Greta's Story 3: High School Senior Year a Naked in School Tale

by Chessman

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Desc: : First I had agreed to take the work-study job with the Program, which in addition to my gardening money and my nursing home hours was putting a tidy sum away for college. My medallion, which identified me as a full time Naked In School participant, had been taken from me on the first day of senior classes. Oddly, a small stainless steel collar replaced the medallion. The collar clicked closed and was fitted with rings mounted on it front and back. Also added were locking bracelets and anklets t

Funny, after Sam and Brenda and I returned from Gramma Kramer's the summer quickly melted away into the new school year.

Three new things separated junior year and senior year. First I had agreed to take the work-study job with the Program, which in addition to my gardening money and my nursing home hours was putting a tidy sum away for college. My medallion, which identified me as a full time Naked In School participant, had been taken from me on the first day of senior classes. Oddly, a small stainless steel collar replaced the medallion. The collar clicked closed and was fitted with rings mounted on it front and back. Also added were locking bracelets and anklets that also had small rings mounted on them.

I had stepped up from Naked in School to Naked in Society. Apparently those who opted into Naked in Society also agreed to voluntary RESTRAINED display, besides the posing required of the student. Oopsie, this meant that at any time, any where, I could be chained or tied to a pole, fence, or wherever and put on display, and since I was now over eighteen display included use. Not just fingering or the occasional girl's tongue; nope, full public humiliation sexual use.

Sam made sure that my shots for menstruation and sexually transmitted disease were up to date; yet the little problem persisted that I was still, technically, a virgin. My hymen was gone from dildo and vibrator use, but a male organ had yet to enter me.

I asked Brenda about this, but, good church girl that she was, she hadn't been a virgin since freshman year, and she asked if I was interested in any of the boys in school. Nope, no interest there, though some were cute enough, some were bold enough, but all of them had seen and touched me over the course of the previous year and none really set off the buzz in my vagina that would make me want to do IT with THEM.

Brenda had smiled and told me to come home with her that afternoon. I cleared it with Sam, heck, Brenda was at our place so often that Sam welcomed the 'ravenous duo' as she called us eating elsewhere for an evening.

It was there I met HIM! Michael, who was a second year college student, varsity swimmer, and Brenda's cousin, was visiting while on his way back to his classes. OMG if I wore panties they would be soaked through just looking at him.

We bantered during dinner and Michael told of his first year at college at P-FIT where he was studying chemistry. He was trying to green the world by finding a way to break down plastics and synthetic fibers for reuse as garment and industrial textiles. To the girl sitting naked and dripping into the towel Brenda's parents had placed on my chair, it sounded noble if unnecessary. Then I realized that fabrics were all around me from carpets to drapery to the very cloth upon the dinner table. Maybe not so unnecessary after all, I thought.

Michael was wearing sandals, baggy cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. I was wearing my collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. The boy was definitely overdressed as far as I was concerned and I realized Brenda had given me Adonis for my first lover and I could not wait to unwrap him.

So my first time was with a college man who had seven of the hardest firmest most filling inches of manhood I had ever known. He knew me, as my birth parent would have put it, four times before the next morning, and as he dressed to continue his trip to college he was wobbly on his feet. Me, I walked to school looking like I'd been rode hard and put in the barn wet. Brenda giggled and smiled the entire half-mile walk from her house to the school. Sam called me into her office before first bell and took one look at me, the look that asks, "WELL?"

"His name is Michael, he is Brenda's cousin, he's in college and WOW was IT good!" I offered as explanation. Sam nodded and told me to hit the shower before classes and make sure what ever could drip out went down the drain and not on a chair in a class room. She spoke so blunt and so practical that my buzz abated greatly. Blunt, my dear reader, was my adopted mother's personality.

I finished my core classes and began my first of two work-study jobs, my gardening project around the school grounds, at the same time most others in the senior class were going to lunch. Weeding, mulching and planting fall flowers and laying out the beds for the spring bulbs took me from the start of school year in the end of August straight through Halloween. The colder months stalled my first job, and brought new challenges for my second.

I was the mentor/encourager for reluctant female students entering their mandatory week of nudity in the school. While most girls didn't mind shedding their clothes and romping about naked in WARM weather, once the chill of November set in the girls chosen for the next five months needed a deal of coaxing to try the mandated outdoor participation for sports and school activities. Before that it was dealing with zits, or bruises or the occasional period for a girl who was not on the three or six month ovulation regimen. After November 1st though, it was a series of reluctant Candy, Mandy, Mindy, Cindy, Linda, Sharon, Karen, Doreen, Maureen, and Sue naked in school candidates who OMG did not want to get hard nipples or turn blue walking around town naked.

Usually after a day or two of my escorting them they got over it and began to enjoy the fun of 'shop ducking' as I had dubbed it. There were a few kids who only had the mandatory community service to do outside of school grounds and they were bussed to their locations and picked back up. But the others who had a lot of school activity that was out and about in the community had to walk unless they had driver licenses and cars. Lots of spring session juniors and most seniors did have their own rides, I still had the Blue Bomber that Gramma Kramer had given me, and could have given rides to some of the girls who did not. Yet, I had been instructed to keep with the spirit of the Program and encourage public exposure within the community for the girls participating in the program's short term required phase. To that end I invented the 'shop duck'. I had gone ahead to the local coffee shop, hardware store, convenience store, and car dealership, all spaced about two city blocks apart from each other, and had gotten permission for any girl in the program to spend as much time as they needed in each shop to warm up during the winter.

The coffee shop offered free hot cocoa and the use of its rest room for all nude participants from November 15th through April 15th and it was a popular stop off point. The hardware store, midway between the business district and the residential area, was as far as many girls could get before they needed a warm up. Not much for a girl to see or do there but the place was always packed with do-it-yourselfers and contractors come the end of the school day, all hoping for one or two of the girls to appear. The convenience store was another potty stop and offered a snack cake or bag of chips and bottled water [room temperature] to the girls who dropped in. The auto dealer, well, Thom's Toyota got a lot of business when men began to see naked girls behind the big glass showroom windows. Thom set it up with his sales people that if the girls showed up three times they would be eligible for a ten percent discount on any used car on his lot. Five times for fifteen percent and those of us who had opted for the full time nudity program, each appearance was worth half a percent off. With over one hundred eighty school days, by the end of the second year of the Naked In School Program Thom had given four girls their cars for ten percent of the book value. More importantly the regional manager had awarded Thom Dealer of the Year two years running, as his new car sales were vastly outpacing his competitors. His trade ins moved well also, with many girls getting their first cars from him at a significant discount.

The one downside of Thom's was what I had to do to get him to agree to his participation. I was shackled by my restraints to his dealership sign all day one Saturday with the electronic sign above blinking," If You Like What You See Today, Drop by during the week from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m." He didn't even let me break to pee. There was a puddle between my legs by the day's end. He did feed me and keep me hydrated and the day in October was fairly warm, so I didn't suffer much more than some restraint, mild fondling, and humiliation. Oh, he did offer me a car. With the Blue Bomber titled to me I had no need for one, so thank you anyhow Thom.

Jan Thayer, the Program Administrator, had been very impressed with my initiatives and had filed a letter of commendation with the Secretary of Health Education and Welfare in Washington, D.C. under whose umbrella the Program came. Although that pleased me at the time, I tossed that pot on the back burner and simply dealt with the reluctant girls as they came to me in their rotation.

February came and I was named the annual Wassail Maiden. Before the Program started a senior girl was chosen as the Wassail Maiden, and while dressed in a forest green outfit would hand hot cider and apple sauce to passers by and lead the Wassailing dance around the ancient apple tree in front of DDEHS. Apparently the NIS Program got this tradition slightly changed. Tied to the trunk of the old apple tree on the high school grounds I spent the day being painted with apple butter, dowsed in cider, and danced around by the student body and faculty. It was cold and nasty enough while it was being painted on me, but when the senior boys began to lick the apple butter the cider and apple sauce off of me it was excruciatingly erotic. I came five times that I was aware of before the ceremony was complete. To think I don't even like apples.

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