Party Treat

by TwistedCarnival

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nearly a year before Laura and Marie had a falling out when Laura got together with a guy Marie was interested in. Now finally Laura and Darren have been invited to a party Marie is holding. A party attended by her hypnotist cousin. A party where Laura and Darren are to be the unknowing entertainment.

"Are you sure we have to go to this thing? We could always head back to the apartment and spend the night in," Laura's boyfriend Darren said, flashing her his most devilish smile from the driver's seat. It was a tempting offer, after all he was a very attractive guy. His cock was a little on the small side at only around five inches, but he ate pussy fairly well and was a decent lover overall. However she knew she had to refuse him this time.

"Now c'mon honey, you know we have to go. Marie's only just forgiven me, and I'm not going to ruin it by blowing off her party when I promised we'd go. There'll be plenty of time for fun after we get home later," Laura told him with a return smile. Marie had been a good friend of Laura's awhile back. She'd had a crush on Darren, and had actually been the one who had introduced the two of them. It hadn't been Laura's fault that she was the one Darren had wound up falling for. Marie had taken it pretty hard and had given Laura the cold-shoulder after that, refusing even to talk with her, which had hurt, after all they'd been friends for years. It had been ten months since then and only a few weeks back Marie had called her up, finally willing to forgive her. Laura had been delighted, and in those last weeks the two had spoken on the phone a number of times and gone out shopping together twice. Marie had eventually asked her to come to a party she was holding, saying that of course she could bring Darren with her, bygones were bygones. Laura had promised they'd be there, and wasn't about to risk damaging their newly regained friendship by not showing up.

"Well, we're almost there. I suppose I can tolerate the party for a bit, in the name of love," Darren told her, giving her a mock-long suffering look, which made her giggle.

A couple minutes later they were pulling into the driveway. Laura did a quick check in the vanity mirror. Not a strand of blonde hair was out of place, her blue eyes stared back at her with a mischievous look, her make-up was still perfectly applied to her heart-shaped face. She looked good. Flashing herself a quick smile before closing the mirror, she slipped out of the car and accompanied Darren along the walk to the front door.

After Darren knocked it only took a few seconds before the door opened and Marie herself peered out at them. "Laura! Darren! Great, you made it! C'mon in," Marie urged, stepping back and letting them slip by into the house before shutting the door behind them. "There's some people I want you two to meet. Make yourselves at home while I get them. I'll be right back," Marie informed them, an excited look on her face as she turned and hurried off without giving either of them a chance to respond.

Darren just flashed her a curious look and Laura shrugged as they made their way further into the house. There were quite a few people here, and from the looks of the cups in many people's hands, plenty of alcohol. They'd only looked around for a minute and Laura was about to suggest that they find the liquor and make themselves a drink when Marie suddenly appeared beside them, three guys trailing in her wake.

"Guys, this is my cousin Max and his friends, Tony and Jake," Marie introduced them. The three shook hands with Darren and Laura in turn, each of their eyes particularly lingering on Laura, but she was used to that sort of thing.

"Good to meet you," Darren told them, wrapping a possessive arm around Laura's shoulders.

"Max here is a hypnotist. A really good one, from what I hear. He's really big back home," Marie told them, turning her smile to the man in question.

Max just shrugged as if the attention was undeserved. "I just have a small show, it's nothing major. Mostly the same audience who doesn't mind seeing the same tricks."

'Hypnotism? Yeah right', Laura thought sarcastically, but didn't let it show on her face. Instead she smiled and said, "Well, it's still great that you're talented enough to have your own show."

"Don't let him be modest," Marie broke in. "His audience pays big bucks to watch his show. He's great at what he does. Apparently he's never failed to put someone under, no matter how difficult they were," Marie paused for a second, and then her face lit up, as if something had just occurred to her. "Hey, let's have him prove it. It'd be great for the party. Why don't we let him hypnotize you, Laura?"

"Me? Hypnotize me?" Laura said, trying not to crack a smile and show how ridiculous that sounded. She shot a glance at Max, who just looked bored. Laura could sympathize, being asked to do your job at a party couldn't be fun. Especially since he'd probably bragged a bit too much about his skill to Marie and deep down had to be a little worried that he'd fail to hypnotize her. And boy wouldn't that be embarrassing. Laura was quite certain no one could manage to hypnotize her, her willpower was as solid as a rock.

"Sure, why not? Like I said, it'd be great for the party. Things are getting kinda dull, and I don't want people to start leaving out of boredom. Why, you're not scared, are you?" Marie asked, smiling challengingly.

"Scared? Of course not, why would I be scared?" Laura immediately replied, letting her tone show a little of the confidence she felt. Finally she glanced over at Darren. "What do you think?"

Darren was hesitant, but after a second's thought he shrugged. "I guess it couldn't hurt. I mean, I'm sure it's in good fun. I've always heard people can't be hypnotized to do anything they don't want to, right?" Darren asked, looking to Max.

"That's what they tell me," Max replied, smiling faintly.

"Look, if you're worried, why don't we have him hypnotize Darren with you?" Marie pressed, glancing back and forth between him. "You can do it together. What do you think?"

Laura watched her friend for a few seconds. If Marie's party really was going downhill, she probably wouldn't appreciate it if Laura turned her down and made things worse. Besides, Darren was right, what could it hurt? She'd just have to play along, pretend to be hypnotized, do a couple silly things, and secretly keep an eye on Darren just in case Max actually managed to put him under. And if one of them was asked to say or do anything too embarrassing, she could always just pretend to snap out of it. Finally she just smiled and nodded at her friend. "Alright, we'll do it. Where do you want us?"

"Wonderful!" Marie exclaimed, excitement once more in her expression. "Tony, Jake, you guys go to the dining room and bring a couple chairs from the table into the living room. I'll go around and let the rest of the party know what's going on so they can come watch. Laura, Darren, you two just follow Max. He'll take good care of you," Marie said, flashing them a quick wink before turning and walking off. Tony and Jake had already departed a few seconds before when instructed.

Max, once more looking bored, just beckoned to them before turning towards the living room. "Have either of you ever been hypnotized before?" Max asked as the three of them walked.

"Nope, never," Darren told him, a sentiment Laura quickly echoed.

"That's good. I like working with a clean slate. How long have you two been together?" Max queried as the three of them came to a stop in the middle of the living room.

"Ten months, why?" Laura asked, confused.

"No reason, just curious," Max replied idly. At that moment, Tony and Jake came in carrying chairs, and Max pointed to a place on the ground, where the two men simply set the chairs down before turning to move over and drop onto a nearby couch. More and more people were filtering into the room, looks of excitement and anticipation on their face. Laura hadn't known a simple hypnosis show would be such a big deal. "Please, have a seat, try to relax," Max said, gesturing Laura and Darren to the chairs.

Only once they were seated did Max reach into his pocket and draw out a crystal on a silver chain. The crystal wasn't clear as Laura would've expected but rather it was multi-colored, streaked with all the colors of the rainbow. Reaching into his other pocket, Max drew out a tiny light, which he held behind the crystal and turned on. Suddenly the space in front of Laura was alive with different colors. The crystal was like a prism, catching the light and casting it out in a flow of vivid colors. Max began to twist the crystal gently back and forth, making it spin a little, and suddenly the colors began to dance across the air and the room, flashing across Laura's face in a soothing pattern. Max didn't even have to tell Laura to stare at the crystal. Her eyes were already transfixed on it. She couldn't take them off it. So pretty... "Listen only to my voice," she heard Max say, but already he sounded distant.

The next thing Laura was conscious of was the light turning off and the colors disappearing. Her head felt a little fuzzy, and she shook it to clear it. She must've drifted off for a bit there. She hoped that her sleeping had closely enough resembled a trance that she hadn't bored too many people. Sneaking a quick peek at the surrounding crowd, trying to be unobtrusive about it, she found that a great many of the observers were smiling widely, their eyes fixed on her. Some were downright leering. Glancing down at herself to try and figure out why, Laura was met with a shocking fact. She was ... Naked!

"How do you feel?" Max suddenly asked, his eyes fixed on her, a faint smile on his face.

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