Jenna's Fantasy

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jenna confides her secret fantasy to her boyfriend who endeavors to make it come true

We had been drinking wine and beer; had even done a couple lines of coke that fateful night while fooling around on my couch. As I recall, I had a hand under her bra toying with her nipples when Jenna asked if I'd like to hear about her fantasy.

"Of course I would, Jen," I replied. And why not, any insight into her deviously feminine mind might prove helpful in our relationship.

Jen gave my dick a friendly squeeze, giggled nervously and said, "All right. I've been wanting to tell someone about it."

"Maybe I can make it come true," I volunteered.

She laughed outright at that then said, "Jeez, wouldn't that be something!"

"So, go on, lay it out for me, Jen."

"I lay in bed at night thinking about being raped."

"Do I know this rapist?" I asked, thinking it was me she had in mind.

"To be honest, sometimes it's you, but more often of late it's somebody else. Someone I've never met. You know, a complete stranger."

"And it makes you hot," I added.

"Does it ever; I have to jill off afterward. I have the most tingling sensations for hours afterward."

She climbed onto my lap and, keeping her eyes coyly averted, caressed my shoulders. I must have derailed her train of thought when I started kissing the hollow of her throat. I felt a shiver run down her spine, and a soft sigh escaped her lips. I worked my way up her neck, becoming more adventurous with every kiss.

Jenna pressed herself into my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist, her skirt hiked up above her thighs. My hands drifted down along her ribcage to the curve of her waist, caressing all the way then skimmed along the silky smooth texture of her thighs.

Her palms shimmied their way over my chest, her fingers toying with the taut nipples, obviously enjoying the firm muscle beneath her hands. Jen had told me her old boyfriend had been skinny, and she couldn't get used to the difference between us. I had hopes of making her forget him completely.

Her body was responding with an enthusiasm that was almost embarrassing. The wine, coke and touching my body along with my strategic kisses had her giddy enough to confess that she found my mouth ever so sensual as it moved over hers.

"Like what I'm doing?" I asked, teasing her into responding by ending my kisses for the moment.

"Um ... you're kisses ... they're sooo hot ... I love the way you suck on my lips and all the teasing and pressures and the starting and stopping..."

Jenna paused to take a deep breath. I continued caressing her, moving my hands up the backs of her thighs and under her skirt to squeeze the cheeks of her fine ass. I heard her encouraging me with murmurs of excited pleasure. My fingers seemed to float over the crotch of Jen's panties. They were almost soaked through. On feeling them make contact with her genital area, she parted her legs, inviting me to do more.

We entered a hungry, wanton kiss, that lasted until I rolled her over on her back, laid on top of her and began moving her body up and down the length of my cock; then I renewed the kissing.

From then on all Jenna wanted to do was have me fuck her.

"Wanna suck my dick for a while, Jenna?"

"Sure, lemmie take it out."

She straddled my legs and extracted my cock. I moaned as her hand moved over the swollen, sensitive flesh of my erection.

Then with one hand holding the base, she lowered her lips to the circumcised head, circled it with the flat of her tongue and absorbed it into the wet warmth of her mouth.

I found my hands curled in her hair, whispering encouragement to her actions.

Jen sat herself on my abdomen, making sure I could feel how wet she still was against my skin, and leaned in to kiss me on the mouth. Blindly, I reached around her and released the clasps on her bra and attacked her lush breasts while she kissed my neck at the point where it met my jaw and sucked softly, leaving a very noticeable love bite.

"Mmm, Jenna, c'mon finish me off," I pleaded, my voice sounding husky even to me.

"Kay," she said, and drew the head of my cock into her mouth and held its penetration at about two inches. After a minute or two, she discovered her mouth was producing a great deal of saliva, and found my cock easier to manage.

Actually I had thought Jenna had had more experience in oral sex. I would learn that mine was only the third cock she'd had in her mouth. The first had been a furtive experience, over to quickly for her to realize what she'd done right or wrong. The second was with a guy who'd cum quickly after a long make-out session, and when he came in her mouth he'd almost choked her with his semen.

Still, Jenna hadn't been reluctant to accept me when I asked and I took that as a positive. Actually, her technique, such as it was, improved minute by minute. Having satisfied her that I wasn't going to come for some time, Jenna began experimenting; wrapping her tongue around my cock and making me feel pretty damn good.

"Good job, baby," I cooed to her. Jenna responded by sucking hard and her tiny hand circled that part of my dick not in her mouth and began jerking me off. It was instinctual on her part, and more importantly, Jenna was enjoying it.

I called her name out. Jenna removed me from her mouth. "What? Am I doing it wrong?"

"No, but keep it out for a minute. I want to see you licking it."

Jenna began licking the head as if it were an ice cream cone.

"That's great," I told her. "Now, just run your tongue up and down it, all the way. Then take it into your mouth and suck hard. Do it a couple times, okay?"

Eager to please, and anxious to learn, Jenna said, "Oh, yeah, for sure."

Her pink tongue darted out to flicker over the sides of my dick from the base to the crown, and she seemed to revel in the sound of my groans. Her tongue was moving like a snake, coating every inch of my velvety soft, yet hard as steel cock with a fine patina of sweet, warm saliva.

"I ... I can actually feel the blood rushing through your ... um, cockie.

"Do my balls," I croaked, no longer trying to control my voice. "Lick them, just like my cock."

Without the slightest hesitation Jenna moved to my testicles, holding the soft globes in the palm of her hand and examining them carefully before applying her tongue to them, licking softly, knowing they were delicate beings, and feeling the joy of having me trust her to handle my 'crown jewels.'

She became a little more adventurous with my love sacs, opening her mouth wide, and taking both balls into her mouth. And when I couldn't stand it anymore, I whispered feverishly, "Suck my cock again ... hurry!"

Reluctantly, Jen relinquished my balls, and after brushing the hair from her eyes, took me into her mouth. She also made sure she kept my balls in her hand, teasing them with the tips of her fingers as she increased the velocity of her suction.

"Jenna! I'm almost there!" I called out in warning.

She renewed the intensity of her sucking.

"No! Please stop!"

"What?" she said, plopping me from her mouth.

"I ... I want to try something. That is if you don't mind."

"What is it, baby?"

"A tit fuck; I want to fuck your tits."

Jenna didn't understand and blurted out, "There's no fucking hole there. How are you gonna fuck them?"

I managed a weak laugh, and Jenna gave me a questionable grin.

"Rub it between your tits," I told her. "Go on, squeeze it between them."

"Oh," she said, beginning to understand. She took my dick and pressed it against her chest, using her other hand to press her breasts together. Glancing down, Jenna saw for herself how her breasts formed a nearly perfect channel for my slimy cock to ride.

I began moving. Every now and then my prick would protrude all the way to her mouth, allowing Jenna to make further use of her talented lips and tongue.

"Take it into your mouth again," I croaked a few seconds later. "I'm ready to cum now. Don't be scared. I'm going to shoot off in your mouth."

"I don't want that," she said.

"Don't worry; it won't choke you, Jen."



Moments later her tongue was dancing over the head of my cock again; I held off as long as possible, prolonging that feeling of pure rapture that comes with the orgasm.

I came. With the first spurt, Jenna whipped me out of her mouth, and then not knowing what to do with it, held my cock scant inches from her face and I emptied my balls all over her face.

Evidently Jenna found this funny and more pleasant than having to choke on the load that would have filled her mouth had I remained in it while ejaculating.

Jenna got up from the couch as quickly as possible, and ran into the bathroom for a towel. She wiped the sperm from her eye, and then tried to clean it from the rest of her face. I have no doubt but that she was extremely embarrassed at letting me witness her lack of composure.

"I ... I guess another woman would have handled the situation differently," she said, revealing her mortification to me. I quickly reassured her that what she had experienced was fairly common, especially when not all that experienced at giving head.

"Why didn't you have better aim?" she asked petulantly.

"Um, how do I say this tactfully?"


"Jenna, you were holding the weapon that discharged in your face. Um, you were aiming it, not me."

She started laughing. "I was wasn't I?"

"Yeah, you was," I added, joining her in the laughter.

We had some more beer and wine, and then thinking I'd never find her more receptive to the question I wanted to ask, put the question to her.

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