Jenny's Atonement

by neff trebor

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, Slow, Nudism, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Jenny's husband has mis-managed his client's accounts. Jenny is subjected to sexual humiliation as she unwillingly accepts an investors proposal to make the money back

Jenny Munson was sad, depressed and full of anxiety. She was being driven to Sal Goldstein's house and didn't feel very good about it at all. She was being taken there by her husband, Joe as part of a deal; atonement for what he had done.

Jenny had met her husband in college. She had been a freshman on the diving team. He had been a senior majoring in finance. She had dated all the "bad boys" in high school; the senior quarterback when she was a freshman on the track and cross country team; the boy who drove a corvette and worked in the gas station who had plenty of money to blow on her; some of the local boys who were in college, etc.

She had been a very popular girl in high school; for a short time. Once they found out that she wouldn't put out, they wandered off to greener pastures. Once Jenny got to college, she decided to try a new tactic. She started dating the nerdy, non-athletic types. That is what she ended up with. Joe was extremely bright; a brilliant student. She had gotten pregnant soon after the cross country season ended; too much free time. She also decided to turn over a new leaf. She was tired of getting dumped. She had unwisely given in to keep this guy.

Jenny gave up a lot of things when they got married and moved into the married student's apartments, but they managed to get through until he graduated. She was able to keep her scholarship to the end of the year.

Joe had easily landed a job with one of the leading stock brokerages and they moved to New York. Jenny stayed home and raised their daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie was now fourteen and doing well in school. Like her mother, she had done well in track. She had lost out in her freshman year at the Internationals to Allison Cooper, the national record holder in the 1600 and 3200 meter events. Not bad for a freshman against a senior with a full scholarship offer to Oregon.

Joe had been doing well at the office he was in, until he went out on his own. He had amassed enough to make a business out of just managing his own accounts, but a number of others decided to jump ship, knowing he would have a more hands-on approach to their own accounts.

Joe was essentially a day-trader. He put the accounts of others in safer investments and dealt aggressively with his own money. This gave him a steady one percent on all of the accounts he was managing, plus he felt he could get about sixteen percent on his own accounts. Things were going well for a while. Finally, Joe decided to short about half of his stocks, betting that the European Situation would tank. When things went up, he had to cash in the rest of his accounts to make up the difference. When that wasn't enough, he took some shortcuts by using some of the money in his clients' accounts. He figured he could make it up the next day. Things went bad for several days, leaving some of his clients short about fifteen percent of their totals.

Because of his short position, he had to lay off his secretary and do the work himself. His secretary was pissed and notified one of his biggest clients, Sal Goldstein. Sal was furious. He called Joe and went over to their house. He threatened to call the SEC. Jenny was in the next room and couldn't help but hear their discussion. She walked into the room in disbelief after hearing what her husband had done.

"Please, Mr. Goldstein, can't you give Joe a little more time to make up the difference." Jenny asked apprehensively. Jenny was fuming at what she had just heard about her husband.

"Your husband is short about a million dollars on my account. I think he belongs in jail." Sail responded. He stood and started for the door. Joe and Jenny slumped down in their chairs, wondering how much jail time he would have to do.

Sal reached the door, opened it, hesitated and turned. "I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal that might keep the two of you out of jail. I'll give you a chance to make it back. If you don't want to, I'll make a phone call right now."

"We'll do whatever it takes to make things right with you." Joe said without really thinking. Sal looked at Jenny. He walked over and stood right in front of her. "What about you, young lady? Are you part of the deal too? Are you going to do whatever it takes until the full amount is paid back?"

Jenny's gaze rose to meet his. She had a good idea where this conversation was headed. She looked over at her husband, searching his eyes for some kind of telepathic connection. Did he understand all the implied nuances of what this man was saying? Surely he was implying some kind of sexual bargain in this deal that involved her. Could her husband agree to this? What would happen to them after?

Jenny broke her gaze and looked down, unable to raise her fears into spoken words. She looked down and the tears dripped on her knees as she almost imperceptibly nodded her head in a slight movement to indicate her reluctant agreement. She did not look up to see what her husband's reaction was. Reluctantly, no sound from him indicated no objection. Jenny was stunned by his lack of objection.

"This Saturday, we are having a reception at my house. It starts at seven thirty. The two of you need to be there at least an hour early. If you are not there, I will call the officials on Monday and notify them of what you have done.

Jenny was silent as Joe drove up their drive.

Sal's house was magnificent. It sat on the north west quadrant of the intersection on about twenty acres of wooded land. It seemed to be about three stories high if you count the basement. It was almost square; with limestone panels facing most of the walls. The long circular drive extended off of the road to the north in a quarter circle onto the road on the west. It went under one corner of the house, where the corner stepped back somewhat at each floor so that there was a large overhang from the floors above that formed a covered canopy. The columns from the upper floors extended all the way to the ground, accenting the height of the building. The part of the front that had been cut away was sheathed in glass, giving a great view both in and out of the house.

The rooms within the house formed a three story atrium with a pitched glass skylight at the top. The floor of the atrium was paved with honed limestone panels. Within the center of the atrium was a magnificent water feature. The center of the water feature had a twelve foot square stone slab sitting on a bed of six or eight inch round river rock. Behind the large flat slab was another rectangular boulder that sat a good sixteen inches above it. It ran along most of one side of the bigger lower stone slab. Next to the bigger, higher slab stood another limestone "pilar." It rose about eight feet above the others and was about two feet in width.

Each of the stone pieces had been cored so that water rose up through them and spread out and spilled out over the sides and into the small round river rock into a return sump. The water volume was only enough to be seen and keep the stones wet. There was a sound of running water as it circulated down through the river rock and into the reservoir beneath.

It didn't take much sound from the water to sound like a raging river as it echoed off of the limestone pavers and limestone veneer interior and limestone columns. Each of the stone pieces had a number of large steel eyelets embedded in various points. These steel eyelets could be used to secure restrains.

Sal's butler opened the door to greet them and escorted them to where Sal was standing. "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Munson. It is so nice to see you on time. Please come with me and I will get you ready to receive our guests." Sal said as he reached a hand around Jenny and escorted her over to one of the side rooms off of the atrium.

There was a large oak dining table, big enough to seat about twenty people. On the table were several large expensive looking cardboard boxes from Guinevere's. Sal pulled back one chair and seated Joe. Sal took a chair on the other side, across from her husband, and left Jenny standing at the end of the table.

"This is your uniform for tonight. You will be my hostess and greet everybody as they come it. With butterflies in her belly, and hands shaking slightly, Jenny started to open the boxes.

One box had some dark grey sued high heeled boots that zipped up the side. The next box had some grey silk hose that would reach up to her crotch. The next box had a grey silk dress. It was very long. The last box had a very lacy black bolero "jacket..." It had long sleeves and no buttons.

"This is what I expect you to wear tonight. You can try them on now and make sure everything fits. We don't have very much time, so you need to hurry."

Jenny was shocked at the order. She picked up the sacks with the boxes and started to turn, looking for a room to change in. "Do it here and do it now!" Sal said with a slight sneer.

Jenny was shocked. "You can't be serious. Can you grant me no modesty?" She begged. Jenny was close to tears. Sal did not reply. He just stared at her. Then he looked over at her husband. Joe looked from Sal back to Jenny. His eyes telegraphed to her that they had no options, other than complying or get arrested.

Jenny was wearing long high heeled shoes with open toes; long black silk pants; a purple sleeveless blouse; a long pearl necklace that was looped over her neck twice and hung down to her belly button. Her long reddish brown hair had been painstakingly curled and bounced and swirled with every movement of her head. Her large silver hooped earrings sparkled and framed her soft red lips magnificently.

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