Executive Authority

by TwistedCarnival

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Size, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Nick Tarent, an executive with a huge cock and a device that has an interesting effect on people's minds, invites an employee into his office to learn the results of an eye test the employee, and the employee's wife, took.

Nick Tarent stood in his office, a smile on his face. At the age of 27 he was already on top of the world. At 6'1" with dark hair and hazel eyes, he was a very attractive guy, and he knew it. He was senior vice president of a major corporation. He also had quite a bit of money sitting in a bank account. But none of these things were what made his life the paradise that he enjoyed these days. That he owed to something else entirely.

Glancing at the clock on his desk, he saw the display shift to 10:00 AM. It was time for his appointment. Reaching out to hit a button on his phone, he spoke into the intercom. "Cindy, send him in."

"Yes, Mr. Tarent," the female voice came back almost immediately.

Nick walked around to the front of his desk and then leaned back against it, facing the sole chair he'd placed in front of the desk just minutes ago. He always enjoyed this part almost as much as the part that came after. He just watched the door until it opened a few seconds later and a man in a business suit stepped through. The man was also in his late twenties, but had a far more nervous expression on his face as he hesitated. Nick just beckoned and then pointed to the chair in front of him, and after a few more seconds hesitation the man walked over and then dropped into it. Nick himself was dressed casually despite being in an executive office, he always dressed casually. The man was smart enough not to say anything about it though. All of the employees who worked under Nick learned very fast not to question such things.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Tarent?" the man asked in a nervous tone. The man's name was Richard Ellings, he was a nice guy, a hard worker. Nick always liked to choose hard workers, after all they'd be doing all his work for him.

"You're not in trouble Richard, calm down. There was just something I wanted to tell you," Nick explained, the smile still on his face.

He could see the nervousness leave Richard's expression, and the man offer a small smile in return. "What is it, sir?"

"Lilac," Nick spoke the trigger word in a sly tone. The split second twitch of the man's body was all the sign Nick needed to know it had taken effect, it was a tic that was always implanted, to ensure Nick could know that the trigger word had been heard and understood. It was also a tic Richard would never even realize he had.

"I don't understand sir..." was all Richard said, confusion in his expression. After all, he didn't know the effect the word had, and it must have seemed a strange statement for Nick to make.

"Sorry, Richard, I was just speaking off the top of my head for a minute there. Anyways, you've been working here for a month now, Richard, and I felt it was time for us to have a talk. After all, I did tell you when I hired you that the spring quarter would be big for this company, and that April would be an important month for you in particular. Now, do you know how I got where I am in this company?" Nick queried, probably looking as amused as he felt at that moment.

"No sir," Richard said, keeping his tone respectful. Nick was sure the man had noticed that Nick didn't actually seem to ever do any work, but Nick was also his boss, and the guy didn't have the guts to make a snappy comment about it.

"Well you see, there was this friend I had in college. The guy was an absolute genius. He got a double-doctorate in Science and Engineering, and he still managed to graduate before me. But he was kind of a loner and I was one of the few guys who hung out with him, so we stayed friends even after college. Anyways, a couple years ago he invented something. Something amazing. A machine that could put someone into a trance so deep that their minds could be altered in whatever way another person wished. In essence, a machine that could allow one person to gain control of the minds of anyone he could trick into using the device," Nick told him, his smile broadening more with every sentence.

At first Richard just looked at him like he was out of his mind, but then finally Nick's expression seemed to convince him that it was all some kind of joke, because once more Richard smiled in return before speaking, "So what did he do with it sir?"

"Do with it? Nothing. Nothing at all. He died the night he invented it. You see, he was so excited over having managed to get it to work that he made the mistake of calling me and telling me all about it. He wanted to celebrate. I played along, at least just long enough for me to get him drunk and then drive him out of town to an isolated place. I told him we were going to a party, but the reality is I needed someplace quiet to kill him. Somewhere there would be no witnesses. You see when he called I never doubted for a minute that he was telling me the truth. He was never much of a liar, and he definitely wouldn't have lied about something like that. But as he was telling me about it I realized I wanted the invention for myself, and that the only way I could have it without anyone else finding out was if he disappeared. So I killed him, and then I incinerated the body so that the only evidence left would be ashes," Nick explained in a matter-of-fact way.

Richard looked very much like he'd swallowed something rotten. There were warring emotions in his expression, like he couldn't really bring himself to believe that Nick might actually be serious. But that if Nick was in fact joking, the joke certainly wasn't funny. Finally the man just nodded slightly and spoke in a carefully controlled tone, "Go on."

"So I went back to his lab and I found his invention, precisely where he'd said it would be. And it worked. Better than I ever could have dreamed. Well, after the first couple screw-ups, at least. You see, he'd explained to me how it was supposed to be operated and the effect it would have on people, but I guess I didn't really consider closely enough the best way to use it. What the machine does, as I said, is put a person into an extremely deep trance. I might describe it as similar in some ways to a hypnotic trance, but it's far far beyond that. Whatever the person hears, their brain simply accepts. There is no resistance, it doesn't matter whether it's something they'd normally do, it doesn't even matter if it goes against every single moral code they have. If you tell it to them while they're in that state, their brain will accept it as a fact of reality. They won't even be able to consider that it might be wrong, or untrue. They will never resist it, they will never fight it, they will simply accept it.

"But there's a minor problem. You see, while you can virtually re-write almost anything you like about a person's personality, even if they've been that way since childhood, there is one thing that can't be overridden. And that thing is all the other statements made to them in that state. Which means that if you screw up and they hear something they shouldn't, it can never be taken out. It could cause a permanent personality alteration that you never even intended. And if you go in and try to fix it by issuing even more commands on top of that, all you do is screw things up more. I sent two perfectly good women to mental institutions before I figured that out. I kept putting them back under and trying to fix my mistakes, and the conflicting commands kept causing their minds to go more and more haywire, until there wasn't really anything that could be done except to have them committed, because they could no longer function anymore.

"I learned from my mistakes, however. The key is simply two things. One is to put them in a soundproof room. You can't risk that there might be external influences, like a tv or a neighbor shouting or anything like that. Because while they're in that trance, it's not just your voice that effects them. Any statement spoken in a language that they can understand will take effect. It doesn't matter how they hear it, so long as it's words that they can understand, the words get imprinted on their brain. So a soundproof room is a must. The second key is to never give the commands yourself. You might get excited, you might stumble over your own tongue and misspeak a word, or forget part of a sentence, or whatever. And even just that much of a mistake can potentially screw up everything, because once it's said you can't go back and undo it. So the answer is simple. You make a recording of the commands you want ahead of time. You listen to it over and over again yourself until you're absolutely certain there are no flaws and no background noise. Then once they're in the trance you simply play the recording for them, and that takes care of that," Nick told him.

Richard was looking at him like he was a madman. Or if not insane, than as good as. "So, if you're saying you have this machine, and you can use it to control people's minds ... Why aren't you president of the country yet? Or better yet, why don't you control the whole world by now?"

"Very good questions. And the answer is that I've thought about both those things. And they're just too risky. I don't want to be greedy. In order to take over the world I'd need to mass-produce the machine, and that would require taking control of a team of engineers and letting them open it up and examine it in detail to try and figure out how to re-create it. And I'm just not willing to risk the possibility that if they open it up they might somehow damage it and be unable to fix it. The machine works perfectly as is, and I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize that.

"As for becoming president, while theoretically it's possible with just the one machine, I'd still have to take control of some very powerful people. And if I try to do that, it might get noticed. You see, I'm not invincible. I only control those the machine has been used on. And while commands to ensure that they never try to harm me are among the first people are given, if someone on the outside were to notice, I could still get shot or something else unpleasant before I can stop them.

"You see, the machine takes a good fifteen minutes to put someone into the trance, and another fifteen minutes to pull that person back out of it. I can't just use it at random. I already had a cop get very close to finding out everything last year. I had to have one of the guys under my control kill the cop and go to jail for it. The guy remembers committing the murder, but nothing about being controlled or the fact that I ordered him to commit that murder. I got lucky that time that the cop could be taken out before he knew for sure. I'm not about to do something that'll make it a hundred times more likely that something like that will happen again.

"No, I used the machine to get myself a nice cushy job. I do have a business degree after all, and while it might seem impractical for a guy with as little experience as myself to get advanced to so high a position, no one's going to start an investigation over it. I got myself an enormous salary that more than takes care of my needs. And I get to play with all my toys in relative obscurity. It's an amazing situation for me. All I have to do is not get greedy and fuck it up," Nick informed him.

"So why are you telling me all this? You have to realize that, assuming I even believe you at all, I'm going to go to the cops," Richard replied in an incredulous tone. The guy didn't even have the subtlety to keep his mouth shut and just pretend like Nick was crazy and try to get out of the office before going to the cops. No, he had to mention the cops to Nick's face, which if the situation weren't already completely under control would've sealed Richard's fate anyways. But that's what you got when you dealt with honest people.

"Oh, I don't really have any worries about that. You know that eye test we had you take when you first joined the company?" Nick asked smugly.

"Yeah, what..." Richard started to say, but then he suddenly stopped, and his eyes widened. "You don't mean..."

"I'm afraid I do. You remember how you were woken up and a couple hours had passed and you were told by the nice 'doctor' that you'd fallen asleep? The truth is you didn't take a nap, rather you'd just been drawn out of the trance and you finally came to yourself again," Nick told him with a smile.

"No ... No, that's not possible! You're joking. You have to be. This is all just some kind of elaborate joke," Richard said, sounding very much as if he were trying to convince himself as much as Nick.

"Try standing up from your chair. I believe that will answer all your questions," Nick replied.

Nick saw the man's body move as he started to try to rise to his feet, only to find himself unable to raise his body even a fraction of an inch. He saw Richard start to strain, and then to struggle, but it was to no avail. Richard was stuck to the chair as strongly as if he'd been glued there. After all, a person's mind worked far better at locking them in place than any glue ever would. "Why ... Why can't I..." Richard panted, finally collapsing back into the chair after nearly a minute of trying to pull away.

"You remember that word I said earlier, near the start of the conversation? While a few important commands were programmed into you to always be in effect, such as never being able to harm me and never ever being able to talk to anyone except a few very select people about this, most of the commands you were given were programmed to only take effect after I say a given word. When I say that particular word again, which I will later, not only will the commands turn off, but you'll forget everything that happened in between those two points. All these things that I'm telling you now will be gone. I only waste time telling you anyways because this is the first time, and I always enjoy letting my employees know precisely the how and the why of what's happening, the first time. It makes the whole experience so much sweeter," Nick explained.

"You mean all your employees are like this? And the first time of what?" Richard demanded.

"Oh yes, every single person working out of this branch is under my control. As for what it's the first time of ... Well, let me show you," Nick said, before turning and leaning over the desk to hit a button on his phone. "Cindy, send her in."

Hitting the button again, Nick turned back and just folded his arms over his chest as he waited. It only took a few seconds before the door to his office opened and in walked a very attractive woman. 5'6", mid to late twenties, blonde hair and bright blue eyes, very innocent face, slender body covered by a tight black dress that accentuated her D-cup breasts. Stepping in, she strode across the room to stop not far from the desk as Nick's secretary once more closed the door behind them.

When the woman walked in, Richard had turned as much in the chair as he could to look behind him, and when he saw who it was, his jaw literally dropped. He just stared at her for several seconds, but as she approached the desk he finally exclaimed "Rachel!?!?", and when he got no response from her his eyes quickly turned back to Nick. "What the hell is my wife doing here!?!?"

"Oh, I forgot to mention, didn't I. The first day you were here, at work, we sent a call out to your wife. We explained to her that in order for the generous health insurance benefits that the company was giving you to extend to her as well, we needed her to come in for an eye exam. We explained that the doctor the company had on retainer was available, and that he could see her immediately, and that as soon as the exam was done you both would be fully covered. She agreed and came in without even calling you, though I was fully prepared to use another key word I have in reserve to erase your memory of her call if she did. She saved me the trouble, though, and she's been under control almost as long as you have," Nick informed him.

"You son of a bitch!" Richard exclaimed at him, anger quickly clouding his expression. He once more made to get up from his chair but, still finding himself stuck, instead switched back to trying to get his wife's attention. "Rachel? Rachel!"

"She won't acknowledge you. Not unless I tell her she can. You love her a great deal, I know. Though you don't remember it we interviewed you both, once you were under control. She loves you a lot too, even now. Even her obeying me isn't going to change that. You see, she doesn't see anything she's done or is going to do as wrong, or as a betrayal of that love. The commands we gave her prevent her mind from connecting what she's been commanded to do with the idea of betrayal. That even includes what she's going to be doing with me in just a little. You know, in the six years the two of you have been married, she's never cheated on you. That's going to change today, she just won't realize it's cheating," Nick told him with a grin.

"You fucking bastard! If you so much as touch her, I'll..." Richard started to say, but Nick cut him off before he could finish.

"You'll do what? Nothing, that's what. You couldn't do anything to me even if you wanted to. You can't even get out of that chair. All you can do is watch. And once it's all said and done and I say the right word, you won't even remember any of it," Nick replied sharply.

Richard's expression remained twisted with rage for a moment more as he stared at Nick's face, but finally the anger seemed to collapse, and his expression became one of desperation. "Please ... Please don't do this. I'll give you anything."

"I know you will, and I'm going to do it anyways. Have you noticed her pussy's been getting looser this past month, Richard? And no, before you wonder, it's not because I've fucked her. That first fuck I've been saving for today, so you could watch. No, you see the real reason is also the reason we waited until you've been here a month to do this. See, while most of my commands only affect you after I speak certain words, the commands we gave her affect her all the time, but one of those commands was never to act differently around you except under one of two circumstances. The first is if she's in my presence, the second we'll get to later.

"Anyways, on that first day, after she'd been programmed, she was given a little gift. You see, I have a rather large cock, Richard. A fair bit bigger than average. And if I just fucked my employee's wives on the first day, a number of them would have some difficulty taking it all, and it would cause them quite a bit of pain and not nearly as much pleasure in the process, and that's not what these sessions are all about. So like every other wife before her, Rachel was given a dildo, custom-made, proportioned precisely to the size of my cock, to take home with her. She doesn't even need to hide it around the house, because even if you were to come across it you've been programmed not to see it. The fact that she doesn't have a job and tries so hard to be a good little house-wife only worked to my advantage. It gave her plenty of free time.

"You see, like every other wife before her, she was given standing orders to spend that first month practicing sucking and fucking herself with the dildo three times a day, getting herself used to it. It would be uncomfortable at first, but she could gradually adjust to it at her own pace. And I promise you, by the time all the other wives came in after that first month of practice, they were able to take my cock with no problems at all. In fact, every single one of them enjoyed it immensely. Now, have you been practicing, Rachel?" Nick queried, glancing over at the woman.

"Mmhmm," the woman murmured with a smile, offering a little nod in response to his question.

"Rachel!" Richard exclaimed, a hint of outrage showing again, but he quickly turned his attention back to Nick. "Don't do this, damnit! If you do I swear, I don't know how but I'll find some way to break through all this, and when I do, I will fucking kill you!"

"You know what, Richard? I've heard similar threats before. And no one has ever been able to back them up. Anyways, I think it's time for the show. Silence is golden," Nick spoke the words firmly. The last phrase was another trigger, and as Richard struggled to reply he suddenly found himself unable to speak, only to watch as Nick beckoned to Rachel with one finger.

The woman approached without hesitation, and as she reached him Nick took her by the shoulders and turned her until she was standing facing her husband with Nick standing right behind her. Reaching in, Nick grasped the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down, making sure that Richard could clearly hear the sound the entire time. Then, moving his hands up to the sides of her dress, Nick drew it down just enough for her large bra-less breasts to become exposed. Over her shoulder, Nick could see the rage once more in Richard's features, could see the man once more trying to struggle against the chair, but in the end he could do nothing but watch as Nick's hands moved in to gently cup Rachel's breasts.

For a few seconds he just paused there, the center of his palms resting over her nipples, enjoying the soft flesh of her breasts against his skin. Then he drew his hands down just enough for him to place her already stiffening nipples between the index and ring fingers of his hands. Lightly he began to slide his fingers up and down along her breasts, the sides of his index and ring fingers brushing steadily against her nipples, his hands occasionally shifting back and forth just enough for his fingers to brush gently over her nipples, before once more capturing them between his index and ring fingers as he ran his fingers gently up and down along the soft skin of her breasts.

Rachel emitted a few soft gasps as he lightly teased her breasts, his fingers adding an occasional soft pinch to her nipples here and there, and increasing the frequency with which he shifted his hands to the left or right to let his fingers brush over the stiff nubbins, but for the most part continuing to softly stroke the tender flesh. "Tell your husband how that feels," Nick whispered into her ear, knowing that under the commands she'd been given she wouldn't speak unless he directed her to or asked a question.

"Mmmm, it feels good," was her only response, before leaning her head back against Nick's shoulder. Richard continued to watch as his wife's breasts were played with by Nick. The man had stopped struggling, but the way he was staring at Nick it was clear that if looks could kill, Nick would've been dead already.

Nick just moved his hands up a little to once more fully cup Rachel's breasts, beginning to rotate his palms gently over her stiff nipples as he tilted his head in to press his lips against the side of her neck, delivering a gentle kiss to the flesh there before extending his tongue and drawing it slowly along the side of her neck in a very long lick. For several seconds more he continued to rotate his palms smoothly back and forth against her nipples as his tongue traveled along her neck in a few more long slow licks, leaving trails of his saliva on her skin in its wake, before he finally moved his palms back down and returned his fingers to her nipples, giving them a few more soft little pinches as his tongue slid along her neck up to her ear, sucking her earlobe into his mouth and nibbling ever so gently on it for just a few seconds before letting it slip from between his lips, his hands pulling away from her breasts and moving back down to her dress. Once more grasping it, he began to drawn it down, over her hips and then down her legs, quickly revealing that as ordered she wasn't wearing any panties either.

Pulling the dress to her ankles and letting her step out of it, Nick just tossed it to the side as he rose back to his feet, his arms once more moving around her from behind, his left hand returning to her left breast as his right hand moved first to her stomach and then began to travel downwards at a torturously slow pace. With his left hand he gave her breast the lightest of squeezes just as his right hand finally reached her pussy, finding it already nice and wet. Allowing his middle finger to run up and down along the lips of her pussy and between them to the hot gash between, he gathered some of her juices before moving the finger back up to her clit, smearing her juices over the sensitive button before beginning to run his finger gently back and forth over it.

With his left hand he began to alternate between her breasts, letting his fingers tease first one of her nipples and then the other, all the while keeping the pace precisely in time with the speed of the middle finger of his right hand as it slid smoothly back and forth over her sensitive clit. Occasionally he'd give one of her breasts a soft squeeze, or one of her nipples another gentle pinch, but for the most part he just teased her nipples in time with the rubbing of her clit. Rachel's gasps had long since turned to moans as Nick enjoyed her body, and as Richard watched the action, prevented by the set of commands he'd been given from looking away, Nick could finally see a hopeless defeated look on the man's face.

Moving his head back in, Nick extended his tongue to draw the tip of it slowly along the edge of her ear, tracing the shape of it, before finally once more capturing her earlobe between his lips. Rachel's moans continued as he let the pace of his finger speed up over her sensitive clit, his other hand matching the pace in his teasing of her nipples, his tongue just gently running over her earlobe, gently sucking or nibbling on it here and there in between licks. He could feel Rachel pressing her body back against him, and he let his fingers stray from her clit to run swiftly down along the slick gash of her pussy before sliding right back up, discovering that she was practically soaking now, his fingers once more smearing her juices over her clit before attacking it with a swift steady back and forth motion over it, his left hand giving her nipples a little stronger pinches in between the teasing of sliding his fingers steadily over them as well.

He continued this treatment for nearly two minutes until her moans finally started to turn into groans, at which point he finally pulled his hands away, letting her earlobe slip from between his lips as he pulled back and to the side. Rachel turned to face him, and without hesitation he tilted his head in, pressing his lips gently and warmly against hers. She offered no resistance and in fact parted her lips almost eagerly as his tongue slipped from between his own lips to slide smoothly into her mouth. She immediately pressed her body up against his, her large breasts pressing up against his chest through his shirt as their tongues began to wrestle with each other, each sliding smoothly over and against the other. A few times Nick pulled his lips back from hers just enough so that Richard had a clear view of his wife and Nick's tongues attacking each other, before Nick's lips would once more press against hers, obscuring their tongues as the kiss intensified, until finally a moment later he pulled away, his tongue slipping out of her mouth and back into his, his hands moving to her tummy to gently press her back a step.

"Well, it looks like your wife is nicely warmed up, Richard. I think it's time for her to warm me up. On your knees, Rachel," Nick stated with a smile. The woman obeyed without question, sinking to her knees and just watching as Nick's hands moved to the front of his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them. Richard was now to both of their sides, so he was afforded an excellent view as Nick's fingers slipped under the waistbands of his jeans and boxers, drawing them down just enough for his hard cock to come into view, the large staff about ten and a half inches long and very thick. From the interviews they'd conducted after the two of them were under control, he knew his cock was about twice the size of Richard's. He heard Rachel 'mmmmm' softly at the sight of it, and Nick turned his head to the side just enough to get a good look at Richard's face. The man had been warned, but his eyes were still wide, his expression one of horror as Rachel's left hand moved up to grasp the base of Nick's huge cock, her eyes remaining fixed on it without even a glance at her husband as her hand began to slide up and down along it.

"Have you been imagining that cock, Rachel?" Nick asked with a smirk, turning his attention completely back to the naked married woman kneeling before him.

"I fantasize about it every time I slide the dildo in and out of me. It's so big," Rachel replied in an almost dreamy tone. There was a very sexy smile on her innocent face as her hand slid back and forth along Nick's large cock.

"Well why don't you try sucking it a little, and see what a real cock tastes like? And your pussy looks very lonely. You ought to put your free hand to good use and keep it busy while you suck," Nick told her.

He could see her right hand snake down between her thighs as her head tilted in. The thickness of his cock made sucking it difficult for some women, but apparently the practice had done Rachel good. When she tilted her head in, he could see her tongue extend to deliver the briefest of licks to the head of his hard staff before her lips closed around it and she started to suck. Out of the corner of his eye Nick could see Richard once more begin trying to struggle to get out of his chair, but right now Nick's attention was finally elsewhere. He enjoyed the sight of the pretty married woman's lips wrapped around the head of his big cock, her tongue sliding along the underside a little as she sucked. Further down he could see as she started to play with her pussy, sinking two fingers easily inside herself as her thumb started to tease her clit.

Rachel only concentrated on the head of his cock for a little before she finally moved her head forward, allowing a bit more of his cock to sink between her pretty lips and into her warm wet mouth, until she was finally sucking about three inches of his thick staff. There she paused, beginning to bob her head back and forth along just those first few inches, her left hand continuing to slide up and down along the length of his shaft that her lips didn't reach. He could hear her moaning around his cock as she continued to tease her pussy, her thumb was rubbing her clit in quick little circles as she continued to plunge two fingers in and out of her cunt at a decent pace. He knew what she was doing was only turning her on all the more. Even if they didn't already, all the women who had the machine used on them were made to love sucking cock as a matter of course.

She continued that way for awhile, just slipping the first few inches of his large dick in and out of her mouth as her hand slid back and forth along the rest of his shaft, her moans around his cock getting louder and more intense all the while as she played with her pussy, her hand and thighs coated with her juices as she pumped her fingers rhythmically in and out of her cunt while teasing her sensitive clit. Richard had finally given up struggling against his chair, instead he was just watching with a haunted look on his face as his wife sucked Nick's big cock.

Finally without warning on one of the bobs of her head Rachel lunged forward. Nick felt the head of his cock hit the entrance of her throat and then slide smoothly into it, more and more of his big cock vanishing between Rachel's lips, until she finally had about seven inches of his cock buried in her mouth and throat. She seemed to be unable to manage any more than that but he didn't mind. Rather he just enjoyed it as he watched her resume bobbing her head, her lips pulling back along his cock until almost the full length of it had slid out of her mouth before her head pressed once more forward, his thick shaft once more sinking first into her warm wet mouth, and then finally into her tight throat, her tongue sliding along the underside of his cock all the while. Her moans around his cock continued unabated, in fact the paces of her thumb as it rubbed her sensitive clit in quick little circles, and of her fingers as they plunged smoothly in and out of her, actually seemed to increase as she deep-throated him.

Finally though from the intensity of her moans, he could tell she wasn't far from cumming. "Stop," he suddenly commanded her, grasping her shoulders as he pulled his hips back, drawing inch after inch of his large shaft out from between her lips, his thick rod slick with her saliva, until the head finally slipped from between her lips. Rachel's expression looked much like that of a puppy who'd been denied it's favorite treat, but just the same her left hand pulled away from his cock and her right hand pulled away from her pussy as well, having taken his command to mean both things.

Moving his hands down just a little, he applied just enough upward pressure on her arms to let her know he wanted to her stand, and without a word she rose to her feet. Reaching down, Nick quickly stripped his shirt off, dropping it to the side before reaching down to slip his jeans and boxers the rest of the way down and off. Then, taking Rachel gently by the hand, he guided her around to the other side of his desk, pushing his chair out of the way with his free hand before guiding Rachel up against the desk and applying gentle pressure on her back to get her to lean forward, causing her to wind up staring straight into the face of her husband as she bent over Nick's desk.

Moving in behind her, Nick reached down to grasp his cock, guiding it in until the head finally brushed against the lips of her pussy. Letting it slide up and down along her gash for a few seconds to gather some of her juices, he finally moved it to her clit, letting the head of his cock begin to brush gently back and forth over the stiff nubbin, her juices smearing over the sensitive button as he lightly teased it. "Tell me what you want," Nick commanded firmly.

"I want your big cock inside me," Rachel answered almost immediately, her voice thick with desire. She was still staring at her husband, but that didn't seem to matter to her. Instead she just issued another loud moan as he continued to slide the head of his cock smoothly back and forth against her clit.

"It's time for your wife to finally get a taste of what she's been fantasizing about," Nick told Richard with a smile, before finally turning his gaze downwards. Letting the head of his cock tease her sensitive clit for just a few seconds longer, Nick finally guided it back along her gash to the entrance to her hole, gathering more of her juices along the way. With one firm strong push Nick felt her stretch open as the head of his thick cock sank into her married pussy. She was wet as hell but still felt tight, and Nick couldn't help the surge of pleasure he felt as he watched inch after inch of his long thick cock begin to vanish into her married cunt, just keeping his eyes glued to the sight of his huge cock sliding slowly into the slippery pussy that had up 'till now belonged only to her husband.

Nick had fucked enough girls before he'd gotten the machine to know that most of them had trouble taking a cock as large as his at first. It often hurt, and he was almost never able to get anywhere close to the full length of it inside them. Which is why once he'd started taking liberties with his employee's wives, he'd had them practice multiple times a day with the dildo. They gradually stretched themselves out, becoming able to take it deeper and deeper inside them over time, until by the time they finally came to him after a month of practicing three times a day, their cunts were almost expecting to have something as big as his cock slid deep inside them whenever they got turned on.

Indeed, as Nick watched more and more of his large thick staff vanishing deep into Rachel's pussy, he didn't encounter any resistance, so he just kept driving his hips forward until finally his balls made contact with her body, the full ten and a half inches of his huge dick having been buried to the hilt inside her in one long stroke. "How does that feel?" Nick asked Rachel, before once more looking over her shoulder at Richard as he rested with his large cock balls-deep inside the man's wife.

"It feels so fucking good. I love your big cock," Rachel replied, the words themselves a half moan as she ground her hips back against Nick's. Richard's face wore a tortured expression as he watched them.

"Tell your husband, does my cock feel better than his?" Nick murmured, pulling his hips back just enough to slide a few inches of his large cock out of Rachel's tight cunt before driving his hips back forward to slide the full length smoothly back inside her, using the thrust to accentuate the words and drawing another loud moan out of her.

"Oh honey, it does," Rachel gushed the words across the desk to her husband. She didn't even notice how pained he looked. Because she loved him and considered hurting him to be wrong, the very commands that prevented her from understanding that what she was doing was wrong also prevented her from understanding that she was hurting him despite what her eyes told her. So far as she was concerned, what she was doing wasn't bothering Richard at all. "Over this last month it's gotten to where I can barely even feel your dick inside me. But Nick's big cock feels so good. I love the feel of it inside me, the way it stretches me" she said with complete honesty, both excitement and passion in her voice, and all the while her hips ground back against Nick's.

Leaning his body over hers, Nick tilted his head in far enough to speak right into Rachel's ear in a low tone, but still making it just loud enough that he was sure Richard could overhear. "Let's show your husband how much his wife loves having a big cock in her pussy," he murmured in her ear. With those words he drew his hips slowly back, inch after inch of his long thick cock sliding out of her tight pussy, until finally just the head remained inside her, before he finally drove his hips steadily forward, the full length of his huge cock sliding back into her married cunt in one long stroke, and drawing another loud moan from her.

Nick just smiled as he maneuvered his right hand around her body and then down, his fingers quickly seeking out her pussy and then finding her clit, his middle finger beginning to quickly slide back and forth over the sensitive button as his hips pumped steadily back and forth, sliding the full length of his large shaft deeply in and out of her tight married hole in long strokes, her breasts beginning to sway back and forth over the desk as her body moved with the force of each thrust of his big dick deep inside her. Though he'd stopped her just short of cumming when she'd been sucking his cock, time didn't seem to have taken the edge off. Her moans were already loud and intense, and seemed to be coming more and more frequently with every second that he sawed his huge cock in and out of her wet pussy. She was taking his long thick cock with ease, and she seemed to be loving every minute of it.

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