Night Dreams: A Tale of Erotica
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by L.W. Mitchell

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike is still recovering from the heartbreak of divorce. Lonely and living in a very secluded and rural area of Maine, see what happens when a beautiful and lonely woman has car trouble in front of his house one hot sultry summer day.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Food   Water Sports   Nudism  

It was hot. "Sweltering", as my father used to say. The sun was relentless and the humidity was in the 90's. According to Mannix, the weather guy on channel two, "Another hot and humid one on tap today folks ... a good day for the beach." I chuckled at this as I sipped my coffee at 5:30 am, thinking about how just two years ago we would have decided he was right. After all it was Sunday, why not? Let's pack a picnic, grab the beach blankets, some towels, two canvas folding camp chairs, sunscreen, and the portable CD player and a selection of music that would, of course include Marley, Buffet, and Van 'th Man Morrison, and head to the beach for the day. Heh ... those days were over. To start with there was no more "we". She had decided that at age 50, she was missing too much, and she was in danger of losing her "cool quotient", so it was time to try a new path in life. Meanwhile, back here in reality, the grass needed mowing, and the garage needed to be swept out and my workbench organized. I sighed as I realized that I didn't represent much in the line of "Mr. Excitement". I thought, "I guess my 'cool quotient' was akin to the current temperature." That being hot and steamy, rather than cool and hip, never the less, I slipped into my favorite summer work clothes, a ratty pair of shorts, an old gray t-shirt with a few stains, a couple of small tears, the sleeves long since ripped off, making it more of a tank top now.

It was faded but one could still see the motto for the 2001 North American Blues Festival, and if you squinted real hard, you could make out the line-up of bands featured that year, and my "work Teeva's". I headed to the garage to get that done while I waited for the morning dew to dry before I mowed the lawn. The garage took about two hours to sweep and tidy up, and then I grabbed the push mower and hit the front lawn first.

I had a rider, as I had close to an acre and a half of lawn, but I had vowed to myself to push mow the lawn this year as a form of self imposed torture, uh ... I mean exercise. Still, I was in pretty good shape for 52, still lean, still had my hair, my teeth, and somewhat surprisingly to me, I still got a few "looks" on occasion from the fairer sex. Not that I paid much attention to them, I was still healing, I told myself. Maybe I was just afraid of being single again ... I mean it had been 25 years since I had been in the dating pool ... I had no idea how to go about it anymore. Ahh, the thoughts that runs through one's mind as he is pushing a mower and sweating like a dog in a Chinese restaurant while the temp was already approaching 90 degrees at 10:30 am.

Finishing the front and side lawns, I moved to the back of the house where the deck is, and proceeded to do all the trim first, then concentrated on cutting the grass at 45 degree angles, just for shits and giggles ... a different pattern."Damn ... aint I just the artistic one eh!". I finished mowing and put the mower in the garage ... it was just about noon, and I was drenched in sweat. I figured, what the hell, it's Sunday, and it's hotter than the hinges of hell... , so, I grabbed an ice cold beer out of the box and headed to the front porch where there was shade and a wicker rocker to sit in while I "rehydrated". Although I lived on a remote dirt road, not far from town, it was remote enough that there was very little traffic, Still, I liked to sit on the front porch and watch for the occasional passer-by. I was surrounded by woods, front, back, both sides of my house, and couldn't see or hear my nearest neighbors.

Secluded and peaceful, but also sometimes quite lonely. As I stepped out from the house onto the porch, I heard a mournful "Oh shit!". My eyes followed the voice and I saw a car across the road, with the hood up, and steam bellowing out of the engine compartment. Standing in front of the car, leaned over ... getting a steam bath, was a woman in a tight clingy summer dress. I realized it was tight and clingy because it was "plastered" to her body ... she was also drenched in sweat due to the steam and heat of the motor of her car, as she looked the sad situation over. The dress did little in this state to hide any part of her ... it was almost translucent in the sun.

I could see the curve of her hips and the cleft below her lower back separating the cheeks of an outstanding "backyard". "Must be wearing a thong", I thought, then chided myself for being such a pig. I called out as I walked towards her. "Looks like your car has over-heated Miss, maybe I can help." I wondered if the car was the only thing "over-heating"..."Stop It!" I told myself..."the poor woman is probably pissed off and likely a little afraid ... be a good little boy scout and help her out instead of going all x-rated on her.", The sound of my voice startled her and she turned and backed away from the front of her car a few steps. I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were prominent in her drenched form fitting summer dress. Her hair, though wet with sweat and plastered to her scalp and face, I could tell, was thick, richly auburn colored and tawny and would usually be a feature that would be most attractive under normal circumstances, but it was her eyes that captured me ... her eyes were luminescent as they studied me, her mind analyzing whether I was a friend or foe. Her eyes, almond shaped, had equal parts blue and green, with flecks of gold that glowed ... even through the brilliant noon day sun.

Keeping my eyes on hers, and trying a crooked grin, I let her study me, and said "Looks like you could use a hand."..."I live right there", pointing at my house on the other side of the road, "and just finished mowing the lawn outback ... otherwise I probably would have noticed you sooner ... it's OK, you're safe." I held my hands up in front of my chest, and continued to smile. She took a deep breath and then let it out, and she smiled, relaxing a bit..."Yeah, this damned old car is becoming nothing but a constant problem ... and me, not much of a mechanic." She eyed the beer that had drops of cold condensation dripping down the can ... I could see that she was probably as parched as I was. "Please", I offered the can, "why don't you step over on to the porch and sit in the shade and cool down with this, while we wait for your car to cool down ... then I'll take a look at it and see if I can help..." ... another friendly smile. She considered it for just a moment and nodded. "OK, thank you ... your very kind." And she smiled in return.

I tilted my head towards the rockers on the porch and said, "Make yourself comfortable while I grab me one of those ... I'll be right back out." When I stepped back onto the porch with my beer, in a "cuzzi", offering her one for her can, she had settled into one of the rockers and was trying to use her hands to wipe the sweat from her face ... I handed her the cuzzi, set my beer down on the little table between the two rockers and said, "Be right back." ... I returned a minute later with a cold washcloth and a towel, passing them to her. Her eyes told me how grateful she was for this small act of kindness. "Thank you so much, I'm sure I am just a sight ... and this dress is ruined ... what a mess." I smiled and sat in the other rocker, took a pull of the ice cold beer ... oh my, it was so good hitting the back of my throat. I had forgotten just how hot, sweaty and thirsty I was. She used the face cloth to bath her face and neck, and the towel to wipe her arms and tried to fluff her hair ... she grinned as she watched me watch her, and I noticed she was looking me over ... hmmm...

I decided it might make sense to know her name, so I stuck my hand out and said "Hi, my name is Mike, welcome to Casa Bucolic." She giggled at my "out in the sticks" reference and took my hand, "Hi Mike, I'm Lori, and I think you have a piece of heaven out here ... I wished I could afford to have a place in the country." She gave me a laconic smile and added," I can't even afford a decent vehicle." She went on, "That's why I happened to be out here when my stupid car decided to shit the bed ... I love to drive through the country, on older roads like this, check out the land and the houses and sort of dream about having a place of my own out here..." We sipped our beers and chatted, laughing at the absurdity of her situation. She intimated that being a Sunday it would be hard to find a tow truck and garage, and if she did, the cost would likely be double. I told her that before she called someone, to let me take a look, and we both sauntered back over to her car to make a diagnoses. It didn't take long, one of the rubber hoses going from her radiator into the engine block was split open. I told her that this in itself wasn't particularly problematic to repair, or even that expensive...

"The problem is here in rural Maine, the auto parts stores are not open on Sunday afternoons, so it's likely that it will have to wait until tomorrow to be repaired". I assured her that it wouldn't be all that expensive, and I would be happy to do the repairs myself. I would run into town in the morning, I had the day off, grab the hose from the local NAPA, and repair the car, and get it running for her ... the cost would be just the price of the hose. In the meantime, I offered her my hospitality ... use of the bathroom to freshen up, perhaps a bit of lunch and another cold beer, or an iced tea if she preferred. I told I would then be happy to give her a ride to wherever she needed to go if there was no one she could call. She looked at me and said, "You really are a very nice guy ... I can't thank you enough. The problem is there is really no one I can call who can drive all this way to pick me up, I live in Portland, and that is almost two hours away, on top of that, I would need to find someone to bring me back tomorrow ... a work day, and I will not ask you to drive that far."

"Well Lori, I understand, you are kind of caught between a rock and a hard place ... It probably sounds crazy to you, but you are welcome to stay here until tomorrow, or if you feel more comfortable, there is a motel a few mile beyond town on the main route...", She looked into my eyes and I could see she had made her decision, "Mike, my instincts tell me I was a very lucky lady to have had my car breakdown where it did. I feel like I am being such an imposition on you, yet I feel that I am safe, and I could sure use the money it would cost me for a motel for the car repairs ... are you sure you don't mind?" ... then as an after-thought she asked, "Will your wife mind?". I smiled, "It isn't an imposition on me Lori, and there is no longer a wife ... so, just make yourself at home. If you don't mind, I'm going to run through the shower so I don't continue to offend you with what I must smell like with all this sweat and grime ... then, if you want you can use the shower and freshen up while I make us some lunch."

She gave me a full wattage smile, "Actually I do have my bathing suit in the car, and if you don't mind, a shower would sure feel wonderful ... and perhaps you would let me wash this rag that used to be a nice dress?" I grinned and nodded, "Let's get your car into my driveway first." We walked over to her car, she got in behind the wheel turned the key to the on position so she could turn the steering wheel and shifted into neutral, while I pushed from behind and got her rolling enough to have her steer the car into my driveway. I said as we walked into the house, "Really Lori, make yourself at home ... look around the house and get acquainted while I shower ... I won't belong ... and if you need anything just holler" She smile and nodded, "OK, thanks again Mike." As I was turning to walk upstairs to my bedroom and the bathroom, even though the sweat had dried, and her dress wasn't as plastered to her body any longer, her nipples were still protruding and it made me catch my breath. Smiling and shaking my head at my school boy lust, I trotted up the stairs knowing full well that she had seen me checking out her body several times over the course of the past hour as we chatted and got to know one another a little.

I suspected she was used to it ... she was a beautiful woman. I stripped off my shirt and kicked off my Teeva's in my bedroom, depositing my shirt in the dirty laundry hamper, turned and walked out of my bedroom towards the bathroom down the hall and ran right into Lori. "Oh, I'm sorry Lori, I didn't know you were there." She had instinctively put her hands up when I plowed into her, and her hands remained on my chest, which was still covered in sweat. "Mike, I didn't mean to surprise you", as she looked into my eyes, "but I really need to use the potty." She smiled into my eyes and let her hands linger a moment on my chest. "Well", I said, "you should probably do that before I go in for a shower." Our eyes were locked on each other. She pulled her hands away and said, "I'll be just a minute, OK?" I kind of stuttered, "Uh, OK ... I'll ... ahh ... wait here for you." Did I notice a slightly exaggerated swing to her hips as she walked the five feet to the bathroom? "Behave yourself you meat head."I admonished myself, yet I could feel the sexual tension and I was getting excited ... well, "junior" was getting excited. It had been a long time since I had the pleasure of being with a woman, and my hormones were kicking in.

I heard the toilet flush and then the bathroom door swung open and Lori was standing there in just her thong. Her eyes were blazing as she displayed herself to me with a bright smile. She was absolutely beautiful, her breasts, grapefruit size, stood out from her body and her nipples protruded like a pair of rose- colored diamonds, she again flashed that mega-watt smile and slowly peeled her thong off, showing a well manicured auburn bush. "I thought since you were being so kind, Mike, the least I could do was help you conserve water and shower with you ... besides, we can wash each other's back that way." I stood mesmerized, my eyes drinking her in and junior was making my shorts into a tent. She walked over to me, her breasts swaying slightly, reached down and unsnapped the button of my shorts, reached in and I felt her hand around me as she used her other hand to pull my shorts off. I'm sure my mouth was hanging open, as she stepped back and we looked each other up and down. We both murmured "Mmmmm" at the same time and it made us both giggle. She turned her back to turn the water on in the shower, bending at the waist to reach the knobs and giving me a view of her ass with her lips visible ... I could see the wetness between them at the apex of those incredible legs. I thought I was going to orgasm right then ... oh my, this woman was a goddess. I mentally told junior to take a deep breath ... there was more to ... ahem ... come.

Snapping out of my trance, I stepped over with junior nestling between the cheeks of that incredible ass, and my hands stroking up and down her back and offered, "Is there anything I can do to help?" She again giggled, "Oh yes sir, there surely is ... let's step into the shower.", taking my hands and placing them on her breasts, as she pressed her ass against me. A moan escaped her lips as I cupped her breast and gently tweaked her nipples between the knuckles of my fingers. Her nipples were puckered and as hard as diamonds and she writhed her body back against me as I massaged her, sliding my hands down her sides, over her pubic bone and up her tummy to recapture her breasts in my hands. I was throbbing against the crack of her ass, sliding my cock over the wetness and realized the moans I was hearing were mine as well as hers. She turned and melted into my arms, both of us wrapped around each other finding each other's mouth and tongue.

Moaning, I was alternately kissing her neck and throat, exploring her mouth and tongue with my own, then moving to her neck again to take a nip, then her ear, all the while burrowing my hands in her hair, grinding my loins against hers. Panting she pushed away, turned and stepped into the shower under the streaming water and took my hand and pulled me in with her. Eyes blazing with lust, she said," We are going to make each other very happy this afternoon Mike, I can tell we both need this, but first let me ... just let me do this." She then grabbed the bath sponge hanging there under the shower head and soaped it, proceeded to soap my entire body, enjoying herself, taking her time to explore every nook and cranny of my body, pausing here, then there, murmuring and whispering to me the entire time, stopping to lick this, and to kiss that, using her hands to massage and rinse my body as she went up and down my backside and then my front side.

I was in a state of erotic stupor, this felt so wonderful, I couldn't believe what she was doing to my body, to my senses, to my senses, I was over sensory overload ... it had been so long, I really needed to be with this woman, to be one with her, to feel every delicious part of her. She then turn my back to the shower stream, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her mouth again and we kissed long and deeply. With those blazing eyes, she kissed her finger and put it against my lips and slowly, with her tongue, slid down my body coming to rest on her knees, until she was facing my cock with was rock hard and pointing straight up towards my belly button. With a soft moan she engulfed me with her mouth. The feeling was incredible, causing me to moan and to shiver with pent up lust. My knees were trembling as she applied suction with her mouth and swirled her tongue taking me deeper, then even deeper.

I knew I would not last long, the feelings were just too intense, my head was swimming and she was moaning as she continued to suck me, going down my entire length, back to the head, all the while applying gentle suction. I managed to croak in a hoarse voice, "Oh Lori this is so incredible, you are ... ahhh ... you are amazing ... Oh Lori if you don't stop for a minute, ... I ... I wont be able to stop myself ... oh my God!" Lori just moaned a little louder and took me deeper yet, my entire length was in her mouth and throat and it felt like she was trying to swallow me, this pushed me over the edge and I moaned a howl as I felt myself begin to throb one pulse after another ... the waves and pulses convulsed through my entire body as I felt one ribbon after another shooting out of me into her mouth as she continued to suck me. Somehow I managed to not collapse as my knees shivered and shook, and I moaned, running my fingers through her hair then using my hands to steady myself against the walls of the shower.

It seemed to go on forever, but finally the convulsions subsided and my heart, which was ready to explode, started to slow down to a normal rhythm, all this while Lori continued to kiss, nibble and gently suck my now flagging manhood, smiling and cooing as she did. I reached down and pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply, running my tongue down her neck, gently nipping her there. "You are amazing Lori, I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure ... oh my God, you are so beautiful, so sensuous, so ... so ... GOOD!" She moaned softly and buried her face in my neck as we clung together. Finally with my heartbeat restored to normal and my breathing somewhat regular, I pushed her a couple inches away and said, "OK lady, now ... now it's your turn, Let Mikey make YOU ecstatic."

I gently pushed her back to the shower stream, and took the bath sponge and soaped it, while she locked onto my eyes with hers, a small smile on her face. Her hands were still running over my body as I soaped her shoulders, neck, breasts, and belly. I then hung the sponge on the hook and using my hands I massaged the soap into her upper body ... under her arms, down the length to her fingers, down her sides, gliding over her belly, which made her catch her breath and bite her lower lip. I felt her stomach muscles contract, and my hands glided over her belly then up cupping her breasts, taking time to slowly rotate my hands around her firm globes, first up, then to the sides, then gently flicking her nipples watching them pout and harden.

Using my fingers I gently tweeze her nipples between my fingers causing a low moan from Lori as she arched her back into my hands ... her hands seemed to be busy resurrecting junior. She leaned into my neck and bit my shoulder as she moaned her approval, I slowly sank to my knees kissing her stomach and sticking my tongue in her belly button, again making her clench her muscles, as I soaped her legs and thighs. I started at her feet, gently using my hands to massage the soap, I noticed she didn't seem ticklish, so I even got between her toes, up the calf of each leg to her upper thighs, which I encircled with my hands sliding my thumbs between her legs at the apex and gently ran them back and forth on the very inner side of her legs, deliberately avoiding her lips, but oh so close that it made her squirm trying to rub herself against my fingers. I leaned in and kissed her mound and pubic patch, flicking my tongue quickly over the lips, just missing her clit, and causing her to groan loudly. Using my tongue I traced a trail upwards to her breasts and lathed her nipples giving each one a quick nip, making her shudder.

Using my hands on her shoulders I turn us both so the water was hitting my back as I soaped her back and ass ... down her legs, back up ... tracing her curves and pressing my thumbs into the ridge of her spinal tract. She bent slightly pushing her ass against me, trying to make contact with her pussy, whimpering slightly and turning her head to gaze at me with those luminescent eyes. I asked in a husky voice, "Do you like massage Lori? I'd like to take you into my bed and warm some oil and pleasure your body from head to toe." She pushed back against me a little harder going from flatfooted to tiptoes to rub herself against me and panted "Oh ... God yes ... I'd love a massage Mike ... please, you are driving me insane!" I made sure we were both well rinsed from soap, shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, pulling her behind me.

Grabbing a large bath towel I gently wiped her body dry, starting at the top of her neck and working my way down one leg then the other, turning her to dry her backside. I noticed that she was very wet between her legs, and managed to patiently avoid her wetness until I had her on my bed. I handed her another towel so she could do her hair ... I knew better than to mess with a woman's hair, they have their own ways to do that, but I watched her as I toweled myself dry, God, what a beautiful sight! Pulling her into my arms I kissed her and felt her hands running up and down my back ... taking her hand I led her out of the bathroom to my bedroom, grabbed a sheet of the closet shelf, spread it out and told her to lie face down while I got the oil and warmed it.

I returned a moment later to see her stretched out with her hair pulled over to the side of one shoulder, she turned her head and her eyes locked on mine while her smile made my cock twitch with anticipation. Spreading warm oil over her back I used my thumbs to trace the ridge of her spine and vertebrae, going from the small of her back to her neck stopping just below her hairline. Flattening my hands I massage the muscles of her back, sweeping down her sides and the sides of her breasts. She softly moaned her appreciation while I repeated this for about five minutes, feeling her muscles loosening and yielding to my hands. Using more oil I moved down to her legs, leaving her ass for last ... oiling and massaging first one leg and foot, the other, listening to her breathe, punctuated by soft moans and sighs. Finally, using a handful of oil, I concentrated on her ass, massaging up and down, spreading her slightly, then in a circular motion, flicking my thumbs over her lips and clit, causing her to arch and push back against me, trying to get me to penetrate her with my fingers. I complied, using both thumbs I massaged up and down on the side of her opening, then using my middle finger slid into her silken groove, flicking her clit on the upstroke with my thumb ... she was dripping wet and oh so hot. I inserted my finger about two inches into her and she pushed back wanting more, and groaned "Oh God ... yessssss ... please ... more."

I flicked her clit a few more times making her squirm in pleasure, then I gently urged her to turn over. She turned and panted at me, "Mike, your hands are amazing ... please don't stop."Oiling her chest and stomach I massaged her breast, tweaking her oiled and glistening nipples, using a circular motion, massaging her globes ... sliding down her belly as she parted her legs further apart, exposing her pussy, now swollen and slightly opened, to me. I lowered my head and used my tongue to trace the outside of her pussy, flicking her lips, and then flicking over her clit. She bucked her hips against my mouth grabbing the back of my head in her hands and grinding herself against my mouth and tongue, she whimpered, "NOW Mike ... please ... make me cum!" I began to gently lathe her pussy, sucking her clit, then flicking it with my tongue, driving my tongue into her as far as I could, sliding down to flick my tongue over her anus, causing her to cry out and squirm. I could feel the pressure building in her as she panted and moaned, squirming and bucking against me, then a deep groan and "Oh Yes! Oh YES! ... OH. MY. GOD!!!" as the waves or orgasm blasted through her...

I stayed with her, riding her with my tongue and lips while she convulsed and pulled my hair ... after just a minute, I felt her have another orgasm, which made her scream, first pushing my head into her hard, then pulling me way, saying "Enough ... enough ... I'm going to melt! ... oh my GOD Mike!" I shinnied up the bed until I could take her panting body in my arms and held her as she had small convulsions and twitched. After a few moments her breathing returned to normal and she nestled into my shoulder and neck kissing me and stroking my back. I smile at her and said "Let's cuddle for a few moments, but I am far from done beautiful, I want to make love to you so badly ... I want us to give each other even more pleasure."She hugged me tighter and squirmed against me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and moaned as we kissed.

After a few minutes of languishing in our erotic bliss, murmuring to each other, nuzzling, kissing, I began to stroke her still somewhat oily body ... running my hands up and down, circling her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers ... sliding down over her pubic bone, running my fingers through her patch, tugging on her pubes, slipping into her hot silky wetness, feeling her contract around my finger as she squirmed against my finger. Using my thumb I massaged her clit in a circular motion, then back and forth while I explored her depths with my finger, clearly arousing her as her hips began to move to my hands. She was using both hands to stimulate me, one hand on my shaft, sliding up and down, the other to circle the head with her finger and thumb ... it didn't take but a moment to make my cock rock hard again. She whispered in my ear "You have a lovely cock Mike, I could play with it all day."

followed by a quick nip to my earlobe, then her tongue in my ear. I moaned into her breasts, and increased the pressure on her clit with my thumb. "You have me so turned on Lori, I think I want spend the entire day doing this with you ... hell, I want to spend the rest of my life doing this with you." She grabbed my shoulders pulling me on top of her, "Now Mike, I need to feel you in me." She spread her legs wide, and I raised my self on my arms, looking down at this beautiful woman, highly aroused, with all her charms on display, and I felt such a charge of lust and need. Wanting this to last forever I made myself go slowly ... entering her just a bit at a time ... feeling her envelope me, stretching to accommodate ... she was hot oil silk ... the feeling was unbelievable. We both were moaning, she was squirming, trying to raise her hips ... trying to force more of me into her ... until I was completely enveloped by her ... it felt like every nerve in my body was snugly surrounded by her hot silky wetness. I began a gentle thrusting, and she matched me building a rhythm ... our arousal increased as we pushed each other to a stronger tempo ... I was thrusting into her as deeply as I could and cupping her ass with my hands, helping her drive herself against me ... she was raking my back with her fingernails and nibbling my chest, moaning, gasping, urging me on...

I pulled back, looking her in the eyes ... which were ablaze with lust, and I indicated that she should turn over ... she understood and flipped on her stomach, buried her face in a pillow, biting on her thumb, and stuck her lovely ass in the air, tilting her pelvis so her womanhood was spread and open for me. On my knees behind her I grabbed her hips, as she reached back and took me to guide me into her. Sliding into her was from this position was as incredible as before ... so hot ... so wet ... so tight ... but I was able to go deeper and she cried out in pleasure and urged me to go harder still. I began thrusting and she met each of my thrusts with her own, quickly getting into rhythm. We both groaned and growled as we went into a frenzy ... my balls were slapping against her and she was driving herself backwards against me, using her hand between her legs to stimulate herself. "OH YES MIKE ... OH YES, FUCK ME ... FUCK ME ... it is SO GOOD ... OHHHHHHHH GOOOODDDDDD, I AM GOING TO COME!!!!", she screamed and I bellowed like a bull and grabbed her hips as we both exploded ... her pussy was contracting, gripping me as I shot jet after jet into her ... we were both quaking and sweating while our orgasm blew through our bodies.

Collapsing on her, leaving myself inside her, we panted, trying to catch our breath, and letting our heart rate simmer down. I was nuzzling the back of her neck, kissing her, telling her how incredible she was ... she was mewling, and still squirming against me ... still racked with minor convulsions as her body cooled down. Finally I rolled off from her and we faced each other. Looking into each other's eyes, both of us with shit-eating grins on our face ... no question, we were pretty proud of ourselves. She patted my chest and said. "Now look what we've done ... we are just going to have to take another shower together." with a twinkle in her eyes. I laughed, "yes ma'am ... that we are, then we better get something to eat ... I think we both need to keep our strength up ... you know it's only about 2:00, we have the rest of the day and night to see if we can possibly do this any better than what we just did." She grinned, "Well, that's a challenge I'm willing to take, Stud.", giving junior a little squeeze.

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