The Glass Balls V

by Athalia

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Historical, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Nudism, .

Desc: Historical Sex Story: In this story concluding the series, modern-day Livy enjoys the favors of three men and two women at once while, in medieval Italy, Dom impregnates two women and reunites with the woman who, years before, made a man of him. (There's more about the story in my blog.)

By the time Julia left us a week later, her virginity was gone for good. She'd been fucked a dozen times by Dom, and had been masturbated to orgasm by me at least as many times. We'd mapped her body to the extent that there wasn't an erogenous zone that she didn't know about. There was probably not another fifteen-year-old girl in New York who was so aware of the pleasures of her body than she was.

We were somehow able to dress often enough, and long enough, to get out of the house from time to time and show her the sights of New York City, but our mornings and evenings were devoted to giving her orgasms beyond count. And she was an amazingly orgasmic girl. She delighted in showing us how she could get herself off and was far better at it than I had been at that age, possibly as a result of living in a house where erotic art was openly displayed. I taught her what I knew about fellatio, but there was nothing I could teach her about cunnilingus, except how to be aware of the subtle signs that my clit was being overstimulated. I asked her how she got so good at it, and whether she'd had previous experience. "No, Livy," she replied. "I just do what you do to me, and what I like to have done to me. But when I get back to school, I'm going to give lessons! There's a whole dorm waiting there, with fourteen fannies about to get the tickling of their lives!" I had no doubt that this was true. The headmistress certainly had her work cut out for her!

We sent her off at the end of the week, and kept in touch with her and her family, who thanked us for "ALL you've done!" (the emphasis was theirs) and invited us back to their estate on a Greek island for a couple of weeks in the summertime. We leapt at the invitation. In the meantime, two things happened that would change our lives.

First, Dom received an offer to play cello for the London Symphony Orchestra. He'd been chafing for years under Arturo Toscanini's iron grip of the NBC Symphony Orchestra; while never doubting the great man's artistic vision, he nonetheless wanted more input into the interpretations of the repertoire. So he handed in his resignation. He would finish the season with NBC and, after a three-week vacation, would begin work in London in mid-July.

Since moving to England meant that I would be leaving my own job as art curator, we decided that it was time to start the family we always wanted. So we dispensed with our contraceptives, and in May, I discovered that I was pregnant. It is true that pregnancy sometimes increases a woman's sex drive. It certainly did with me. To my relief, I didn't experience many of the other usual conditions of pregnancy; my morning sickness lasted only a week or so. I was a little more inclined to airsickness, though, so our plane trip to Europe, even on the relative luxury of a Boeing Stratocruiser, was not pleasant. But at the end of two days in the air, we found ourselves once more at the Arkwright's estate.

This time, the whole family was there. Nigel and Elaine greeted us with a hug, followed by Julia and Derek. Julia, of course, had changed little since we'd seen her only months before, but Derek had grown a half a head and his penis was larger and thicker. It was, of course, the first thing I noticed since, as was usual on their estate, they were all nude.

In due course, Dom and I were nude as well. I found Derek staring at my bosom and vulva with a pleasant smile on his face, as if remembering with fondness how I took his cherry the year before. We made small talk around dinner, and then I took Elaine aside and gave her the news.

"I'm pregnant, Elaine!"

"How wonderful! When is it due?"

"In February, if all goes well."

"How are you doing? Everything all right so far?"

"Absolutely normal, except that my sex drive has gone into overdrive!"

Elaine laughed. "Mine did, too! Both times! Poor Nigel was getting no rest at all!"

She stopped, and then looked me in the eye.

"You know, he just hasn't been the same since his surgery."

"He had surgery? When?"

"Three months ago. Prostate. It turned out to be benign, but they took a lot of it anyway. Ever since then, he's had trouble getting it up. Our sex life has been on the rocks ever since. The doctors tell me it's a matter of self-confidence, Livy."

"I'm so sorry to hear that. If there was some way I could help..."

"Maybe there is. You're a much younger woman. More shapely, too. Maybe you could light that fire again where I couldn't."

"Elaine, are you asking me to seduce your husband?"

"I'm not asking you, Livy! I'm begging you!"

"I'll have to ask Dom. Since we married, I haven't had another man."

"We'll leave it at that, then. You will ask? If it sweetens the bait, you can tell him that I'd like to shag him. With your permission, of course. Tit for tat, as they say. It's only fair."

"I'll ask." We hugged and kissed. I gave her left breast a quick squeeze and said, "Elaine, you are still a very beautiful woman. Dom would sleep with you in a heartbeat. Hell, I would sleep with you in a heartbeat!"

She relaxed into my arms. "Julia tells me you're very good at that -- making love to a woman."

"She was a quick study. I've never seen a young lady so much at home with her body. You and Nigel brought her up well."

"Hold me some more, Livy."

So we hugged and kissed some more. Our hands wandered over each other's bodies, a caress here, a pinch there. My response was arousal, but hers was something else. Reassurance, maybe. Or just the need for human contact. I put my hand on her mons, and she first pressed it harder against her, and then moved it away. "No, Livy, not right now," she said simply. I understood; she was getting outside her zone of comfort. We exchanged a last kiss and then rejoined the others.

It was a strange dinner, with all sorts of erotic undercurrents. For one thing, Nigel was staring at my tits whenever he wasn't talking. His son was, too. At one point, Derek caught my eye, and his gaze was full of longing and questioning. I winked back flirtatiously, and he relaxed, as if some sort of agreement had been reached. Julia was keeping up an incessant chatter about how glad she was that she was home and that Dom and I were here, about how much fun we were all going to have together. Although she didn't mention sex at all, one couldn't help interpreting her remarks as more than innocent.

Dom and I made our excuses, citing travel fatigue, and went to bed. Of course, sleep was the last thing on our minds. We needed to fuck, and fuck we did. He had just ejaculated into me when we heard our door open. Julia crept in, closed the door again, and then slipped into the bed with us.

"Oh, Livy, Dom, I've missed you so! Please, let's fuck!"

"Julia! What would your mother and father think? In their own house!"

"They don't mind. Mum told me. And Derek doesn't either."

"How do you know that?"

"Because I just left him."

"But he went to bed when we did."

Julia gave a half smile. "So he did. And I did, too. In the same bed."

"You made love to your brother?" I said.

"Are you surprised? You're the one who taught him how to 'eat pussy, ' as you call it. He's good at it! But we only fuck with condoms. He wants to fuck you, Livy. But I want to fuck you first!" And with that, she went straight to my crotch, licking Dom's semen off my cunt. "Mmm. You taste different."

"It's the pregnancy, I think. The hormones change."

"You're preggers? Oh, good show! Does that mean that you can fuck Derek without a rubber? He'd love that!"

Well, she said the magic word: Derek. The thought of making love to her brother again aroused me no end. Dom sensed this and said, "If you want to fuck him, go for it. Just leave me here with Julia, so we can get re-acquainted."

Reacquainted, indeed. His cock was already swelling back to hardness, and Julia switched her attention from my crotch to his. Soon his rod, wrapped in one of the condoms she'd produced from a little purse she'd brought with her, was planted in her tight little tunnel and their attention was only directed to each other. I took this opportunity to slip out of the bed, pad down to Derek's room, and knock lightly on his door.

"Derek? It's me, Livy. May I come in?"

The door opened and there he was. I walked in and gave him a hug, pressing our bodies together, from nipples to crotch. He smelled divine, of sweat and cologne and, yes, a bit of pussy, too. "Did you miss me?" I murmured.

"Oh, Livy! Did I ever! You're the most beautiful woman in the world!"

"Every boy thinks that about the girl that took his cherry!" I replied, giving his cock a squeeze. It responded with a twitch, signaling its hunger even after he'd filled a condom with his sperm.

His sperm! I remembered its taste from the times I'd sampled it and compared it to the samples of Dom and Nigel. "Derek, do you still have that condom you just used?"

He started. "What? Julia told you about that? About ... us?"

"She did. She's with Dom now, fucking his brains out. But I want to taste your sperm. Can I?"

Without a word, he fished out the condom from his trash can and handed it to me. I inverted it and licked it clean. Yes, the taste of Derek's semen had changed. It was now muskier and tarter, with an added note of bleach. I smiled.

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