Is This Heaven or Is This Hell

by wanderlust3030

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Incest, Brother, Rough, First, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: A young teen comes to terms with his new life, finding comfort in the arms of his two step-sisters.

Being a teenager was tough enough, not to have your parents fuck everything up for you even more. When I was 14 they decided to divorce. The next year my mom moved me and my younger sister across the country to the west coast. It was fucked. I was angry and blamed everyone around me, finding solace by turning inside myself. It was a living hell, and I was going to make sure everyone around me knew that. I refused to make new friends, preferring to spend time alone in my room reading or pursuing my new interest cycling. I could ride for hours along the coastal roads, alone, my mind wandering, freed from the shit of the world – at least as perceived by a 15 year old! I know better now, but that didn't help then.

To make things even worse, my dad remarried and didn't even bother inviting us, Haley my sister and I, to the wedding. We had met Linda before; dad had introduced us during our Christmas visit. Haley, at 12 was not caught up in the 'young angry teen' act that I was and made an effort to like Linda, in fact they got along fabulously. To complicate things even more, Linda had two daughters, Jenny who was a year older than I, and Anna who was a month older than Haley. I chose to hate them all; it seemed like the most reasonable thing to do at the time.

What made it difficult though was that they were all pretty cool – easy going, fun, always laughing and playing, and very loving. This was compounded by the fact that the three of them were also all very hot looking! Dad wasn't stupid, I had to give him credit for that. Linda was gorgeous. Buxom, tall, radiant smile, long dirty-blond hair, and did I mention stacked? Wow! Her cleavage ... Her youngest daughter, Anna was her spitting image, though obviously not yet stacked but for a 12 year old, she had some very developed tits, unlike my sister Haley who still had small, but noticeable nubs. And yes I noticed! I was 15, come on, yes, she is my sister, but breasts were breasts, they have a life of their own, independent of the woman they belong to, even a 12-year olds, even my sisters. I should add here too that Haley could certainly compete in the good looks department with Anna, though not yet curvy, she was gorgeous – black hair, dark complexion (thanks to our Italian grandfather), sharp facial features, and long legs. The best thing about Haley was that everybody loved her. She was just a ball of joy and was one of those girls who was everybody's best friend, including mine. Though young, she always listened, never judged, and always seemed to have something wise to say.

Linda's eldest daughter Jenny on the other hand apparently took after their father, but equally pretty. She had short brown hair, a petite body, and very shapely. She was a gymnast, worked out and practiced daily, and it showed. Fortunately for her she didn't have her mother's tits, but still, they looked perfect to me, particularly in her tight gymnast outfits.

Jenny tried to befriend me during our first meeting over that Christmas break, but I gave her the cold shoulder. I think that bothered her a lot, reflecting back on it now and thus I became her pet project the next time we met, over the summer vacation when I was 16, Jenny 17, and Haley and Anna were both 13.

It turned out to be a summer from hell, well at least the first half of it! After two weeks of enduring everyone else having fun and I blaming the world for my frustrated life, my mom called to inform us that she now was getting married and asked us to stay on with our father and live with them for the coming year! While I had few friends back in California, the idea of moving to yet another school was a hellish idea.

My dad and Linda seemed excited that we would all be living together and did their best to ease my increasing anger. They bought me a new bike, trying to bribe me and then planned a two-week vacation to the shore. Everyone was excited and joined in the search for a rental house; everyone except I.

I rarely left my room except to eat and go for bike rides. Jenny tried to force me to go to the neighborhood pool a few times, failing each time. Once she came down to my room wearing her bikini, but not even that worked. Well, not in getting me to the pool, but it certainly worked wonders for my imagination. Seeing her young breasts and amazingly tight ass in a bikini inspired quite a few fantasies – who cared if she was my jerk of a step-sister.

One Friday night, Jenny tried again, this time soliciting the support of her best friend, Monica. When I returned that afternoon from a long bike ride, sweaty, but exhilarated, they were both sitting around playing on the computer in our family room. Both were wearing shorts, and halter tops, both were braless. They invited me over to show me something on the computer. I tried to escape saying I had to go shower, but they insisted, Jenny getting up, grabbing my arm and guiding me over to the computer.

I have no idea what they were telling me, all I could see was the hint of Monica's dark nipples underneath her halter. Fortunately I had had the good sense to untuck my cycling shirt, which was long, covering my crotch and my aching cock that was twitching, trying to find space within my tight lycra cycling shorts. Somewhere amidst their blabbering I managed to pick out a few words about a party they wanted me to go with them to, I of course managed to refuse and finally broke free to take that much need shower and relieve my aching cock.

Jenny tried a few more times to befriend me, joining me in my room and chatting, but never getting too far. She tried to take an interest in cycling, but it just wasn't her thing.

Eventually we went for our vacation, down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They rented a large house right on the beach that had an open loft space upstairs that became my room and brooding nest. I had my own deck I could sit out and watch the waves crash ashore, and more importantly for my 16 year-old imagination, see all the bikini clad women!

When I wasn't cycling up and down the coast, I spent hours with a pair of binoculars spying on the women sunbathing on the beach and playing in the ocean waves. Once I even got to see a girl's tits as her bikini came off while body surfing – my first real, live, in the flesh tit. Not sure if it counts, as it was through the binoculars, but for my 16 year old imagination, that little nip slip was all I needed to get rock hard. She was probably in college, no more than in her early twenties;a brief glimpse of that naked orb and small pink nipple was enough to make me rush into the bathroom and relieve my hard cock.

One afternoon, I sat on my perch, scanning the shore for bikinis. As I roamed the beach with my binoculars I noticed Haley, Jenny and Anna sunbathing. Jenny was lying on her stomach, the string of her bikini unhooked, revealing the soft sides of her globes. Haley and Anna were goofing in the sand and then went into the water to splash about and body surf. It was then that I caught view of my second set of breasts. It wasn't just anybody's breast, it was Anna's! As she rode a big wave it smashed her into the sand, pulling her bikini top completely off. There were two nubile breasts, bare, so perfect, so soft, just for my viewing pleasure. As I watched her quickly fix her bikini it slowly sunk into my head that those breasts were my step-sisters, my 13-year old step-sisters. With that realization my cock began to twitch getting harder and harder as my mind raced through all the opportunities I had to see her breasts around the house – as she wore a towel coming out of the shower, in her bikini at lunch, when she didn't wear a bra under her white tee shirt every morning. Each memory of her young breasts made my cock harder and harder.

My cock was rock solid and all I could do was head into the bathroom and masturbate, coming quickly, spurting several huge globs of my semen into the sink. Having built up a bit of a sweat and still having images of young Anna swirling around my perverted imagination I decided to take a shower to try and cool down.

It worked, though I remained concerned about how my cock would react when I saw Anna again, face-to-face. After drying off I slipped on my shorts and walked out into my room and was startled to find Jenny there sitting on the edge of my bed, wearing her bikini top and a pair of cut-offs – a look that I find to this day to be so damn sexy, seeing a woman dressed like that gives me almost an instant hard on. Fortunately, I had just masturbated, twice, and my cock didn't respond so enthusiastically to Jenny.

"What are you? Some kind of sick pervert?" she laid into me. Holding my binoculars up, she accused me, "I saw you spying on us. All day long you look at girls. But I saw you watching Anna and Haley, your own sisters. You are sick."

"What the fuck! What are you talking about? And what are you doing in my room?" I yelled back at her.

Not letting up, she accused me of spying on women all day long, being a perverted voyeur, and on and on. Finally, she once again returned to Anna, "I saw what happened, I saw her bikini come off and I saw you watching her. I also saw you slip inside afterwards. What did you do, go masturbate in the shower?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," was all I could manage to reply.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, I saw you very clearly. I see how you stare at girl's breasts all day. But she is only 13, she barely even know what they are for. What, you don't like mine?" she said, standing up and pushing her chest out.

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