Greta’s Story 4: Senior Summer a Naked in School Tale

by Chessman

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Desc: : Sam Kramer looked over the kitchen table at her adopted daughter, Greta, and admired the even golden glow of the teenager’s tan unblemished by strap marks or tan lines. “Just how much time have you been spending lazing by the pool, Greta? I ask with no purpose beyond pointing out the the risk of sunburn and skin cancer; you can consider this the 'use an SPF 45 lecture' the combined forces of motherhood and professional nursing wish me to express.

Sam Kramer looked over the kitchen table at her adopted daughter, Greta, and admired the even golden glow of the teenager's tan unblemished by strap marks or tan lines. "Just how much time have you been spending lazing by the pool, Greta? I ask with no purpose beyond pointing out the the risk of sunburn and skin cancer; you can consider this the 'use an SPF 45 lecture' the combined forces of motherhood and professional nursing wish me to express. And who else is with you, there are too many towels in the laundry room for just you poolside."

"Brenda has been dropping by from around one in the afternoon til around four thirty," Greta told her mother, "Her job at the parks department gets done at half passed twelve every day, she walks over here from Rock Creek Park and we hang for the afternoon, no biggie, is it?"

"Nope," Sam smiled," I like Brenda and she is good company for you as well. Do you take her home on your way to your job?"

'Yeah, she climbs into the Blue Bomber and we leave here around four forty, I drop her off by ten to five and I'm at the assisted living facility by five to punch in for my four hours." Greta was continuing her placement at the assisted living facility beyond her mandatory community service period, the facility had added a part time job to its roster for her as a recreation therapy aide, where she did everything from playing catch with a beach ball to helping with holding a pallet of paint for an artist who had lost the use of one arm due to a stroke.

Hanging in Sam's room, above her chest of drawers, was the painting in oil on canvas of Greta, done by the physically challenged woman. Greta likewise had one of the woman's pieces in her room, a still life of the facility's resident cat, Marvelous Marvin, curled up asleep on a library shelf. Greta worked five p.m. to nine p.m. Monday through Friday and then nine a. m. to nine p.m. on Saturday. Despite the fact that her junior year community service obligation was over and that her voluntary submission to the naked in school all nude all the time facet of the Program had ended with the school year, Greta had chosen to continue the nude lifestyle, as she said, "At least through the summer, Sam, maybe come the cooler weather I'll consider Uggs and a long down coat this year."

Sam had laughed at that, remembering her naked shivering adopted daughter shoveling the three inches of snow that had fallen last March, determined to maintain her total nudity commitment despite her skin turning blue. Greta had spent an hour in the hot tub after that incident.

Greta finished the junior year with a grade point average of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale. Normally a solid C+/B- student, her grades jumped by one full point for completing a full school year naked, twenty-four and seven. She had been approached by the school administration and by the Program mentoring counselor about repeating her nudity through senior year. If she agreed she would become a Student Mentor in the Program, helping to ease girls selected for the mandatory one-week participation in the Program from textile to nude lifestyle. She hadn't said yes or no to that as yet, but it felt so natural to be without clothing now that she dreaded the thoughts of having to shop for, buy and then wear clothing. By law, the only thing she had to wear was a pair of sneakers or sandals while driving and a silver disc on a silver beaded neck chain that was engraved with DDEHS NIS, on the front standing for, Dwight David Eisenhower High School Naked In School program. The back was coded Jr-2 indicating she was the second female in her junior year to volunteer for the all nude all the time portion of the Program. That medallion marked her as fully dressed in the eyes of the law and it would have to be returned on the first day of Greta's senior year in September. She was reserving her decision until then. Greta's best school friend Brenda Adams wore medallion Jr-1. One of the many things they talked about sitting by the pool was reenrolling in the program in the fall.

Brenda's parents, though more liberal than most in the church crowd the family belonged to, were getting the nudges in conversation that wasn't one year enough, wouldn't she look lovely in that style dress, "and crap like that," Brenda had reported the last time she had been over. "So I don't know if they are going to allow me to sign up for next year."

"What about the grade boost, that was your convincer last year, Brenda, can you play that card again?"

"I heard that if you go Student Mentor, the grade boost no longer is offered," Brenda had replied, "So it would be back to good old C level me again. It was nice to see one final report card of solid B grades though."

The Program Mentor had spoken to both Greta and Sam in Sam's office at the high school just before the end of the school year. "The government is thinking about revising the name of the Program from Naked In School to Naked In Society, and I think our Greta and Brenda are fantastic role models for such a change. Don't you? As a Student Mentor Greta would work out of my office. I see the Student Mentor's helping with grooming, hygiene and poise and confidence issues for girls new to the program and the government is providing a stipend for the positions." Jan Thayer was wearing only a golden medallion bearing the inscription Program Mentor on its front with Jan Thayer and the last four numbers of her social security number on the reverse. If Greta agreed to take the job a similar disc would be her only garb for her senior year of high school.

"Yeah, Brenda, Sam mentioned her conversation with Thayer about that. Since the government is offering a paycheck the school district felt it did not have to offer the grade point incentive. But, that is only if you go mentor, you can still do the program as full time volunteer, senior year, and I think the grade boost would still be in effect." Greta had stretched in the sun like a lazy cat at that point and smiled at the thirty something single guy who walked passed them for the seventh time in the last half hour.

"Creepy," Brenda muttered watching the thong-clad male walk away from her, "why doesn't he stop and talk instead of staring like that every time he walks by?"

"Because his boyfriend is jealous of us," Greta giggled. "Sam told me. Joey really admires that females can legally opt to be nude in public and he looks on us as suffragettes for his cause as well; equal rights for full time male nudity. His partner, Hal, thinks if Joey spends too much time with naked girls, he'll switch teams and leave Hal for one of us. Joey with Sam I could almost see, they would be cute together. Joey with you or me, ew, what would we talk about? Oh, and I've seen him dance." Rolled eyes and a giggle let Brenda know that was not a pretty sight.

Sam looked at Greta as she finished her teenage gush of a typical afternoon by the pool with Brenda and said, "You told Brenda you thought Joey and I would make a 'cute couple'! That will take as long as her two thumbs an punch out the keys on her cell phone to be texted all over the world," Sam chuckled. "I guess I'd better be ready for all of the beard jokes."

Turning serious, Sam said, "Gramma called. She wants us down to visit her last week of July through the first two weeks of August. Can you clear it with the facility?"

"They have already asked me for a vacation schedule, and I said I wasn't sure," Greta responded, "I'll try to arrange it. But I admit I'll miss them when I'm away and feel kind of guilty to not be there."

"Check it out so I can give Gramma an answer," Sam changed topics to, "Going for groceries in a bit, do you have a list?"

"On the fridge," Greta responded, putting her dishes in the dishwasher, "I'm going to get into the shower, now that a certain drainer of the hot water tank is done and it has had a chance to refill itself."

"Hey, it takes a lot of lather to get this," Sam twirled around like a dancer, "all baby smooth." They both broke up laughing.

The mess, as Greta called it, hit her four days before she and Sam were to leave for Gramma Kramer's on vacation. Sam had put Greta on the once every six month cycle of birth control when she had entered into the Naked In School full time Program portion. Sam did not believe that Greta's resolve would hold and she would eventually give into a boy wanting vaginal sex. Greta never kept her knees glued together, yet she was still a virgin insofar as still having an intact hymen. She had learned quite well how to perform hand masturbation for both males and females, and had oral sex giving and receiving from both genders as well. Yet, the thought of a penis penetrating her vagina was so distasteful to her that she warned her dates that NO meant NO for that.

Greta felt the rumbling in her stomach before she saw the flow. She had been lightly cramping for two days but had passed that off as having strained herself lifting supplies off of the shelves at the assisted living center. The leak started as a few drips on the third day and then by mid afternoon, blood was everywhere.

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