Alfie, Tobias, Love and Devotion

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A casual meeting with a favorite teacher at an ice cream parlor leads to romance for the teacher and Melanie's Dad.



She was being bad, almost officially bad! She'd worked today, the regular stuff at school--and it should be said that she loved teaching and was extremely good at it, being one of those rarities that loved the jr high school age in kids--she'd had a work out and a sensible dinner and here she was at the local Friendly's Ice Cream Parlor for some ice cream--officially bad!

She ate slowly; she didn't get a huge amount but was enjoying a butterscotch creation that was her very favorite.

The voice rang out and stopped her in the middle of her treat:

"Ms Kandi!"

She looked at the happy, grinning face of Melanie Sweeten. Melanie, lovely at the age of 13, going on about 35, one of her students, was standing by her table, and holding the hand of a tall and rather distinguished looking man. She was grins from ear to ear.

"Ms Kandi, look whom I have here!" Melanie said.

Kandi stood up and said: "You of course are Melanie's Dad!"

"Yes," the man said, "Jason Sweeton."

"Kandi, Kandace Gates," Kandi said.

"She's my favorite teacher!" Melanie said next and Jason smiled along with his daughter, as he took in the unbridled enthusiasm with which his daughter greeted her teacher.

(It should be said at this point that Kandi Gates made it a point with her students to be on really good terms. She was a 'people person', one, in fact, who had given so much of herself to her teaching that it was her whole horizon.

Kandi was 36 yrs old and very pretty, with auburn hair, cut short with curls around her ears. She was, had been since grade school, an athlete and still did her workouts religiously. She had allowed herself to slip out tonight wearing a pair of her black, capri style running pants, clingy and impressive.

Melanie Sweeten was one of those students who were simply in love with Ms Kandi, who taught history and related subjects. In Melanie's case, Kandi gladly reciprocated the feelings.)

She reached her hand out and offered her hand to Jason Sweeten.

"We're disturbing you, sorry!" Jason said softly.

"Oh, Poppa," Melanie said, "Can we have our treat and sit with Ms Kandi?"

"I don't think that would be appropriate, angel," Jason said but Kandi interjected:

"It would be fine with me!"

Jason smiled and nodded. Melanie plumped herself down next to Kandi Gates with a huge grin on her face.

"Before treats, young miss," Jason said softly, "Wash your hands. I just washed mine."

"Yes, Poppa," Melanie said and excused herself to go to wash.

Once she'd gone, Jason spoke up:

"This is an invasion, sorry!"

"No at all," Kandi assured him. "Melanie is such a love!"

"Well, she certainly has a crush on you!" Jason said smiling.

"It's mutual with us!" Kandi said, then she giggled.

"Yes?" Jason asked, his eyebrows raised.

"It's that..." here Kandi laughed, "It's that she always refers to you as her 'Super Industrialist Poppa'!" Kandi finished, and the two of them laughed.

"Hmmm," he said, "I guess it's appropriate enough. I have made a huge effort lately to be home more. She lives with her aunt, when I'm gone. But she's at such a great age, and I want to be around for it all."

"How wonderful!" Kandi said, "And you're right about her age and how magic it is but Melanie is such a simply smashing girl!"

"Thank you," Jason said and then Melanie was back at the table.

She sat and Jason went to get their ice cream treats, asking Kandi first if she'd have anything.

"No, thank you," she answered, "This is more than I should have; I'll be fat in no time..."

"I doubt that!" Jason said, and Kandi blushed.

"Oops," he said, "Sorry!"

"Thank you," she said and he went to get ice cream for him and for Melanie.

"Isn't he handsome?" Melanie said dreamily.

"Sure is!" Kandi answered.

"He's available, Ms Kandi!" Melanie said next with a sly smile on her face.

Kandi started laughing and the two of them were laughing about it just as Jason returned with the ice creams.

"Did I miss something?" he asked.

"Melanie was just telling me that you are handsome and available!" Kandi said with a laugh.

Melanie simply got a huge grin on her face, when he gave her a glance.

"Well, you are! Both!" Melanie said.

"Yes, angel," Jason answered, "But the topic is closed."

"Yes, Poppa!" Melanie said but winked then at Kandi, who laughed again.

"Grounded for the next five years!" Jason said next, but joining the laughter of the two of them nevertheless.

They sat and talked pleasantly until they were, all three, finished with their treats and then they got up to go. It was only then that Kandi remembered how she was dressed, not having expected to meet anyone there that she knew.

"Sorry for the casual look!" she said softly to Jason.

"Spectacular!" Melanie joined in with, "Especially for a teacher!"

"Melanie," Jason said, "Manners!"

"Yes, Poppa!" she said and turned to apologize to Kandi.

But Kandi's response was to open her arm for a hug for Melanie, who flowed into the hug with both love and gratitude.

"Yes, and I'll take one of those also!" Jason said.

Kandi didn't hesitate but opened her arms to hug him, liking the solid feel of him, when the hug was joined.

"Come on, angel," Jason said then, "Let's walk Ms Gates to her car."

"Kandi, please!" she said.

They walked to her car with Melanie between them, holding her Poppa's hand on one side and her favorite teacher's hand on the other.

Kandi leaned over and kissed Melanie on the cheek, as she got into the car.

"Thank you for seeing me to my car," Kandi said, as she got in.

"You're welcome," he said, "Thank you for letting us join you and share your evening."

There were immediately for Kandi a few conflicting kinds of reactions to the whole scene. She was certainly chagrined by the fact that she'd been spied by, and visited by friends, when she was looking like, as she termed it, the work out wreck. She thought that the workout pants might make her butt look too big. It was an issue that she'd never really resolved for herself but she didn't mind wearing them, when she knew she'd be out and alone. But this had been different.

And then there were the feelings. The feelings that swept over Kandi, as she pulled away from her parking spot were not unknown, just unacknowledged, for the most part. She certainly had a romantic soul but had never really given in to it. There was, of course, the fiancé in college who turned out to be an ape, when she refused to 'go all the way', as the phrase was bruited about in those days. But this tingle was, even for the closely self regulated Kandi Gates unmistakeable. Jason was gorgeous and the thoughts about, feelings about and remembrance of the hug sat in her mind and brought a smile to her face, time after time, when she thought about it.

"Kandi Gates, you stop this! You're not going to go down that road," was her rather severe statement made to herself. She went home and suppressed it all, for the most part.

In the other car, when they were alone together, Melanie said to Jason:

"Poppa, isn't she great?"

"Yes, angel, she certainly is!" he answered.

"And didn't she look fab?" Melanie asked next.

"Yep, fab!" he answered.

(As a matter of fact, Jason Sweeten thought that 'fab' was a rather paltry word for the way that Kandi Gates had looked in her skin tight running pants. He also knew himself for a 'bottom man', as the phrase went and thought that Kandi Gates, in that category alone, was spectacular!)

Jason Sweeten, normally, since the untimely death of his beautiful wife, was perpetually wrapped up in two things and only two things: his lovely Melanie and the industrial complex that he'd built and ran. This sudden intrusion into his well ordered and controlled world--as controlled as the vagaries of business would allow at least--was an intrusion that he just wasn't sure about.

"You should call her!" Melanie ventured next.

He looked at her and she said: "Sorry, Poppa, I know, not my business!"

He laughed and she joined him.

The end result that very night was interesting in the three people involved. Melanie went to bed pleased. She was pleased that she'd, they'd seen and sat with Kandi Gates, her very favorite, and pleased by what she thought was her Poppa's reaction to Kandi.

For Kandi and Jason it turned out to be similar. It was an initially sleepless night. He, in his pj bottoms and she in her panties for bed didn't, drift off, as they normally would have. They both were lying in bed with thoughts about the encounter, different thoughts but powerful ones.

Kandi walked through the conversation, and the meeting a number of times. Jason did the same and both of them reflected on the loveliness of the other. Kandi thought him handsome, and Jason just kept having that vision of Kandi walking in front of them for a few feet, with his eyes glued to the wiggle of her butt in those tight pants.

It was an interesting night for all concerned.


As things developed in the days that followed, Kandi Gates and Melanie Sweeten continued at school their close relationship, which Melanie never allowed to be in- appropriate, for which Kandi was always grateful.

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