Teresa Scalia: Barbara and the Principal Come to an Understanding

by obo

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Desc: Humor Story: Barbara and the new middle school principal have a disagreement on proper dress and disdress. They tangle in the school auditorium filled with parents. And one women receives some "old school" discipline.

A new school year was beginning. Chad Anderson and DJ Scalia were discussing the prospects for their final year at middle school.

"I guess we're getting a new principal. Ms. Abercrombie retired." DJ remarked to Chad.

"Let's hope she's not some old bag that'll make us have detention for looking cross eyed" said Chad.

The boys were right they are getting a new principal but she will prove to be anything but an old bag. Meanwhile, Barbara Anderson is on the phone with her friend Rhonda.

"Yes Rhonda, Chad is all ready for the new school year. I just got his schedule and I'm looking it over now. I've got some things to finish up. I'll talk to you later" Barbara said as she hung up the phone.

Barbara went over Chad's class schedule and did a mental checklist: American history yes, algebra yes, physical science yes, band yes, Barbara looked for but could not find Chad's assignment for the Advanced Placement class that they had requested last year. Barbara quickly looked up the number for Chad's middle school and placed a call. Reaching the secretary, Barbara was informed that she would need to discuss her concerns with the principal and an appointment was made for the next day.

At 2 PM the following afternoon Barbara arrived at the school. Barbara was dressed casually in a pink warm-up suit and tennis shoes. Finding the principal's office she checked in with the secretary.

"Hello, my name is Barbara Anderson and I have an appointment with the principal. I'm sorry I don't know her name" Barbara said cordially.

"Yes Mrs. Anderson, Principal Smithson is expecting you. You may go right in."

Barbara walked up to the office door and saw stenciled on the glass "Michelle Smithson, Principal. Giving the door a polite knock Barbara opened and entered the office. Michelle Smithson had her back to the door and was examining some spreadsheets laid out on a long table. With her hands on the table, Michelle was slightly bent at the waist. Michelle was wearing a simple white long sleeve blouse tucked into a very form fitting pair of black slacks. As she heard the knock and the door opening Michelle turned to greet her visitor.

"Mrs. Anderson, so very nice to meet you. What is it I can do for you?"

Before speaking, Barbara made a quick assessment of Michelle Smithson's looks. At 5 foot 4 and 32 years of age, Michelle was a strawberry blond, her hair length just above her shoulders and was styled in a casual, layered look. The blouse left little to the imagination that Michelle was indeed quite busty. In fact the buttons were showing a bit of a strain with the top two open and a hint of cleavage showing. And the slacks also indicated this principal had a strong pair of thighs connected to what could be most accurately called a "bubble butt". Heels clicking on the wooden floor, Michelle stepped towards Barbara with a hand extended. Barbara also noticed a definite bounce in Michelle's bosom as she walked.

While she took Michelle's hand Barbara was thinking "Seems she's dressed a little risqué for middle school administrator. I wonder who she's trying to impress? And she needs a bra with a little more support."

"Thank you for meeting with me. I wanted to inquire why my son Chad was not included in the Advanced Placement class that we had registered for last spring."

"Please have a seat." offered Michelle. Barbara placed herself in the chair designated for visitors while Michelle leaned back against her desk. "Mrs. Anderson, that class unfortunately was over booked. The school had to make some very difficult decisions. I'm sorry Chad will not be able to participate, but it is what it is."

"Isn't there something that could be done? Chad exceeded all the minimum requirements and his father and I really want him in this course to prepare him for high school and then on the college." Barbara asked.

"Hi Michelle" a cheery voice came from behind Barbara. "I just wanted to thank you for getting DJ into that Advanced Placement class. Dominic and I really appreciate it."

Barbara turned her head to acknowledge the voice behind her. Her mouth dropped open as it was none other than her nemesis Teresa Scalia.

"No problem at all Teresa, glad I can do you a favor." Michelle said.

Barbara immediately could see the writing on the wall.

"Are you telling me you cut my son from this course to make room for DJ Scalia?"

"Mrs. Anderson I told you the course was over booked and choices had to be made".

Barbara stood up and glared at Teresa. "You again! Causing problems for me isn't enough, you have to meddle in my son's education."

"Oh woe is me, poor Barbie being put upon again." Said Teresa mockingly.

Taking a step towards Teresa, Barbara was quickly intercepted by Michelle who placed a hand on her upper arm.

"Teresa dear, why don't you leave before things get out of hand." Michelle said to Teresa. "I'll take care of this. And please close the door as you leave.".

Turning to face Michelle, Barbara pulled her arm from Michelle's grasp.

"You two know each other?" Barbara exclaimed.

"Why yes. Teresa and I go way back in fact we went to college together." said Michelle. "Oh yes Teresa shared quite a bit of information with me about you. Some of it quite detailed." Michelle said with a condescending chuckle.

"Oh I'm sure she hasn't told you everything. Mrs. Scalia hasn't always been on the winning side of things." Barbara informed Michelle.

Michelle took a step towards Barbara and squared up directly in front of her. Barbara had about a 3 inch height advantage over her. Michelle looked up directly into Barbara's eyes as she pulled her shoulders back and thrust out her chest.

"This is my school and I'm running things here." Michelle said as she emphasized her point with her finger poking Barbara's shoulder. "Your son will get a good education if you don't interfere with my business. You don't want to tangle with me Mrs. Anderson unless you're in for some additional public humiliation. From what I've been told you've been bottoms up over someone's lap more than once. And I think I could accommodate you in that regard quite well."

Barbara took a moment to assess the situation. "She's threatening me with a spanking? Well we'll see about that Ms. Michelle big boobs. But not here and not now I've got to pick a better time."

Not wanting to back down from the assertive school administrator, Barbara thought it best to choose her battles more carefully and have a plan. Pushing Michelle's hand away, Barbara gave her parting remarks.

"All right Ms. Smithson we'll see how this all goes. But I warn you don't try anything with my son." Barbara then turned and swiftly walked out of the office. Michelle watched Barbara as she exited paying particular attention to her saucy bottom in the pink warm-up suit. "Truth be told" Michelle thought to herself "I hope this blonde does try something. It might be fun to bring her down a notch or two."

The school term started without incident. Chad settled well into the academic routine and was making good progress in all subjects. However there was quite a bit of conversing going on between Chad and DJ regarding a mysterious subject. Mysterious that is to Barbara.

One evening Barbara was in the upstairs hallway at the top of the stairs just outside Chad's bedroom. She could hear Chad talking to someone on his phone.

"Are you kidding me! She did that? Were you in her office?" Barbara could hear Chad say. Then there was a pause and Chad took up his side of conversation. "Send me that picture. Do it right away." Another pause "Okay I'm getting it now."

Wondering what could be so interesting, Barbara's ear was glued to the door.

"Wow, this is amazing. I've got to go now DJ. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

Barbara could hear Chad moving around so she quickly headed down the stairs. Later that evening after Chad had gone to sleep, Barbara covertly snuck into his room and got his phone. Scrolling through the picture messages she found the one sent by DJ Scalia and opened it. To her surprise it was Michelle Smithson sitting on the edge of a desk with her skirt hiked up to her upper thighs. The picture was taken from a low angle and there were the legs of student desks visible.

Barbara thought to herself "What is this bitch doing? Posing for cheesecake pics for middle school boys? I need to show this to Mark."

Showing the photo to her husband did not elicit the desired response.

"Well she certainly is built." Mark said. "I don't see the harm."

"Don't see the harm! She looks like she's trying to seduce him."

"She's not doing anything of the sort. DJ just got his phone out and snapped a quick candid pic of Ms. Smithson showing a little leg. I'm sure she knew nothing about it and would probably be embarrassed."

"Well perhaps we should bring this up when we have our conference next week with her and Chad's teachers. I'm sure she'll like her staff to see this picture."

"There's no reason to spring this on the staff. If you want to bring it up with Ms. Smithson herself that's one thing, but there's no reason to make this a public issue." Mark said with more than a little authority in his voice.

A week passed and Barbara and Mark Anderson arrived at the middle school for their son's conference. All of Chad's teachers were assembled and all had very good things to say about his academics. Michelle was there as well and listened intently. As things wrapped up Michelle spoke directly to Mark.

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