Her Side: Blood From a Turnip

by cpete

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Her side of "I play or you pay"

Thanks for the comments-both good and bad on the story "Blood from a Turnip". I had number of email requests for:

A) A companion piece from the wife character Lisa POV.

B) More descriptive sex scenes.

C) To stop writing such crap and never submit anything ever again (guess you cannot please everyone).

I moved my tongue around his shaft as I bobbed my head up and down slowly using my one hand to jack his base. From his moans and movement he was really enjoying my ministrations.

"Oh yeah! Work that tongue! That feels great!" He grabbed my hair with his hands and tried to force me down deeper on his prick.

I had not deep throated a dick this long since college, but like riding a bike you never forget. I relaxed my throat muscles and tried not to gag as I moved down deeper onto his prick.

"That's it baby! All the way down." He pushed up with his hips trying to drive the last inch into my throat.

My eyes started to water up a bit, but I released my grip from the base of his penis, and felt my nose bury into his pubic bone. He was all the way in my gullet now. I held him there for a moment, then pulled back both to increase his pleasure, while drawing breaths on the outward stroke.

"Damn this cougar is good!" He exclaimed. "I ain't ever had a chick deep throat me this way before."

We got into a rhythm, him thrusting his hips up, while pushing my head down into his lap. I would swirl my tongue around his dick on both the upstroke, and down stroke, as it pistoned in and out of my throat. The trick was to time my breathing and gag reflexes to get some air into my lungs between strokes. It was tough to do crammed into the backseat of the car. There was not much room; my head and body were at an awkward angle. Neither he nor I were short people, so there was not a lot of room to maneuver.

"Hey is that MILF going to do me next?" A voice came from the driver into the backseat.

I couldn't answer because my mouth was full. But I heard the other head not in my mouth reply "Hell I don't know, just pay attention to the road until I get my rocks off. I want to enjoy my ride. Not worry about getting my dick bit off because you crashed playing peeping tom and not driving."

If you are wondering how a married middle aged mother of two and faithful wife ended up giving a blowjob in the backseat of car you might want to read the story "Blood from a Turnip". My Ex-husband Vince got most of the basic facts rights, but a lot of the problems were based on miscommunication, added with some medical issues on my part. Now I am not saying that what happened was my husband Vince's fault. But a lot of it would have been avoided. Like most things that go wrong in life-hindsight is always 20/20 and we all wish we could have gone back in time and done things differently. I needed a time machine for a month before the date I ended up in that back seat...

Three weeks earlier Vince and I were in bed. Tommy, who is my husband Vince's brother, had just been over that evening to borrow some money to buy his kids some new shoes. Tommy had got the short end of the stick in his divorce with Brandy. His Ex-wife was really doing a number on him, squeezing him dry with money, putting up roadblocks every chance she had to prevent him seeing his sons. Vince was always in a sour mood after talking to Tommy about his ex-wife. I was pleased when Vince told me Tommy was going to hang the ceiling fan, and install the tankless hot water heater. My husband was many things, but a handy man was not one of them.

"Sounds like we got the better part of the deal on that one." I fluffed up a pillow.

"Tommy certainly did not get any deal with Brandy." Vince said sliding closer to me.

I think the next statement I made started the whole mess. "Well it is not all Brandy's fault."

"Whoaaaa!" Vince sat up. "You want to tell me how Brandy cheating on my brother, and screwing him over is not her fault?"

I thought a second before speaking. I had to explain this in a way that Vince would understand. "Brandy was wrong to cheat. There is never any reason to cheat. But your brother overreacted."

I was brought up in a much disciplined household. Everything was black and white. We were taught to be principled. I felt cheating was wrong. It was me who discovered and confronted Brandy, Tommy's wife, about her cheating. When Brandy refused to stop, or tell Tommy, I told Tommy. There was no hesitation, I just pulled out my cell phone and called Tommy right in front of Brandy. However I still think Tommy went too far after he found out.

"Overreacted!?" Vince was not agreeing with me.

I would need to explain this in better detail. So I said "You know the courts almost always give custody to the mother. Thousands of studies show children are most always better off with their mothers. Say what you will about Brandy but she always was a good mother."

I thought that would get Vince to see that being a good mother was one thing, while the time to yourself as a woman was another thing altogether. The two were not related in my mind, completely different compartments.

"Lisa studies also show children are better living as a family, with a mother and father. How is Brandy breaking up the family with a divorce making Brandy a good mother?"

I was glad Vince had brought up the divorce; this would prove my side of the discussion. "Brandy did not file for divorce, Tommy did. Brandy didn't want a divorce."

I do not know what Vince was thinking, because he missed the divorce angle completely.

"Lisa you know the story as well as I do. Brandy was not even sorry. She refused to stop going out with guys. She wanted Tommy to stand down until she got ready to come back."

How could the man I love so much be so dense sometimes? "Is Tommy better off now? It was only 3 guys. One of them was only a blow job. Brandy told me she was almost done anyway, wanting to get back to Tommy."

"Well that should have made it all better for Tommy."

He was getting sarcastic now. Vince always did that when he did not have anything to back up his statements. I tried to calm him down.

"Vince don't be so dramatic. It was only sex, and bad sex from what Brandy told me. Remember after Vince Junior's birth? I had complications, and was sick to my stomach for almost every day for two months. I knew you had needs, so I gave you a free pass to get laid. I even scoped out some of the ladies at Tony's school to fill in."

That should settle the issue I though. Vince knew I loved him so much I would do anything to see him happy. Not with just words, but deeds.

"Lisa I love you but sometimes you drive me crazy. I remember that time. For one your hormones were all over the place after Vince's Jr. birth, so I did not take you seriously. Number two our wedding vows included forsaking all others, not to mention in sickness and in health. I take those vows seriously. You said there was no excuse for cheating, are you now saying there are times when cheating is OK? Because, I do not."

I could not believe Vince was trying to put words in my mouth. He knew how I felt about cheating. Had I not proved it with Brandy and Tommy? I figured I better reassure him.

"I still think cheating is never OK." I tried to find a way that Vince could comprehend, maybe make it more personal with my own experiences. "I understand a bit of what Brandy was feeling. Brandy felt she was getting old, been seen as nothing but a mother and Tommy's husband. I do not agree with her cheating, but understand why Brandy did it." Surely Vince could see things from a female point of view, if only for few seconds of this conversation.

"Lisa I think my head is going to explode. How can you agree with Brandy cheating but believe it was wrong?"

My God Vince still didn't get it! I was going to have to spell it out to him like one of our grade school children, men are so dense sometimes!

"Well if Brandy had told Tommy it would not have been cheating. If Brandy had told Tommy how she was feeling maybe they could have worked something out. Then there would have been no cheating involved."

"Worked things out? Not cheating if you tell your partner? Lisa you cannot be serious. If Brandy wanted to play cowboy and schoolmarm or cheerleader and football star-Tommy would have been game. But sex with another guy? Never gonna happen."

Finally Vince was beginning to understand. He never said anything about it being wrong if WE told our partner, only about his brother Tommy thinking it was wrong. Vince did not come right out and say YES, but he did not say NO. Still I better make sure we were on the same page, maybe convince him that Tommy was wrong in his thinking also.

"Tommy made the choice, and has to live with the consequences. Again you got to ask is Tommy better off now. Look at it logically, what Brandy did was wrong by not telling him, but it was already done. Nothing could change the past, no way to un-ring that bell. The decision Tommy had to make was dealing with his and his family future. Seriously is he doing better now than if he had let slide a couple of stupid meaningless sex sessions, that did not threaten him in any way, and only pumped up Brandy's self-esteem?"

"OK Lisa what is the number of sex partners that Tommy should let slide? 3, 5, 10?"

Typical male response, everything revolves around their penis. I had to get his head out of his crotch.

"Now you are being silly Vince. It is different with women then with men. I saw a few grays last week and it really got me down. Ladies are always judged by their looks." I figured if he knew how I was feeling Vince would get the picture.

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