Sweet Revenge

by double_entendre

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Spanking, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Teacher/Student, School, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Find out what happens to a high school principal who pisses off the wrong student. Forgiveness be damned in this graphic tale of sweet revenge.

Hello all. When I posted the grudge, I asked my readers if they would be interested in a revenge story with a similar theme. After receiving a favorable response to that question I decided to go ahead and write the one I had in the back of my mind. I would again like to thank my editor, Bachgen, for putting forth his time to help make this story a much better read. I hope you all enjoy Sweat Revenge. Sincerely, Double_entendre.

William Randolph Sutton Junior was always considered a good boy by anyone who knew him. Unlike several of his classmates, Billy had no desire to cause trouble, and instead tried every day to earn the respect and pride of his family. Billy's father, William Sr., always preached that if you work hard and try your very best, good things were bound to happen for you. Billy not only believed in this concept, but he lived by it. The young man gave 110% in everything he did, and was always willing to lend a hand to whoever may be in need of one. That's not to say that Billy was perfect, because in all actuality he was far from it, but whatever faults he may have had; Billy was constantly trying to improve upon them.

While growing up, Billy often displayed an inquisitive imagination and had a better than average IQ. As a young adult he was what some might consider a free thinker, this was much to the chagrin of his parents, who would have preferred their son to be a bit more accepting of traditional beliefs. Billie's Mom and Dad were very religious. The three often got into rather heated discussions over various aspects of authoritarian concepts, which didn't seem to flow with what the young man's own interpretation of what God should be. That is not to say that Billy was a nonbeliever, because he did believe in God, though he wasn't sure that mainstream religion gave an accurate portrayal of his wishes.

For the most part Billy got along quite well with his teachers and school administrators. He was always polite and well spoken, though on occasion he would raise questions or interject opposing opinions adding extra material into their classroom discussions. This type of interaction was appreciated by the good instructors, but frowned upon by the ones who only cared enough to teach what was required of them in order to earn a pay check.

Billy's classmates were another matter entirely. Although he tried to coexist, it was always a constant struggle to get past their immaturity long enough to develop any type of bond or friendship with them. Because of this, the young man often felt more comfortable by himself rather than among his peers.

Billy was not a believer in corporal punishment as a form of corrective measurement, and had argued unsuccessfully with his parents about allowing them the power to administer it on him should the situation warrant such an event. Their response to his protest was to tell him to just not do anything to cause it to happen.

They say that timing is everything, and unfortunately for Billy he was about to discover just how accurate that statement truly was. It was during his freshman year of high school that an event occurred which altered the youth's perspective on the school's administration, most particularly that of his principal, Mr. Horton. It was near the end of the day when Billy ducked into the boys' restroom to relieve himself before going to his final class. Upon entering the stall, Billy noticed a permanent marker still lying on the floor which clearly had been used to write the derogatory remark about his school principal on the stall wall. With every intention of conveying his findings to the school officials, Billy bent down and picked up the marker before exiting the stall and running right smack dab into Principal Horton. Of course the man didn't accept his version of what happened, and instead Billy received six hard strokes of the cane that left him crying out in physical pain after each one.

"I didn't do it," Billy would holler before the man reached back to administer yet another blow to his already welted back side. Of course, after the punishment was finished, poor Billy, having never received that kind of discipline, was left uncontrollably bawling in the corner. It wasn't 5 minutes later that Mr. Reed, Billy's history teacher, escorted the true culprit through the door. Mr. Reed explained how he had caught Jay Sanders red handed, and had marched him down to the janitorial room to get the supplies needed to scrub off his handiwork before visiting the principal for his punishment.

"Well, Billy, it would appear that you were telling the truth all along. I guess there is not much we can do about it now, though. Not to worry, because you should be good as new in a week or so. It might be best to look on this as a learning experience. You don't want to do anything that will cause you to have this happen again," Principal Horton said flippantly.

"I didn't do anything wrong to begin with," Billy replied angrily.

"You best curve your attitude, son, before it gets you into trouble again," his principal warned. "Now if you will excuse me, it seems I have other business to attend to," he said, leering at his next victim.

As Billy was leaving the office he heard Principal Horton and Mr. Reed arguing.

"You could have at least told him you were sorry, Walt," Mr. Reed said.

"Never apologize to a student, Reed, it only shows them a sign of weakness," his principal flippantly remarked.

As Billy hobbled down the hall he could hear Jay screaming through the closed doorway. Billy could not recall ever being this angry. This type of situation was precisely why he had argued so stringently against corporal punishment. He was nearly to his next class, and was dreading having to explain to the instructor why he was late, when Mr. Reed finally caught up to him.

"Hey, Billy, instead of going to class today, why don't you let me tell Mrs. Martin that you aren't feeling well, and then I will drive you home. This is my free period anyway, and I was already headed out when I caught Jay in the bathroom," Mr. Reed suggested.

"Thank you," Billy said, still sniffling. "I wasn't looking forward to sitting on that hard chair the rest of the day,"

The trip home was of course an uncomfortable one for young Billy, as every bump caused his jeans to rub mercifully against his tortured behind.

"I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that I didn't let Principal Horton know about the incident sooner, and be able to spare you of all this," Mr. Reed said.

"It's not your fault. If Principal Horton had been more concerned about cleaning up the graffiti and less about beating one of his students, he would have learned of my innocence before any damage was done," Billy sneered.

"I don't necessarily disagree with you, but as long as that man remains principal, it might be wise to keep that opinion to yourself," He suggested.

Mr. Reed explained the situation to Billy's mother, who in turn relayed it back to his father when he returned home from work. Although both parents felt badly about what their son went through, neither would consent to rescind their permission to have the boy discipline in the same manner again should the situation ever arise in the future. This further pissed off the lad, because he felt this incident had completely proven his point, yet still they refused to listen.

It took over a week before Billy was pain free from the beating, and another two for the welts and redness to completely subside. During that time Billy's anger grew exponentially, until the desire for revenge became so strong that it overshadowed all of the teaching of forgiveness that had once been instilled within him. Had Principal Horton offered a sincere apology after learning of his innocence, Billy may have eventually been able to put the event behind him and move on. Since the man obviously showed no remorse for his actions, Billy felt that forgiveness was unwarranted and completely out of the question. No, it was definitely time to get even. The only question was how.

Although Billy never really socialized with his fellow classmates, he still managed to overhear them speaking to one another on occasion. There had been some talk in the locker room about Principal Horton having inappropriate relations with various female students. Billy had originally chalked these rumors up as speculation, but should they prove accurate, it could provide a means of getting rid of the asshole on a permanent basis. That is, of course, if he could somehow get proof of the infraction.

As his high school years progressed, Billy became rather chummy with the rest of the office staff. He put on his best fake smile whenever he encountered Principal Horton, and pretended that the incident which occurred during his freshman year had all been forgotten about. He even started volunteering his free time in the office to do odd jobs and help out the secretary. Billy paid attention to every detail, making notes in his head as to the routine and general habits of not only his principal, but his administrative staff as well. Billy watched movement and body language to the point where he could almost read his principal's thoughts through his actions. He also discovered that the secretary, Mrs. North, would often grab just her pocketbook when heading to lunch, leaving her purse unattended for a half an hour to forty-five minutes while she ate. Theirs was a small school with a tight budget. They had no cameras set up in the office and an open door policy for lunches, with of course strict consequences for any student who abused the privilege.

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