You just lie there, wondering why you're awake, and what made you wake up in the first place. Well, about a month ago, I did just that. Ever since then, my life has been a living hell. The reason for all this hell, is that a couple of minutes later I heard a voice that night that has forced me to totally re-evaluate my whole life, and what I plan to do for the rest of it. It had also changed me from the mild mannered sweet man that I once was, into a rage filled, heartless bastard. Well, to some people, anyway.

Let me explain. First, my name is Ben Logan ... well; actually, it's actually Benjamin Franklin Logan. I am thirty-two years old, and stand six feet tall at one hundred eighty pounds. I am not bad looking, as far as that goes. I'm not movie star handsome, but I'm not ugly, either. I run and work out to keep myself fit. I'm a division manager for my company, and I live in central Texas. My name comes from my two grandfathers, Benjamin Logan and Franklin Bash.

I'm married to the former Denise Woods who is 30, 5'-6", very attractive, and the love of my life. Well, 'was' I guess is more to the point; as, when I lay awake that horrid night, I heard her mumbling in her sleep. Denise is definitely movie star beautiful. She has very svelte figure with 38C chest, a slim waist and a heart-shaped ass that is to die for. Her ass is not her best feature though. That has to be her legs. Sometimes when she walks in front of me it seems that her legs gone on forever, all the way up to her neck. But they don't, because then where would her fantastic ass be. Naked and from behind, she looks to be about 6' tall with those beautiful gams. Yeah, I know who has heard that word in a long time? But her legs take me back to the old pin-ups I have seen of Betty Grable in her swim suit, but for looks think Kim Novak from 'Bell, Book and Candle' when she played the witch who was smitten by Jimmy Stewart and tried to bewitch him. That's my Denise.

Going back to that awful night, when I heard my wife speak those mumbled words that broke my heart and killed a great eight year marriage.

"But, Baby, I can't. Ben's trip got canceled, and he'll be home the whole time."

Needless to say it took a very long time for me to go back to sleep. In fact it had to be almost six before I drifted off again. The day before, I'd had to cancel my travel plans for an upcoming corporate meeting in New York City, due to some problems with a couple of the board members and directors of the parent company I work for.

Before the endless night was over I heard two more murmurs. One was, "Dennis, I'll let you know when." And the other was, "Of course I love you, Baby, no one but you."

The alarm came much too early for me after such a sleepless night. I had awoken at 3:05am according to the clock on my dresser and had gone to bed about 11:30. So when the alarm went off at 7, I'd had about four hours of sleep. But, except for the first three hours of the night, my sleep had been anything but restful.

Denise didn't act any differently than she had on any other morning. We each got up, showered, dressed, had breakfast and drove our separate ways to work. Denise worked for an ad agency in southwest Austin. I worked for a manufacturing plant in northeast Austin. We lived near the bedroom communities northeast of Austin between Hutto and Pflugerville. When my parents settled here after my dad retired from the Air Force, he bought fifty acres of farmland that is now pretty much surrounded by housing subdivisions.

Once at work that morning I called an old friend, Alan Reed of Reed and Reed Investigations. Alan had been my best friend growing up. Both our dad's were military men and were stationed together during our formative years. From the time we were about ten until we graduated high school, we were here in the Austin area. John Reed bought ten acres about a half mile down the county road we lived on and we went to school together from fifth grade on.

Alan and I joined the Air Force the same day and put in our four years. He was a police investigator and I was an avionics technician. While we were in, we also started our college education, to get our degrees. I ended up with two bachelor degrees: electrical engineering and business management. Alan also got two: criminal justice and law enforcement. We both finished out our education as fifth year seniors at Texas State University in San Marcos, just south of Austin.

Once we graduated, Alan worked as a police officer in Pflugerville and then as an investigator for the Austin Police Department. Then some budget cuts came down, and he struck out on his own. Because of his experience, his excellent work, and the connections he had formed with the police, he was used by most of the local DA's and police departments as well as many of the area's lawyers.

I, on the other hand, found a job with an up and coming manufacturing firm. They could make damned near anything out of foam or plastic. The company had started out small. By the time I joined them, the manufacturing floor had just expanded to three buildings, and almost nine thousand square feet. The offices were in another building, on site. I had continued my education, and now had a master's in manufacturing engineering.

Anyway, Reed and Reed consisted of Alan, his wife, Shelia, and James Reed, a son of his dad's brother, and his baby sister, Angela. I think now he had several others working for him as his offices took up the whole third floor of one of the big bank buildings in North Austin. I called Alan first thing after I got in the office that morning, and explained what I had heard.

"Ben, I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you guys had a great marriage. What do you want me to do?"

"Alan, is there such a thing as a voice recorder that will record up to about ten hours?"

"Yeah, Ben, we just got something in that will record to a flash drive. It has a twelve hour record time. It can be made to record continuously or on sound activation. It can be wirelessly downloaded to a computer if it's within a hundred yards. Is that something that you would want for there in the bedroom?"

"That is perfect. Also, I want the whole house wired for sound and video. I want to know what, if anything is going on. Also I think there is some new guy at Denise's work that started sometime last year, maybe before or around the holidays. I also think she said that his name is Dennis; but I kind of passed it off, at the time."

"Hey, no problemo, buddy; we can take care of you. Can I have someone stop off for a key and the alarm code so we can get the house set up, today? The recorder will be set up in your bedroom and it will download to your laptop. You can turn it on before she goes to bed, and turn it off after you get up in the morning. Then, once you get the download, send it directly to me. But please, for your own peace of mind, do not play it back. Let me take care of it for you, Ben. And don't worry about the cost, this won't be free, but it won't be real expensive either. Not for you, I still owe you big for saving my life. So you let me worry about this. You just keep on doing what you normally do, and I'll find out the skinny on Denise."

"Alan, you have no idea how good that makes me feel, to know that I have one person in my corner on this. I really don't know if I can live through this, if it turns out to be true."

"Not to worry, Ben. You have a lot of friends. We'll stick by you, no matter what. I'll send Angie over for the key and the code. I'm sure you remember her. That way, you know we'll be set to go. Just hang in there, Ben. We'll find out everything there is to know about this. For right now, just think about this being a wild-ass dream. We can help you get through it, together. See you soon."

"Thanks, Alan. I'll expect Angela this morning, then. See you soon."

That thing about my saving Alan's life is not your normal saving someones physical life like I pulled him from a burning building or saved him from drowning. This was I guess a more mental and physical saving. Alan had started dating Alicia Krause while we were in high school and they were getting pretty serious. Alicia was a real looker, but she also had a real problem. We later found out that she was not only bi-polar, but also a homicidal maniac. But in school, she was very popular and fun to be around. Alan asked her to go out, and they had some pretty good dates ... well, at least Alan had thought so.

I'd heard from Susie Gooding, Alicia's cousin, that Alicia's mother was not around anymore. She'd had to be institutionalized at a distant mental facility, due to some mysterious circumstances that no one in the family was talking about. But the one thing she did say was that this had happened to Alicia's grandmother and her great grandmother, too.

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