One Slutty Date

by Bakerman

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Teasing turns to pleasing during a late night chick flick.

I work for a multi-national company as a system analyst so I am often travelling to oversee the implementation of new software and system processes. This was why I was in Toronto, working with some very reserved Canadians, at least they seemed reserved and relaxed.

There was this one woman, whom I had met online, and been exchanging dirty texts and emailing very not politically correct stories with for a while. So seeing as I was in town and had some free time I sent her a message that I was available to meet for a drink or a meal or whatever took her fancy.

Her reply surprised me as she told me she was just heading out for a night at the movies. She told me the name and straight away I thought chick flick and not really my scene. She sent me the address and a note that there was a bar attached to the cinema complex so how about we start with a drink and take it from there. So I agreed to meet her.

Firstly I must admit I nearly missed her in the bar. I was looking for a younger, nerdy, science woman. Hair pulled back in a bun, thick-framed glasses and no make up, as she had appeared in the few photos' she had sent me.

Whoa, what a knock out. Early twenties, maybe 165cm in her bare feet but with the 10cm heels she looked much taller. Long dark hair that sort of covered one eye and hung down to her breasts, pale complexion, not Goth pale but a Canadian winter tan was how she described it later.

Her pale complexion only made her lips stand out thanks to the red lipstick. Her eye shadow blended nicely with her dark hair to give her a mysterious appeal.

Now one of the reasons I get these overseas trips is that being 54 years old I am considered mature and not like some of my younger co-workers who in the past have become an embarrassment to the company for their drunken and sexual activities. Looking at her standing by the bar I could easily imagine myself joining them tonight.

She was wearing a black skirt with red bows attached, complementing her hair and lipstick. A white blouse fitted snugly to her midriff and chest. Underneath I could clearly see her black bra. I love that combination.

I purchased glasses of wine for both of us and we moved to a table. From our internet connection we knew enough about each other to engage in some small talk. Her laugh was infectious and every time she did it I smiled. She was beautiful and smart, witty and seductive all in one package.

A quick glance at her watch and I realised her movie must be starting soon. Wanting to continue to enjoy her company I agreed to see the movie with her. As I had bought the wine she insisted on buying the movie tickets. I came back with an offer of popcorn and chocolates. Agreed.

Walking towards our cinema she told me these were hard to get seats, which surprised me for a chick flick. As it turned out what she meant was hard to get one of those "couple" seats. As for sold out the only other people in the theatre were nearly all sitting in the love seats scattered amongst the ordinary seating.

Almost from the moment the cinema darkened for the advertisements and previews she started with the teasing. I was wondering if she wanted to see if how far she could push me. Now I am not usually a cheap drunk but the combination of a long busy day, little food and a few glasses of wine made me more open to her hijinks.

Once the movie started so did a bit of teasing, just lighthearted moments at first. She held a piece of chocolate between her teeth and offered it to me, I knew it was getting close to a kiss but I took the chance. Sure enough she pushed the chocolate into my mouth and followed it with her tongue. A slip of her tongue, a brush of her lips and the taste of chocolate and I was sure my dick twitched.

She was rubbing my neck, flicking my earlobes and in hushed tones spoke some naughty ideas in my ear.

Her hand strayed onto my leg and then she is running her nails up my thigh, trying everything to get me to kiss her, which I was trying hard not to do.

Next she broke off a row of chocolate from the block, holing by two fingers just above my crotch she leant over and started giving it a blowjob. Luckily we were the furthest back dual seating so no one was looking directly past us but I had seen some heads turn from time to time.

I just sat there as her head bobbed up and down on this piece of chocolate; she even pushed it all the way into her mouth and then made gagging noises. I hoped the movie was drowning out the sounds from the rest of the cinema.

She sat up and rubbed the stub of melted chocolate around her mouth like it was lipstick and then tried to kiss me again. I turned my head and copped her choc-coated lips in my ear.

"I like dark chocolate but don't mind some white chocolate to suck on for a change." she giggled in my ear.

Now she stands up and fidgets around, I turn to look at her and she is pulling the blouse from the skirt and tells me she is trying to get comfortable.

I go back to watching the movie. Now as anyone knows in a chick flick first it's girl finds guy then its girl loses guy, which is what we were up to.

I can hear her whispered voice say "this is the weepy bit so here's something for the tears." Suddenly her hand is under my nose and as I reach to take what is offered I smell the pungent smell of sex and my hand wraps around her panties instead of the tissue I was expecting.

I turn to look at her only to see her ankles propped over the seats in front of us, legs spread and dress pulled up to the waist.

I pretend I'm cool with her exhibititionsim and my left hand settles on her upper thigh. I can feel her squirm as my hand moves higher. I move my right hand towards her head, one finger extended as if I expect her to suck it. When she opens her mouth I quickly stuff the panties in to gag her and prevent her soft moans being heard as I stroke the hood of her clitoris. The creaking of our seat caused by her hip thrusts is probably getting us more attention than is the movie at the moment.

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