Greta's Story 1: The Naked Candystriper a Naked in School Tale

by Chessman

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Desc: : Any one who has read the exploits of Karen, Carl, Beth and Keiko understands the concept of the Program. Naked in School had spread school district by school district from the time the Virginia laws concerning observed nudity had been challenged in court to the time the US Supreme Court made its final ruling that anyone, anywhere could be naked in public and not be considered to be obscene, prurient or offensive.

Any one who has read the exploits of Karen, Carl, Beth and Keiko understands the concept of the Program. Naked in School had spread school district by school district from the time the Virginia laws concerning observed nudity had been challenged in court to the time the US Supreme Court made its final ruling that anyone, anywhere could be naked in public and not be considered to be obscene, prurient or offensive.

Granted, some people went nude who simply should not have been allowed to do that. Mrs. Wilcox, who lived across the street from me, had to be seventy years old when the court ruling came down. The first warm day she was out on her front lawn, stark naked, weeding her flowerbeds. But I digress, something I am wont to do on occasion.

My name is Greta, my last name does not matter for, as you will see as the story unfolds, I no longer have the right to the one given to me at birth. Greta is not my name on my birth certificate either. The Naked in School program put an end to my old life and created this new identity for me.

I was a junior in high school when the Program came to our town. My father was a Pentecostal pastor in a large church in town and my mother was the daughter of missionaries and a seminary educated Master of Christian Education director of the church-run day school I had attended from pre-kindergarten through ninth grade.

The church's school did not continue through high school, therefore the choice for me was either home schooling or attendance at the large public high school that was within walking distance of the home the church provided for my parents and me.

As most of the children in the church attended the high school, my parents decided I should also attend there to show equality as only the elitist few chose home schooling and private tutors when their children reached the grade at which the church school ended.

Again, my parents decided that I should fully participate in all the programs the high school offered. I was to try out for sports, I was to do all the clubs that interested me, and in many ways try to be a normal teen-age girl. My mother, with my father's approval, dressed me in calf length skirts, long sleeved white blouses and either a sweater or a blazer. My feet were shod with saddle shoes and I always wore knee socks. My hair, sort of a light brown, was always severely pulled back in a ponytail or parted in the middle and braided to the sides. I either looked like a refugee from the 1950's or the dorky princess from those science fiction movies.

I survived sophomore year, grade ten, only because of a medical problem that prevented me from taking gym and thus having to shower with the girls following gym class. When my father learned I would have to be nude with the other girls in a group shower and also dress and undress in a locker room with members of my gym class he almost pulled me out of school. During my pre-school physical our doctor discovered several growths on my skin. She excised one of them and had it biopsied. It turned out to be a benign but rapidly growing subcutaneous virus similar to shingles or warts that required cauterization. As I was undergoing weekly treatments I was always raw, scabbed, blistered or bandaged so I was given a full years medical excuse from participation in gym.

I did not get away scot-free though, as every week I had to report to Nurse Kramer, the school nurse, during what would have been my gym period, strip naked and let her examine me to verify the condition was persistent and ongoing. I was finally clear of lesions three weeks before the end of the school year, Nurse Kramer winked and signed me out of gym for those three weeks, saying if I'd missed that much time I would probably hurt myself trying to keep up with the girls who had been participating five days a week for the entire school year. She still required me to show up in her office and strip naked during gym class. She said it was to preserve our cover story, but looking back I think she just enjoyed seeing me nude, and truth be told I enjoyed the hour in her office being naked.

May twenty-sixth, the last day of school, came and there was an assembly. The Principal and Nurse Kramer spoke about some changes that would be coming in the new school year in September. They spoke of something called the Program, and that our parents would be getting information packets concerning the Program in the early portion of July. They were to read the literature and only if they had objections were they to return the forms enclosed in the package by July fifteenth.

My father had been called as a summer evangelist at a resort town along the Maryland coast for the entire summer. We packed up and moved our summer clothes, the dog, and ourselves to a small cottage a block from the ocean beaches. We would walk along the boardwalk and my parents would seethe over the bathing costumes of the men and women basking on the beaches. This girl in a thong bikini, that girl topless, that mother with her pregnancy obvious to everyone in the two-piece suit. I wore sundresses that were calf length and a large sunhat. I was never allowed on the beach to bathe in the ocean or tan in the sun. It was immoral. My father would rant and rail against that behavior in the pulpit every Sunday and at the mid-week prayer and hymn sing every Wednesday. He did this for the entire summer.

When we packed to come home on the last day of August, my father told the church committee that he was glad to be leaving this cesspool of sin, iniquity and temptation with its exposed flesh and lewd behavior.

I look back at it now and I laugh. My parents had their mail held while we were away. We arrived home late on a Saturday and went to church where my father preached his homecoming sermon Sunday morning. As we greeted the people leaving the service many asked my father if I was going to get with the program. My father, having no idea what was being discussed, assured the member who asked that this year I would be able to do gym class and participate in everything else a good girl should at school. Those folks shook their heads and left as though the question they had asked had remained unanswered.

Monday came and off I went to another school year. Surprisingly, very few of my church friends were walking with me to the high school and one, Brenda Adams, who was, stopped me and asked, "Your folks, they didn't object to the Program and your participating in it?"

"What Program," I asked her, not remembering the principal's and Nurse Kramer's little speech during the end of school assembly.

"Well, it was mentioned before school let out, remember," Brenda told me. I nodded and I vaguely did remember. Brenda filled me in with, "The information packets came out in early July. It was a pile of non-consent forms and a brochure that was thirty pages of detailed information about the Naked In School Program."

"THE WHAT?" I must have yelled loud enough to be heard two blocks away.

"You really don't know, do you," Brenda giggled. "We are required to participate in all non-contact sports in gym class nude; cheer leaders, marching band and color guard will performs nude at all events and at least one week a month every student must remain nude for all regular scheduled classes and events. This includes your mandatory community service time. If you choose to remain naked all the time, your grade point average is given an automatic one-point boost on a four-point scale. I'm going to do the all nude all the time, myself, as I'm a solid C student and the extra point will make me a full B and maybe then a college will look at me for admission."

"Brenda, we've been away all summer at that evangelist conference. My folks had all their mail held until we got back. I don't think my father was even picking the mail up until tomorrow morning. What do you think I should do?" My poor brain was working overtime.

"Well, the brochure spelled out that on the first day of school everyone would be nude for the entire day. Teachers, janitors, staff and students will all be naked for Program orientation. Your parents would have had to sign the non-consent waiver opt-out forms by July fifteenth and then found a school nearby that would take you as a student. My guess is you are stuck with attending here and following the rules."

I thought back to the summer and the people I saw having fun on the beach in their tiny swim suits. I admit I had looked at them and had disagreed with my parents about the 'sinfulness' of their flesh. God made flesh before he made clothes, and Adam and Eve were content to be naked until the whole apple incident. My father reacted angrily when I tried that on him. He kept slamming his Bible on the kitchen table and yelling, "Modesty, modesty, modesty ... that is the virtue and you shall be a virtuous girl."

I also remembered all last year the time I spent in Nurse Kramer's office naked while she examined my healing wounds. She had remarked several times how lovely I was and what a sin it was for my parents to insist I keep my body imprisoned under the layers of clothing I was forced to wear. I had silently agreed with her. I enjoyed the freedom of being in a natural state.

"So, basically, we get to school, remove our clothes and go to class?" I asked for clarification.

Brenda responded, "Yes, if all you do is go to school. I'm on the color guard. So all my practices and my performances at games will be done nude, both home games and away games. If it is a school-sanctioned activity it is to be done naked. I'm not sure, but I think it even spills over to school dances."

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