Summer Session

by Chessman

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Desc: : Sequel to 'Dinner and a Show' To that end I purchased five pieces of anodized aluminum body wear from Camille. A fourteen-inch neck collar, three-quarters of an inch wide and made of plain beaten aluminum with a small chain design in its center, made a simple everyday statement without looking like overtly fetish wear. I added ankle and wrist cuffs of the same design and material as the collar.

This is a sequel to 'Dinner and a Show'



The first thing Gwen and I had to do when control was passed from Camille to us was to collar Linda again in a way that her 'jewelry' would be acceptable in her campus settings.

To that end I purchased five pieces of anodized aluminum body wear from Camille. A fourteen-inch neck collar, three-quarters of an inch wide and made of plain beaten aluminum with a small chain design in its center, made a simple everyday statement without looking like overtly fetish wear. I added ankle and wrist cuffs of the same design and material as the collar. The look was hip and the meaning could remain a secret between Linda and her surrogate master and mistress.

Gwen liked the look so much I purchased a collar and cuff set for her as well, but Gwen's, meant for more permanence, were made of stainless steel.

A command set was established before we left Camille's showroom with Linda. For public interaction and socialization, Linda would refer to us as "Uncle Mark" and "Auntie Gwen" in lieu of the traditional "Master" and "Mistress". We felt this was more appropriate, as her Aunt Camille was her true mistress and we were acting as surrogates while the girl attended her college courses. Her discipline safe word was established as 'foxtrot' and a public infraction would be heralded by my or Gwen's saying, "She will be attending a dance lesson later."

She was to have sex only with partners approved by Gwen or me, as far as boy or girlfriends, and if sex was not to be part of disciplinary actions her current partner would be permitted to participate or watch. She was never to have sex unless Gwen or I approved. A caning, a flogging, or an act of public humiliation could be partner-accompanied to add to the shame factor; a discipline involving sex would be off limits.

She would be allowed the minimum amount of clothing permissible to attend school. A mini-skirt, a white blouse or T-shirt, and sandals were allowable for the two summer sessions she would be attending. If she successfully completed those and was allowed back to the Institute for the fall semester we would discuss proper cold weather attire. No shorts, underwear, or jewelry other than her collar and cuffs would be allowed.

With Camille's approval, Linda would be laser depilated so as to be permanently hairless from her neckline to her toes.

Once inside the townhouse front door, she would remove her blouse and skirt. Her sandals would suffice for her to do the gardening and tend to the pool in the yard. A ten-foot tall concrete block fence, allowing absolute privacy, enclosed the twenty-one by fifteen foot pool. Unless we had company over, no one would see her tending to her chores.

Her class assignments would be reviewed by Gwen and me and if not properly completed would result in a 'dance practice'.

Camille was an email or phone call away if modification in our agreement would be needed. Having changed Linda into her collar and cuffs and her permitted travel clothing, Gwen and I took our charge to the automobile for the journey down the Turnpike to our town house. In the vehicle, Gwen sat in the rear seat with Linda while I drove. Once past the electronic toll readers and on the roadway, Gwen had Linda slip off her skirt and spread her legs wide apart. For the rest of the ride, a good hour and forty-five minutes, until we hit the exit booth and then local roads, Linda was half naked and being diddled by Gwen, almost, but never quite, to orgasm.

She was so shaky by the time we crossed the threshold of the townhouse that I thought I would have to carry her inside. She did manage to walk up the drive to the front door on her own, with both her bags.

"No, Linda," Gwen corrected the girl as she tried to step over the door sill, "You were told you were not permitted clothing in the house. If you choose to use the front door you will remove your clothing outside of it, BEFORE entering."

Linda's eyes opened wide, she asked permission to speak, then asked, "Auntie Gwen, what entry may I use so I'm not seen by the neighbors and possibly arrested?"

Gwen and I had thought this out and decided that the garage, though attached to the house, was technically not living quarters and Linda would be permitted to clothe and strip herself in that space, if it was rainy or cold. Otherwise her clothed limit would be the third flagstone paver inside the garden gate leading to the pool and deck area. Linda was so informed and went around to the side of the house to comply.

"How long did we say before she was to only use the front door?" Gwen asked me with a grin on her face.

"I think we agreed to the third week of summer school," I replied, "but that could be shortened depending on the rest of the plan and how well Ethan and Joyce take to our suggestions."

Gwen laughed. As a published author I was often asked to speak at the P-FIT, as it was nicknamed. I, and Gwen as well, as she offered seminars on publishing business to both English and Business majors, knew many of the instructors and professors by name and had entertained them often for beginning and end of semester cocktail parties and fundraiser activities for the P-FIT endowment fund and scholarships. The two who would be involved during this summer session were Ethan Dunphy, BS, MS, EdD, PHD and Joyce Heath, MD, PsyD. Ethan is the dean of the School of Fine Arts at Philadelphia Fashion Institute of Technology and Joyce is the senior professor of the School of Psychology and Counseling.

Linda's two courses in her first session of summer school were Life Drawing in Ethan's department and Situational Psychology in Joyce's. Summer sessions are usually taught by teaching assistants or junior instructors; however, in this case the two department heads were only too willing to take the six-week courses themselves. That and a six figure check I had cut to the professor emeritus endowment fund guaranteed it. May 15th to June 30th would be very interesting for Linda both on campus and off.

Linda entered the townhouse a few minutes later with her skirt and blouse draped over her arm. She placed her clothing over her suitcases and then knelt in first position waiting for further instruction.

Gwen took over her instruction, "When you have no class work to complete and no housework as assigned to you, your time will be spent in physical exercise. The workout room is to the left of the family room, which opens out to the heated pool. The pool may not look overly long, Linda, yet you will find under certain conditions you will not reach its end, even if you are a very strong swimmer. It is from a company called Endless Pool and has a feature that produces strong water current forcing you to swim into it or be swept back into the rear wall. Do not allow yourself to be swept back. To do so will result in a dance lesson. Likewise "Bruce" in the workout room is a medical model treadmill that is used by cardiologists to measure heart health and fitness. If you are working out on Bruce, do not allow yourself to come off the treadmill until your time or distance has been reached. There are also yoga mats and DVDs with yoga programs to insure your flexibility, and the hot tub and sauna are there for you to use as you recover from your workouts. I will show you, once, how the beds are to be made and how the bathrooms are to be cleaned. Thereafter those will be your standing daily chores. We will discuss your gardening duties later. You will also test the pool and hot tub daily for pH levels and clean the filters daily. If you have questions you may ask them now."

Linda raised her head, "How many baths and bedrooms are there, Auntie Gwen?"

"Four bedrooms, including yours. The master bedroom is used by Master Mark. Get used to hearing him referred as such, he is my husband and we love each other passionately. However, I am also his submissive. I use the second bedroom, it attaches to the master bedroom via the master bath. Each of the other bedrooms has its own bath. If we have no overnight guests, the one not in use need not be cleaned until it is used. I can see you counting in your head, little one, the answer to the bathroom question is FIVE in total. There are three baths for the four bedrooms, one for the exercise room and one in the pool house. Our laundry facilities are also in the pool house, which has a kitchenette and two loveseats that make up as beds if we have a lot of overnight guests or if our guests bring their children. We tend to entertain around the pool and serve buffet meals and wines in the pool house, there are several low tables and pillow chairs for guests to lounge on and eat off of. You will of course serve, cater to our guests and clean up after any party we might have."

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