My Mate's Family Barbeque

by Robbie Rotten

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: This story is about young teen casual sex on a hot summer's evening in the South of England. It is about an opportunistic event that a cocky young teenage boy takes advantage of with a very willing and younger teenage girl. The story builds up and is as much about the lead up of circumstances as well as the sex itself.

I got invited at the last minute to Paul's Mum & Dad's BBQ. It was Saturday afternoon after we played football and we were walking back towards out houses after beating our local rivals, Newbridlington Hearts, 4-1. I had asked Paul if he wanted to hangout that night when he told me his folks were having a BBQ to celebrate their twentieth anniversary which he had to go to. Family, friends and neighbours were all invited and to top it off, it was a cracking Saturday at the end of August. I had nothing else planned as my girlfriend was away with her parents to some horsey gala 60 miles away. The BBQ was apparently already underway and so I said that I would go grab a quick shower before heading back to Paul's.

Before the story, a little bit about me first. I'm Michael Hendry, I'm fifteen, nearly sixteen, and I live in a suburb in a small city on the south coast of England. It could be any housing estate in any town or city really. It was ex-council house and semi-detached. I've got a little brother who is thirteen going on three and we both live with my mum and dad. Paul is a bit of a new mate of mine. Only really started hanging out together during the last season's football when I moved to Moncur United. I fell out with the manager of my old team. He had put me on the bench for a cup final. To be honest it was my own fault as I am a bit mouthy, some say cocky, but I couldn't stay after he tried to humiliate me. A bit gutted really as a lot of my mates played for them.

I'm about 5 feet 7 inches, so pretty average height really but I am amazingly good looking. Ha-ha. I also work out as well to impress the girls which I seem to do quite easily. I have a girlfriend, Polly, who I've been seeing for the last 6 weeks. She is a total blonde babe really and the other reason I like her is that she does the business, if you know what I mean. I was the perfect gentleman on our first date but after that she was left in no doubt that she would have to produce the goods if she wanted to be my girlfriend. I've had lots of girlfriends over the years ever since I was about ten I knew girls liked me more than my mates. I was twelve when I got my first boob feel and pussy fingering from Ellen Norbert who was in my class at school. I lost my virginity at thirteen when I shagged Yasmin Bedford at her Mum's house when she was out working one Sunday. She was my girlfriend at the time. Most of the girls I have fucked have been girlfriends although some have been more casual, some even ex-girlfriends. Ha-ha. They just keep coming back for more. So I'm into double figures now for the number of girls that I have fucked. That's more than a lot of grown men.

Anyway, back to the evening in question. It was about 5.30 when I arrived at Paul's house and I could hear the noise from his garden about 50 yards away. I was wearing cropped khaki trousers with trainers and no socks and a sleeveless green t-shirt, plus, my cool Oakley sunglasses. Paul also lived on the same ex-council house estate but his house was part of a three story tenement building with communal garden. There were six houses to each building on three levels with a communal alley and stairwell. The building stood alone and so I walked around the side of the house to the back. Paul spotted me as soon as I arrived and handed me a beer. Sounded like some of the guests were well on their way to getting pissed and I had some catching up to do. I went over and thanked Paul's Mum & Dad, Linda and Dave, for inviting me. Linda was a bit tipsy and Dave was manning the BBQ. I handed over the bottle of wine that I brought and ended up chatting to Dave for a bit, mostly about football. Paul popped in and out of the conversation whilst he was playing footie with some of the younger kids.

There must have been at least fifty people at this party and apart from a couple of older guys who arrived a bit later I was one of the last to arrive. As I was chatting to Dave I was looking round for any potential action for later. There were a couple of older girls, about seventeen, who would have been a challenge but Tony and Norrie, the two guys that arrived later, hooked up with them to form a bit of a foursome. They would later leave about 7.30pm to go to the pubs. There were two girls roughly about our age there who Paul informed me were his neighbours. "You never told me you had hot ass next door Paul" I jibed at him. Dave laughed when I said this. "You been there with either of them" I jibed again knowing Paul wasn't the most successful with girls. He was no virgin but he had to make do. "He's too chicken" laughed his Dad. "Fuck off dad" Paul replied and Dave and I laughed, but Paul had heard it all before.

One of the girls, Gemma, was as fit as anything. She wore denim cut offs and a sleeveless t-shirt. I pushed Paul to tell me more about her. She was a year above us but at a different school as they had moved from another school catchment area a couple of years ago. "You have no chance mate. She's practically married." Paul advised. Now I like a challenge. "Watch and learn boys" I said to Paul and Dave as I wandered over and started chatting to her and her friend Lindsey. She was very untalkative at first but once she saw I was just being friendly she relaxed a bit. 'All part of the plan' I thought to myself. What was not part of the plan was her seventeen year old boyfriend coming to pick her up half an hour later for their hot date. By this point Lindsey had left my company to sit with her folks.

"Told Ya" Paul said cockily that I had failed. Some mate. Anyway we both laughed when Dave came over and said "crash and burn Mikee?" "Plenty more pussy in the sea" I replied knowing that Dave enjoyed talking dirty about what us boys got up to. Dirty old pervert that he was. Ha-ha. Anyway I ate burgers and sausages that were now ready and I have to say that Dave was a cracking BBQ chef. Whilst everyone was getting up and down for food and milling around I chatted to some of the other adults that were there. Don't know why but I think some adults liked to chat to me and I was very sociable that way. After the food was eaten and I was on my third beer I could see that some people were getting more and more pissed.

It was 8 pm and it was starting to get dark. I noticed that Paul and Lyndsey were chatting together. I grabbed three beers as their hands were empty and joined them. They were standing closer to the house whilst the party was at the bottom of the garden. Perhaps Lyndsey might be up for a quick shag I thought as I joined them. The conversation was about some band or other that I had never heard of so the conversation was mainly between Paul and Lyndsey. Paul was well into his music. After about 10 minutes the three of us took a seat on the small iron patio set that was rather the worse for wear just outside the back door of the alley to get to the houses. There were four chairs and a small round table. We chatted for a while longer and it became rather obvious to me that she was actually fancying Paul. When Lyndsey went to get another drink I said to Paul "She's got the hots for you mate". "You think" Paul replied not quite believing it himself. "Man, waken up and smell the pussy. I'm telling you she is ripe". Paul laughed a nervous laugh not knowing what to do next. We chatted for a while longer.

The party was getting a little worse for wear. People falling over and one of the mum's being sick in the corner of the garden. The kids were still running around although some of them were getting carted off home by some very drunk parents. There were still a few kids left though. One of them then came over and joined us. "Hey squirt" Lyndsey greeted her, a name she obviously did not like. "Fed up playing with the kids" she continued to tease. This girl seemed to know not to get into a verbal slagging match and so just stuck out her very red tongue which had been coloured from the Alcopop she was drinking. Her name was Hannah and it turns out she was Gemma's younger sister. "You're too young to be drinking that stuff anyway" continued Lyndsey. "Shut up, I'm thirteen so my mum says I'm old enough". I must admit my ears perked up when she said she was thirteen as I had her down for younger. 'I was fucking at her age' I thought to myself and I started looking at her in a different light. Hannah was about four feet six inches and had dirty golden blonde hair that was past shoulder length and a bit unkempt making her look a bit tomboyish. She was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped strappy top and a very short tight skirt that rode up her thighs as she sat down. She was very well tanned and had obviously spent a lot of the summer outside. She had no shoes on and her white training bra straps could easily be seen under her strappy top. Her top was a little baggy so it was difficult to see if she had any tits or not. Even though it was a small round table Hannah was sitting with her back to all the adults as was Paul. Lyndsey and I were on the other side with our back to the house. Hannah and I were on the left hand side.

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