Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Introduction - A true story of a romantic and intensely sexual relationship between a man and a woman. While the story is told mostly from the viewpoint of the man, the intensity derives from the extraordinary eroticism of Lindsey, a woman whose sexual appetite and taste exceed the fantasies that most men ever have. Chapter one includes a wild fisting episode as well as the beginnings of the relationship. Future chapters will include lots of anal sex as well as the use of a large vibrator in creative ways.

This is a true story about my relationship with an extraordinary woman, whose real name might or might not be Lindsey. It's been my good fortune to have had several long-term relationships with women who were wonderfully sexy – but Lindsey is in a different league from them, a league where passion and intensity reach levels that were beyond my wildest fantasies. Sooner or later, this story will include everything that has happened between Lindsey and me, right up to the present, from the quiet beginnings of our relationship to the current stage of our passionate lovemaking, including anal sex, fisting, insertion of a large vibrator into her pussy while my cock is in her ass, and penetration of her pussy by both my cock and the vibrator at the same time. But this story will not be told in the fashion that Aristotle described as ab ovo (from the egg). It won't start at the beginning and proceed in linear fashion. Instead, it will follow the sequence of my memory.

To give you an early taste of what Lindsey is like, here is an email she sent me recently:

My dearest Bob,

I'm finding it very, very hard to concentrate today. It seems as if all I can think about is having your cock deep, deep inside me. Thrusting in and out or sliding so smoothly that I want to cry out. Or lying next to you with your cock hard and pressing up against me while your fingers play with my pussy getting it all warm and wet. It feels so good when you touch me so gently. Softly playing with my clit and then putting your finger just inside and sliding it in circles. It makes me wet and so very horny just thinking about it.

I loved having your cock so hard and swollen in my mouth yesterday and the feel of you coming and coming into my mouth, you tasted so good. I think I just came a little thinking about it.

I would love to be straddling you right now, pantiless. Right now I am so wet just thinking about you. Opening your pants and freeing your cock so that I could look at it and touch it and then slowly, so slowly slide on to it and have you fill me up so completely that I have an orgasm almost immediately trying very hard not to get any of my juicy wetness on your pants.

I want you to put my nipples in your mouth and have you suck on them and bite them just hard enough but not too hard, causing such ache and desire all the way down through my stomach and into my pussy.

I want you to kiss my pussy and play with it with your tongue and gently suck and kiss my clit. And then I want to taste myself in your mouth as you kiss me deep and hard.

I want you kissing my neck as I wrap myself around you. I want your face between my breasts while your cock is deep inside me and I will move slowly up and down while my clit slides against your belly and then move a bit faster and harder until both our bodies are quivering with the excitement of exploding with each other. I love the feel of when your cock releases into me, emptying your balls, I can feel it pulsate and it excites me so much that I come at the same time, squeezing your cock with my pussy. I'm about to start playing with myself right now so I better stop.

I can't wait until we're together again. To think that we will have to wait all the way until Monday. It hardly seems possible. I wish I could steal you today after work but I have to go home because I have to pick Jake up from dropping off his car and I have a meeting after work tomorrow or I would beg you to meet me and then to fuck me. Your schedule is probably busy as well. I'm looking forward to Monday.

I'm sorry. I said I was going to stop and this wasn't very ladylike to begin with but to be honest with you, every time I look at you I am filled with overwhelming love and desire and just the thought of you causes uncontrollable and delightful, intoxicating thoughts...

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