Mary Christmas

by Romy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A veteran returns to his family home and memories of lost love only to renew an old flame.

Kevin was coming home for the holidays, and yet the holidays had never been an especially happy time for him. As a child, his parents would frequently argue as Christmas came closer. For Kevin, Christmas meant screaming and yelling, fear and anxiety. Inevitably the arguments led to a full fledged fight a day or two before Christmas day. Most Christmas mornings his mother would feign a smile with her cracked lips and pretend nothing was wrong. But even heavy layers of makeup can't really hide a swollen black eye.

That was decades in the past though. His father had succumbed after a long drawn out fight to lung cancer seven years ago. He had been laid to his final rest on a cold snowy morning in early December. Three years later his mother had passed away from a stroke. She was laid beside her troubled husband of thirty seven years on a frigid January afternoon.

The taxi pulled off the Interstate and twisted and turned through back streets until it entered the old neighborhood. Kevin looked out the side window. Everything was coated in a thin veil of white. The sun would be setting soon and the light but steady snowfall would get heavier over night. The kids would have a white Christmas with a fresh powder to play in. The ideal holiday.

After the passing of their parents, Kevin's little brother, Chris, moved his family into the old house. Every year Chris invited Kevin to spend the holidays with family. For some reason Kevin accepted this time. It had been twenty five years since he'd had a Christmas in that house. A lot had changed in that time.

The neighborhood appeared much the same. But even that was an illusion. The Tully twins' house had always been one of the most decorated houses during the holidays. A single dim light somewhere deep inside was all there was now. Becky Harris' house always had the biggest and most beautifully decorated tree in the neighborhood, but now the curtains were drawn across the big window. The one fond holiday memory that remained was the annual neighborhood walk on Christmas Eve to admire the lights on the houses and decorations in the yards. There was no one out tonight.

The neighborhood was dark now.

Becky Harris had moved to California, married and had seven children. She was a grandmother now. Kevin couldn't imagine being a grandparent so young. Tommy Tully was having Christmas in prison and no one had seen nor heard from his brother in nearly twenty years.

Kevin closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. "What the hell am I doing," he muttered.

"What was that?" The taxi driver asked over his shoulder.

Kevin shook his head and smiled. "Nothing. Just thinking out loud I guess."

"Well, we're here then." The driver put the car in park and got out to get Kevin's canvas duffle bag from the trunk.

Kevin stepped out of the bright yellow sedan and pulled his wool coat tighter around him. He gave the driver some cash for the ride and tip and took the duffle bag. "Thanks for the ride. Happy holidays."

The driver just got back in the car and drove off without another word.

Kevin found himself standing in the driveway of the old family house, duffle bag thrown over the shoulder. He suddenly remembered a bright and hot summer afternoon twenty years ago when he returned home from the army. Twenty years was a long time.

The family house was lit up with several strings of flashing Christmas lights. Plastic reindeer pranced in the yard. At least Chris still remembered.

Kevin started walking up the driveway to the two-story house when something caught his attention in the house next door. There was a light on in Mary's old room. He knew Mrs. Wellers still lived there after all these long years. He stopped, dropped his duffle bag on the snow covered drive and stared at the light.

Mary's room had been directly across from his. The most beautiful girl he had ever known slept only twenty feet from his bed. It might as well have been a million miles.

The snowy evening seemed to fade away around Kevin and he found himself twenty seven years younger in his bedroom again. Still awkward and too fat and young, he was sitting on the edge of his bed. Mary had forgotten to draw her curtains closed again. He dared not move and barely breathed for fear she might know he was there. Then her bedroom door opened and Mary walked through.

She was wrapped in a pink towel, her long blonde hair was dark and wet, hanging down her back. She was two years younger than him, but still far more beautiful than any adult. He had once written a love poem praising Mary's fair beauty as one that even Helen, the face that had launched a thousand ships, would have coveted.

She turned to look his way. Her blue eyes sparkled in the lamp light and seemed to be searching his room. Her red lips were always curled into a smile so sweet the angels cried with envy. Then she opened the pale pink towel and suddenly it was as if the heavens had opened and all divinity was made manifest in the form of her young body.

Kevin had stopped breathing, his eyes fixated upon Mary's naked body only a few feet away. A young woman, her breasts swelled into small, firm and creamy orbs. Pale pink areola surrounded hardened nipples stretching out toward his shadow in the darkness. Her belly was flat and trim, curving down to young hips maturing into a woman's. At the crest of her legs a wide wedge of fair hair concealed her delicate sex from his sight.

Mary hummed silently as she methodically dried herself, her young breasts bouncing enticingly. Soon she turned, presenting Kevin with an extended view of her tight, heart-shaped ass. When she bent over to dry her legs her swollen pink nether lips were clearly visible to his hungry eyes.

He was feeling dizzy and he finally remembered to breathe, inhaling deeply. He reached inside his white shorts and wrapped his hand around his hard cock and ever so slowly began to stroke it's length. Then Mary stood and turned back to the window, searching the darkness of his room for any sign of a possible hidden voyeur. Then with a satisfied grin she would stretch and bend before crawling, still nude, into bed. The sheets were around her waist and she stretched her arms, yawning before lying back into the bed. Then she turned the bedside lamp off and her room was plunged into darkness.

A long, dark sedan pulled into the Wellers' driveway, its bright headlights broke the spell Kevin had been under. He shivered and adjusted the collar of his black coat against the falling snow. A little old lady slowly climbed out of the sedan, eyeing him and his duffle bag suspiciously.

"Mrs. Wellers, is that you? It's me, Kevin." He took a slow, tentative step towards the woman.

She looked him up and down, studying his features closely. "Little Kevin? My Lord, boy, you're a man now."

Kevin laughed jovially. "Yes ma'am. Who would have imagined it?"

"Visiting the family for the holidays are you," she asked as she opened the back door of the car. Inside were several bags of groceries.

"Yes ma'am. Just here for a few days." He went to her side and offered to take the heavy grocery bag she gripped. "Please, let me carry these for you."

Mrs. Wellers smiled happily. "You always were a nice a boy. I always liked you. So did Mary."

Kevin's heart seemed to deflate and he reached inside the car to gather the rest of the bags. "I always liked her too."

When Kevin had returned from the army he found that Mary had gone to college, married an architect and moved away. He imagined her children were grown by now and had children of their own. He had been heart broken.

"She's here now. I'm sure she would love to see you again." Mrs. Wellers slowly led the way across the slippery drive to the front door. Each step felt as though he were approaching his doom. She unlocked the door and started to show Kevin the way to the kitchen.

"I still remember the way," he smiled at her. "I spent half my childhood in your kitchen."

The house was little changed in all these years. The furniture may have been newer, but it still reflected the crisp, clean style Mrs. Wellers liked. The rooms were tidier now that she didn't have children to clutter up the place. He heard Mrs. Wellers call Mary from the bottom of the stairs. "Come down girl. There's someone that wants to see you."

Kevin set the bags down on the small kitchen island and resigned himself to get this over with. One more heart ache for the holidays. Maybe he would head home sooner than planned.

A moment later she came down the stairs. It was as if the heavens had opened up and all of divinity was made manifest in her. She was taller than he remembered, and her blonde hair was shorter, falling just past her shoulders. The little girl he had longed for had become a woman.

Mary stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked curiously at him. A few moments passed before she recognized him. "Oh my God! Kevin!" She jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him hard to her.

It was impossible for him to ignore the soft pressure of her full breasts crushed against him. Hesitantly he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, pressing his face into her neck. The sweet scent of her golden hair filled him with memories of a summer long ago.

The summer sun felt wonderful on his chest as he chased Mary across the beach. He was still chubby but had been working hard to loose the excess weight so he could go into the army. Mary had filled out a lot over the last few years. She wore a little pink bikini that matched her eyes. When she ran, her full breasts bounced enthusiastically. It was unusual for them to have the beach to themselves, but it was still early and a weekday.

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