Revenge and Remorse

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Slut Wife, BDSM, Humiliation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cheating can be a one way road with no return. Different versions of the main event is written in many stories by several authors what simply means that similar crap happens in many countries. This story is Written 2007 but not been out here at Storiesonline before now.

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Different versions of the main event in this story have been told here several times before by different authors, which means that similar crap happens all over the world.

The winner got all her love and at last I, Eddy Hanson, was invited to her apartment where she, during a dinner at her apartment, told me that I was the winner.

It had been a rough game between Elliot Robertson and me before our dream-girl, Linda, made her final choice. Elliot and I came from different clubs and had signed up at the same time to the local soccer team after it had climbed up to the first division. Both of us did well and got some fame as the new soccer stars in our Scandinavian town. We were singles and enjoyed the pleasures soccer stars got from the local girls until Elliot and I met Linda. It happened one day at a small café where Linda had a temporary job as waitress while she was searching for a hairdresser job. Both of us began to flirt with her and within a short time both of us even had tried to get a date. She refused to choose one of us and as neither intended to "give her up," the three of us usually went out together. Indeed a silly game, but she was very pretty woman, well worth a try.

She was fair to both of us, which meant that neither of us got into her panties before she had dumped one of us. Both Elliot and I could rather easily have found some other girl as beautiful as Linda but our relation had developed to a stupid "chicken race" which neither of us wanted to lose. It was a hard game to play because Linda found it exciting and did her best to get it to last little longer than necessary.

However after a while I began understand that Elliot was leading the game when I heard the rumors that a local illegal "bookie" had opened betting about "Linda's choice." The once in time equal odds had turned out not to be funny news for me.

Even Elliot had heard about the bookie and the odds indicating him as the expected winner. He suspected that the bookie had gotten some kind of inside information from Linda's friends. When even Linda's best friend had whispered the good news in his ear, he had phoned the bookie and staked big money. Even with low odds it would give him a nice and totally safe profit.

During our competition Elliot and I had lost the main part of our once in a time good friendship and he couldn't resist the temptation to tease me for his expected victory about Linda. Elliot went so far in his bragging that he promised to give me a video showing how she performs all the nasty tricks he would train her to do for his pleasures.

He even wanted to celebrate his victory with a hot party at a mate's summerhouse. Of course, I wasn't invited but a very sexy looking Brazilian stripper was. Though booze would be flooding in large quantities, nothing serious was to be happening until the sexy stripper did her act.

People whom I know that were there told me that she was great, so great indeed that every man had gotten a hard on during the show, which had gotten one of the attending girlfriends humiliated and shouting, "What the hell has she got that I don't have?"

She had run to the "stage" and began stripping, immediately followed by several of the other girls and very soon even the few remaining girls had joined them stripping on the stage.

Nobody could blame the crowd of horny and boozed young men when even they began to throw off their clothes. The guy who owned the house got a great idea, removed the main fuse and shouted, "Let's have a 'happy fifteen minutes' in the dark!"

The crowd replied, "Yes, yes, yes." So began the so far most famous orgy in our Scandinavian town. The result wouldn't have been anything other than some funny memories of unknown sex partners in the dark for some of the participants if Greg Jensen had not been there. Greg was hired to videotape the stripper and party as a gift to Elliot. Nobody cared about him being there and during the "happy fifteen minutes" nobody had wasted as much as a single second by thinking about him.

Greg had an expensive video camera with infra red light and capacity to tape in almost total darkness, which he did. I didn't know him, had never met him, but for some reason he liked me better than Elliot and had put some good money on me in the bet.

When Greg saw Elliot being sucked and fucked on the floor by a big titted blonde with a bit scandalous reputation, poor Greg did only what many others would have done in an equal situation. He made a good video, which turned his expected lost money to a fair profit. Of course, it was a bit nasty thing of him to give Linda a copy of the infamous tape, which caused her to suggest to Elliot that he take a hike to a very hot place. Elliot threatened to sue Greg, which he never did.

Though I was totally innocent of the whole mess, Elliot accused me for losing his money and Linda's cherry, which she in fact already had given away several years ago, and he even threatened to get revenge on me by and by. He was really a bad loser indeed. He even tried refusing to pay the bookie until one of the bookie's nasty friends paid him a polite visit, which changed his mind. To my great relief Elliot's contract was bought by one of the big soccer teams and he left the town rather soon after the party so we had no connection after that. A few years later I heard some rumors about his marriage and thought, 'good for him.'

I had invested my soccer money in a nice house, where Linda and I moved in together. It was her suggestion that we wait with the wedding until we been living together for ten years and have a really big wedding then. There was nothing strange about that. Many people - about 50 percent of the couples here - are living together unmarried. She had a funny idea that married couples took each other for granted and therefore lost the sparks between them. I didn't object because I was happy to share my bed with her, with or without golden rings on our fingers. It didn't matter for me. We even had two nice kids, four and six years old today.

Besides playing on the local soccer team, I had continued my studies to become an accountant and even had a part-time job in an accounting company. When I gave up the soccer about five years after Linda and I became a couple, a partner and I opened our own accounting business. We made the right choice at the right time, which in a short time gave us a fair profit.

Now it was mine and Linda's ninth year living together. In my opinion we still had a good relationship though there were some small quarrels now and then and the passion wasn't what it was when we first moved together. But how many couples can say that nothing will be different after ten years? In fact it was nine years and ten months with the big wedding only about two months ahead. Linda and her mother had been taking care of everything. They had already booked an old church, a romantic inn for the party, a band, and a classic over 50 year old Bentley, a honeymoon trip to Bali and many other things when the shit hit the fan.

It hit me as lightning from a clear blue sky one Thursday evening after work. I was sitting in the kitchen together with the children when Linda rushed in and began shouting, "How in the hell could you do that to me?"

"Do what?"

"Don't play stupid! Why in the hell did you do that at your damn course?"

"Do what? Could you please calm down and tell me what I've supposed to have done?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent. Can't you at least be a man and confess?"

"Confess what?"

"Who in the hell is she?"

Now I had had enough and shouted back, "Shut up with that bullshit in front of the children. Are you on some damn drug? Calm down and tell me what the hell this is about when the children are sleeping."

Instead of saying anything to me she went to our bedroom and stayed there the whole evening. When I came in there after giving the kids some supper and got them into their beds watching some programs on TV, she told me, "From now on you are sleeping in the guestroom. Get your things and go there."

"Hell, no, I won't go. It is your farce and if you don't want to share the bed with me, feel free to sleep somewhere else."

She left without a word.

Not much was said the next morning. I asked her, "Could you please tell me what's the matter with you yesterday?"

Her only reply was, "We'll talk tonight. My parents will take the kids for the weekend."

On Friday evening, we had a short version of our usual "family fun" with the kids and to my pleasure the both of us pretended to act in a normal manner until Linda took them to her parents.

When she returned she had take away from a new Mongolian restaurant with her and I opened a bottle of wine.

After eating for a while with small talk about the kids, she asked me, "Why have you cheated me?"

"Cheated? I've never cheated you."

"Yes, you have. I have got evidence."

"When and where. Could you please show me that so called evidence?"

"Do you want to marry me or skip the wedding?"

"I love you and have been looking forward to this wedding for ten years. But it is up to you, only if you will stop this farce. I can swear that I'm innocent of your accusation. It doesn't matter when and where the imagined cheating was supposed to happen."

"It was at your latest tax information-class."

"For heavens sake, we were 28 men and two women who had their husbands with them there. Could you be kind and ask somebody or rather everybody who was there before you are going to destroy everything we have built up together during ten years."

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