The Fifty Percent Off Sale

by Chessman

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Desc: : Delores Masters, the owner of the small boutique, made it a point to take one or two promising students as interns and employees and mentor them in the many facets of marketing and retail. Dee Monde had a staff of eighteen, all female and all over fifty, save for Lara and another student, Jolene who was a high school senior and was employed as a stock girl Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Lara could not believe that she was about to do what she was about to do. Her she stood in the window of Dee Monde Ladies Salon, where she had worked since early October, waiting for the curtains blocking the window to rise and offer the street beyond full view to the shop interior.

It was the last week of the Holiday rush and Dee Monde sales had not done as well as forecast.

The small lingerie and accessories shop was not faring well against the big chain stores in the recently opened mall on the outskirts of town.

Lara, nineteen and sophomore at the community college, had taken the job at Dee Monde as part of a work studies course designed for students in the fashion and design program to attain real world experience within the retail world.

Delores Masters, the owner of the small boutique, made it a point to take one or two promising students as interns and employees and mentor them in the many facets of marketing and retail. Dee Monde had a staff of eighteen, all female and all over fifty, save for Lara and another student, Jolene who was a high school senior and was employed as a stock girl Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Lara had no on campus courses this semester, it was her work/study semester and she worked from store opening to store closing Tuesday to Thursday and half a day on Friday. The shop was closed on Monday.

Most businesses hope to be in the black, turning a profit, by the Friday following Thanksgiving or the Monday thereafter at the latest. Dee Monde had not yet turned that corner. Delores was desperate to keep her shop afloat, the quality of her goods and the service of her sales women were exemplary; yet, the cheaper clothing in the stores in the mall were costing this customized business many of its loyal customer base.

Delores decided to conduct a new marketing strategy. In addition to her outreach to her regular female clientele she would send letters to the husbands and boyfriends of the women offering a special series of sales, at night, after normal business hours so that the men could pick out those special gifts for their favorite woman or women.

Three separate evenings prior to the holiday were selected for these special sales. The first event was "See How It Looks On Before you Buy Night". That Friday evening Lara Jolene and a well-kept sales girl named Mary Margaret paraded about the shop in a series of teddies, nighties, baby doll outfits and negligee sets. The men seemed to genuinely appreciate seeing the garments on a live model and sales jolted beyond Delores' expectations. She assured her entire staff that if the next two nights went as well as this one she would have enough money to keep the shop open through the next year.

The next event had not only the three models circulating the floor in ever changing outfits, as on the first night, but Delores and all of the other ladies from cashiers to fitting room attendants similarly attired in opaque negligee sets. The outfits Jolene and Lara wore; however, were translucent to transparent, exposing nipples and pubic hair to the gaze of the shoppers as they made their rounds displaying the items.

The eighteen year old Jolene, with her athletically lean body, did not attract as many looks, and a good deal of touchy-feely caresses as the curvaceous Lara. Lara was surprised that many of the lingering touches came from women shoppers. By the end of the evening she was very, very, wet and in dire need of relief. So wet that her last outfit a thong bottom and baby doll top showed stains from when a woman in her forties had sat Lara on her lap under the guise of feeling the fabric of the baby doll. While doing so the woman had slipped a finger under the thong and massaged Lara almost to completion. A whispered, "My number is on Delores' rolodex if you want to finish this, sweetie," and the woman eased Lara off of her lap. Dazed and confused Lara continued to circulate the store floor until Delores told the customers she was closing the shop for the night.

The income from the first two events had not proved quite enough to push Dee Monde into the black and fatten the bank accounts enough to keep the shop open. Delores came up with the last night of events to draw in more customers and garner more money from them.

On this Friday evening, Delores was holding a fifty per cent off sale. Oh, no, not cutting the prices on the merchandise, no that would not fatten the accounts at all. The letter Delores circulated to her clientele was, "Fore every hour of the sale there will be a goal. If at the end of the hour the goal is reached. My 'fit models' shall remove fifty percent of the current outfit they are wearing."

That night Lara stood in the window of the store and slowly raised the curtain. The line of customers waiting for the after hours sale to begin was almost a block long. Lara was wearing the outfit Delores selected for her. Black sheer thigh high stockings, a black lace garter belt, black bikini briefs, black calf length lace night gown and a black satin robe. Jolene wore a similar outfit in red Mary Margaret was in a royal blue ensemble.

The shop opened at seven in the evening. By the eight o'clock count, the first goal had not been reached. Groans from the customers were followed quickly by cash registers ringing merrily. The nine o'clock count showed that the first goal was met and the shop was well on the way to earning the second goal.

Jolene giggled and removed her robe and shoes, the nightgown beneath it and the matching panties were all that was left to her. Lara removed her shoes, stockings and garter belt, leaving her in the robe nightgown and panties. Mary Margaret was wearing the royal blue robe and its matching nightgown. She removed the robe.

If the goal for the next hour was met, and based on the till count it should be, the three models could be both very excited and quite embarrassed at ten o'clock. The sale was due to end at eleven o'clock.

The ten o'clock alarm sounded all too soon, for Lara. The count was just at the mark Delores set, no more and no less. Mary Margaret, blushing and giggling, pulled off the nightgown and stood in the shop, naked and fully exposed. Save for stretch marks on her stomach and a minor sag to her breasts, she could pass for a woman half her age. Lara was a touch jealous. Jolene giggled, and called over, "Almost there with you, Mom," as she pulled the nightgown over her head and stood in only her red thong panties.

"Well, I have a problem," Lara smiled at one of the men whose hands had been roaming her body all evening. "I am wearing three things and it is supposed to only be fifty percent off. I can only give one third or two thirds not fifty percent. And we haven't seen sales enough for two thirds and I don't want to disappoint with only one third." She turned her attention to the same woman who had fingered her to near orgasm during the last sale night with the last statement.

That woman turned to Delores and asked how much more the store needed to make the goal in question. A figure of fifteen hundred dollars was quoted by the owner of the shop. "Here is two thousand," the woman peeled off twenty one hundred dollar bills from the cash roll in her purse. I'll take one of every outfit they are wearing in every color the outfits come in."

"Lara, you have been called out, which two of your three garments will you relinquish?" Delores asked her employee.

Lara responded by dropping the robe and squirming out of her bikini bottoms leaving her in the lace nightgown. The female customer asked that Lara come and sit on her lap so she might examine the lace of the nightie to determine if it was soft enough to wear to bed. Lara was soon groaning as the woman stroked her legs and massaged her nipples through the lace until the eraser like tips poked through the holes of the lace in the bodice.

The woman shifted her attention to Lara's pubic mound, once again massaging the poor girl just to the point of orgasm without allowing her to spill over into that blissful state. On the other side of the shop Mary Margaret was being fondled by an older couple paying such good attention to her breasts and crotch that the smell of her arousal was drifting through the shop. Nearer to the dressing rooms, a man in his late thirties was trying to buy the red thong from Jolene. "Come on, you will have to take it off at eleven anyway, just drop the panty now and I'll give you fifty bucks for it."

Delores overheard this comment and walked over to the man, "The panties cost two hundred dollars, if you want them that badly."

Jolene turned red as the man peeled off four fifties and gave them to Delores then turned to her and held out his hand. Thumbs in the waistband Jolene slowly slipped the red panties off of her legs exposing her shaved clean as a baby pubic area. Now as naked as her mother, Jolene found herself with multiple hands of multiple people caressing and prodding her intimate and most private of places now on full public display.

"Well, that leaves only you, young lady," Lara's female tormentor chuckled. "Delores, what will it cost to get this one naked?"

"I think five thousand should do it Suzie, particularly if you plan on having your way with her, which judging by the hand you have busily working in her crotch I believe you do." Delores responded.

"For that price, little girl, you go home with me, and remain exactly as you leave this shop until I have gotten my money's worth." Suzie growled into Lara's ear." Then loud enough for Delores to hear, "Sold!" Opening her purse Suzie extracted fifty more one hundred dollar bills. Once Delores had and counted the money, Suzie told Lara, "Hand it over."

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