Poker Face

by Destiny Parker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kristen meets up with an old friend. They play poker with some of his buddies and one of them gets lucky, while Jake stays true to his marriage vows. Can he stay strong when they are alone? Find out.

As Kristen stepped from the shower she took a towel from the hook on the wall. She used it to wring the excess moisture from her hair and then toweled what was left of the shower from her lean body. She wrapped the towel around her body and then tucked the free end under the edge of the towel to hold it in place. She walked into her bedroom, slid open the closet door and surveyed the clothes hanging in front of her.

She pulled down a linen blouse. It was a short sleeved-lavender blouse with a small pocket on each breast and two small, white buttons where it came together in a "v" at the front. She laid it on the bed and pulled open the bottom drawer of her dresser where she found a pair of light stonewash jeans. She let the towel fall to the floor and pulled the jeans up over one long leg and then the other. They were fitted in the butt and thigh areas and then widened a bit as they reached the tops of her feet. She rummaged through the top drawer and found a white cotton bra. She hooked it over her shoulders and fastened it in the back before slipping the shirt over her head.

Kristen had packed her suitcase the night before. It sat open atop the chest at the bottom of her bed. She surveyed the contents checking to make sure she had everything she needed from her bedroom then she zipped the lid closed. She lugged it into the living room, mentally running down the list of things she needed for her trip, checking each thing off as she went. She set the suitcase by the front door and headed back to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

It was not too often that Kristen was able to get away to do something fun. She was looking forward to leaving work behind for the weekend and spending time with old friends. She had taken Friday off and made reservations at a nice hotel. It was a two hour drive into the city, the 160 miles driven entirely on the freeway. She had loaded a new audio book onto her iPod for the drive and was looking forward to meeting some new characters.

Kristen squirted mousse into her palm and then rubbed her hands together. With both hands she scrunched the mousse into her damp hair. Her light brown hair was slightly wavy so sometimes she would add mousse right out of the shower and let it air dry into long spiral curls. She wore very little makeup most days and today was no exception. She brushed on two coats of mascara and smeared gloss on her lips. She threw a few things into her bathroom bag and headed for the door. Kristen opened the trunk of her car and loaded her suitcase before slipping in behind the wheel and heading out of town.

Time and scenery passed quickly as Kristen lost herself in the story unfolding in her ears. Since deciding to give audio books a try, Kristen had found herself disappointed to arrive at her destination as this meant she had to put aside her characters until another time.

She had made reservations at the Golden Dragon and she drove toward downtown so that she could get checked in to her room. Some of her friends had been talking about the nightclub inside the casino where they planned on going later in the evening. She approached the check-in desk and handed the clerk her credit card and ID.

Kristen checked her phone and saw that she had a text. She assumed it was from Kelly since she had written her earlier to let her know that she was in town. She was surprised however to see that it was from Jake. "How's it going?"

Kristen replied, "Great! I am in town for the weekend to see Kelly. We are going out tonight you should come! Bring your wife!"

Kristen's phone dinged and she looked down. Jake had replied that he was going to a poker game with some friends from work and that his wife was going out with some of her girlfriends.

Kristen texted him back, "That's too bad ... it's going to be FUN!"

Kristen had gone to high school with both Jake and Kelly. They had all grown up together. Sometime during their junior year Kristen and Jake had started sleeping together. They had a lot in common and there had always been chemistry. It had been sporadic and once Jake had fallen in love with Samantha—the girl he married—they had remained friends. They had kept in touch over the years through email and found they made just as good of friends as they had lovers. They talked about work and Jake was always a welcome voice of reason when Kristen needed advice.

"It's probably for the best," Kristen thought.

She hadn't seen Jake in years and more often than not their written conversations turned to sex. They flirted shamelessly and talked about the things they would do to each other if Jake was single. The last time she had seen him he had been with his wife and still Kristen had fantasized about all the ways she wanted him to fuck her. Each time she had gone into the bathroom she had wished that he would come in and take her from behind like he had when they were young.

She texted back, "Maybe next time."

Jake was tall and handsome. His once bright red hair had darkened to a burnished copper and his boyish good looks hadn't changed much in the last 10 years. His smile was impish and each time he flashed it, it seemed that he had a secret that was too good to share. He had been a star athlete in their high school days and even though he only played basketball from time to time now that he was all grown up, he still had that "just from the court" look about him.

He wrote back immediately, "We are missing a poker player, so if you change your mind let me know. I'd love to have you at the table!"

"That could be fun! Five guys, one girl? Hanging out with Jake again?"

She loved to play poker. She didn't get to do it much. Her work schedule was quite grueling and ever since Full Tilt had been shut down it had seemed like such a hassle to go looking for a new site to play poker on.

Kristen took her suitcase to the fold out rack in the closet and set it on the fabric straps that were strung across it. She unzipped the top of the case and began to unpack. She put the shirts on hangers in the hotel closet and laid the pants out across the suitcase to air out. She was glad that she had packed a hoodie, it was only 6 o'clock and it was already starting to cool off outside. It would get hot inside the club but outside it would be chilly.

Kristen was pleased that the room was nice and spacious. There was a king bed situated with the headboard against the wall to her left and to her right was an oak armoire with 3 drawers in the bottom and doors that she was sure hid a TV on the top. Past the bed was a seating area with two overstuffed chairs and a table. She was pleased to see that there was plenty of room between the armoire and the seating area. Kristen liked to do yoga in the mornings before she showered and that open expanse would be the perfect place to put down her mat.

She walked back toward the door and went into the bathroom to freshen up, taking with her the tank and jeans that she planned on wearing. She flicked the switch and was greeted by an expanse of white marble. There was a large white tub and shower combination on her right and a double sink under warm lighting to her left.

Kristen wet a washcloth. She used it to wipe her armpits and between her legs. The cloth was cold and when it touched her sex she shuddered. The tank top had its own built in bra so she took her cotton one off and laid it on the counter. She stood in front of the mirror and admired her naked body. Her pink nipples were erect thanks to the cold washcloth and she rubbed them with her fingers taking a breast in each hand. She twisted this way and that to get a good look at her body. Her long hair sashayed around her as she moved.

Her reflection wasn't spectacular but she was satisfied with what she saw. She was not muscular but thin. Her arms showed a small bit of definition but her stomach and legs were smooth and undefined. Her skin was the colored of fresh cream. She had always hated that. As a teen, she had laid out in the sun and had gotten nothing to show for it but painful sunburns and peeling skin. In the last few years she had come to accept her paleness and had even begun to cherish it as she watched those who spent time in tanning beds begin to wrinkle up like prunes.

She told herself, "Maybe you aren't a tanned goddess in the summer, but at least you won't look like a raisin when you're 60." It made her feel better most of the time. Once in a while when she flipped through the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog she would start to think she should make a tanning appointment but it didn't take long for her senses to return and she would throw the catalog away, cursing models and their perfect beauty. Kristen was beautiful in her own way and she had to remind herself of that, lest she begin feeling like the ugly duckling.

She pulled on the skin tight jeans and topped them with a skinny braided leather belt. Next she covered her breasts and bare stomach with a teal tank top. It was gathered in the front and scooped low enough to show a fair bit of cleavage. The back was low as well and all of the exposed skin gave her a comfortable feeling. She turned and admired her ass in the full length mirror to the right of the sink. She was pleased with what she saw. Just then she heard her phone ding from the spot on the bed where she had left it. She walked back into the room and flopped across the bed.

There was a text from Kelly, "OMG! My babysitter canceled. Call me when you get this!"

Kristen's heart sank. She dialed Kelly's number and listened as it began to ring. Kelly picked up on the third ring, "I am so pissed right now," she said without introduction.

"What's going on?" Kristen asked, unaware she was holding her breath.

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