Memories of Lynne

by Fast Eddy

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Summer with our girls.

Lynne was seldom bored. She had two boyfriends that dominated her time throughout the summer. She would come over to Tom's house in the morning while Tom and I played fourteen and one on his pool table. When she arrived, I would stop playing while Tom continued shooting pool balls into their pockets. I sat with Lynne on the sofa and we would begin making out. We were very familiar with each other and I soon had her blouse and bra off. Lynne had beautiful, large tits that we had become accustomed to as we literally owned them. Lynne gave us full access to them, but what girlfriend wouldn't? She spent most days exposing them to us and we freely played with them to our hearts content.

She would come over after her parents left for work, dressed in a skirt and blouse with little white sox with lace tops, and saddle oxfords. Her hair was tied into pigtails and her lipstick was bright red. She looked a little dorkey, but in this outfit, we had free access to all of her charms as she became the most popular girl in the world to us. Whichever of us was between shots, would prepare Lynne for our daily activities. Today it was me and I quickly removed her blouse and bra, while lip locking her. I would then remove her panties, and stroke her freshly shaven legs, from her knees to her moist lips.

Tom and I exchanged positions with one of us on the pool table, and the other on Lynne. Tom sat with Lynne as I took his place at the pool table to continue shooting our game of fourteen and one. While shooting, I occasionally looked up at Lynne and Tom on the sofa. Lynne was essentially naked. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist, exposing her bare pussy and shapely legs, her pussy was usually covered with one of Tom's hands as he fingered her. He had one of her nipples in his mouth as he kneaded her massive tit with his other hand. Lynne lay panting as Tom manipulated her body. She was squirming under his ministrations and moaning.

My distraction was obvious and my turn on the pool table was prematurely finished. Tom abruptly got up and took up his position at the table to resume his sinking of balls. I took Lynne seamlessly into my arms and continued the onslaught of Lynne's shapely body. I produced my hard dick and pressed it into Lynne's hand for her to maximize its excitement, as I shed my clothes in contemplation of our next activity. I'm rubbing her engorged clit as I stroke the inside of her pussy with two of my fingers sliding across her "G spot" Lynne is out of control as I over stimulate her dripping pussy.

Without further ado, I roll on top of her and press my engorged cock into her clasping cunt, eliciting a loud moan from my fuck bunny. My cock slides completely into her dripping pussy to the hilt. I seat it there for a while basking in the sensation of her tight pussy gripping my rigid manhood before I begin to stroke in and out of her at an ever increasing pace.

Lynne wraps her meaty thighs around my waist and drew me into her moist cavern, while holding my head to her tit while I nursed her elongated nipple, and massaged her massive mammary.

Tom couldn't help but be distracted as we now took up the whole sofa, increasing our rhythm as we pounded into each other. Lynne was a very vocal person when the activity was sex and everyone within earshot could attest to it. Tom took off his clothes in preparation for his turn in the rotation of our sex romp.

Tom, standing by the pool table naked with a massive hard on while he watches me pummel Lynne's pussy compelled him to enter in to our activity. He walked up and pressed his rampant cock into an unsuspecting Lynne's opened mouth, she sucked it in without thinking about it and we engaged into a frenzied threesome until we were all unable to continue on. We lay in a heap, fondling each other until we drifted off into a nap.

I awoke to the sensation of my hard dick fully enveloped into the warm, moist cavern of Kathy's sucking mouth. I resumed my nursing of Lynne's soft tit, while with renewed vigor, I massaged her other tit with my clasping hand. Lynne started moaning which awakened Tom, who slid his hard dick into Kathy's tight pussy and began welcoming her into our circle of lust.

Lynne and Kathy were best friends since they were toddlers, much like Tom and I. We were always joined at the hip and did everything together. It was easy to see that we all were an excellent match for one another.

While Lynne was a moaner, Kathy was a screamer as Tom pummeled her to her first orgasm of the morning. The pool game was forgotten as we each used our hands and mouths to satisfy each other. I came into Kathy's sucking mouth just as Tom unloaded into her juicy hot pussy.

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