American Riveria
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Big Breasts, Slow, Prostitution, Military,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my first time submitting a story. Do escorts really exists in paradise? Can Amy leave the business behind to start another more promising career?

"Toby, why wouldn't you believe that Santa Barbara has escorts?" said John.

"Santa Barbara is like the American Riviera from the Santa Ynez Mountains on one side, to the Pacific Ocean on the other. Did you know Santa Barbara County sits on the longest stretch of coastline in the West Coast? Did you know that Hope Branch would be the most expensive zip code in the country, if it didn't have the condos outside the gates? Between the several colleges and museums, Santa Barbara has some of the best education in the US with a population, of just under 220,000. If you go from Carpinteria to the top Gaviota, where the 101 turns right to go over the mountains into the Santa Ynez valley, that's over 45 miles driving on the 101. Think of how much pristine ocean front property that stretch is, or even just the beach access.

Santa Barbara has an amazing blend of high-income folks, with a huge population of the middle class and even the lower class with has a medium per capita income of just under $47,000.

There are over 20 pristine parks for family and kids, not including, the camping areas and cook out areas at the beaches.

How can you be so blind to this community after having lived here for almost 28 years? The only crime in Santa Barbara is the idiots that are playing gangster on the Eastside and Westside of town. Not like those guys matter in this paradise.

With all the hot students college girls from UCSB, City College and Westmont what the hell would anyone need an escort for? Even the suits and the rich pukes pick up the hotties. God knows we know enough of them that do! If you like your pussy a bit older, all the divorced MILFs are around too. The MILFS are just as much out for cock, as we are pussy.

Toby I am glad you have spent so much time getting to know the area or have just looked everything up on Wikipedia. Sometimes I think you put on some sort of rosy sunglasses, where everything just turns to a perfect world with no problems. SB is no different than LA or Florida where you moved from. Just a different place with a better dress on it." said John

"I'm calling to prove it to you." said John

"Hey Amy!" John. "Do you have time to help me out and prove to Toby everything in paradise is not as it seems?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Could we stop by your work for a few and bring a sixer? Toby can then see everything in SB is not what it seems." asked John

"Ok Hon; that is cool can you give us about 45 minutes Leila just went in with a client. He is usually pretty fast."

"Cool see you in about 45 thanks beautiful," as John ended the call.

"Toby get your ass ready, we have to stop by the store on the way to pick up some beer. It's on the way to the bars." shouted John

"You ever going to let me drive your car," asked Toby

"How much do you make a year," laughed John?

"I made like 35k last year, I know its chicken shit but come on bro, how often do you get to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 RS." whined Toby

"Not in your lifetime buddy, not unless you own it." "I haven't even let Wyatt drive it," said John

"Are you serious?" "I would have though as tight as you guys are, Wyatt would of driven it at least once." "He is probably as wealthy as you are, if you consider his parents' money."

"That's not it," stated John. "I would let him drive it, if he ever asked, only cause I know Wyatt could handle it." "The guy is as close to a race driver, as I have ever seen." Said John

"Hell, I went to driving school for 2 weeks before the Porsche was delivered," exasperatedly said John. "Everyone wants to drive this fucking car; some days I wish I never bought it with all the damn nonsense," he thought.

We pulled up to the new Ralph's grocery store, got out and went into to get the beer.

"What are we going to get for a sixer?" asked Toby

John grabbed a sixer of Corona bottle. Then went to the deli counter and asked if they could cut some limes. "Come on, let's get the fuck out of here, so you can see some pussy that costs more then you make in a month." laughed John

Toby is a good guy and really a pretty sweet guy but he was at least 8 years older then I was. He worked for some telemarketing company out in Goleta for shit. He drank away his cash or smoked it up in weed. He still paid his bills and all, but my God how could you be that old and still that fucked up. Every once in a great while, he would do some coke or X. Toby was one of those people, that was always the life of the party, very fun to be around. You never knew what sort of crazy thing he would do or say next.

As I pulled into the parking area I noticed Toby looking around. We got out and started to walk towards the green door.

"Dude! John I worked just down on the other corner like 4 months ago and ate lunch Todd's Deli right across the street everyday for lunch and never knew anything was in this building." stated Toby with way too much excitement in his voice.

Just as I got to the door, it opened, and Amy stood there in some lingerie with a silk robe. She grabbed me and gave me a big fat sizzling kiss. I scooped Amy up, never stopping the kiss and moved so Toby could come in, then quickly closed the door. Pushing Amy against the wall with my hands on her ass and our lips pushed together in a sizzling hot kiss. We both looked around and Toby was standing with his mouth hanging open not sure what to say. Leila walked out of the bathroom towards us and she grabbed the bag. All the while, her silk robe hung lose and flowed behind her naked body.

Toby was looking around the place; from the outside this place looked old and semi run down but once you walked through the door everything changed. Silk curtains hung over the windows. The entire living room and entry area was painted a deep orange red with a faux finish on the walls. The floor tiles looked to be some type of white stone with black veins. In the middle there was a large couch with a chaise on one end and a love seat in a deep burgundy red with yellow and white pillows on them, both where facing a massive flat screen TV that hung right in the center of the wall. At one end was a full bar set up on both sides of the TV where floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with DVDs and game DVD's for the Wii and the Playstation 3. Huge potted flower arrangements where everywhere on small ornate tables with silk draping hung over the tables in different bright colors. It was simple yet very elegant at the same time.

Leila was almost as stunning as Amy but a bit shorter with a Latin and Pacific Islander oriental mix. With this wild looking long wavy mane of black hair that was super full. Leila had a nice rack too, probably a C cup and small maybe a 32 or 34. In her off hours she was a gym rat who competed in women's fitness competitions, not the body building type. She had very thin, long legs that led to these huge heels so it was hard to tell how tall she was, but I would guess about 5 foot 7 or 8. All she was wearing was a silk robe that kept giving me little glimpses of her mons that looked fully shaved with a little tuff on top. Her nipples were popping out into view all the time too. Leila's nipples looked like hard pebbles. Leila always kind of reminded me of the singer from the 80's, Pebbles, with the hair and all.

This was the first time I had ever seen Leila in anything but normal attire.

Leila looked at Toby. "You want one of these or are you going to keep staring?" asked Leila

"No a beer would be nice. I'm Toby by the way."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Leila. Amy is my roommate and best friend that has semi attached herself to John."

Amy had her legs locked around my waist and her arms around my neck, so, I just walked over and sat down with her in my lap on the chaise.

Leila handed each of us a Corona with lime.

Toby looked at Amy and me before looking at Leila. "How do you all know each other?"

"We have been going out for about 6 weeks now. Amy and Leila are roommates. I have known about Anna's, as this place is called, for a couple of years now, in a couple of different locations." said John

"Hold up here John you have been holding out on me for over a year now? How could you not mention knowing these two jewels let alone mention that escorts are in this town?" stated Toby with just a bit of heat in his voice while still standing. Then, he chugged about a third of his Corona.

Amy looked at me and started laughing. That started Leila, soon the three of us where laughing. "Toby, I don't think holding out on you is the right word, let alone the right statement."

"As for Anna's, sorry man, never thought it was all that important." said John

"We started dating about 6 weeks ago. I meet Amy at Cantwell's Market, over lunch. The outside tables where full. Next thing I know I'm looking up to a breath taking blonde super model, who asked, if we could share the table. I could hardly breathe, let alone talk for about thirty seconds. Amy sort of looked stricken after about 20 seconds, but I could barely talk, so I just waved as to sit."

Flashback to that day:

Amy's statuesque body is over 5'11", just looking at her I could see the countless hours she spent in the gym. Her sunglasses where pulled up on top of her blonde mane of hair, with piercing blue eyes that drew me in. It was like looking right into her soul with a depth I have never felt before. Looking into Amy's face all I could think of was, this woman is gorgeous and her confidence just oozed right out of her. She knew I was never going to deny her a seat but she was polite enough to allow my mind time to process it. Amy's pink and yellow summer dress just flowed right off her like it had been painted on to match her tan skin. The swelling of her breasts was incredible in the snug top; I could see just a slight shine in her cleavage, as it was a nice hot day. My tongue was getting dry with the thought of licking in that sweet succulent valley. Taking in every part of Amy's body right down to long taunt legs, that were so long, my mouth was watering. I was rock hard under the table, thank God, Amy could not see through the table.

Amy was licking her lips, while checking this masterpiece of male flesh out. Genes had helped this guy out, but with his muscle definition, that comes only came from massive dedication. I wondered if he worked construction or something with those rugged good looks. While he was scoping me out, I was doing the same thing and with those hands and feet I sure hope the package fits. 'Thank god he is tall. He must be well over 6'3" and close to 220 to 240 of what looks like pure muscle. With the tank top he wore, you could see the rippling muscles of his chest with the deep V going down to his small waist. Something about dark haired men, with a bit of scruff, is something that gets me so wet. You could see the Italian side and probably a bit of an Irish side too, if you really looked at his face and hair. He was a bit mysterious for several reasons. First, his TAG Heuer watch, was not a cheap one. Plus, how many guys wore sandals that are $350 a pair? I couldn't see his eyes because of the dark Raybans he wore. This guy was blowing my hardworking construction worker theory to bits.' Amy though.

"Hi, I'm Amy, nice to meet you!"

I was still in a semi daze but that shook me out of it.

I smiled, "John, nice to meet you too."

"So, do you eat here often John?"

"Not really, I should, it is only about 5 minutes from my house, from up on the Riviera." said John. "Are you a model or something?"

"Sort of I have a portfolio, and have done some print work with a few bikini lines along with lingerie. Clothing wise, I did some work for Calvin Klein not too long ago but I doubt they will be calling me back."

"Why is that?"

"The Photographer they used just did not mesh well with me. The other models all are CK contract girls, except for Gisele Bundchen and Estella Warren. It was intimidating but the girls where great. The photographer was just such an asshole, it did not help. I don't really do the modeling for income, more for fun and trips."

"Gotcha, you feel the need for something fun to do away from the daily job. Working in Santa Barbara, allows me to only spend a few days in LA at the office. I have a condo in Marina Del Ray, even though going over the hill on the 405 is a total drag, being in the Marina makes it all worth the drive."

Funny, said Amy "We used to live by each other. I was just up the road in Santa Monica. I had a condo on Bundy, a block up from where OJ killed his wife. I moved up here about 6 months ago for a break. LA just started to grind on me after a bit. With so much more pressure from life and work, plus my parents too."

"What part of LA" asked John?

"Bel Air is where the parents live and where I grew up. I went to Harvard Westlake prep school too. Played tennis and did swimming till the boobs got too big."

"That's cool I played tennis too, along with football. I can't imagine going to prep school though. Do you go to UCSB or something, Amy?"

"No I went to USC. I have a degree in Finance, with a minor in Business."

"WOW." said John.

"Where did you go for College, John?"

"I went on a football scholarship to University of Colorado Boulder, my second year on the team, at the end of the first game, I blow my knee out. So, that basically ended my football career, so I moved back to Santa Barbara and finished with a degree in Structural Engineering. At the same time, I also work as a heavy equipment operator, which was basically the same thing I was doing before working for my High School sweetheart's dad. After graduation, I continued for about 6 months, till I meet Erhard, a Brooks graduate that worked with Architectural Digest. He traveled the world for Architectural Digest shooting different buildings, hotels or yachts. So I became his assistant for almost a year. Brooks intrigued me, figuring I could get a degree in photography and video and find something fun to shoot or action sports.

John just noticed that Amy had not touched her crab salad. Half way through my tri tip sandwich, I had not taken a bit either since Amy sat down.

"So what do you have planned for the rest of the day Amy?"

"Not too much. I'm debating about taking an evening shift at work. I've been kind of lazy lately." Said Amy

"I know that feeling. I have a ton of work to do at the home office but none of it really is interesting me today, so today, is a day off to do something fun or just relax. It is some of the benefits of being my own boss." Snickered John

"John, what do you do?"

"Two years ago, three of us pooled our money to start our own production house. Now days, we have 12 editing bays and 11 sound stages we can shoot from in the warehouse. The warehouse, also has a small office building in front for the offices and the postproduction work. In a section of the warehouse, we have a complete DVD and Blue Ray replication department with three machines going 24 hours a day. We do our own entire product lines, plus we take in outside work too. In another area, we have all the boxing and shipping services. In the back, we have loading docks for two semi trucks. It seems lately those two are filled with trucks coming and going." Said John. "My area is the production and post production with all web services and advertising. One of the partners runs the day-to-day business, the other is the Chief Financial Officers. Basically, a fancy name for the numbers guy.

"WOW! That sounds like some serious business you and your partners have created."

"It works," said John

"Enough about work lets finish eating and go do something fun, if you're game?" asked John

"Would you like to go down to Paseo Nuevo and do a bit of shopping with me, John?"

"Does that include anywhere a guy might see hot females, trying things on?" asked John with a huge grin.


"I think we can work something out." Amy said with laugh

"Amy do you have a car here?"

"Of course, but I am close. I just walked." stated Amy. "I love walking around Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara is utopia compared to LA; sometimes I walk over to the Mission and smell the roses in the huge rose garden."

"Right this way then Amy." said John. We walked to my Toyota Tacoma 4X4, where I helped Amy into the passenger side. 'Fuel' by Metallica started to blare from the speakers after I started the truck. As I was moving, to turn down the volume, Amy grabbed my hand and pulled it away. Looking over she was rocking out with her blonde mane of hair flying around.

Paseo Nuevo is this outdoor mall, right in the center of downtown Santa Barbara with State Street on one side and Chapala Street on the other side.

As we pulled into the underground parking I was watching Amy's huge mummeries moving around, while she was dancing in the seat. Her boobs reminded me of two beautiful, succulent, cantaloupes swinging around. My cock was hard as a rock; all I could think about is exploring every part of Amy. I so wanted to reach over and kiss her beautiful moist lips singing along to the song. Amy looked at me and smiled with little giggle.

"Why do I feel like a lamb that fell into the hungry lion's cage? Fuck you're making me horny looking at me like that, John," said Amy, in a sultry quivering voice.

Disconnecting Amy's seat belt, along with mine, I reached over with my hand behind her head to draw her towards me. As our lips met, I knew this was different. Our passion was flowing through our lips, slowly Amy was sliding into my lap. Moaning into my mouth, Amy was nearing the point of no return. My cock was rubbing up and down along her slit from the friction our mutual frenzy. Our kissing was passionate deep searching kisses. Moaning into Amy's mouth, I was a goner and I knew it.

"Aww Fuck!" Amy moaned, "FUCCCKK, your killing me, give me your cock NOW!" Amy's shrieking of, "FUUCCKK ME" snapped me out of my intense passion.

Her hands were fumbling with the zipper to my shorts. I felt Amy's hand grab my cock, that brought reality to front and center. I grabbed her hands before she drew my cock out.

"Amy, we can't fuck in the front of my truck at the mall unless you want to go to JAIL!" yelled John

Amy glared at me, with this glassy look in her eyes. "Like I give a fuck about what people think or if the cops bust me for fucking in the front of a truck."

She looked so cute making this statement that it just melted me. If my family did not live in Santa Barbara I would not have cared. But I knew this would be front-page news.

"Baby, you have to understand my family lives in this town. Being who we are, it would be on the news and on the front page of the News Press." stated John

'Who the fuck was I just kissing' wondered Amy, 'could this guy be one of those rich trust fund assholes or was his family dangerous or something?'

"Is your family something I need to worry about; are they dangerous or something John?" asked Amy

'Fuck, how much could I tell this chick without scaring the shit out of her. It wasn't that my family was dangerous. It was where they worked and with who.'

"Amy, all I can really tell you is this. If we continue to see each other and we get more deeply involved, I'll introduce you to my family and let them tell you what they want." Said John

My father started out in the Navy many years ago. But he still works with the Government, working mostly on things I don't know about. My step-mother works for one of the local colleges and is the dean of a department, although, not one that is related to working with students. So, between both of them, the lists of contacts they have in this town is astounding. Growing up, my parents knew about me getting in trouble, even before I did. So it seemed at the time. Between my step-sister and my brother, we got in a shit load of trouble. I honestly wonder sometimes, how we never ended up in Juvenile Hall or worse. My brother followed my Dad into the Navy, where he is now part of the Seals. My step-sister graduated college and instantly moved to Russia. She has been there over 3 years now and will probably never move back. Some in the family think she works for the CIA but who knows."

When I was 16 I got into some serious trouble and my father worked a deal with the Judge that I would spend the summer in a military style-training program and part of that would ingrain discipline in me. Little did the Judge or probably I know but I was taken the next morning by my father who drove me down to San Diego, where the next BUDS class was just starting. So, I spent the next 7 weeks getting the shit kicked out of my ass in Seal school. After that, I went to another school, where I learned how to handle a gun. Well, at least more than I already did. The next summer, I was back where I ended up, going on Arctic training in Alaska, then dive school in Florida, neither were much fun. The next summer, before I left for college, my dad had me do special weapons school and jump school. Keep in mind, I never went through the full program, of any of these more than just to learn enough and to keep me out of trouble. Looking back on it now days, I am glad I was forced to do it. But at the time, I hated my dad every minute.

"Does this make you feel any better Amy?" asked John.

"WOW! John the more I get to know you, the more complicated you become. I think I like it though, you're not like most men I have met." said Amy

We rode the escalators up to the main floor to the top. Holding hands, as we strolled around just seemed natural. Even though we only met less than 2 hours ago. Could this woman shop, she looked for bargains. At the same time, if Amy wanted something, she would just buy it too.

We went to Percy's and as soon as we were in the door, up walked the most flamboyantly gay man I have ever seen out of Hollywood. I knew many gay men but I had never met a man that made me feel so uncomfortable, just by the way he looked at me. Looking around, I really should come in here more often. Percy's had great clothes by some great designers, with all the usually suspects Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, you name it they had it. My closet was a bit barren when it came to suits and a tux. So, I figured with Amy along for some style help I might as well get both done. I can't say that I hate shopping; I just don't buy suits, it's not really my thing.

Amy and Percy figured out that Armani looked best on me. I personally like the solid black single breasted, so we went with that. They choose basic black that matched the suit for one tie, a yellow one and a nice lighter blue one. As for the tux, it looked like the same suit I had just selected, but the collar cut was different, so I could wear it with either a black tie or a bow tie. I also like the Hugo Boss suit that was black pinstripe but a different cut. Amy picked out a couple of white shirts, a few of different colors for mixing and matching. Amy insisted I buy two different pairs of shoes to wear; one was a bit glossier than the other. I have huge feet, size 13 feet, so it was a bit hard to find shoes that fit just right.

Somehow, while in the men's store, I ended up trying on a couple of really nice cardigans that were also by Armani, so 3 of those later, plus the suits by Armani and one by Hugo Boss, with the shirts and ties we left $6700 later. The store would deliver the suits to my house later that week.

We left the mall area, went across the street and down a little side street to this shop that said Isabella's, but you could not see in. We stopped at the door, Amy reached out to press the buzzer on the door. When the door was opened we stepped in, and I was blow away; I though Victoria Secrets was hot, Isabella's place made it look like child's play. Amy got a giant hug by Isabella, as I would later learn, was the owner.

Isabella could have been in her 30 to 50's, it was hard to tell with her being French. She had this refinement that most Americans never seem to have. Isabella was dressed in top fashion, in what looked right from the most current magazines. European women have always been sort of a turn-on but a mystery to me at the same time. Isabella fit that bill to a tee.

Isabella led us to a little table in the corner, where she had pastries and drinks. Once we were all sitting, Amy asked Isabella, "Do you have any new items you have received lately. I know I am in all the time but I was hoping you might have a little something up your sleeve."

"You must know my delivery schedule like clockwork, my dear; the girl is in the back unpacking as we speak. Let me go look and I will hang something in the fitting room for you" said Isabella

Before Isabella left "Would either of you like some of this lovely Riesling I picked up at Whole Food earlier?"

"Please that would be wonderful to go with some of the delicious pastries." said Amy

"I take it your in here all the time?" asked John

"Yea, I probably have spent $60,000 in here since I moved to town. Isabella also special orders many of my clothes too, like this sundress." Said Amy

"WOW! Some fetish you have going." Said John

"I prefer the European cut of many women's clothes, to the American cut. Plus, many of the European designers seem to make clothes that fit my body better, to make me feel more sexy."

"Well I guess I learn a new thing every day. I haven't a clue about female fashion, let alone a man's either. Said John

"Well, I can write most of it off for taxes, for either the modeling or other things." said Amy, "If that makes you feel any better."

"I take it, you have never been audited then?" asked John

"O good heavens on." stated Amy. "My father sent me to his tax guy as soon as I turned 18."

I should probably get a referral to her tax guy. Mine is good, but 60k in lingerie. as a write off, hers is better.

Isabella came out and said, "Right this way Amy."

Now alone at the table with my glass of Sweetness Sweet Riesling[1]. I am not much for wines but these guys do make some of the best. I had already eaten one of these delightful dark chocolate oatmeal cookies. I was having a hard time picking up the other tastes it seemed like a bit of lemon zest. I loved this store. It felt like walking into a whole different country, with the lush colors on the walls to the different fabrics blended together for the unique textures. I moved over from the small table to a chaise lounger that was placed by the raised podium in the middle of the floor. The fabric was like this crazy pink velour. Victoria Secrets always kind of made me feel like a pervert or that I was not really welcome in the store. With Isabella's store it felt like it was natural part of the fantasy for men and women's sexuality that seemed to be something to explore. From the provocative images on the wall in black and white mixed in with the fabric montages, brought forth a sensuality and sexuality that most stores could not even touch.

Isabella came from the back towards the front and flipped the sign on the door and locked it. As she was walking back she stopped by the table to pick up her glass of wine. I was focusing on the curtain Isabella had come from a few minutes earlier when Amy stepped out. My jaw hit the floor as Amy strutted towards me in her catwalk strut right off the runways of fashion week in Paris. Amy had a corset with bright purple and black vertical strips, and the tops of her boobs were pushed so far out I could see the edges of her areoles, all this was complimented with cute purple boy shorts with black fringe on them. I loved the black garter belt Amy wore, I always loved how garter belts framed a women's ass. Following the garters down, I found purple stockings wrapped around the sexiest set of legs I had ever seen. The ensemble continued right on down to the kinkiest of heels. These heels were sky scrapers, with a metal shaft that was at least 6" long, having small diameter, long cords to wrap around Amy's foot and ankle. Around the outer edge of the shoes, were small metal shiny spikes. As I looked up, I noticed both her wrists had leather cuffs on them, with the same shiny metal spikes. Around Amy's neck was this cute leather collar, again, with the same shiny metal spikes. Even the two ponytails she had pulled her hair into, had the same shiny leather bands with spikes. My cock was so hard I felt like cumming in my pants was a serious possibility. My mouth was drooling. I reached over and chugged the rest of my wine just to stop drooling.

How could this woman, so new to me, know my turn-ons so fast? I had always loved kinky wild woman; especially ones that tended to be a bit more punk rock-rocker girl, even the rockabilly girls. But they tended to have too many tattoos.

Amy came over and sat in my lap looking at me, "do you like?" I was having a hard time answering, as she was grinding her ass on to my cock.

"I love it! How did you know I would love this outfit on you?"

"Most men love the general outfit but I thought you might like the look with the spikes."

"It drives me crazy." shuttered John "I have dated a few women with some piercings, like the eyebrow or the lip. Obviously the more obvious ones like the clit or the nipples too. The clit is not really my thing. I used to have my tongue pierced a few years ago, along with my eyebrow. For years, both my ears were pierced and I wore a set of 2 caret diamonds."

Could I get this beautiful man to regress back to the days with the hardware and the diamonds? Maybe I could add a bit more too. HE, HE, HE. Just the thought makes me so wet.

"So any hidden tattoos?" asked John, as he was caressing as much of Amy's flesh as he could. My hand wormed it way up under those boy shorts, so I could massage the flesh of her cheeks. I was hopeing Amy would say something, before I lost control and flipped her over so I could lick my tongue all over her little pink asshole. "Well, maybe one day soon, you will see my tattoo next to my pussy, if you're so lucky." Amy giggled, with this teasing look. Glancing around I noticed that Isabella was gone.

I thought fuck this. I flipped Amy over the side of the chaise as she shrieked, ripping the boy shorts right off of her spread tan ass cheeks. I began kissing all over her ass, working my way towards her pretty pink asshole. As I was extending my tongue, digging in for the gourmet meal that awaited my probing tongue, it slithered into the deep recess of Amy's ass cheeks. Ever so lightly, my tongue burrowed deeper into Amy's asshole, with the help of my hands, spreading her soft supple cheeks as wide as they would go.

Coating my finger in saliva, I started to push my middle finger into Amy's ass. I was slowly licking my finger as it disappeared down in to the depths, until my whole long thick finger was completely buried. My left hand had worked around Amy's hips, dipping down and inserting two fingers deep in Amy's soaking wet, tight, pussy, as my thumbs were rubbing circles around her clit. Amy was shaking and shuttering and moaning these little cooing noises.

It looked like a fit of some kind was taking place, when her pussy became like a vise on my fingers, pushing my fingers out as it felt like her pussy was turning inside out right before Amy squirted liquid all over my hand my face and soaking the chaise. Shaking and moaning with this whale of a sound coming out of Amy, she just collapsed right onto the chaise. I slid my shorts down grabbed my cock and lined it up with Amy's ass and slowly started pushing into her. She was so wet from my tongue and pussy juice that lube was not issue as I sank my cock all the way deep in her ass.

"OMG" What did you stick in my ass?" Screeched Amy. "That thing must be a fucking foot long. My God, how did it not split me open? Please don't move for a minute." Begged Amy, so I just held it deep, letting her adjust to my size for a few minutes. "How big is your cock? I have been with some serious meat before but my God yours is like super sized."

"Last time my cock was measured it was 11 æ inches it's probably about as big around as my wrist, so figured two of yours maybe."

"Seriously John, please make sure not to tear me. I will open up some more too if we go slowly. I am a total anal whore with the right guy." moaned Amy. John's hands felt like electricity every time he stroked my back as he moved around to my boobs, the sensation just went right to my clit. I was so turned on, it was crazy no guy had ever connected like this with me.

Slowly, I started to move some and Amy started with pushing back, so I pulled a bit out, then started to push back in deep. "Ohh, fuck keep doing it slow and deep" moaned Amy.

Every time I did this, Amy's body would shake a bit, and slowly her head started to come up to rear back, as her tits were being pushed out further and into my hands. Building up a bit of steam, with longer and deeper strokes, I could feel the vibrations coming right off Amy's body. Crashing through orgasm after screaming orgasm, Amy's body was on rapid fire with the perspiration dripping off her body the electricity between us was so intense. "Fuck me fuck me DEEPER you fucker..."

With both hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them as far apart as humanly possible my body started to just pound into Amy it was like my brain shut off. I found another gear I never knew I had.

"OOOO FUCK," moaned Amy. "I can feel your cock in my throat, I swear," screamed Amy.

I was nowhere near close, but the eruption was going to start soon. Amy was just vibrating like a runway dildo. I reached up and grabbed both her ponytails, thus getting some serious leverage to really pound into her gapping ass. I was pulling all the way out now, just so I could look down Amy's wide-open ass.

"Please put it back in, PLEASE?" Amy would beg every time I pulled it all the way out.

I pulled all the way out I spit into her ass and watched it fall deep inside before slamming my cock back in. "Do you like being spit on? You filthy little Whore. Do you like me spitting into your gapping Asshole?"

"YES!" moaned Amy. "Yes please do it again!"

I smacked her ass, leaving a nice red hand print on each of her ass checks before reaching around with my left hand flicking her clit a couple of times. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" became the chant Amy was moaning. Two of my fingers slid in, curling up to rub her g-spot.

With my cock hitting bottom and my fingers rubbing her g-spot Amy screamed so loud I could not concentrate, before her pussy shoved my fingers out, while squirting huge shots of liquid 3 or 4 times. The gripping on my cock was like a rolling gripping massage that took me right over the edge. Amy flipped free as she felt my cock start to pop. Wrapping her hand around the base of my cock, she pressed so it stopped my explosion till her mouth was wrapped around my cock right from her fresh fucked ass. Several huge squirts later Amy swallowed my cum. She was kissing her way up my chest, then to my neck, right into a passionate kiss. I could taste myself and normally I would have pushed her away, but with Amy, I just got more heated and sensual.

I looked down to see her bare pussy looking up at me, with the Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs. Her tattoo was of Calvin pissing, like in the bumper sticker but where the Ford or Chevy should have been was her clit. Sometime, in all of this, I lost my shorts and shirt, so I was buck naked.

"Holy shit John you have a full chest and back of tattoos, along with short sleeves." excitedly said Amy. "I love tattoos on guys especially when the work is really well done and thought out." This guy had bad boy written all over him... "Why did you stop with the short Sleeves? Asked Amy

"Well my Dad told me that in the business world either I would need to wear long sleeves all the time or I could stop with mini sleeves." said John. "At the time I was pretty sure I was going to be going down a different path so I stopped. My Buddy Phil who is a graphic designer and tattoo designer has made the designs for full sleeves; I have just never gone to start getting them done.

We both began to clean ourselves up, as Amy reached under the chaise and pulled out a couple of towels and said follow me. She led me through a door I never even noticed, that lead to a full bathroom that was very luxurious, in that, it was well appointed in marble. In the corner, was a rather large shower with several different products for washing. "So been here often?" I asked. Laughing, Amy said "No first time, I think Isabella could feel the need we both had when we walked in. She mentioned to just go knock your socks off and if we needed to shower, she said where it was. Isabella and her assistant both stepped out for a late lunch."

Laughing, I just started to soap up Amy. "Boy, you are full of surprises, so is this what every day is like being around you?" Asked John.

"I am pretty wild but I think I need a man that could maybe keep up and instill a bit of control. Is that maybe a position you would like to apply for?" asked Amy, while looking up at me with these eyes full of mischief and a bit of trepidation in them.

"Interesting offer you make babe. So what else do I get for all the trouble this partnership could lead too?" Asked John

"Well you already took my ass; by the way that is hard to get, not many have had the chance. That is usually at least a bench mark for the 20th date." Laughed Amy, "So I guess my pussy and whatever your little heart wants from my body. Is that good enough for you?" asked Amy

"Well you do drive a hard bargain but I think a kiss will seal the deal," said John, as leaned into kiss Amy, to seal the deal.

[1] Municipal Winemakers Sweetness Sweet Riesling

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