The Mogul and the Professor

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A business man agrees to lecture to a university class; romance with the professor is his reward.


In a slight twist of his normal schedule, when in the city, Justin Farnsworth had dropped off his man about everything, Regis, and drove himself to the appointment that he had that afternoon at the university.

At the age of 42, Justin Farnsworth, was a self made man, a self made, incredibly rich man. He tried to make it a life outlook to be available to the community, when possible, to share with others the kind of thinking and actions that were at the basis of his huge success.

Today he had an appointment to speak to an economics class at the university, where the associate professor of economics, Rhianna Potts had contacted him about a month previous and asked him if he might be available to speak to her class on the topic of 'Entrepreneurial Economics'.

This was, for him, precisely the kind of events that he did like to agree to, and so, he was here on a Friday to keep his appointment and speak to this woman's class.

He was momentarily taken back by Associate Professor Potts, who was waiting for him in the building. She was tall, afro-american and rather severe looking. He found her dazzling but pushed his thoughts away into the back of his mind immediately.

"Professor Potts!" he said with a smile.

"It's really Associate Professor," she said, smiling at him, "But I keep hoping."

"It's a treat to meet you," he said.

"I really appreciate you taking time from what must be a killer schedule to come and speak today," she went on.

"It's my pleasure entirely; I always like the chance to talk about my philosophy of working," he said.

"Well, I have to tell you that the gang has been a little restless this afternoon. There are giggles and all coming from them but it's a Friday and that accounts for it," she said.

"I'm sure that they'll be polite for you," she finished.

"Well, I'm looking forward to it," was his answer, given with a huge smile at her.

Rhianna Potts was a total no nonsense teacher. She was dedicated to what she taught and the thought of teaching itself. She had risen from poverty and made her way until she was a respected member of the faculty. No one in her classes tried to give her any guff. It was well known that she was fair and good to have as a teacher but really hard on anyone who was there to make a fuss or cut up at all.

She had been watching the classes that afternoon, and trying to gauge why they were so restless but couldn't come up with anything.

It was just then that Justin opened the door for her and Rhianne went into the hallway before him. Then he noticed.

"Oh, Professor Potts," he said softly, then corrected himself with a smile, "Associate Professor."

She turned to him and was smiling too at his address and correction.

"I think that I've discovered why your classes have been giggly this afternoon," he went on.

She looked at him and, with a deep breath, he said:

"Your skirt zipper is broken. It's at the top but the rest of it is open all the way down."

She felt around to the back of her skirt, realizing, to her chagrin, the truth of what he'd told her."You mean that this afternoon I've been showing everyone in my classes and around my underwear?" she said with incredulity.

"I'm afraid so," he said.

She groped for the zipper and tried to fix it but realized right away that she wasn't going to be able to.

"Oh, dear!" she said.

He took his suit coat off immediately and draped it around her shoulders. She visibly relaxed as soon as he did and said: "Is the show over?"

"Yes, I'm afraid it is," Justin said with a grin, then: "Oops, sorry, Professor, er ... Associate Professor."

She smiled back at him and immediately said, in a very unlike Rhianna Potts manner, unlike at least the way she was usually perceived at the university:

"Don't start with me, Buster! Your riches won't save you in that encounter!"

She was grinning at him, as she finished.

"I know when I'm out of my league!" he said holding his hands up in a defensive gesture.

They both laughed and she said right away: "Thank you for mentioning this. It's why they've been so antsy all afternoon. I've had my peach undies on display."

"Yep!" he said and held up the defensive hands again.

They entered the classroom together, which was pretty much filled since some came only to hear Justin speak.

There was immediate murmuring among the students when Rhianna and Justin entered, and the students saw that she had his suit coat around her shoulders.

"Yes," she said looking around, "You can murmur and moan but this afternoon's show is now over. So, since that issue is off the table, we can get on with today's special treat."

She went on then for about five minutes speaking about Justin's vita: his accomplishments, his acting as an advisor to presidents, his being such a good friend of the university. She finished with:

"And I'm pleased that Mr. Farnsworth has agreed to come today and speak to the class about 'Entrepreneurial Economics'."

She paused just a few seconds and said: "I'm especially grateful that he wore a suit coat today."

They laughed and then broke into applause for Justin and he stepped up to the podium that was in the front of the class.

He started with a 'thank you' for Rhianna:

"I want to begin by thanking Associate Professor Potts... ," here he looked at her and grinned, and she acknowledged his grin with one of her own.

"For inviting me to break up my normal routine and come here to speak to you. It's a great treat for me and an honor, I assure you. It gets me out of the office on a Friday and that alone is a treat."

They kind of laughed at that.

"Making money, you see," he went on, "Is really hard work, and it's basically about that, which I wish to speak. I'll try to time this so that there is time left over for some questions and answers."

He went on from there and spoke for the next half hour, and then he entertained questions for the next twenty minutes.

The class was released on time and a few students stayed back to speak to him for a bit but finally it was just him and Rhianna Potts remaining there.

"Wonderful!" she said.

"Thank you so much for the invitation; I appreciate it!" he said sincerely.

"Yes, I know," she said, smiling, "It gets you out on a Friday from the grind of making money!"

He grinned at her. "Something like that. But it also gave me the chance to rescue a lovely lady in distress."

She matched his grin then and said: "That's true. What a debacle that was."

She held up a hand and said: "Mr Farnsworth, if I were you, I wouldn't say, what you're thinking!"

He laughed. "Got me!" he said, and she joined the laugh.

For Rhianna Potts it was strange. She didn't take to strangers easily. That had been such a total no-no during her upbringing with the pressures of the bad part of town where they lived and her being so lovely. But with this man there didn't seem to be that formal barrier and she felt at once relaxed and at home.

"I was wondering, Associate Professor," he said, "If we might go out for a drink and maybe dinner? It's Friday and all."

"And you were so nice to me," she said. "Yes, I think that I'd like that but I warn you that I'm going home first and will wear your coat until I'm inside my apartment and can get properly dressed."

"Darn!' he said with a laugh.

"Watch out, Mr Farnsworth," she said grinning again, "This girl's got your number!"

"That's what I'm afraid of;" he said. Then went on: "Seriously, dinner and a drink?"

"Love to," she said.

At the age of 30, Rhianna Potts was lovely. She was tall, almost 6 ft tall in flats but found herself comfortable with Justin, who was 6'3". She wore her curly hair tight against her scalp, was fairly large in the breast, 36c, and had the long legs of a runner.

Justin Farnsworth didn't miss any of this at all.

He followed Rhianna Potts home to the apartment building where she lived. It was a new upscale kind of place, and she had only lived there for about a half a year, having lived at home with her Momma and younger sister Adrienne, who was 12, before that.

"Will you come in,... ?" she began.

"Thank you," he said, "And it's Justin."

"Justin," she said.

They went into her apartment.

"Lovely apartment," he said, looking around.

"New and newly renting," was her reply.

She went to the door leading to her bedroom and, turning around so that she was facing him, took off his suit coat and handed it to him.

"Thank you for the cover up," she said.

"Welcome," he said with a smile.

"I'll be only a few moments," she said.

He went out on a limb then and expressed the feelings that he was having for this lovely woman by asking: "Need any help?"

She gave a tinkling, crystal kind of laugh, and said: "No, thank you; you've given me important help today but those necessities are over."

"Oh, okay," he said, "I was just trying to be a gentleman."

"Yes," she said from the bedroom, "I'm sure you were."

He laughed, and said: "You're fun!"

"Why thank you," she said, coming back soon wearing a pleated skirt now, instead of the a-line that she'd worn to school.

"Lovely," he said and she smiled at him.

"Do you mind terribly if we stop at my Momma's house on the way? I need to tell her that I'll be going out to dinner instead of having it at home."

"Not at all," he said, "It will be no problem."

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