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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Do you believe in mermaids?

She swam the Pacific Ocean day after day just to look at him. He was tall, lean, with broad shoulders, short brown hair, big blue eyes, sun kissed skin and a killer smile that displayed perfect teeth.

She watched him in the morning and sometimes around the time the sun was fading into the clouds. She should have hungered for him but she didn't. Well ... she did in a way but not in the fill her belly up kind of way. She hungered for him in a way a woman of her species should never crave a human being. But there was something about him...

Lost in her own thoughts, she felt the creature behind her moving towards her a million miles an hour. She was glad she'd learn to swim faster than him. His sharp teeth were coming right towards her. She splashed in the water and swam away from the ferocious creature.

She swam towards her little island which she often used to get away from him. He'd been after her ever since ... well she didn't want to get into that. All she could explain is that he was mean and vengeful. He wanted to eat her up and kill her. Never, she vowed would she ever let him get to her.

She waddled onto the island and sure enough the creature poked his ugly head out of the water. She snarled looking him right in his fishy eyes. The creature could only take so much time out of water. He sunk down and she watched his fin float away. A wicked grin formed her lips when she realized her victory over the other sea life. She could actually be above water longer than any of them. She'd seen her fellow sea creatures flop violently on land as they struggled to breath. Not her. She was stronger than the rest.

She flapped her fish tail on the sandy floor. Her hair had gotten longer. It was a mess of knotted dark curls. She saw her breasts had grown bigger. They felt heavier. She slid her hand down her big breasts and examined the color of her areolas, a soft brown color and her nipples, size of a thimble, the color of dark coffee. Her skin, a milky smooth glowing radiance.

She lay on the sand and let the cold wind brush her naked skin. She hummed a song or something of a tune she would hear the humans hum. Something about sunshine, my only sunshine. She didn't know the words but knew the tune. She heard words but couldn't speak them.

Her tummy started to rumble. She sat up and from miles away; she could see a couple of humans in the water. She licked her big lips and felt her teeth get sharp. She plunged into the water and swam fiercely. Her need had grown each day. Seems like the humans weren't sharing the water with her as much ever since she went on frenzy one day and had a feast. But what were these humans doing here now? What was it they were floating on? It wasn't a device like her human love interest. It was something bigger.

Her fish tail flapped slapping the water to the side as she got closer to her need. She heard the voices get louder as she approached. She climbed up for air and saw the human's faces go blank. It was two of them. None looked liked her human love interest.

One had gray hair and scared green eyes. The other had no hair on his head but had hair on his chin. He smirked slyly like the wicked creature that stalked her in the waters. The human's teeth were yellow and he smelled like smoke.

"Hey look what we got here Billy..."

She raised herself above water giving the creatures a good look at her breasts.

The gray hair human spit out the liquid he was drinking. "Holy shit! Look at those!"

The human with no hair licked his lips. "You are one ugly girl but fuck, look at those tits!" His eyes widened to the size of saucers.

She didn't comprehend what they were speaking of. She just felt her tummy growl louder than the ocean's waves.

"What the fuck was that?" The gray hair human asked his friend.

"I don't know, but I like what I'm seeing!"

She ran her tongue on her teeth and felt the sharpness.

She hummed sweetly and smiled not showing her teeth. The men got closer to the water. She easily pushed the plateau that the humans were on with her strong fish tail. It tipped over sending the men into the cold water.

"Shit! I can't swim!" The human with no hair yelled. His gurgles only excited her more!

"Hold on Jimmy, I'm coming," the gray hair human assured. She grumbled angrily and saw the gray hair man open his mouth to scream. Before he could even get a sound out, she had bitten into his neck hard. The taste of copper filled her mouth. She licked the dark red liquid that squirted from his neck. Her long tongue lapped up the warm liquid.

The gray haired human waved his arms frantically while his friend splashed in the water desperately trying to keep his face above water. She wanted the hairless human to struggle while she finished his friend. He would easily sink down to the ocean while she finished feeding on his friend. Then, he would be dessert waiting for her.

She continued to chomp down on the man's neck, then onto his face. His skin was rough but tasted good. His blood wasn't the tastiest but it was edible! She hadn't had a good meal since the young humans she ate the week before.

She slid down and sank her teeth into the gray haired human's belly tearing it open and sucked on the strings that dangled out. As she bit into them, she saw the fin again. She pushed the human aside and cursed silently.

The other human was still struggling to keep his head above water. He was crying loudly begging for some type of aid. She narrowed her eyes at the fin. The creature raised his big head from the water and exposed his sharp teeth. The man saw the creature and screamed louder.

"Help! Help! Please! Someone!" He called out.

She scowled at the creature and dove into the water and sped away as she always did. She swam back to her island and watched as the creature miraculously pushed the plateau back to the way it was and saw the man with no hair climbing it. Even from far away, she could hear him coughing and screaming.

She heard a loud noise and realized the human with no hair was quickly leaving the waters on the plateau. She felt her jaw clench. This pesky sea creature would never let her have peace. He didn't eat the human just to piss her off! She licked her lips and tasted the faint taste of the gray haired human's blood. She was left hungry and very angry.

The smell of the salty sea, the sound of the roaring waves, the warm California sun beating down on him, Elton couldn't imagine a more ideal day to go surfing. He'd waxed his surfboard and walked towards the icy water. He shivered as his feet touched the blue sea.

Elton dove right in with his surf board taking control of the thunderous waves. He climbed on his board and walked on water in his own way. Elton felt free surfing. The blue waters splatter all over his legs. He smiled knowing he had the whole day to surf.

The wind guided him to the direction of the big long waves. He stood firmly and then bent slightly as he rode on a huge wave. He fell into the water and held on to his board. He laughed and climbed back on his board. If only life could be as perfect as surfing he thought.

Elton had always loved the water. Ever since he was a small child ... a child in his parents pool ... holding his breath underwater...


He heard a faint voice calling him. He squinted and looked towards the land. He smiled. There she was hopping around like a little frog and waving her arms.

Elton paddled the water with his hands and once he caught a good wave, he surfed towards the land. She rushed over to him and giggled. Putting her arms around him warming him up. He shivered from the cold.

"Hey I didn't mean to interrupt," she apologized.

He held her tight. He knew he was getting her soaked but didn't care. He hadn't seen her in over two weeks because she'd decided to make something of her life and go to college three hours away.

"Your cousin told me you'd be out here."

He held her tight. "I'm glad you're here."

She pulled away slightly to look him in the eyes. Her soft brown eyes radiated under the warm sun. Her golden hair was shorter, just under her ears and swayed with the wind.

"You look beautiful," he said and leaned down to kiss her.

Brandy was her name. He'd known her since they were kids but didn't become romantically in love until the summer after graduation.

"You need to be careful out here. Haven't you heard about those killings?" She asked as she fingered his sharks tooth necklace she'd bought him many years ago. Her eyes were filled with concern.

He stroked her cheek with his hand. "I don't believe those rumors. This man said a mermaid killed his friend? What a crock! There are no such things as mermaids you know that."

She bit her lower lip. "I don't know babe. I mean his friend was found and was pretty mangled up. He died you know."

"Yeah and then he went on to tell the police that a shark saved him. What a loony bin!"

She laughed. "It did sound a bit ridiculous."

"Yeah of course! I mean the dude probably threw his friend off the boat and a shark got to him. The police are still questioning him you know. They might put him away with the crazies."

She got serious. "Well, what about the other people that have died? You don't think they were killed by a mermaid? The forensics said that the teeth marks looked somewhat human. It's really scary babe."

He rubbed the sides of her shoulders. "Don't worry about me honey. I'm part fish remember?"

She nodded. She remembered he was captain of the school's swim team. He was a hell of a swimmer!

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