The Receipt

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Everything in the supermarket receipt was correct, except the town where it ought to been printed what caused serious consequences for several families. Though this Winterfrog story is from 2008 it has not been available here at Storiesonline before.

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The cruel truth is that shit can happen where and when you least expect it. I got to know that simple truth the hard way.

I thought that I, Alexander Ericsson, a 43 year old Scandinavian guy, had a perfect life with two great kids, a beautiful, loving wife, good health, nice home, good job, helpful parents, many friends, and economy on a fair level.

I had a rather fair paid job at the community owned real estate administration, which meant I was responsible for all the school, daycare, and old people's home buildings in the town and surrounding villages.

Therefore, the shock hit me hard as hell when I found out that something must be wrong in my current relation with my wife Lisa.

My nightmare began on an average Thursday evening when I was cleaning the new hobby room in my basement. I got the hobby room after replacing the oil burner and 3000 liter oil tank with a simple connection to the municipal central system which only needed a small box on the wall. I had painted the whole room and laid a new floor. I had packed all the junk in different garbage bags for transport to the recycling station when I needed a small bag for some plastic jars and bottles.

I went up to the kitchen and took a grocery bag from the cupboard where we kept used bags. Those plastic bags are perfect for such use. Nothing strange with that bag I had taken, it had the usual big colorful logo from the supermarket chain where we did our shopping. But when I laid the first item in it I noted a receipt on the bottom of the bag. I can't to this very day explain why I took up that receipt because I never cared what we paid for groceries.

However, it was now that the shit hit the fan because I noted that the receipt was from a supermarket in a town 35 kilometers from our hometown and my wife Lisa had done the shopping at a date and a time when she ought to been at work. Lisa had no duties out of town at her work as a bank teller and if she had done such an unusual thing, she would have told me because she always told me a lot of gossip about what happened at the bank where she worked.

Of course, I could have asked her at once, but I didn't expected to get the truth. So, I decided to find out the real truth in other ways, though I got a strange feeling that I might not like the answer.

Lisa is very a gorgeous, tall, blond, Nordic beauty, mother of two children and she looks much younger than her 39 years. I was a rather average guy when I met Lisa at a dance. I was neither rich nor a famous sport star, not even a tough guy who had done army service in some special unit. I had seen Lisa before and even danced with her but never before made any serious attempts to get any close relation with her.

This evening was different. I don't know why I found her so overwhelming that evening and I held her closer, praised her hair, dress, and perfume but didn't expected any results of such simple courting, especially not when she was surrounded by many attractive guys during the whole evening.

Therefore, I was happy to get a second dance with her, which was a slow tune. I was both surprised and proud when Lisa pulled me tight whispering in my ear, "save the last dance for me". Of course I did it. After that memorable last dance she came with me to my apartment where we, after some tender necking, ended up naked in my bed and, after some further necking, she was ready for spreading her legs. Though I was horny as hell, I somehow managed to keep it going until Lisa's intensive cumming. Then she began to cry and said that she was very happy because it was almost a year since any of her lovers had brought her to such heights as I had done.

We continued to date and our sex got better every time we did it. Soon, both of us were madly in love. Our wedding was two years later, when she was 25 and I was 29. Our kids, Linda and Lucas, came three and five years after the wedding. Both Lisa and I had broken relations and several partners before we got together, which we regarded as an advantage because it had taught both of us that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.

Lisa never denied that she got many advances when she was out with her girl gang and sometimes even when she and I were out. But, I had never doubted her when she told me that it was rather annoying to be the target for horny men and. that she was happy with me and our sex was great for her.

The question was; why in the hell had she been in the next town during her working time? I really hoped to get an innocent reply but the bad feelings remained.

Lisa's best friend Anna Granlund was living in their native village about 15 kilometers outside the town. Due to technical reasons a cell phone provider other than ours had the best connection in that village so the people there preferred to use that provider's net. Lisa's and Anna's long calls would be expensive with roaming between two different cell phone providers, so they preferred to use the wired phone with a low monthly flat rate and nothing extra paid for used time.

Though I felt as an asshole for doing it, I decided to set up a simple trap for Lisa. On Saturday, when she got her hair done for a party we were invited to later that evening, I bought an electronic phone-recording unit, installed it in my home office in the basement, and tested it.

On Monday evening I activated my trap by telling Lisa, "A guy at my job told me a very funny thing today. He said he had seen a real 'look alike' to you in the next town last week. She looked almost like your twin sister, he said. Have you heard about her before?"

I noted a split second of worry in her face when she replied, "No, but it would be nice to see and know her."

Lisa usually got home one hour before me and, if Anna, who worked as a nurse, happened to be at home then they used to have a long chat on the phone. Tuesday after work I pretended to have some work to do at home, which happened now and then, and went to my home office to listen to the recorder.

After some uninteresting mumbo jumbo, Lisa went straight to the point, "Alexander almost scared the shit out of me yesterday when he told me about some guy who had seen me in the next town and thought that I was 'Lisa's look alike, just like a twin sister'" A, "Oh my God, what did you say?" L, "It would be fun to see her." A, "You dared to do that? Did he even mention your twin sister's husband?" L, "No, but I must be much more careful the next time, maybe have a wig or something like that. You have an old black wig, haven't you?" A. "Yes I have. We can begin to use that. By the way, have you booked any next time yet?" L, "We're looking forward to next week, but it depends if Douglas can be off from his work after lunch that day; he is very busy you know. How about you? You have the nest booked tomorrow, haven't you?"

A, "Yes I have, and I'm really looking forward to it." L, "What silly bitches we are." A, "Yes we are, indeed." L, "But why should we say no thanks to some exciting bonus cock as long as we don't hurt our husbands?" A, "Even they'll get what they need, don't you agree?" Lisa did and thereafter they began to talk about Lisa's big 40-year party that I had promised to organize as a kind of surprise party for her.

I woulkd have preferred to have taken a hard hit with a baseball bat than listen to that phone call, which without any doubt meant serious problems for all of us in my family. It would be worst for our innocent children who probably would be living in some kind of shared custody in the future. When I got over the shock, I decided that her big party would be quite different from what she expected.

One thing was for sure; both Lisa and Anna had lovers whom they fucked in some kind of "nest" in the next town. Lisa did it with some Douglas, which is a rather unusual name in this country, most common in noble families.

Tracing this Douglas would be my first goal. An extended search of the phone register on the web gave me only two people named Douglas in our town and the surrounding villages. A subscription to and a search in the half legal credit register on the net was well-used money for getting further information about these two men. It told me that one of them was a 67 year old retired schoolteacher and I regarded him to be out of question as a lover for Lisa. The other one, a Douglas Lindberg was much more interesting. He was a 34 year old technical engineer, married, and had two children. My only doubt about this guy was that I also found a 31 year old Douglas in the next town.

My next step was writing a letter to Anna's husband, Robin:

"Dear Robin! You ought to know what many of your friends and acquaintances already know - that Anna is cheating on you with a lover boy. Your Faithful Friends."

Lisa immediately saw that something was wrong with me when I got into the kitchen. I told her that I didn't feel well and intended to take a walk to get some fresh air. I went out and mailed the letter to Robin. He would read it about the same time as Anna got back home, newly fucked from her date in the next town.

During my walk to the mailbox I was thinking about Anna and Lisa's "love-nest" and after some time I remembered that some years ago one of Anna's friends had met a guy from the next town and moved together with him there. That was a clue to follow because I had a slight memory that her name was something like Helene, Helena or Hellen.

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