Genderwave Raped

by shrike

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Pregnancy, Transformation, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Story: The Genderwave changed every person into the opposite gender. An underaged boy had raped a woman and now faces pregnancy and is held accountable for his / her actions.

It was hard to believe, but Ken had missed all the warnings and reports on the strange phenomenon that people called the Gender wave. There was a good reason for it though. You see Ken had just run away from another foster home and was looking out for a chance to steal some cash.

Ken was headed straight for a life of crime. His mother had left him on the street as a baby with only a note attached saying that his name was Kenneth. So he was admitted to an orphanage and from there had been put into a series of foster homes. He hadn't been very lucky with the families that took him in and after harsh treatment, ran away from the homes every time. He would soon get caught after running away and would be put back into the orphanage and then put into a foster family again. It was a circle that would only end when Ken came of age and he would have to fend for himself.

Now at the age of 17, he had already spent a year incarcerated in Juvenile Detention and was well on his way to being a lifetime criminal. He hadn't used weapons yet, though it was probably only be a matter of time. For now he stuck pretty much to petty theft and related small crimes.

Ken was dawdling on the street looking for an opportunity. He was thinking about his past exploits and what he had to fear. One thing in particular rolled over in his mind again and again. He was very worried about that and feared being arrested for it all the time. Ken thought, 'Why didn't I hear anything about that woman that I fucked?' Well he hadn't just fucked her. He had just raped her in her own house. 'The police who questioned me yesterday for hanging around didn't mention anything. If she had reported me, they would have arrested me already.'

It had happened already a few months earlier. Ken had broken into a nice suburban house, while the owner, a young woman was at home sleeping peacefully. She had been awakened by the noise Ken had made as he searched for valuables. Ken was quick to grab her and tape her mouth shut, before tying her to the bedposts. Then he looked at the beautiful young woman and just couldn't help himself. He got aroused beyond his imagination. Ken had still been a virgin and though he had looked at women, he never dared enough to approach one. So he tore her clothing off and started to rape the woman. After the deed was done, he felt so guilty and bad, that he untied the woman and left in a hurry. He even forgot to take the stuff he had picked out. Ken would never forget the scared look on the woman's face. She didn't even fight back at him as he raped her. And she stayed motionless after he untied her, probably because she had been so scared of him. He vowed never do something like that again, ever.

At the moment Ken wasn't so much looking for something to steal, but for a place to crash. That didn't mean that he wouldn't look out and grab just any opportunity that came along of course. He liberated an apple at the grocery store before disappearing into the dark abandoned building across the street. He found himself a place to make an improvised bed and slept till about 10 the next morning. Ken woke feeling hungry and took a look out of the holes that used to be windows. It was very quiet outside, too quiet for this time of the day. There should be lots of people in the street. Ken was concerned. 'Had the people been evacuated?' But then there would be police patrolling the street. It didn't make sense. The shops should be open and busy. Directly next to the abandoned building was a newly refurbished 7-11. It wasn't open, either. Ken took in the sights and then zoomed in on the roof of the 7-11. The skylight was ajar. It wasn't that big a leap from the fire escape to the roof so Ken knew he had found his next opportunity. A quick jump to the roof later, Ken opened the skylight further and saw a few support beams that he could use to lower himself into the store. Even more important, those same support beams would serve quite well to climb back out the same way.

Ken lowered himself onto the support beams and watched out for alarms and cameras. He soon spotted all of them, yanked the wires out from the cameras and put a cloth in front of the detectors. Now he had free reign in the store. Ken still found it strange that the shop was closed. After lowering himself to the ground, he strolled through the 7-11, eating a few Twinkies for breakfast, drank some wine and found the petty cash box. He quickly broke it open and stuffed the bills in his pocket.

Approaching noon, Ken had enough of loitering in the store. He climbed back up to the support beams. As he hung with his arms on a beam, a shimmering wall, kind of like a heat haze, appeared out of nowhere from the wall. It went straight through walls, furniture and was headed straight for Ken. He held on with one hand, while trying to ward of the wall with the other. It didn't do him any good, the wall went straight through him, quickly changing him into a girl. The arm strength of the girl hanging on the beam wasn't enough to keep on hanging with only one hand. She reached up to the beam with her other hand, but missed and screaming with a very high voice she fell about 10 feet to the floor.

As she fell down to the floor, her left leg landed sideways on a shopping cart, turning it to an awkward angle to her body. It promptly caused her tibia to snap. The new girl didn't have time to notice that, as she hit her head hard on the floor and lost consciousness.

The young girl came to lying on a cold floor. At first she was still groggy and didn't know where she was exactly. Then her memory returned. The support beams, the wall, and the fall. She looked down at her body and saw breasts encased in a tank top. Her shapely legs stuck out from a very short skirt. Ken panicked and started screaming in a very feminine high voice. At that moment the front door opened and a large woman stepped in.

Seeing the strange screaming girl on the floor of her shop, made her scream out in surprise. Ken heard the woman and desperately tried to get up in a hurry to escape. But as soon as she put some pressure on her left leg, she screamed it out from the pain. Looking down in pain, she saw that it was probably broken. In the mean time the store owner called the police and soon two female officers showed up.

The woman owning the store checked her shop and quickly noticed that the petty cash was missing. The officers prepared a preliminary investigation and asked Ken some questions that she wasn't able to answer in her confused, detached and painful state. They called an ambulance while one officer checked the girl that used to be Ken and came to the conclusion that she had probably broken her Tibia. The girl calmed down a bit, when she was offered some water. Then before the officers could ask the first question, the store woman came nearer and reached into the top of Ken's tank top to pull the money bills out of her bra.

Ken was stunned, 'She wore a bra? And the money had been stuffed in there? But she put it in her pants pocket right?'

The first police officer asked, "So what is your name, girl?"

Ken focused her attention on the policewoman. She was still very confused about being a girl and all. "Ken."

The other officer said, "No, no, your new name, not the old one."

Ken got even more confused, "What new name? What happened? Why am I a girl?"

"Don't you know? Didn't you hear the news about the Gender wave?" The first officer looked at Ken questioningly.

Ken looked back at her bewildered. He didn't have a clue what she was talking about. She just looked bewildered at the officers and didn't say a word.

The first officer had an idea, "I'm guessing that you're a runaway, am I right?"

Ken just nodded in silence.

She continued, "Right, well in a nutshell, there was this thing that people call a Gender wave. It swept all across the planet. It switched the gender of every living person. Meaning men changed into a women and women changed into men." She paused for a moment. Ken listened to her with astonishment. "The names of the people are changed according to their last living maternal lineage, and what their parents would have named them if they were born the other gender. So what is your name?"

Ken didn't know what to say. He hadn't known his parents. "I still don't know. My name was Kenneth Doe. I never knew my Mom."

The second officer cursed, "Shit, we're not getting anywhere. Say, are you registered anywhere?"

Ken looked down in shame. "I spend a year in Juvi. And I lived in the Sacred Heart Orphanage."

The first officer pulled out her cell phone and punched in a phone number. "Hello, this is police officer Andrea Berlucci. We have a young girl here that used to be a resident in your orphanage under the name of Kenneth Doe ... Oh you remember him? Good. We really need her new name ... Yes I will hold."

A moment later she listened intently, "Okay thank you very much." Andrea turned to Ken. "Your new name is Elyse Gabriƫlle Doe.

Elyse, as her name now was, looked at Andrea unbelievingly. For a moment it looked like she was going to say something. But then Elyse burst out in a hysterical laughter.

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