The Forbidden Chest

by Reverse_cowboy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, FemaleDom, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: When a brother and sister find thier parent's bedroom chest which has always been forbidden to them unlocked they can't help looking inside and are very surprised by its contents.

Alex Meadows was walking down the hallway to his bedroom as he passed his parents' bedroom he saw the door was ajar and like most people he unconsciously glanced inside and he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks and crane his neck back to double check. The lock on the chest at the foot of his parent's bed wasn't fastened. It looked like they had been in a hurry to close it or something and it hadn't fully closed. Even though he was alone Alex still looked over his shoulder to make sure and then slipped into his mom and dad's room making a bee line straight for the forbidden chest. For his entire life that chest has always been locked and neither he nor his older sister Kayla had ever seen the inside of it, not once for either of them in their eighteen and nineteen years. So naturally when he saw the open lock just hanging from the hasp it drew him in like a siren's song. With an overwhelming sense of anticipation Alex kneeled before the wooded chest with his parent's first initials burned into the lid. As he reached a hand out to it he felt almost as if he was about to touch the Ark of the Covenant but his curiosity was all consuming. With one last bout of caution he cast a final nervous glance over his shoulder and pulled the lock free and dropped it to the rug by his knees and taking a deep breath he lifted the lid and rested it against his parent's bed. What he found inside was something he had totally not expected.

"Oh my god! If Mom and Dad find out you were in there you're so dead!" His sister cried out from the doorway of their parent's bedroom.

Alex about jumped out of his skin in shock and surprise. "Oh my god you just gave me a heart attack!" he hollered back at her.

"Well when Mom and Dad find out you were in their chest you'll wish you did have a heart attack and died." Kayla retorted.

"Well they're not here so they're not going to find out." Alex shot back at her. "Besides you've gotta come over here and look at this shit, you'll never believe what they have in here."

"What?" Kayla asked as she nearly ran over to where her brother was kneeling in front of the chest. She was every bit as curious as he was; the chest had been a constant source of curiosity for the two of them.

"Look." Alex said as he pulled a strappy black leather harness from the chest for his sister to see.

"Oh my god!" Kayla said as she took the harness from her brother and up in front of herself, "Can you picture Mom and Dad wearing this kind of stuff?"

"Uh ... I'm trying not to." Alex replied feigning disgust.

"Oh please, like you've never tried to sneak a peek at Mom when she was undressed." Kayla challenged.

"Yeah well, I'm a guy. I've tried peeking at you too. What's your point?" Alex said acidly.

"Chill, I'm just saying you don't have to act all grossed out, it's just you and me here." Kayla replied.

"Sorry." Alex said.

"No problem, now let's see what else they've got in here." Kayla said as she set the harness on the floor beside the chest and reached into the box and pulled something else out. "Oh shit! It's a strap-on!" Kayla said as she held the harness and the attached dildo up for her and her brother to look at.

"What the fuck?" Alex exclaimed.

"Well either Mom likes to get a little freaky with other women or she likes to get a lot freaky with Dad." Kayla said almost nonchalantly but the tone of awe in her voice gave her away.

Before long the two siblings had taken everything out of the chest and lay it all on the bedroom carpet so they could examine them. What they had found in the forbidden chest was a bewildering and amazing collection of BDSM gear and sexy toys that they had never imagined their parents knowing about let alone possessing and using. They knew what a lot of the stuff was and had a good idea about how it was used but other items were a complete mystery to them. "I'm going to have to go online and find out what this stuff is." Alex said.

"Well let's put everything back like we found it and go do some research online." Kayla suggested.

"Cool." Alex agreed. Once they had everything back in its original or as close to it as they could remember Alex closed the lid and replaced the lock. "Should I lock it or should I leave it undone like I found it?"

"Leave it like you found it, maybe they left it unlocked on purpose." Kayla said.

"Why would they do that?" Alex asked.

"Who knows, but just leave it exactly the way it was." Kayla said.

"Alright, alright." Alex said and left the lock just the way he found it. "Let's got to my room and we can find out what this stuff is."

"Let's go." Kayla agreed.

An hour or two later after visiting about a half a dozen sex toy websites Kayla and Alex realized two things about their parents, one that they had spent a couple thousand dollars acquiring their toy and equipment collection and two that their parents were a lot kinkier than they had ever imagined.

"Hey, it's Friday." Alex said.

"Yeah so?" Kayla replied not seeing what difference the day of the week made.

"So if we both "go out" tonight Mom and Dad will probably use it as a chance to have some fun time." Alex said hintingly.

"Okay so?" Kayla asked still not sure what he was getting at.

"So we can hide my Wifi webcam in their bedroom and record what they do so we can see if they really use all that stuff or not." Alex said conspiratorially.

"That would be soooo wrong." Kayla said.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Alex agreed reluctantly.

"Where could we hide it so they wouldn't find it?" Kayla asked.

"I'm not sure, but my camera is pretty small so it shouldn't be too hard to find a place." Alex said as he held up the camera to show her.

"Wow that is small. Let's go see where we can put it." Kayla said eagerly.

They hurried back into their parents' bedroom together and began searching for the best place where they could both hide the camera and get the view of action they were hoping to catch on the camera. "How are we going to start the camera recording?" Kayla asked.

"I can either start it just before we leave or I can set it on a timer." Alex replied.

"Okay cool. I think you should start it when we leave. Will there be any sound? Will we be able to hear them at all?" Kay asked.

"Yeah, the camera's got a built in microphone so as long as they're not too quiet about things we should be able to hear them no problem." Alex said.

"Cool. Hey, what about here?" Kayla asked as she pointed to a spot on a shelf where they could hide the camera behind a photograph.

"Yeah that should work!" Alex agreed excitedly and he carefully placed the small Wifi webcam behind a framed photo of him and his sister at an amusement park when they were much younger. "Alright let's go check and see if the picture's good."

"Okay." Kayla agreed and followed her brother back into his bedroom where they checked the feed from the webcam. After making a couple of quick adjustments to the camera and ensuring that it wasn't readily visible from anywhere in the room they set about making plans for the night with their friends. Friday was pizza night so Alex and Kayla ate dinner with their parents and let them know that they were both going out to the movies with their friends and would be leaving around eight and wouldn't be back until around midnight. Kayla couldn't help looking at her parents a little differently as they ate dinner; her mom was five foot three with milk chocolate brown skin from her Bahamian heritage, her curvaceously thick body and large breasts, deep brown eyes and her always beautiful hair. Unlike her mom her dad was white and had lightly tanned skin which was actually on the pale side for living in South Florida. He's five foot nine with a small spare tire, when she thought of her friends' dads with their big beer bellies her dad's spare tire seemed more like one of those donuts compared to their full size ones. His hair was always cut short in the military style and he had these hazel eyes that she was sure had made many women's panties come off before he had met her mother. They were actually both pretty attractive maybe even hot for their ages.

That made her look at her brother differently as well, he was the same height as their father and had what their dad called a brush cut which basically meant his hair was all cut at the same length which was a number two on the trimmer. He was slender maybe even skinny which she knew he was a little sensitive about because he got picked on about it a lot when he was in high school. Like her he had mocha colored skin that mixed raced kids usually had and they both shared their dad's eyes. She was shorter than her father and brother but taller than her mother at five foot six. She knew she had an athletic build from being on the swim team in high school and college, but she also had large breasts like her mother. Hers were D-cups while her mother's were double D's. She had long curly light brown hair that went past her shoulders when it was dry, when it was wet and straight it went past the middle of her back. All things considered her family was pretty sexy when it came down to it.

"Are you alright Kay?" Dad asked her.

"Huh?" I said as I snapped out of my thoughts.

"You looked like you were a thousand miles away." Dad said.

"Sorry I was just lost in thought." Kayla replied.

"Care to share?" Dad asked.

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