My Mate's Family Barbeque

by Robbie Rotten

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: This story is about young teen casual sex on a hot summer's evening in the South of England. It is about an opportunistic event that a cocky young teenage boy takes advantage of with a very willing and younger teenage girl. The story builds up and is as much about the lead up of circumstances as well as the sex itself.

I got invited at the last minute to Paul's Mum & Dad's BBQ. It was Saturday afternoon after we played football and we were walking back towards out houses after beating our local rivals, Newbridlington Hearts, 4-1. I had asked Paul if he wanted to hangout that night when he told me his folks were having a BBQ to celebrate their twentieth anniversary which he had to go to. Family, friends and neighbours were all invited and to top it off, it was a cracking Saturday at the end of August. I had nothing else planned as my girlfriend was away with her parents to some horsey gala 60 miles away. The BBQ was apparently already underway and so I said that I would go grab a quick shower before heading back to Paul's.

Before the story, a little bit about me first. I'm Michael Hendry, I'm fifteen, nearly sixteen, and I live in a suburb in a small city on the south coast of England. It could be any housing estate in any town or city really. It was ex-council house and semi-detached. I've got a little brother who is thirteen going on three and we both live with my mum and dad. Paul is a bit of a new mate of mine. Only really started hanging out together during the last season's football when I moved to Moncur United. I fell out with the manager of my old team. He had put me on the bench for a cup final. To be honest it was my own fault as I am a bit mouthy, some say cocky, but I couldn't stay after he tried to humiliate me. A bit gutted really as a lot of my mates played for them.

I'm about 5 feet 7 inches, so pretty average height really but I am amazingly good looking. Ha-ha. I also work out as well to impress the girls which I seem to do quite easily. I have a girlfriend, Polly, who I've been seeing for the last 6 weeks. She is a total blonde babe really and the other reason I like her is that she does the business, if you know what I mean. I was the perfect gentleman on our first date but after that she was left in no doubt that she would have to produce the goods if she wanted to be my girlfriend. I've had lots of girlfriends over the years ever since I was about ten I knew girls liked me more than my mates. I was twelve when I got my first boob feel and pussy fingering from Ellen Norbert who was in my class at school. I lost my virginity at thirteen when I shagged Yasmin Bedford at her Mum's house when she was out working one Sunday. She was my girlfriend at the time. Most of the girls I have fucked have been girlfriends although some have been more casual, some even ex-girlfriends. Ha-ha. They just keep coming back for more. So I'm into double figures now for the number of girls that I have fucked. That's more than a lot of grown men.

Anyway, back to the evening in question. It was about 5.30 when I arrived at Paul's house and I could hear the noise from his garden about 50 yards away. I was wearing cropped khaki trousers with trainers and no socks and a sleeveless green t-shirt, plus, my cool Oakley sunglasses. Paul also lived on the same ex-council house estate but his house was part of a three story tenement building with communal garden. There were six houses to each building on three levels with a communal alley and stairwell. The building stood alone and so I walked around the side of the house to the back. Paul spotted me as soon as I arrived and handed me a beer. Sounded like some of the guests were well on their way to getting pissed and I had some catching up to do. I went over and thanked Paul's Mum & Dad, Linda and Dave, for inviting me. Linda was a bit tipsy and Dave was manning the BBQ. I handed over the bottle of wine that I brought and ended up chatting to Dave for a bit, mostly about football. Paul popped in and out of the conversation whilst he was playing footie with some of the younger kids.

There must have been at least fifty people at this party and apart from a couple of older guys who arrived a bit later I was one of the last to arrive. As I was chatting to Dave I was looking round for any potential action for later. There were a couple of older girls, about seventeen, who would have been a challenge but Tony and Norrie, the two guys that arrived later, hooked up with them to form a bit of a foursome. They would later leave about 7.30pm to go to the pubs. There were two girls roughly about our age there who Paul informed me were his neighbours. "You never told me you had hot ass next door Paul" I jibed at him. Dave laughed when I said this. "You been there with either of them" I jibed again knowing Paul wasn't the most successful with girls. He was no virgin but he had to make do. "He's too chicken" laughed his Dad. "Fuck off dad" Paul replied and Dave and I laughed, but Paul had heard it all before.

One of the girls, Gemma, was as fit as anything. She wore denim cut offs and a sleeveless t-shirt. I pushed Paul to tell me more about her. She was a year above us but at a different school as they had moved from another school catchment area a couple of years ago. "You have no chance mate. She's practically married." Paul advised. Now I like a challenge. "Watch and learn boys" I said to Paul and Dave as I wandered over and started chatting to her and her friend Lindsey. She was very untalkative at first but once she saw I was just being friendly she relaxed a bit. 'All part of the plan' I thought to myself. What was not part of the plan was her seventeen year old boyfriend coming to pick her up half an hour later for their hot date. By this point Lindsey had left my company to sit with her folks.

"Told Ya" Paul said cockily that I had failed. Some mate. Anyway we both laughed when Dave came over and said "crash and burn Mikee?" "Plenty more pussy in the sea" I replied knowing that Dave enjoyed talking dirty about what us boys got up to. Dirty old pervert that he was. Ha-ha. Anyway I ate burgers and sausages that were now ready and I have to say that Dave was a cracking BBQ chef. Whilst everyone was getting up and down for food and milling around I chatted to some of the other adults that were there. Don't know why but I think some adults liked to chat to me and I was very sociable that way. After the food was eaten and I was on my third beer I could see that some people were getting more and more pissed.

It was 8 pm and it was starting to get dark. I noticed that Paul and Lyndsey were chatting together. I grabbed three beers as their hands were empty and joined them. They were standing closer to the house whilst the party was at the bottom of the garden. Perhaps Lyndsey might be up for a quick shag I thought as I joined them. The conversation was about some band or other that I had never heard of so the conversation was mainly between Paul and Lyndsey. Paul was well into his music. After about 10 minutes the three of us took a seat on the small iron patio set that was rather the worse for wear just outside the back door of the alley to get to the houses. There were four chairs and a small round table. We chatted for a while longer and it became rather obvious to me that she was actually fancying Paul. When Lyndsey went to get another drink I said to Paul "She's got the hots for you mate". "You think" Paul replied not quite believing it himself. "Man, waken up and smell the pussy. I'm telling you she is ripe". Paul laughed a nervous laugh not knowing what to do next. We chatted for a while longer.

The party was getting a little worse for wear. People falling over and one of the mum's being sick in the corner of the garden. The kids were still running around although some of them were getting carted off home by some very drunk parents. There were still a few kids left though. One of them then came over and joined us. "Hey squirt" Lyndsey greeted her, a name she obviously did not like. "Fed up playing with the kids" she continued to tease. This girl seemed to know not to get into a verbal slagging match and so just stuck out her very red tongue which had been coloured from the Alcopop she was drinking. Her name was Hannah and it turns out she was Gemma's younger sister. "You're too young to be drinking that stuff anyway" continued Lyndsey. "Shut up, I'm thirteen so my mum says I'm old enough". I must admit my ears perked up when she said she was thirteen as I had her down for younger. 'I was fucking at her age' I thought to myself and I started looking at her in a different light. Hannah was about four feet six inches and had dirty golden blonde hair that was past shoulder length and a bit unkempt making her look a bit tomboyish. She was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped strappy top and a very short tight skirt that rode up her thighs as she sat down. She was very well tanned and had obviously spent a lot of the summer outside. She had no shoes on and her white training bra straps could easily be seen under her strappy top. Her top was a little baggy so it was difficult to see if she had any tits or not. Even though it was a small round table Hannah was sitting with her back to all the adults as was Paul. Lyndsey and I were on the other side with our back to the house. Hannah and I were on the left hand side.

"She's plenty old enough" I said adding "bet you were drinking at thirteen". "Maybe, but she's just a little runt". Now, I did not need to be Sherlock to get the fact that Lyndsey did not care much for Hannah. Some history there I thought to myself. So the three of us continued chatting and I tried to include Hannah now and again, partly because it was awkward with her just sitting there and partly because I thought she was cute. One of her straps of her top had fallen off her shoulder showing her training bra strap. Her eyes showed that perhaps she was a little tipsy. Because she was not saying much she was drinking her alcopop and soon she was finished. "Hey Hannah, if you're getting yourself another one, get me one as well. Do you guys want another beer?" I asked nodding towards Paul and Lyndsey. Hannah went to get the drinks. "Don't encourage her" snorted Lyndsey. "Hey, the little squirt's getting us beers" I admonished her. I had used the term 'little squirt' to ensure that neither Lyndsey or Paul thought I was perving over Hannah, which I was.

I was realising that I was getting pretty turned on by this little hottie and was keen for her to continue to hang around. I was also keen not to let Lyndsey and Paul get any inkling of this as my reputation would be in ruins. Hannah duly came back with the drinks. Paul and Lyndsey were getting more and more wrapped up in each other's conversation which meant I spent more time talking to Hannah. I leant back far enough so that I could take in the vision of her legs. I was being extra subtle not to alert Paul and Lyndsey and keeping the conversation light. She liked football which helped and knew my little brother, Jason.

Just before 10pm the lady that had previously been sick in the bushes came staggering up to the table and slurred "right come on Hannah bedtime". 'Shit' I thought to myself. But Hannah was having none of it "Fuck off mum I'm not going to bed yet". Hannah's mum went to slap her for that remark and missed falling on top of Paul. "Hey Paul I think you've pulled" I said and Hannah and Lyndsey started giggling. "Fucking help then" Paul snarled at me as it became apparent that Hannah's mum could not get up. Paul and I helped her to her feet and she was unable to stand. "Let's take her up to her house" Paul said so Paul and I took her up two flights of stairs to her house which was already open. Paul knew the way and we carried her though to her bedroom and dumped her on the bed. She was face down and was completely out of it. "Maybe we should take her" I said jokingly and Paul told me to shut up and started heading downstairs. I followed.

Back at the table Lyndsey and Hannah were arguing again. Lyndsey had called Hannah's mum a good for nothing pisshead and Hannah had retaliated. "All right girls calm down" I said trying to make the peace. What amazed me was that the whole episode with Hannah's mum and the arguing between the two girls had gone totally unnoticed by the adults left at the bottom of the garden. Dave was sleeping on a sun lounger, Linda was cuddling another woman who was maybe her sister. Only two kids were left and they were sleeping on a picnic cloth. There was a little singing and they were all completely pissed. I was a bit merry but nowhere near drunk. Hannah had drunk about another three quarters of her bottle and was slurring her words a little. "Like mother like daughter" Lyndsey sniped. "At least I'm not an ugly bitch like you. No wonder you can't get laid" snapped back Hannah the drink already making her braver. Lyndsey went to lash out before I caught her arm saying "hey come on now girls". Lyndsey was furious at being shown up like that and turned to Paul "come on Paul were going. I'm not listening to this little shit anymore". Paul looked at me wondering what to do. He was a bit dense sometimes. I nodded at him to go after her before saying "good luck mate".

"What did you mean when you said good luck mate?" asked Hannah with a smile. "Nothing really" I said smiling. "He's got no chance of getting inside her knickers, frigid bitch" she laughed. I laughed too. "You don't like each other do you" I said stating the obvious. "Nah, she's been horrible to me ever since Gemma told her I lost my virginity before her" explained Hannah looking straight at me to see what response that statement got. "Was Gemma telling the truth" I enquired. "What do you think" the brazen little mite asked back. "Well I would have said you were a definite virgin half an hour ago but now I'm not so sure". Hannah giggled, enjoying my not knowing. "Well, are you gonna tell me or not?" I said pushing for an answer. Hannah motioned for me to lean forward so she could whisper in my ear. I did as she requested. I could feel her breath in my ear as she leaned forward and held on to the back of my head for support. "I'm not a virgin" she giggled hanging on to my head. I held that pose for a minute and then leaned back into my chair looking at the bottom of the garden to see if anyone was looking. No one was although it was getting difficult to see with just a lamp light on the other side of the fence at the bottom of the garden illuminating them. We had some light from one of the kitchen windows helping me see the beauty in front of me.

I must admit my mind was racing. Her mum was now comatose upstairs in her house. The rest of the adults were in various states of drunkenness at the bottom of the garden and seemed completely oblivious to our presence. Paul and Lyndsey had vacated the premises. Was this little hottie up for some fun? I needed to find out quickly before one of the adults noticed she was alone with me.

"Do you have a girlfriend" Hannah asked not very innocently. "Yes" I added. "Where is she then" continued Hannah. "Away for the weekend at some horsey event" I added again not losing eye contact. "You missing her" Hannah continued her questioning. "Kinda" I added neither wanting to sound too keen or put her off. I lost eye contact, looked at her legs that were slightly apart and I could see the white of her panties. "What would you two be doing right now if she was here" she continued being less than obvious what she was thinking. "Not sure I can tell you that" I added trying to play it cool. "What would she say if she knew you were looking up my skirt" she teased. "Who gives a shit. She ain't fucking here is she" I said mater of factly. I continued "Anyway, if I want to look at a gorgeous pair of legs on display, I'm gonna look."

Hannah giggled at that. I was sitting on the chair legs wide apart, feet planted on the ground with my hands resting on my thighs. There was a small piece of the seat of the chair between my legs exposed and Hannah raised her right foot and planted it there inches from my crotch. Her foot was dirty from walking around with no shoes on but that just added to her appeal. I moved my hands and wrapped them round her lower leg, left hand on her shin, right hand on her calf muscle. "Nice legs" I said. Hannah bit her lip. "Nice view as well" I added looking straight up her skirt, which now showed her white panties in full view. I caressed the back of her calf muscle. I could tell she was enjoying it. "You like my panties" she teased. "Oh yes" I replied honestly. "Do I make you hard" she asked staring straight into my eyes and moving her foot forward so she could feel my cock with her foot. I could feel her tootsies against my ever growing cock. "You can feel for yourself can't you" I said as my hands moved forward on her leg and were now round her left knee. My right hand moved forward and caressed the inner thigh of her right leg. Those beautiful golden thighs. She cocked her head back and closed her eyes.

I knew in my head that I had to act quickly. One of the adults from the bottom of the garden might decide to move at any minute and start asking questions about Hannah's mum and why she was alone, half drunk, with an older boy with obvious intentions. My hand moved further down her thigh until my thumb caressed her mound through her panties. She savoured the moment and enjoyed my touch. I ran my thumb up and down her panty covered slit. I watched my hand whilst at the same time keeping an eye out for any of the adults. My biggest concern was that Paul and Lyndsey might return. I wouldn't see them coming as they would come from behind me either through the communal internal alleyway or from around the side of the house. I continued to thumb Hannah's pussy figuring out my next move.

After a few more seconds I said "I'd love to get those knickers off you". Cue more giggles and biting of lip from Hannah. Looking around again, feeling bold, I moved both my hands to reach to the top of Hannah's thighs. I slipped each thumb under the inside leg hole of her panties and with thumb and forefinger pulled at the flimsy material. Hannah helped by raising her butt off her chair using her leg positioned between my legs, having moved her foot back to the seat in front of my crotch, to push herself up. The grip on her panties was not sufficient but it did move them a couple of inches lower down her hips and allowed me to reach up insert both of my forefingers into the top of the waistband of her panties and pull them down her golden thighs. Hannah brought her left leg up so both legs were closer together so that her panties were now around her knees. I pulled them further down her gorgeous slim legs and when they were around her ankles, right at my crotch, she retracted her left leg from the leg hole of her panties so they were left hanging from the ankle that was firmly placed between my legs. I reached round with my right hand and held her calf muscle to pull the foot higher. With my other hand I removed her panties and deliberately placed her foot back on my crotch. Hannah giggled again and I placed her panties in my pocket.

We were now right back at the position we were earlier with the significant difference that she was now wearing no panties and her pussy was readily available for me to play with. Wasting no time I slid my right hand down the inside of her right thigh. Again Hannah arched her head back and closed her eyes as I reached her pussy. "Don't make it too obvious" I whispered not knowing whether I needed to whisper or not. Hannah got the message and brought her head forward again biting her lip and staring straight at me as my thumb caressed her pussy lips. Hannah was moist and my thumb slid up to her clitoris as my middle finger went exploring for her hole. The light was not sufficient for me to really see clearly but I had been around a few pussies in my time to know exactly where to go. Hannah's breath skipped as my middle finger found what it was looking for and slipped fully inside her. "Nice" I said out loud as I started to slide my finger in and out of her wet hole. Hannah gripped onto the sides of her chair as my forefinger joined my middle finger in penetrating this little beauty. I continued double finger fucking her whilst pressing her love button with my thumb. She had moved her foot again away from my crotch back to the chair to give her some leverage to raise her pussy up towards my fingers. Her hips were gently starting to sway in time with the thrusts of my fingers. This continued for a couple of minutes before she finally orgasmed and collapsed back into her chair. I removed my fingers and sucked on them both. "Mmmmm tasty" I said. Hannah giggled a lot more. "Did you like that" I asked her once she was less flush. "Yes" she replied far too eagerly. "I wish that was my cock inside you instead of my fingers" I said boldly. "Would you like that" I added. "Oh yes" she replied without even thinking about it. "Why don't we go up to your room. Your mum's out for the count" I said. "Good idea" she replied and I then explained to her the rest of the plan for going up to her house.

Hannah left straight away and went up to her house. I waited 5 minutes drinking the last of my beer, surveying the scene, and looking at my watch, every minute seeming to last like ten. After the five minutes were up I got up and went to see the adults at the bottom of the garden. Half were asleep on sun loungers and deck chairs. "Thanks for inviting me Linda, I'm off now." I said. It was 10.45pm. "No problem son" she replied obviously forgetting my name. She didn't even ask where Paul was. I said my goodbyes to the rest that were still awake and walked away and around the side of the building as if I was heading for the gate to go home. Instead though, once round the corner and out of sight of the adults, I headed back in the front door of the communal internal hallway and headed up the stairs being careful not to be seen from any of the staircase windows. Hannah's front door was slightly ajar, so I walked in and closed and locked it behind me.

Hannah appeared with a cheesy grin on her face, sexy in the clear light. "You made it then" she whispered. "Why are you whispering" I said out loud. "Don't want to wake my mum" she whispered again. I laughed "she's completely comatose, come on I'll show you". I pulled Hannah into her mother's bedroom and switched on the light. "What you doing" she whispered in panic. Hannah's mum was just as Paul and I had left her, spread-eagled across her double bed, clothes still on, her body facing downwards and her head to one side facing me and Hannah. "What's your mum's name" I asked Hannah. "Pauline" came the reply. "Hey Pauline" I said loudly. Nothing stirred. "See" I gestured to Hannah, "She's rat arsed" and I poked Pauline in her butt. Hannah giggled. "Mind if me and Hannah have some fun in her room" I said, loudly again. Nothing stirred. "Cheers Pauline" I said. Hannah giggled again. The drink had seemingly made her very giggly.

Hannah and I made our way back into the hallway. "Nothing will wake her up" I half laughed. "Cool" said Hannah. "What about Gemma. When will she get home" I asked Hannah. Hannah bit her lip again in the sexy way she does. "She'll not be back tonight. She'll end up back at Derek's. Always does on a Saturday night" answered Hannah. "So me and you have the house to ourselves then" I asked knowingly. Hannah bit her lip again. "So why don't you show me your room for starters" I said. Hannah giggled as I took her hand and she led me into her room. The curtains were closed and the bedside light was on which gave off a good light. 'Perfect' I thought to myself. I closed the door behind me as our hands let go. Hannah stood in the middle of the room a little nervously.

I removed my trainers with my feet and walked over to where she was standing and caressed her right cheek with my left hand brushing her unkempt golden hair away from the side of her face. "You're really pretty" I said honestly. "Thanks" was the reply. I moved forward and kissed her gently on the lips, my hand still caressing her cheek. As our lips met her eyes closed. I chuckled to myself that I had finger fucked her first before I had actually kissed her. My lips were nibbling at bottom lip, the one she had been biting, before our lips met full on and our mouths opened wide. Her tongue dashed into my mouth eagerly and I responded in kind. The feel of her tongue inside my mouth set my cock into action. I was hard instantly. Hannah's kissing was intense and a bit all over the place, but I liked it. I liked it a lot. Her eager kissing told me that she was eager for a lot more. She sucked on my tongue as if she couldn't get enough of my tongue inside her sweet mouth. 'This girl is gagging for it' I thought to myself.

As we kissed my hands fell to her waist. Our bodies were not touching really and she was not yet aware of my throbbing cock. My hands rose upwards underneath her loose strappy top to feel the soft flesh of her lower back. I explored there for a few seconds before moving my hands round and caressing her mid riff. My hands moved north and quickly I was massaging her very small budding breasts. In a matter of a few seconds our kissing broke off and I used this opportunity to raise my hands further, holding her top as I lifted it up and over her head. Hannah raised her arms to help with the removal of her upper garment. I threw it to the side and we looked at each other and smiled for the briefest of moments. Feeling her eyes roaming all over me I lifted up the bottom of my t-shirt with both hands and pulled it over my head, flinging it to the floor.

Hannah's eyes feasted on the sight of my fit torso. I was fit, not muscle man, just fit, and I could tell she liked what she saw. "Nice bod" she said half giggling. "You like it" I replied knowing the answer. "Definitely" Hannah replied. "You want to see some more" I teased. "Oh, yes please" she mocked. "Then why don't you kneel down and take a good look" I suggested. Hannah did not need an invitation twice. She fell to her knees with her face two or three inches from my crotch. She brought her hand up and massaged my erection through my cropped trousers. She did this for what seemed like too long so I undid my belt and the top button of my trousers to speed things up. Hannah got the message and pulled my zipper down. Half falling, and half being pulled down by Hannah, my cropped trousers fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and kicked them to on side. Looking back at Hannah I could see her staring at the massive bulge in my pants. I had on boxer length pants with the pouch style to hold my tackle. The outline of my shaft was clearly visible. Hannah massaged the bulge for a few seconds before reaching for the waistband of my boxers and pulling them down allowing my cock to spring out into the middle of her bedroom.

Hannah's face was like a child on Christmas morning that had just opened the best present ever. Licking her lips she reached up and held her prize. "It's big" she giggled. "You like it" I asked. "Defo" came the reply. I let Hannah hold it for a few more moments before I asked "have you ever given a blowjob?" Hannah shook her head as those gorgeous eyes looked up at me. "Would you like me to tell you how to do it" I asked praying she would say yes. "Yes please" she said very politely considering the position she was in, kneeling in front of a naked fifteen year old boy with a major erection. "Ok, hold my cock with your left hand, that's it, and pull back on the foreskin a little to reveal the tip of my cock" I instructed. "Now lick the tip gently in small circles. That's it, perfect. Now press my cock against my stomach and lick the base of my cock from bottom to top" I added. Hannah was a very good pupil. She licked enthusiastically up the shaft a few times. "Lick my balls as well if you like but be careful" I informed her. Hannah did as requested and was very careful. I did consider telling her to take my balls in her mouth but decided against it. "Now, pull my cock down again and pull the foreskin right back off the head of my cock. That's it, now lick my cock head like before but in bigger circles. Yes that's it, nice." I further instructed. Hannah licked for her life. "Now hold my cock at the base and take my cock head in your mouth. That's it babe. Ooohhh perfect. Now suck on my cock head." I added. I was in dreamland and her eyes kept looking up at me for approval that she was doing it right. Boy was she doing it right. "Now slowly take more and more cock into your mouth. You can control how much cock you want to take by holding a guy's cock at the root" I taught her. "That way you are always in control" I added. She seemed grateful for the advice. Hannah sucked me off and I was getting almost half my cock sucked. The feeling was immense.

I let her control things for a couple of minutes before I said "Hannah, massage my butt for me would you. It really helps me get turned on" which was maybe a bit silly considering I was already extremely turned on. But I wanted complete control and Hannah was a willing servant to my needs. Both Hannah's hands kneaded my buns as she continued to devour my cock. It was obviously working for her too as her eyes were closed as she sucked. It was excruciatingly pleasurable for me too and I only wished there was a wall I could have leant against to steady myself. Instead I used Hannah's head for support as she sucked my stick. "Oh yes baby" I encouraged her. Although she had relinquished control by fondling my buttocks I was still not pressing home my advantage. Hannah was obviously getting turned on as one of her hands fell to pleasure her pussy. "Both hands Hannah" I admonished her. "Your turn next babe" I added as her hand returned to my ass. "Oh this is the best Hannah, you are a fucking natural. Pull me into your mouth babe" I told her. Hannah gripped my buttocks and pulled me into her mouth. My cock was ready and I could have gone on for hours like this but I wanted to spunk in Hannah's mouth and I knew the timing was perfect. As Hannah pulled me into her mouth, I began to drive deeper and deeper into her smooth delicious mouth. "Oh baby this is sooooo good" I encouraged her further. My hands were firmly on the back of her head. Her hands were gripping my buttocks and pulling me in. I was getting deeper and deeper each time I thrust forward. I knew I had to blow my load. I flicked the switch in my brain which told my balls to open the gates. As every man knows, once the gates are open, there's no going back. Feeling the point of no return I pulled Hannah's head firmly onto my cock, each thrust feeling the back of her throat each time. Hannah only got respite in between each thrust otherwise she would have gagged completely and I definitely didn't want her being sick and spoiling the moment. Within seconds the first spurt emptied out of my cock and splashed into Hannah's mouth. Some of my semen went straight down her throat and some went into her mouth depending on the thrust of my cock. I was in dreamland. I was spunking into a gorgeous little thirteen year old's mouth and loving every minute of it. And so was she judging by the smile on her face when my last spurt had finished and I finally pulled her off my cock. "You are a fucking natural babe" I congratulated her. She seemed awfully pleased that she had managed to give a fifteen year old boy such an expert blowjob.

"Did you swallow it all" I asked her as I pulled her up to her feet. "I think so" she giggled. "Cool" I added. I leaned forward to kiss her and she moved closer. "Wait" I said as I broke off our kiss. "You don't want to get your skirt all covered in cock juice" I added. My cock was dangling, still sticky, as Hannah realised the mess it might make of her very small skirt. She reached round to the side, undid the clip and zip and let it fall to the floor. "Fucking nice" I said as I devoured the sight of her naked bottom half. I could see her tuft of hair now clearly above her vagina. 'Same colour as her hair' I thought. She moved back to me and we again started kissing. Full on kissing. Kissing that told each other we wanted the other so badly. I could feel Hannah's legs against mine as she got close. I lowered my hands and grabbed her ass, massaging each buttock. Her ass was tight and her hips were boy like. Hannah lifted her right leg up and wrapped it around my leg, rubbing her pussy against my thigh to help her come off. My hands gripped her ass more tightly and helped her by pulling her into me more tightly. This went on for a couple of minutes before my hands moved up from her ass and up her back. My target was the clip of her tiny bra. I wanted her totally butt naked. I undid the clip with both hands and broke off our kiss pulling the bra forward at the same time. Her right leg moved back to the floor and as I tossed her bra away I saw for the first time Hannah's full naked body in all its glory. She had small little tits with very small but pointy pink nipples. "You are total fucking gorgeous" I told her without a hint of a lie. "You think" she asked not quite sure. "Oh yes" I said overly enthusiastically. "I want to eat and lick every single part of you" I added. Hannah giggled again and moved forward aching for more.

We kissed passionately once more and devoured each other's tongues. Her hands were all over my torso and my hands played with her tiny tits and erect nipples for a bit. Then I reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks again in each hand. She responded by wrapping her right leg around me once more. In one movement I lifted her up and she responded by wrapping her other leg around me so I was holding her completely, taking her whole weight and pulling her into me. My cock was hard again and it was pressed flat against her stomach. I held her like this for what seemed like ages as we kissed passionately but it was probably only 60 seconds. Realising my slight discomfort of holding her weight, even with her being a bit waif like, I walked her to the bed, leaned over and rested her down with me on top of her. Our kiss broke off and I looked her in the eye and we both smiled, her giggling also. I moved myself down so that I was kissing her bare shoulders heading for her small tits. I kissed her left tit before licking at her nipple playfully with my tongue. Hannah moaned. Whilst Hannah's head was on her pillow of her single bed, she was lying at an angle. Her right leg was planted on the floor whilst her left leg was stretched out on the bed. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples and tits for a while as my hand fingered her horny pussy. As I continued to finger her I lowered my mouth to take in her sweet mid-riff ending up licking her belly button and then just above her small pubic mound. The smell of her horny cum was intoxicating and soon I was licking the slit of her vagina and tasting her juice straight from the fountain. Each lick brought a moan from the willing recipient, her legs spreading wider to allow me even greater access.

Hannah repositioned herself so that both her legs were on the bed and I was kneeling between them. She had pulled her legs up, bent at the knee, and spread them wide open awaiting my continued attention. I devoured her cunt with my mouth. I licked hard at her pussy flaps and inserted my tongue inside her love hole as far as I could push it. I French kissed her pussy lips with the same gusto I had french kissed her other lips and as she started thrusting her hips into my face and starting to climax with complete inhibition, she was shouting "Yes, oh yes, yes yes". I clamped my mouth around her clitoris and sucked and licked for all I was worth. Her hips rocked, her hands on the back of my head pushing me as far as I would go into her pussy until her orgasm peaked and she slowly collapsed back into her bed.

Whilst I enjoyed it immensely my tongue was getting a tad sore so I was glad it was over. She now lay before me on her single bed, naked as the day she was born, but this time she was thirteen, gorgeous as fuck with pretty little thirteen year old tits, golden brown skin and a horny pussy with a tuft of pubic hair at the top. Hannah was lying legs bent and spread wide open with me still lying between them. I devoured the sight of her gorgeous nakedness and her glistening body from the orgasmic sweat as well as her glistening sticky pussy from her recent orgasm. She was like manna from heaven lying there exposed and ready for what I planned next.

Any heterosexual boy would have done the same surely, and I knew that Hannah wanted it to. My cock definitely wanted it and my cock was going to get it. Possessed, I crawled over Hannah, my knees between her legs. The foreplay was over, the fucking was about to begin. I positioned myself so that my cock was at her opening, still kneeling. "I want to fuck you so bad babe" I said with utter conviction. Hannah giggled and awaited my invasion. Once my cock was in position my legs straightened out and I thrust forward and inserting my achingly erect cock into her well lubed love hole. "Oh yes" I added experiencing the joy of her luscious pussy around my cock. I concentrated as I looked at her exquisite face and then did what I had done a hundred times before with other girls and what came completely naturally to me. I therefore proceeded to give Hannah what I would only describe as a really good, hard fucking. There was no slowly, slowly, to begin with, I was too pumped up for that. I wanted to fuck her pussy and that was exactly what I was doing, each thrust pounding into her, my cock experiencing the ultimate delights that only a pussy could offer. Bang, bang, bang, time and again I pounded into her spurred on by Hannah's moans of pure ecstasy. Hannah's legs were wider apart than they had ever been before, feet planted on her bed thrusting her pussy back to meet my thrusts. Wild tigers could not have pulled me off her and it was not long before again Hannah was climaxing, shouting "yes, yes, yes" as her horny, horny pussy saturated my cock with her come. I continued to fuck her as her orgasm subsided but I was getting tired. I had two choices: let my spunk flow or change position. I chose the latter.

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