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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - *Edited* Bob is a "retired" professional bass player looking for something to do. He receives a demo tape of an all girls "Garage Band" from a good friend and can't believe what he hears. He remembers these girls from three years prior. Follow Bob, Heather, Michelle, Maryanne, and Janell through the trials and tribulations of a rock and roll band. From forming the band all the way to the last live performance and a little beyond. The girls all love each other and also love Bob. *ver.3*

Bob was bored to tears. There wasn't a lot to do for a professional bass player that has spent 10 years in the studio and on the road with two different bands. Though his reputation was excellent, he's considered one of the very best, there wasn't a whole lot going on that he was interested in pursuing. The music industry is like that.

He certainly didn't need any money. He had more geetus than he could use in 10 lifetimes, he just hated sitting on his ass being a TV vegetable day after day. Two hundred and fifty channels and there's nothing on.

Oh, Bob did some exercising, he walked sometimes for miles, rode his bicycle, worked out his Nordic Trak, worked out in his gym, but there wasn't a whole lot going on to stimulate his mind.

He'd built a studio to continue playing and recording and he would pull out his bass just about every day. He'd practice two to five hours, only because there was nothing else to do. His prowess with the bass didn't diminish without a band, but Bob was drifting along listlessly and just hanging out wasn't his style.

His home and studio were in northern California, near a small town named Willits. Willits is one of the marijuana growing capitals of the world, but Bob wasn't a user or a cultivator on any of his 675 acres. He'd bought the spread because he loved the area, wanted peace and quiet for a change and had a propensity to commune with nature, clothes optional. The $13 million dollar price was nearly "petty cash" and he'd spent an additional $2.5 million to build the house and studio.

The studio was 2000 square feet of emptiness. The only thing Bob had installed thus far were his amplifiers and his multitudes of guitars. He just wasn't all that sure he wanted to continue involvement in the music industry. It was too cut throat, so political that he was just plain sick of it.

He'd started a naive fourteen-year-old phenom, and made an instant splash. There wasn't anyone that could play as well as he could, and he had no place to go but up. He had the innovation of John Entwistle, the smooth of Donald (Duck) Dunn, and the drive of Tony Levin all in one package.

Then came the politics. The ass kissing, the back stabbing assholes that would lie, cheat, and connive to stroke either their own or someone else's ego to make a few extra dollars. Bob just wanted to play his music, he really didn't care about all the underlying bullshit that seemed to go along with the fame and fortune. Shouldn't you be judged by how you play? What's with all the kiss asses, ego strokers, and dick suckers?

After ten years and two bands he'd just said, "Fuck it", and retreated to his spread. Twenty-four and already burned out. Fried like an egg, sunny side up, and it wasn't from drugs. Bob had smoked a little weed once in a while, but not in the past few years. Didn't take him where he wanted to go and it seemed like only the music could get him there. Does "stir crazy" ring any bells?

In Willits there were no politics, there were no ass kissers, well except for the greedheads that always tried to see if they could fish Bob out of some of his money. Most were less than rank amateurs compared to the sharks and thieves he was used to dealing with.

When the second band fell apart because of burnout, and the politics surrounding their recording contracts, Bob was acclaimed as one of the best bass players in the business. He'd had plenty of offers to continue on, but there wasn't anything that really interested him. No offer on the table pulled his chain enough to be willing to deal with egos, greedheads and the bullshit again.

One sunny afternoon, life changed in ways that Bob could never have predicted, or expected for that matter. To say he was knocked over by the proverbial feather would be an understatement. There may be something worth the bullshit after all, but he was going to be cautious, as hard as it was going to be considering the opportunity that had fallen into his lap.

While recording an album down in the LA area a few years ago, he'd worked with some young women he'd been introduced to by one of the girl's aunt, a woman Bob had known for quite a few years. They were just in 9th, or 10th grade at the time, except for Heather, who was a senior in high school, taking college classes at the same time. She could play the guitar at 17 like she'd been playing for 40 years.

After hearing the four of them together he had made some observations and some suggestions on how they could improve, but also rained praise on them for the talent they already displayed. They reminded him of when he was their age and breaking into the music industry. They were extremely talented young ladies and with some work, direction, and tenacity could probably make a legitimate go of it.

As it turns out, he wasn't to be disappointed.

Thankfully they weren't all guitarists, excepting Heather and Maryanne. Being 17 at the time, Heather hadn't been playing seriously all that long and Maryanne at 15 had spent most of her music life playing classical violin amongst other things. It was fairly easy to steer each towards her natural talents, and they had a full spectrum, drums, bass, keyboards, and guitar. Being the eldest, Heather did a fantastic job of nurturing the other three girls and letting them be the best they could be for their age and experience.

Heather could do everything, Clapton, Gilmore, Townsend, Page, you name the guitarist and she could play their "stuff" note for note. It was a phenomenal talent to be able to match musicians like that, but all four of them developed the ability thanks to Heather's efforts and steerage.

What had come out of the experience then were four young women that could play their instruments like nobody else. It was rough, but the raw talent was there and Bob recognized it! He'd rallied Heather, and had roundtables with all of the girls talking about music, focus and direction.

Well maybe I should tell you how Bob got re-involved with the girls three years later. He didn't just pop in one day and say, "Here I am."

Bob was very good friends with a young lady named Sara in another part of California, and had met her niece, Michelle at a few family parties when Sara's sister Judy brought her along, then hooked up with her again when he worked with the four young women. It was actually Michelle who had hooked him up with the others. They were all close friends who enjoyed playing music together.

Michelle had actually introduced him to Heather and then the others. When he heard Heather play her guitar he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Chelly was a fledgling piano player taking your typical lessons in classical music. Mom wanted her to have something to do, so she insisted Michelle take the piano lessons. She had a natural ear for the keyboards, and quickly excelled through all of the classical bullshit. You know, the recitals and the like that teacher's push, and parents swoon over. Michelle wanted that part to be over with.

Recognizing her natural talent on piano, she convinced her mother to buy her a keyboard and synthesizer. On the side Michelle was working on Rock and Roll, Keith Emerson, Leon Russell, Dr. John, you name any well-known keyboard artist, she was playing their music. She excelled at and was rapidly learning rock music much to mom's distress. Judy thought it was talent wasted, but to her credit, she didn't discourage Michelle from learning any genre of music.

Michelle knew the other 3 ladies from junior high school. Though Heather was a few years older, she and Michelle were closer than most sisters; in fact it had been Chelly's older sister Maggie that had introduced them, music being the common interest.

With Heather's help Chelly had talked each of the others into picking up their instruments just for fun so they could play together on the weekends just for something to do. Maryanne and Janell were in the band or orchestra at school, but all were bored with the style of music they were "compelled" to play.

Well, by doing that for a few years, each developed as a musician in her own right, to become very proficient at her particular part. It's really a tribute to Heather's tenacity that all four of them gelled with each other without any of the typical ego problems. The four of them were as close as siblings and didn't have any competition issues.

Then Michelle introduced them to Bob. But that was three years ago and their talents had blossomed even further.

I'll describe all the girls more fully when I get further into the story, this is only a teaser. Suffice it to say at this point that they were all, knock down, stone foxes. Each in her own way would turn heads everywhere they went, both male and female.

Here's a brief introduction.

Janell Miller can play the drums. Your typical southern California surfer girl, long, straight, sandy blonde hair, impeccably tanned from her other hobby, surfing, and has powder blue eyes that would melt titanium with no effort. Jan is no Neil Pert or Buddy Rich ... yet, but she was only 15 at the time, give me a break. Now at 18 Janell could whip any set of drums into submission.

Heather McArthur, at 17, could play the guitar. Heather is a fairly tall woman at 5'9", and her entire body is perfectly proportional to that height. Matching her powder blue eyes, she has long, flowing, wavy blonde hair that reaches down to her butt giving her the appearance of a "wild woman" when she left it down, but was perfect for both her look and personality. She is every rock guitarist Bob had ever heard or worked with, in a gorgeous female package. That was 3 years ago, he could only imagine how good she truly is now at age 20. He'd heard a little sample, but wanted to check it for real.

Maryanne Ellis is a jack-of-all-trades. She was another tall girl at about 5'8" with a body to die for. Her hair was jet black which was perfect for her complexion and eyes like a chameleon. Basically hazel but changed with what she was wearing.

Maryanne could pick up just about any instrument and play it after a very short time. Trained in classical violin, she was comfortable with strings, percussion, brass, some reed, as well as keyboards.

Of all the young women, she was probably the most versatile, and the most overall talented musician. She was playing the bass for the group, so her real all around talents were not being developed though Michelle could synthesize the bass at times so that Maryanne could pick up something else.

Michelle Tejano, as mentioned before, is an incredible keyboard artist. Michelle is another tall woman at about 5'9" and probably weighed in at 120 lbs. She had naturally red hair about shoulder length, and blazing green eyes. Her complexion, like most red heads, was very light and you were most likely to find Michelle in the shade of an umbrella when hanging out at the pool with the rest of the girls. She has mastered every keyboard instrument that Bob could think of along with all of the synthesizers, which she can make into a complete symphony orchestra, just an incredibly talented young woman.

They can each play instruments other than that which they excel, but it was "Annie" that glued the rest of it together with her multiple talents. They just needed to find a bass player that was at least as good as she is.

Not only could they each play their chosen instruments exceptionally well, they all had excellent voices. Their vocal work was as exceptional as their instrumental work. If you looked up "perfect harmony" in the encyclopedia, their pictures would probably be there as a prime example. Beach Boys, Mama's and Papa's, eat your heart out!

Sara had told Bob that Judy mentioned that Michelle and the gang were kind of listlessly playing away each weekend in a garage. What they really needed was someone to pull it all together, motivate them and give them some direction. She sent him a sample tape that Judy had recorded at one of their latest garage jam sessions.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

And that's how life changed for Bob, into something just this side of fantasy.

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