A Tail Tale

by shrike

Tags: TransGender, Fiction, Science Fiction, Transformation, Nudism, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Story: "A small time criminal contracts MORFS and goes through an extreme change. Now she has a second chance at life, but at what cost. "

Nerio Scaluzzi was a rat. Well, not really one, as in a MORFS survivor. But he was small, did everything for a buck and betrayed people and changed sides as easy as changing his clothes. He had an Italian name, but had left home and school at an early age, he did manage to finish high school though. He did all kinds of odd jobs for several criminal organizations, but didn't seem able to climb the social ladder very fast.

At the moment he was smuggling MORFS people and drugs to Freeventure. The old electric submarine they were using came from an environmental group that had replaced it with a more modern one. Though Nerio didn't have more than a high school diploma, he had a knack for driving vehicles and navigation. In no time he had learned how to drive the submarine and navigate it so well that he managed to circumnavigate all the checkpoints of the floating city. At the moment the sub was still far from anything that posed a danger to the sub or the mission, so it was on autopilot.

Nerio had been forced to clean up vomit and $&!% from one of his passengers. A little girl had started changing. She didn't change much fortunately, but still had been sick. With all the medications the organization had on board, the girl went through her MORFS changes very fast and had already lapsed into stage 3.

. The sub had equipment that used to be part of the scientific equipment to get samples could catch fish while going. A signal on the console of the sub sounded, indicating that the netting had caught some fish. Now it was used for catching some food for the smugglers and their refugee cargos.

Nerio handled the equipment and brought the nets aboard. He separated out the caught fish and distributed them along the people. He was a bit hungry himself, but though he used to like fish, now he loathed it. Even being covered with fish scales made him feel dirty.

Suddenly a shriek attracted Nerio's attention. He went over towards the sound and found the little girl that just had morphed clutching her hand. There were some drops of blood on the floor and the fish she had been given lay there as well. Nerio picked it up, but dropped it when he felt the spines of the fish pierce his hand. On closer scrutiny it turned out to be a fish with razor sharp and mildly poisonous spines. Nerio thought about leaving the girl like that, but he wasn't a total inhuman being. Roughly he took girl's hand and examined it. She didn't make a sound, but her tears were streaming soundlessly.

The spines of the fish had pierced the palm of the girl's hand, so he wiped the blood with his inured hand. He put a bandage on her hand and then washed and looked at his own hand. He didn't think too much about it, since he had always been tough on himself. Besides this poison wasn't that potent, the most he would get from it was some inconvenience. After cleaning the wound, he put a bandage on it and went back to the cockpit. It wouldn't be long anymore before he had to focus on avoiding the checkpoints and patrols around the floating city.

A while later he avoided the first patrols. Nerio was already well on his way to the secret docking point when he started to feel sick. He felt nauseous and had to get to a toilet urgently. Purely on willpower he managed to hold everything in, but got worried what was wrong. The poison from the fish shouldn't have such an effect. He focused with all his attention on getting to the docking point but suddenly doubled over from the pain and almost lost consciousness. Vaguely he saw the sub moving on, but lacked the power to do anything.

The submarine slowly plowed on through the water and without being steered, was now headed straight for a collision with the large tube of the transatlantic tunnel. The automated collision alerts began to sound and a high speed submarine was dispatched to intercept the vehicle. Moments later the old electric submarine was hoisted out of the water and UN forces surrounded the submarine and opened it up. They found large quantities of the drug Inferno, and several MORFS people. The driver, a known felon by the name of Nerio Scaluzzi was found unconscious in the driver's seat and taken into custody. He was transported to the hospital as he appeared to be going through MORFS.

Doctor Forlain nodded to the guard at the door. She didn't like criminal patients but they were patients none the less. She had sworn an oath to treat them. She needed to check what MORFS would do to Nerio. The doctor and her colleagues were stumped as to why an adult had contracted the disease. He should've been too old to get it. As doctor Forlain looked at her unconscious patient, she noticed that he was shrinking and something strange was happening to his legs. Not only that, but his features seemed to soften. She understood that he might be going through a gender change with his MORFS.

Nerio woke up to a constant beeping sound. For a moment he thought that it was the alarm of the submarine trying to get his attention, warning of an imminent collision. He was about to swear, thinking that he had fallen asleep and missed his chance to dock undetected at Freeventure. He thought, 'This may cost me my life. The boss won't be happy losing another cargo. Even worse, if I lose the sub, he may dump me into the deepest abyss that he can find.'

But then he realized that this beeping was different and it seemed to change. It was accelerating slightly. Then he became aware of other things, like his body felt different and wet. 'Did we spring a leak? But that alarm is quite different and more insistent. What is going on?'

But all those thoughts didn't account for the weird feelings he got from his body. So he opened his eyes and looked down at himself. As he did he screamed a high pitched sound. It was almost impossibly high, making the glass in the room resonate dangerously close to breaking. The sound made him shut up, and as he took in the view of his body, he fainted from what that he saw.

The hospital staff came running into the room and found the patient once again unconscious. Doctor Forlain examined her patient again and found that she had lost consciousness, but was otherwise in perfect health. Well, as perfect as she could ascertain. She had never witnessed such a radical MORFS case nor a hybridization of this magnitude. She decided to replay the surveillance video that had been setup in this room. She noticed that the patient had waked up, screamed an impossible high sound and lost consciousness again.

Nerio woke up again, but this time felt something restraining his mouth. He wondered what was going on, before remembering what he had seen earlier. He wanted to scream again, but couldn't utter more than a slight wheezing sound this time. As he opened his eyes again, he noticed that his arms were tied to the side and that he appeared to be lying in water. Looking down at his body the first thing he noticed were breasts. They looked nice enough, but they were on his chest. Or should that be her chest. As her eyes darted downwards she noticed her skin with some weird pattern on it, almost like a tattoo, until a little past the bellybutton. There the skin seemed to change into dark grey scales. The scaly skin went downwards and downwards, without dividing into legs. Instead it seemed to go on forever till it flattened out and became a fishtail, though it looked more like a tail of a porpoise or a whale. Nerio thought, 'This can't be happening? I must be hallucinating or something.'

The door opened and a female doctor entered. "Hello, I see you woke up again. Sorry for the gag, but when you screamed, you broke almost every glass in the whole hospital." Nerio blinked, but was unable to utter any sound more than a wheezing "Huh"

"I'm going to take off your gag, but please don't try to speak yet," said doctor Forlain. Nerio nodded a confirmation.

As the gag was taken off, Nerio felt a bit better and could breathe a whole lot better. The doctor said, "I'm doctor Forlain. I'm going to try to explain what has been happening. You were brought in from a captured submarine. Apparently you were the pilot and your name is, or was, Nerio Scaluzzi. Somehow you contracted MORFS and it changed you into a mermaid. You're now fully female with a fish-like body from the waist down. I would like you to try to talk softly to me."

Nerio scraped her throat which sounded so very girly. Then she softly said with a soprano voice, "What do you want me to say?"

"Very good, I'm pleased that you can speak normally. I think you gained some extra vocal abilities to communicate under water. But without further testing and scanning I can't be certain."

Nerio asked in what he hoped would be a intimidating way, but really came out as timid, "What is going to happen to me now? Are you going to keep me captive here or can I go, and where can I go, looking like this?"

A man's voice from the door answered, "Well, 'Miss' Scaluzzi. That is something we need to discuss."

Nerio looked at the person entering the room. He looked like a cop but not an ordinary one. His demeanor said, FBI or Interpol or something. A woman came in right after him and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Chelsea Winters. I'm the police commissioner from Freeventure. This," she pointed at the man, "is Inspector Miles Waverly from Interpol. We're on a joint taskforce to stop the flow of Inferno coming and going to and from Freeventure."

Nerio looked at the commissioner. His instincts had been correct once again. The man was from Interpol. "What do you want from me?" she asked in a soft soprano voice. 'Damn it, ' she thought, 'this new voice of mine sucks.'

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