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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, BDSM, Oral Sex, 2nd POV, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She waits for him to come home. She has a surprise he's been waiting for.

A fun little story I wrote awhile back for a friend of mine. It is purely fictional ... or is it?

Anticipation, the wait is making you doubt what you are doing. It is fairly early in the evening and you are sitting in front of your vanity apply just a touch makeup. You wonder if you can really go through with this. Can you really do what you have been planning for all week? The idea, the fantasy has kept you excited all week but now that the time is here you wonder if you will be able to go through with it. You know you can easily back out as you haven't told me what your plans are.

Will the reality be as exciting as the fantasy? There really is only one way to find out. With a final fluff of your silky hair you stand, admiring your nude body in the tall mirror. Freshly showered and shaved, your nipples already erect. Your hands glide up the sides of your sexy body. Moving softly, slowly until they are cupping your full breast. You can easily see how hard and erect your nipples are. Fingers sliding over your smooth skin until they reach your dark, hard little nipples. Pinching them. Giving each hard nipple a little tug. Feeling as if they are both connected directly with your pussy and clit.

Looking in the mirror at the little landing strip of hair just above your clit a little tremble runs up your spine. You smile as it looks to be trying to point out where your hard little clit is located. In case the hard little bundle of nerves poking out wasn't evidence enough. The hard nub just above the swollen lips that are already moist with your own excitement. A small moan escaping your lips as you run one finger down over your hard clit, between your wet lips, dipping inside yourself. Lifting your wet finger to your lips you can see the moisture shining before your taste your own excitement.

Moving to the bed you look over your outfit for the evening, or at least the beginning of the evening. A white lacy g-string, the front panel made of a black silky material that is almost transparent. Stepping into them you feel the soft material sliding up your smooth legs. Pulling them up over your hips feeling the lace settling between your cheeks, covering your tight little pucker ... barely. The front panel thin enough to barely see your swollen lips and the little strip of fur. Feeling the silky material caressing your sensitive lips and erect clit.

Next your white lace bra with the black silk cups. Sliding it over your arms, the smooth cups feeling cool against your warm breasts. Reaching behind your back to fasten the little hook. Adjusting the cups so they hold your breast in smooth silk. Looking in the mirror once again you can easily see your nipples poking out hard and erect. You can also see how the g-string cups your warm wet pussy.

Only one item left to put on. Moving back to the bed you pick up your glass of wine from the night stand and drink deeply from it before reaching for the item I sent you a week ago. With trembling fingers you pick up the black satin blindfold. Feeling the material between your fingers as you examine it for the hundredth time since you got it. Putting down your glass you move to the foot of the bed and sit down.

Taking a deep breath you press the satin material over your eyes and slip the elastic band over your head. By touch you adjust your hair so it covers the strap and you feel the blindfold almost molding itself to your face. You look in all directions and know that you can see absolutely nothing with it on, no matter how you try.

Sitting at the foot of your bed you wait for my arrival. As you wait you notice that your hearing seems to pick up every little noise around you. You can smell the scented candles burning so much better like this. You can feel the air moving across your bare skin from the fan slowly turning above the bed. Time seems to have stopped, at or least slowed way down, as you wait.

A thought crosses your mind as you wait and a sexy smile spreads across your red lips. Quickly you get off the bed and settle yourself into a new position. A position you hope I will find erotically sexy.

After what seems an eternity you hear my key enter the lock on the front door just before I enter. You can hear the sound of the door closing behind me and the lock as I secure our privacy. You are trembling with excitement as you can feel my footsteps as I cross the room to where you left a glass of wine and a note for me.

"Lover, I hope you enjoy the wine. I am waiting for you in the bedroom."

Minutes (an eternity) pass, you can hear me moving around and what sounds like the rustling of clothes. You can feel the air moving as I open the door to your bedroom. You can hear the slight gasp as I take in the sight before me.

You are at the foot of your bed, kneeling on the floor sitting back on your heels. Your knees spread wide offering me eyes complete access to you. You have your arms behind your back, crossed at the wrists as if you where wearing hand cuffs but your not. This pushing your chest out as if offering your breast to me. Your face it tilted slightly downward, your hair partially covering your face.

You feel me moving closer and then the warmth of my fingers caressing your left cheek. Pressing your cheek into the palm of my hand you moan softly. You never knew how exciting or intense it would be to give yourself over like this. How wet you would become just from the touch of my hand, how painfully hard your nipples would be. All of your senses seem to be enhanced since putting on the blindfold. You are practically trembling in passion.

Suddenly you feel a small climax roll through your hot little pussy as you feel the hot hardness of me pressing against your right cheek.

And you know this is only the first of many for you tonight.

Feeling my hardness bare against your cheek. So hot, so smooth as it slides down your cheek, slowly moving under your chin to your left cheek. My hands in your hair, holding you, caressing you. You can feel the heat of my body as I stand between your wide spread thighs. You can feel your heart pounding in your chest, your nipples throbbing, you pussy moistening. You can hear my breathing, deep and soft. Taking a deep breath you smell your own exciting growing even as you smell my own scent.

Feeling the silky head slowly brushing across your lips. Your tongue flicking out, teasing the swollen head as you taste me. Sliding the length of my shaft up and down your tongue as I guide you with my hands on your cheeks. Wanting to grasp my hardness in your hands but still holding them behind you as if bound.

Further opening your mouth allowing the swollen head to slip between your lips. Entering your warm wet mouth, feeling the hot head sliding deeper as I pull your head closer to me. Holding myself in your wonderful warmth. Savoring the feel of your sweet mouth around me as you savor the hard length with your lips and tongue. In your mind you can see how you must look kneeling there before me. My hard shaft between your red lips, your hands submissively held behind you. Your knees spread wide apart as you give yourself over to the erotic moment. You feel my hard cock throbbing as your tongue swirls around the swollen head.

My hands feeling so nice and warm as they slide down your back while you continue to suckle on my hardness. You feel your bra come loose as I release the single hook holding it around you. With your hands behind you back it hangs loose from your chest. You want to remove it and throw it across the room but you maintain the illusion of your restraint. A restraint that is becoming more and more difficult to maintain.

Feeling my warm hands sliding down inside your bra, feeling your hard nipples in the palm of my hands as I cup them. Moaning around the hard cock between your lips as I firmly massage both of your breast. My fingers deep in your flesh as you pleasure me. Your nipples painfully hard and erect in need of direct attention. Feeling my fingers grasping each hard nub, gently pinching them, twisting them, tugging them until you are moaning constantly from the painful pleasure radiating out from the hard hot tips. Wishing it was my lips, my teeth, my tongue on your hard nipples as you roll your hips in excitement. The feelings so incredible, you feel as if your pussy is literally dripping with excitement.

You look so wonderfully sexy like this, kneeling before me with my hardness in your sweet mouth. Your face turned slightly upwards as you try to suck the cream from me. Your nipples so hard and erect as they stand proudly on your firm breast. I step a little closer between your wide spread knees and you feel my foot slipping underneath you, my ankle pressing against the wet panties covering your swollen pussy. You begin sucking even harder as you grind your pussy against me. Feeling your hard clit rubbing against my leg, your swollen pussy lips sliding along the top of my foot. Trying to rub yourself to climax as you suck and lick my hard cock.

Slowly my hips begin to move now, sliding my hot cock in and out of your wet mouth. Your tongue sliding along the underside of the hard shaft as you suck and lick. Feeling every ridge, every vein as I penetrate your lips over and over again. My hands move up to grasp your head, pushing and pulling your mouth on and off my hard cock in time with my own thrusting. Swirling your tongue around the silky head as I pull out, pressing the shaft upwards with your tongue as I slide back in.

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