Greta’s Story 2: Junior Year a Naked in School Tale

by Chessman

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Desc: : Instead I woke up under a light blanket, (warm but very lightweight) and stark naked. I looked around, shocked that it wasn’t my old room, nor was it my old life. I remembered then, this was Sam Kramer’s condo; I was in her spare bedroom, now officially my bedroom, and I had committed myself to remaining nude for the rest of the school year.

I woke up in Sam's condo on the third morning of my junior year of high school and found myself slightly disoriented. I of course expected to wake up in the long cotton-wool-blend flannel nightie that came to my ankles, and to awaken in the home the church provided for its pastor and his family.

Instead I woke up under a light blanket, (warm but very lightweight) and stark naked. I looked around, shocked that it wasn't my old room, nor was it my old life. I remembered then, this was Sam Kramer's condo; I was in her spare bedroom, now officially my bedroom, and I had committed myself to remaining nude for the rest of the school year.

I climbed out of bed and padded my way bare foot into the bathroom I was to use. Sam had two in the condo; one attached to her master bedroom and this one at the top of the stairs. There was another half bath, just a commode and sink, in a closet type room between the kitchen and garage on the first floor. On the second floor, in addition to my room and the master suite, there was an alcove with a desk and a laptop computer. Sam told me this was my study area and my computer was slaved to her printer downstairs in her home office. My parents had believed computers and the Internet were tools of the devil and had never allowed one in the home. To be able to do my research and gather information at home instead of having to sneak to the public library (another den of iniquity and filth according to my father) was a sheer luxury for me.

It had taken all of two nights in Sam's house to realize how relaxed the dress code was. Sam's idea of formal wear was a to-the-knee robe tied loosely at the waist with a sash-type belt. Sports wear and casual wear were the same style. Usually Sam stayed naked. I could not possibly be uncomfortable with my nudity when this gorgeous thirty-two year old school nurse was right there setting the example.

Sam's condo was one of twelve, built three on a side, forming a square with an open courtyard in their center. It was here that the pool, hot tub and sun decks were located. Additionally, each condo had a courtyard-facing balcony off of the master bedroom. From the activity around the pool last evening I gathered the condo association was either nudity accepting or clothing optional. Sam took me around and introduced me to several men and women and explained I was her ward and would be staying with her for a while. I had never had to hug so many naked women nor shake hands with so many naked men in my life. That would change as time went on of course but for only my second full day as a committed nudist it was weird.

The previous night I thought I embarrassed Sam to death when I needed help with a calculus problem in my homework. I yelled into the next room, "Mom!"

She came at a run and said, "What?"

"OMG I'm so sorry," I said.

"For what, little one?"

I tried to cover with, "For disturbing you from what you were doing."

She grinned at me and stroked my shoulder. "I am not your mother, but since we met in your sophomore year I have loved you as if you were my daughter, so do not worry if that slips out once in a while." She then saw the calculus problem suggested a way to solve the problem and we both relaxed into our relationship.

The next afternoon following school she and I went shopping at the local drog store and she picked up some stuff I'd never seen nor heard of before. When we got home, she put me in her tub in the master bedroom suite bathroom, and proceeded to show me how to groom myself. She used a very narrow electric razor to trim my bush back to a light stubble, and a hair removal crème on my legs and backside. Wow, I had never felt this naked, naked, before. When she told me I had gone from cavewoman to modern twenty-first century teen-ager in the two hours we had spent in the bathroom my response was a long drawn out, "Sam." She, as our relationship gained time and experience, was fond of telling everyone that, "SAM" yelled in certain tones and at certain volumes with many facial expressions accompanying it could mean everything from "I'm in pain to you are embarrassing me."

I was concerned that the next day was another community service day, Candy Striping at the nursing home, and I was now really nude. Sam lovingly asked, "Except for Henrietta how did the folks react on Monday?" When I told her that everyone else just accepted it as part of my school work (I didn't tell her how happy some of the women were to reap the benefits of my being on display for the men) and it did not stop me from doing my assigned work, she told me I should just go and be honest with the residents.

Well, first I had another whole day of classes to get through. Sam drove an older jeep with a convertible top. So strapped in to the passenger seat, with her next to me in her nursing uniform driving, I rode wind in hair and on bare skin to school with her.

About twenty percent of the student body had opted for the 'all nude all the time' program participation. Among them was Barb Adams, who had warned me what to expect while walking to school the first day. Barb's parents attended the church my father pastored; her father was on the Trustee Board and her mother taught Sunday school there. She and I shared first period class and before the bell rank she asked me to see her after class ended.

"How are things going," Barb asked first as we walked together down the corridor.

"It's a little weird, I woke up this morning and didn't know where I was at first, but Sam, er, Nurse Kramer, has been very nice and supportive, Barb, so I'm getting by, how are you doing?"

"Great," she giggled. "The church has been rotating the trustee board meetings in members homes while the administrative wing is being redone. Last night they met in our house. Mom had me serve the snacks, just as I am, and I realized afterward that she did it to gain a measure of support for you," Barb paused, "nine trustees and Pastor in attendance. The only one offended by my natural state was Pastor. He went on a diatribe about how the human body is sinful and should not be gazed upon, not even between married couples who should pray forgiveness every time they lusted for each other's flesh. Mom walked in then, she had quietly stripped in the kitchen, my Dad rose and hugged her close and told Pastor to his face that anyone who considered the sight of his wife and daughter offensive was not welcome in his home. Only Pastor and one other trustee rose to leave. When they had gone the balance of the board discussed how pastor had treated you and what they had just observed. They voted and all eight were in agreement, Pastor should request a transfer and resign this pulpit." Finishing with a smile, she added, "Everyone would welcome you back, naked, whenever you wish to return, Greta."

"Thanks, Barb," I said, "I do so love you and your Mom and Dad for taking a risk and taking a stand against that rigid opinionated bigot; however, I don't think I'll be returning to that church for a while."

"Well, you are welcome in our home for dinner or to visit whenever you wish," Barb winked, "just as you are without one stitch. I'll be there that way also, you know, and bring Sam too; Mom and Daddy would really like to meet her." Barb peeled off down the side corridor to her next class while I continued on to my next one with a smile on my face. I had a friend my age, who was also living the naked life style and her folks were accepting of the changes going on in the world around them.

I stuck my head into the Nurse's office and seeing no one there waiting to see her I knocked on Sam's office door.


"Hi, Sam, I just saw Barb Adams and her folks want us to come to dinner some day soon. Gotta run, class in three minutes."

The saucy seniors in the nursing home were so happy to see me. I wheeled my cart from room to room, delivering magazines and books, but what they really wanted was for me to sit on the foot of the bed, or in a chair and chat for a while. One of the aides told me later that while the nudity didn't hurt at all, what they enjoyed most was my openness and willingness to let them be a part of my life. Several of the residents had grand children and in one case a great grandchild who were either just coming of age for Program participation or in the Program themselves. I could sense that some of the questions they asked me were so they would have answers for their own families. Yes, and the bonus was the guys were stimulated sufficiently by the end of my visits that the women 'got some' that night. I still can't wrap my head around that one. My first workday at the residence, following the incident with my father, I found out that Henrietta, the woman who had ratted me out to my father, had been moved to a different wing of the facility.

The two new women in Henrietta's old room were in their sixties. One had suffered a stroke and was going through rehabilitation and the other had lost a leg in an accident. She was waiting for a prosthesis leg and also going through physical therapy. Sarah and May would become important to my life as junior year went on. Both of them had pool therapy as part of their physical rehabilitation. I could not swim, my father had decided long ago that swim suits were tools of Satan to allow women's flesh to be exposed to the lustful eyes of men, but I was scheduled for swim class in the spring half of Junior year. The pair of them got me assigned to transportation on their therapy days and I would wheel them in their wheelchairs to the pool and wait for the sessions to be finished so I could wheel them back to their room. Sarah, who had the stroke, went into the water and the therapist held her with a harness device that allowed her to move her arms and legs in a swimming motion.

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